by David Hatcher Childress





Table of Contents

  1. Mapping The World Grid by David Hatcher Childress

  2. The Planetary Grid - A New Synthesis - by William Becker and Beth Hagens

  3. Diamagnetic Gravity Vortexes - by Richard LeFors Clark

  4. The Mathematics of The World Grid - by Bruce Cathie

  5. The Philadelphia Experiment - by Harry Osoff and Bruce Cathie

  6. Ley Lines and The Meaning of Adam - by Richard Leviton and Robert Coons

  7. International Harmony Based Upon a Music of Planetary Grid Systems - by Barbara Hero

  8. Acoustic Levitation of Stones - by Bruce Cathie

  9. Scalar Waves and Tesla Shields - Nikola Tesla - Father Of "Star Wars"?

  10. More Anti-Gravity Patents

  11. More Headlines from The Past, Present and Future - or, I Married An Alien

  12. The Anti-Gravity File - Nazi Flying Saucers, Captured Aliens, Homemade Saucers and More