Although this file has dealt mainly with Nazism, we should not forget the evils perpetrated by so-called ’communism’ in Russia, China, Southeast Asia and elsewhere. Many sources agree that during the course of the ’Cold War’, Communism was responsible for over 200 million human deaths.

Nazism was directly or indirectly responsible for the over 50 million deaths resulting from World War II, and an unknown number of deaths in third world countries as a result of underground covert warfare which the Nazified CIA carried out following the second world war.


I’ve dealt more with the modern-day Nazi conspiracy than I have with the modern-day machinations of Communism simply because the evils of Communism were exposed all throughout the Cold War period, whereas the Nazi’s kept a much lower profile.


HOWEVER, we must NEVER forget that both the ’right’ and ’left’ arm of "the Beast" [or the ’right-wing’ and the ’left-wing’ of the ’Dragon’ if you prefer], are BOTH ultimately controlled by the same entity, which is as you may have guessed the joint human-alien "Cult of the Serpent", as exemplified by those forces at work within their supreme planetary headquarters - their Eastern Command Center under PINE GAP, Australia; and the Western Command Center under DULCE, New Mexico!

If we are to believe all of the above, then there is in fact a Machievellian national/global socialist conspiracy being jointly carried out by Corporate American and Cultic European ’Commu-Nazis’ - for want of a more descriptive term.


If the ’Bavarian Empire’ cults are attempting to implement a totalitarian national-socialist and/or global-socialist takeover in America as they did in Germany through Adolph Hitler and in Russia through Vladimir Lenin, then they must be preparing everything in advance. Having learned the mistakes of the last fascist ’Holocaust’ and communist ’Purge’, they would be determined NOT to allow the FINAL HOLOCAUST OR PURGE to fail.


Could revelations like these lead to all-out civil war between the infiltrators within the secret underground "Corporate government" AND their enemies within the open and constitutional "Electorate government" - whom these self-proclaimed ’elite’ are determined to destroy?


They have already declared ’war’ on American Patriots in no uncertain terms, even to the point of carrying out a coup d’etat of the Executive Branch of government in 1963 with the murder of President John F. Kennedy - who in essence gave an executive decree to "dismember" this illegal, secret, and unconstitutional national-socialist/global-socialist government [exemplified by JFK’s order to "dismember" the CIA], an order which has yet to be carried out in the U.S.

Once this fascist-communist network is dismembered within the CIA and NSA, the legitimate operations of the CIA could be moved to other branches of Military Intelligence - possibly to Navy Intelligence or divided among the four military branches. We might "rationalize" keeping the CIA-NSA as is and "converting" them to agencies subject to full Congressional oversight.


However I would personally suggest that one should not "put new wine in old wineskins". At the very least, they should be given a complete overhaul and the names of these agencies should be changed, out of respect for the memories of all those whom these agencies have destroyed.

The JFK assassination, however, was only the tip of the iceberg in regards to the over-all damage that these draconian-backed planetary traitors have done to the forces of FREEDOM here in America. From my own perspective, I’d prefer a two-sided WAR over a one-sided HOLOCAUST or PURGE any day.


Unfortunately due to the ignorance and apathy of earlier administrations, we may have more-or-less guaranteed one or the other...

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