14. Stimulating Primary Energy Centers

What have the primary energy centers (major chakras) to do with projection?


Well, just as the NEW secondary system conditions the energy body and helps prepare it for conscious-exit projection, so does a little work on the primary circuit. With conscious-exit projection, energy is simply everything. During an OBE, the entire energy body, including all the primary centers, becomes active and contributes energetically toward the generation, projection, and maintenance of the projected double.

Some people (those having plenty of natural ability) may not need what is given in this chapter, but experience has taught me that OBE training and preparation should be tackled in the same way as any other psychic ability. If standard energetic development procedures are applied to OBE training, results are far easier to obtain.

Using today's visualization-based methods, successfully stimulating and developing the primary energy centers (major chakras) can take many years. The NEW techniques make successful primary-center activation possible even in the very early stages of development. Because of this, I urge you to be careful when using these techniques on the primary centers. The NEW techniques are far more effective than are the more obtuse visualization-based methods commonly taught.

You may have heard a lot of hype about the dangers of primary energy center work and kundalini energy. I believe this comes from a lack of understanding of the energy body and how its energy centers and structures work. While there are some potentially adverse side effects, the primary energy centers and the kundalini are not energetic time bombs waiting to go off should you accidentally touch the wrong energetic button or wire inside your own energy body.

If primary-center development work is undertaken with care, respect, and intelligence, there is very little to worry about. Triggering a full raising of the kundalini takes enormous preparation, effort, and self-discipline over an extended period of time. I do not believe this could happen accidentally or through simple experimentation while using the energetic development system given in this book.

You may come across a few accounts telling the experiences of some very special people, where kundalini is reputed to have spontaneously arisen in response to their intellectual and spiritual development. Cases like this are rare in the extreme. I would hazard an educated guess that the chances against this happening to the average person undertaking normal levels of energetic development would be more than a million to one.

Working on primary centers is only one step above working on their supporting secondary centers. Raising energy and stimulating primary energy centers is very simple. You have already learned all the skills required.


There is, however, quite a bit more to learn about the primary centers before beginning any serious work on them. They are far more complex and powerful than the secondary centers, and must be treated with great respect. Make no mistake about it; mistreating the primary energy centers can be dangerous - physically, emotionally, mentally, and psychically. I have given several cautions and warnings within these pages and strongly advise these be carefully heeded.

To me, primary energy centers are the major energetic organs of the energy body. When observed clairvoyantly, these may look like simple wheels or vortexes of multicolored light, but in reality these are extraordinary complex energetic structures. They are always active to some extent, even if not perceived as active. They are an integral part of all bioenergetic and pure-energetic functions of the human energy body. For the purposes of training and development, however, I mink these are best thought of as being simply primary energetic transformers.

Many types of raw energies are collected through the energy exchange ports and channeled throughout the secondary system, where these energies are conditioned. These energies are then either used for bioenergetic life processes, fed into storage areas, or channeled into primary energy centers. The primary centers transform these into energies with higher pure-energetic values, as set by current energetic demands.

Other than the crown and brow centers, which are directly attached to parts of the brain, primary centers have their roots within the spine. These are also attached or energetically related to major organs, glands and nerve ganglia, and are linked with each other and interconnected with the rest of the energy body's supporting circuitry. The complete energetic structure of the human energy body is as complex as its biological nervous system.

One more thing before I continue: There are conflicting opinions over the number and placement of the primary centers (chakras). My own hands-on research agrees, in these matters, with the Hindu science of Tantra.


For further reading on the more esoteric intricacies of chakras, according to Hindu Tantra, I recommend the excellent book by Harish Johari, Chakras - Energy Centers of Transformation.

Fig. 22.

The primary energy centers

For energetic stimulation purposes, primary energy centers are best imagined as circular energy vortexes roughly the size of the palm of your hand, except for the navel and crown centers, which are larger.

  • Base center: center point between anus and genitals (perineum)

The base center has its roots in the base of the spine, but the center of its external vortex is best thought of as flowering between the anus and the genitals. This is the area that is generally worked on.


It may seem as if this would be difficult to stimulate because of its location, but in practice this area is quite easy to work on.

  • Genital center: center point in genitals (male and female)

  • Navel center: center point in navel (bellybutton)

  • Solar plexus site: center point in solar plexus

According to the Hindu science of Tantra, the solar plexus area does not contain a separate primary energy center per se, but is related to and connected with the larger navel center below it. My hands-on exploration of the primary centers supports this view. There is, however, most definitely a large, important, and fairly sensitive energetic structure at this site.


It feels and behaves like other primary centers when worked on, and if successfully stimulated, produces similar energetic sensations.

The larger size of the navel center may be part of the problem. People may simply be working on and stimulating the higher parts of the larger navel center. When the navel center is stimulated, it often causes a throbbing sensation in the solar plexus just above it. Parts of the heart center, when stimulated, can also cause chakra-like sensations in the solar plexus. The sub-heart storage center - quite active in most people - is situated in the upper region of the solar plexus. Regardless, I suggest the solar plexus be treated for all intents and purposes as a primary energy center.


I have therefore included the solar plexus as a primary energy stimulation site, while not listing it as a primary energy center, per se.

  • Heart center - center point in heart

  • Throat center - center point in base of throat

  • Brow center - center point in middle of forehead, between eyebrow ridges

  • Crown center - center point in middle of crown

The crown center is much larger than the other primary centers. With its entire support structure, when it is fully active, it flowers and covers the whole top of the head above the hairline. All awareness actions on the crown center should therefore be much larger to reflect this greater size. All energy centers, primary and secondary, are connected with and represented in the crown center and its support structure. The crown center can be likened to being the central energetic brain of the energy body.


This bears the same relationship to the energy body as does the physical brain to its physical body.

Starting with Primary Centers
Beginning work on the primary circuit is a significant step forward in energetic development, especially with the very effective NEW techniques given in this book.


I do not recommend serious primary center development work be undertaken to any great extent until the NEW secondary system given earlier has been practiced for at least three months. The energy body must first become used to the secondary system and be given time to stabilize. All heavy energy-movement sensations, as caused by the NEW system, should be given time to reduce before primary centers are worked on.


A great variety of potential problems can be avoided simply by conditioning the energy body first. This will make the energy body more robust and responsive, while generally increasing conscious control over energetic flow through hands-on experience.

The lighter secondary energetic circuitry powers the heavier-duty primary energetic circuitry. The secondary and tertiary circuits need exercising, developing, and conditioning before primary circuit work can safely and effectively be done.

At the very least, I suggest the NEW secondary work be concentrated on regularly, preferably daily, for a few weeks before any serious primary-center work is done. The timing is, of course, up to the individual. Some early experimentation with primary centers, say during OBE attempts, will rarely cause any problems. However, if problems occur, or if you have difficulties getting primary centers working, please return to the secondary system and spend more time on it.


Continue until you can progress onto the primary circuit with more confidence.

Stimulation Notes
In the beginning, you may have to spend several minutes stimulating each primary center. You may also find in the early stages that some primary centers seem not to be responding well. This is normal. It is unusual to find persons with no primary center response at all, especially if they have worked successfully with the secondary system.


As with the secondaries, primary centers become progressively more awareness-sensitive and hence easier to work with.

For training purposes, you will not need a deep level of relaxation or the trance state. But a slightly deeper level of relaxation than that used for secondary work is recommended. Primary-center work is more effective when done during the trance state, as the energy body is naturally more active then. If you have trouble stimulating primary centers, use the full relaxation and trance techniques before each session of primary-center work.

The techniques for stimulating primary energy centers (stirring, brushing, tearing, and wrapping) are the same as those used with secondary energy centers. The actions should be slightly larger to reflect the greater size of the primary centers. Adapt these as you see fit and vary the size of each action to what feels the most natural and effective. Try to feel primary center awareness stimulation actions as penetrating a couple of inches inside the body as you use them.

Just as with secondary energy centers, scratch, rub, stroke, or brush the sites of primary centers, as needed, to highlight and target them with body awareness. Do away with this type of manual targeting as soon as you can.

The large, whole-limb sponging awareness action is used to raise energy up through the legs to the base center. This same action is also used to raise energy up to and through all of the primary centers, as if sponging liquid energy up through the body.

With all primary centers, cease stimulation actions as soon as energetic sensations are felt. There is no need to overdo primary center stimulation, especially for the purposes of projection training. Overstimulation can cause a great many problems. Once a center starts to stiffen, cramp, throb, pulse, buzz, tingle, bubble, or feels warm or cool, consider that center active, and move on. Overstimulation of primary centers is unwise, especially during the early days of primary-center work.

The base center is the most important primary center to stimulate during early exercises. Unless the base center is sufficiently stimulated, energy may not flow strongly enough into the higher centers to enable any noticeable activation. I suggest that more time be spent on the base center than on any other, unless noticeable energetic sensations are felt therein. An apparently inactive base center will not stop the activation of higher centers. If you can successfully activate even one of the higher centers, then energy is definitely flowing through the base center.

I recommend that the genital center not be stimulated or used at all. This center is extremely sensitive and can be somewhat volatile. If the NEW stimulation techniques are applied to it, this center can become unstable and cause a great many problems. It is intimately linked with the powerful sexual energy structures within the groin and genitals of both males and females.


If this center is activated, even accidentally, it can create conditions that can make it difficult to continue with further development exercises at that time... for obvious reasons. However, do not worry if you occasionally feel some mildly erotic sensations coming from this center during these exercises.


Sometimes this cannot be avoided and it will not usually interfere with further primary-center work at that time, nor cause any serious or ongoing problems.

Primary Center Stimulation Process
This process can be done while sitting or lying down, but I recommend that the sitting position be used while learning it. Try both positions and use what works best for you. Run through the relaxation exercises once, then clear your mind with the breath awareness technique (see chapter 15) until you are well settled. You do not need to be in the trance state.


Alternatively, close your eyes and settle yourself while taking ten long, slow breaths before beginning.

Use a full-body circuit for a few minutes before beginning primary center stimulation. In particular, make sure you spend a little time stimulating the whole of both feet and both hands before starting.


They will be providing the majority of the energy raised and used during these exercises, and it helps if you have them energetically ready.


Base Center
Raise and sponge energy from feet to base center, repeatedly using a deep sponging action up through the whole of both legs. (Alternate one leg at a time if you cannot split awareness.) After several upward leg sweeps, use the stirring, then brushing, then tearing actions on the base center, one at a time. Continue stimulation for several minutes, alternating awareness actions, or until energy sensations are felt When energy sensations are felt, or if nothing is felt after several minutes, continue with the next stage.

Genital Center
Raise and sponge energy from feet to base center again. Smoothly take energy up through the base center, sponging energy up through the genital center and on up to the navel center. (Again, direct stimulation is not advised.) If taking energy up through the genital center causes sexual arousal or other problems, avoid this center entirely by taking the energy around it. Loop it under the genital center, taking it through your body and directly to the navel center on the surface of the stomach. Adapt this to what feels most natural and comfortable.

Navel Center
Raise and sponge energy from feet to base center again. Smoothly take energy upward through the base, through or under the genital center, and on up to the navel center. Stimulate the navel center with the three stimulation actions. The navel center is larger than the other lower centers, so work on an area at least double in size for the best effect. Continue stimulation for several minutes, or until you feel energy sensations. When you feel sensations, or if you feel nothing after several minutes, continue to the next stage.

Solar Plexus Stimulation Site
Raise and sponge energy from feet to base, to genitals, to navel, and smoothly on up to the solar plexus stimulation site. Stimulate the solar plexus site with the three actions. Continue stimulation for several minutes, or until energy sensations are felt. When you feel sensations, or if you feel nothing after several minutes, move on to the next stage.

Heart Center
Raise and sponge energy from feet to base, to genitals, to navel, to solar plexus, and smoothly on up to the heart center. Stimulate the heart center with the three stimulation actions. Continue stimulation for several minutes, or until energy sensations are felt. When you feel sensations, or if you feel nothing after several minutes, continue to the next stage.

Throat Center
Raise and sponge energy from feet to base, to genitals, to navel, to solar plexus, to heart, and smoothly on up to the throat center. Stimulate the throat center with the three stimulation actions. Use the wrapping action around your throat for extra stimulation, wrapping around the entire neck a dozen times or more. Continue stimulation for several minutes, or until energy sensations are felt. When you feel sensations, or if you feel nothing after several minutes, continue to the next stage.

Brow Center
Raise and sponge energy from feet to base, to genitals, to navel, to solar plexus, to heart, to throat, and smoothly on up to the brow center. Stimulate the brow center with the three stimulation actions. Feel these actions as penetrating inside your forehead. Try not to let your forehead or eyes tense up as you do this. Continue stimulation for several minutes, alternating between all the above techniques if necessary, or until energy sensations are felt. When you feel sensations, or if you feel nothing after several minutes, continue to the next stage. When the brow center reaches a normal level of activity, a pulsing, throbbing sensation will usually be felt in the middle of the brow. Cease stimulation as soon as this is felt.

Extra Brow Center Stimulation
If no activity is felt in the brow center after doing the above, or if a high-level projection attempt is to be made, the following will provide extra stimulation.

Use a deep stirring action on the left and right temples for twenty seconds or so on each, stimulating the two large secondary centers there. Then, bounce awareness smoothly from temple to temple, through the center of your head, for another twenty seconds or so. Use the wrapping action around the entire forehead, as if wrapping a bandage around the circumference of your head, a dozen times or so. Then use the brushing action across the entire forehead, from temple to temple. Finally, use the brushing action up and down from the tip of your nose to just above your hairline, a dozen times or so each way.

The above process can be repeated several times for high-level projection attempts, but is not advisable for regular stimulation sessions done for development purposes. Overdoing brow center stimulation can cause brow center pain, headaches and a plethora of other physical, mental, and psychic problems.

Crown Center
Raise and sponge energy from feet to base, to genital, to navel, to solar plexus, to heart, to throat, to brow, and smoothly on up to the crown center. Larger actions are required for stimulating the crown center and its support structure. Start by using a wide brushing action, as if painting the whole top of your head with a large paintbrush, in all directions, covering the surface above the hairline. Next, use a large stirring action that covers the whole top of the head. Finish by using large tearing actions, as if repeatedly tearing apart a large, round, flat loaf of bread that is covering the whole top of the head.

Feel all these actions penetrating inside your head. Try not to let your head, brow, or eyes tense up while doing this. Alternate these actions and continue stimulation for several minutes, or until energy sensations are felt. When you feel sensations, or if you feel nothing after several minutes, cease work or continue to the next exercise. As with the brow center, do not overdo crown center stimulation.

You will usually feel stronger sensations in some primary energy centers than in others. Spend a little more time on inactive centers than on active centers to promote more even energetic balance and development. Active primary centers showing noticeable signs of activity should be left alone.

Continuing Primary Stimulation
Once you have completed the above primary center stimulation exercises, it helps if you keep some energy flowing gently through all these centers.


You do not need to repeat the above process to do this. Using an upwardly sponging awareness action from the feet, sponge energy smoothly upward through all the primary centers to the crown center in one long sweep, then flick awareness back to your feet again. Move your awareness through all the primary centers during the upward sponging action.


Do not sponge downward; just flick awareness back to feet at the end of each upward sponging action. Alternatively, this action can be done from the base to the crown center only, as long as your legs are providing a reasonable flow of energy. These two methods can be alternated for variety.

Additional energy can also be drawn into the body through the hands and arms with this process, but this should be considered optional as most people find this addition difficult. Try both methods and see what works best for you. Repeat this action gently and continually for as long as is required.

Another good way to raise energy through all the primary centers is to use the smoke rings trance-induction technique (see chapter 17). The full-body secondary circuit can also be used here with good effect, as can the two-part energy-raising and storage circuit (see chapter 13).

Do not overdo or use too much effort with any of the above methods, as gently and steadily really is the best way to work on the primary circuit. Stimulation exercises can be returned to at any time, during any exercise or practice requiring energy usage, to increase energetic flow whenever needed.

Primary Center Breathing Circuit
The whole idea of the primary breathing circuit is to raise energy upward into the primary circuit to provide continual stimulation of all centers with a steady, gentle flow of energy.

Raising energy upward through the whole body tends to interfere with the natural breathing rhythm. You will often find yourself breathing IN and holding your breath as you raise energy upward through your body. Breathing can thus be used with good effect to enhance energy-raising actions. Following is a very simple breathing circuit that not only enhances energy raising, but also regulates the breathing pattern.


Breathe naturally at all times during this circuit and avoid shallow, stilted breathing.

1. Center awareness in feet at the start of the IN breath.
2. During IN breath, sponge energy up legs, through all primary centers, to crown center.
3. Draw through arms as energy passes where hands are resting (optional).
4. Hold awareness centered in crown center until IN breath is completed.
5. At the end of each IN breath, flick awareness to feet and hold, ready for next IN breath.
6. Repeat steps 1 through 5 continuously, for as long as required.

Development Session Times
In the beginning, when primary-center work is first undertaken, development sessions will tend to be fairly lengthy affairs. Just as with learning the NEW secondary system, primary-center work takes a little time to learn and do well.


With a little regular practice, the time necessary to accomplish this will significantly reduce. Primary-center stimulation work can then be included in regular development sessions. This can be incorporated as a part of the full-body circuit, using the NEW secondary system, with a little primary center stimulation being done before starting the full-body circuit.

The length of time the primaries are stimulated depends greatly on the type and level of development sought after, but I suggest that this level of work not be overdone. Once the techniques are learned, a half-hour session each day is quite adequate for most developmental purposes.


Any more than this is overdoing things and could cause problems to arise.

Primary Center Sensations
Primary energy center sensations can be quite strong and variable, depending on their natural state, the level of activity, and the amount of energy flowing through them. Active primary centers can affect nerves, muscles, and surrounding flesh in many peculiar ways. Strong energetic movement in a primary center can cause the flesh around it to twitch, pulse, and/or throb quite noticeably. These sensations can often be felt with the fingertips, showing that they are real, not just subjective sensations.

The condition of the secondary and tertiary supporting structures of the energy body plays a large part in the type and level of primary-center activity that can occur. If you experience uncomfortable or painful primary-center activity, or no activity at all, please return to and spend more time on the NEW secondary system, especially the full-body storage circuit, as this will help alleviate these problems.

Regular work on the secondary system should not be stopped just because you have begun work on the primary circuit.


You should always use the full-body circuit as the mainstay for all energetic development practices.

Most Common Energetic Sensations

  • Localized heaviness, pressure

  • Throbbing, pulsing, fluttering

  • Cramping, heaviness, tightness

  • Tingling, buzzing

  • Hot or cold sensations

It would seem logical that the heavier the energetic sensation, the more active the energy center. This is partly true, but overly strong or uncomfortable sensations are fair indicators of energy blockages and malfunctioning parts of primary energy centers, and of their supporting energetic structures.

Typically, a primary energy center at a normal level of functioning will cause a fairly noticeable localized throbbing and pulsing sensation and a steady feeling of pressure. The speed and heaviness of this throbbing will vary according to the energetic demands being placed on a center.


Some primary centers, however, will be found to cause some fairly predictable sensations during development exercises or projection attempts, and thus deserve special mention here.

Base Center
Working this center will often cause a bruised, buzzing kind of aching feeling. This may last for a few days after it has first been successfully activated, and seldom any longer. This sensation will eventually settle down to a steady and comfortable throbbing.

On that note, base center stimulation exercises may appear to intrude slightly into the lower genital area, because of the proximity of the genitals to the base center. This will not generally cause any problems, as long as awareness is focused specifically on the base center. It is quite normal to feel slight tickling, tingling, or buzzing sensations in the genitals, even verging a little on the erotic side, while working on the base center. This is quite normal and is no cause for alarm.


It will not usually cause any problems, as long as awareness is not allowed to drift into and become locked in the genital area - a definite no-no for the serious aspirant.

Navel Center
A generally comfortable warm throbbing and pulsing around the belly button, extending a few inches all around it, is normal for this center. You may also feel a fluttering, bubbling, gassy feeling of movement inside the stomach, between the belly button and pubic line and a few inches either side of there.


This odd bubbling sensation is related to the workings of the sub-navel storage center, which, although a separate energetic organ, is also related to the energetic workings of all primary centers, especially the lower ones.

Solar Plexus Stimulation Site
This site can generate a feeling of pressure, tension, and even anxiety, and the feeling you are not getting enough oxygen. Move on to the next stage of the exercises, breathing slowly and deeply, and this sensation will usually pass fairly quickly. If this plagues you, however, reduce the amount of time you spend stimulating this area, or even skip it entirely if this persists.


This is more commonly felt the first few times it is successfully stimulated into full activity, and will generally pass if development exercises are practiced regularly.

Heart Center
Heart center sensations can be extremely visceral and hence are the most worrying and difficult of all to ignore. Normal heart center activity feels like a throbbing in the flesh and ribs in the surface of the chest, much like the heavy heartbeat you get after exertion, but on the surface of the chest and without any shortness of breath.


Anything more than this is unusual for normal development exercises. Heavy sensations can occur, though, especially if a spontaneous OBE, or near OBE, occurs. This will often happen during primary center development work, especially during the trance state. These potential extra-heavy sensations are thus well worth a special mention here.

Heavy heart center sensations are at their very strongest during the exit stage of an OBE. This occurs as the projectable double is internally generated as well as during its projection. Extreme heart center sensations associated with projection indicate unavoidable energetic conflicts caused by the presence of an awake mind during the projection process.

The heart can feel like it is racing, sometimes at a seemingly impossible rate. It is not the actual physical heart racing, however, but the heart center. The heart center works overtime to provide the greater amount of energy required for a conscious-exit OBE to occur.


The heart center causes these heavy sensations, which makes it feel like the physical heart itself is racing. If you hook yourself up to a heart monitor during a conscious OBE exit, you will find your heart rate increases only slightly and that this increase is mainly due to excitement. A racing heart center will not hurt or damage you at all, but it takes quite some getting used to, I must admit.

The heart center, when fully active, especially during an OBE exit, feels something like this: Place one hand on your chest, with your fingertips resting over your heart. Tap your fingertips on your chest, roughly in time with a normal heartbeat-thud-thud... thud-thud... thud-thud. Increase this rate until you are thudding on your chest as fast and as hard as your fingers can move. Add some really heavy full-body vibrations, a continual falling sensation, and some really strange noises, and this is something like how the heart center may feel during a conscious-exit projection.

Be warned, and be ready to accept and weather these heart center sensations during your first successful projection attempt. If you are not fully prepared for these they will cause you to panic and shock you out of your first real projection success.


On the brighter side, heavy heart-center sensations always reduce during subsequent projection attempts, albeit often slowly.

Throat Center
When active, the pressure and throbbing in the throat center can sometimes cause mild but uncomfortable choking sensations, and even shortness of breath, as if something were touching and pressing against the windpipe. This is partly caused by the sensitive area this center is in, but also can be tied in with strong heart center activity.


These sensations are mainly felt during early successful stimulation attempts during the trance state. If you bear with them, they will ease off gradually in response to regular energetic development work. If, however, choking sensations continue to disrupt development exercises and projection attempts, either reduce the amount of time spent on this center or skip it entirely.


In fact, any primary centers that cause sensations that are too uncomfortable or painful should be worked on only very lightly or skipped entirely until the sensations reduce.

Brow and Crown Centers
You will usually feel pressure and throbbing in the brow center during stimulation and development exercises. This is quite normal. These sensations can be very strong and noticeable in some people.

Strong brow center pressure sensations will usually be felt at some time during the course of long-term energetic development, especially if dormant psychic abilities are present. You will feel pressure as either localized in the middle of the forehead - as if someone were pressing a thumb hard into it - or as a tight band around the circumference of your head at the brow level. This last feels as if a wide leather belt were tied around the head and being slowly tightened by an invisible sadist. If the crown center is also involved, this pressure may also involve the entire top of the skull above the hairline.

Brow and crown center pressure can be uncomfortable, even painful at times, but is generally sporadic. It will not happen every time. Strong pressure is a fairly common sign of development, and can aptly be thought of as energetic growing pains. If headaches or migraines result from this pressure, treat this as you would normally.


Please see a medical doctor if pain persists. Ice packs and hot-water bottles, alternated, usually ease this type of pressure pain.

The Strobe Effect
The strobe effect is my term for an occasional energetic-cum-visual phenomenon that can happen at any time during normal meditation or sleep, as a delayed side effect of energetic development. A sudden flash of stunningly bright silver-white light is seen behind closed eyes, in the mind's eye, usually accompanied by a slight feeling of concussion over the whole brow and facial area, as if from an open-handed blow.


The wide area over which this painless slap is felt involves the support structure in the face. The strobe feels something like it would if a powerful camera flash were set off at very close range while the eyes are open, but without hurting the eyes.

Many people have contacted me over the years, extremely worried, believing they were under some kind of entity attack because they had experienced the strobe effect. They often break off energetic development because of this. But this phenomenon is caused solely by the brow center, as it strobes accumulated energy upward into the crown center. This effect is strongly related to clairvoyance and is a strong indicator that clairvoyant potential is present.

Being an energy clairvoyant myself, I am all too familiar with this effect. The strobe effect marks the beginning of the energetic creation of the vision screen, which forms the visual backdrop that holds the vision stream. The vision stream is the flood of vivid mind's eye visions seen by an energy clairvoyant. Energy clairvoyance is my term for visual mind's eye clairvoyance, brought about through pure energetic stimulation during the trance state.

One of the most basic functions of primary energy centers is their ability to accumulate energy, acting much like subtle energy capacitors. Once a primary center's energy accumulation reaches a certain point, it strobes its accumulated energy upward into higher centers. The strobe flash-activates surrounding energetic structures, and forges many new energetic connections, which allows for a much stronger, higher-quality, energetic flow.


This enables the higher functions of primary centers, e.g., in the case of the brow center, clairvoyance and other psychic abilities. Temporary energetic connections and structures dissolve when the energy centers responsible for their creation become energetically exhausted.

With the brow center, unlike all other centers, the strobe effect is extremely visible in the mind's eye. I consider this similar to how the electronic condenser in a camera flash works. When the brow center achieves a full charge, it strobes powerfully once. If the energetic flow permits, the brow center will strobe several more times. The energetic creation of the vision screen used for energy clairvoyance, however, takes a slightly stronger and more stable energetic flow than nature usually provides for.

If the energetic flow is stable enough to maintain the full-energy clairvoyance process, a few seconds after the first initial strobes the brow center will begin strobing regularly every few seconds. This will quickly increase in frequency to about quarter-second intervals, speeding up to a continual blurring strobe. The vision screen will then begin to form in the mind's eye.

The vision screen looks very much like an oval mirror. Imagine one about two feet high and one foot wide, hanging at arm's length in front of you in your mind's eye, bordered by dense, dark-gray smoke. The surface of the vision screen is made up of very pale-gray textured smoke. Its surface moves and swirls slightly, with occasional sparks and flashes of light coming from within it.


On this backdrop, energetic flow permitting, you see a stream of brilliant 3-D visions, often with full sound and color. Clairvoyant operators eventually learn to manipulate their vision screen, and mentally tune in to areas of interest. They even shift out of their bodies and enter the vision screen and experience visions firsthand, which can be likened to a powerfully akashic-records type of OBE. The creation of the vision screen, from the first strobe to its formation, is absolutely fascinating to watch.

The strobe effect is completely natural, energetically speaking. It simply means the brow center in question is better developed than average, or has stronger natural potential. The strobe effect will never cause any harm and is a very good sign, if you are planning to develop any type of psychic ability.


It also indicates a strong potential for developing high-level projection abilities.

Body-Rush Sensations
While doing secondary or primary center development work, it is fairly normal to experience periodic tingling adrenaline-type rushes up through the body, especially through the back and spine.


These tingling body rushes are caused by energy movement resulting from secondary and primary centers generating pulsing waves of energy up through the energy body. These are not to be mistaken for kundalini-type energy spikes. Kundalini energy spikes are far heavier, often uncomfortably hot, and come with a fairly strong cramping sensation in the anus, perineum, coccyx, colon, and lower spine.


These sensations are generally localized to the lower half of the spine. Normal energetic body-rush surges can be triggered by many things, including energy-raising efforts that release significant blockages, as well as by emotional upsurges. These can be likened to the surging, tingling waves of energetic feeling caused by uplifting music.

Energetic waves affect nerve endings in the physical body, particularly in the spine and back muscles. This causes the tingling, surging adrenaline-type body-rush sensations. These can be quite strong, even breathtaking at times, but are normal. However, if these energy rushes are felt as particularly strong and cramping, and are felt shooting up through the lower part of the spine and stomach, and if burning heat or cold and pain are felt, stimulation should be stopped immediately. These sensations indicate premature kundalini activity.

If any symptoms cause worry or continue to be a problem, I suggest you stop primary-center work and use only the secondary system. The NEW secondary system is much gender, safer, and more predictable than primary-center work. It has far fewer side effects and is a much gender system overall. You can return to primary-center work later.


If you suspect that a kundalini spike has occurred, I would suggest that you take at least a three-month break from all primary-center work, to give the energy body time to adapt.


Development exercises can then safely resume.

Reducing Primary-Center Activity
After any type of energetic work involving the primary centers it is, traditionally, thought to be very important to close all energy centers that have been opened (that is, stimulated). This is illogical and ineffectual.

No localized awareness action, and no visualized action either, will be found to cause an energy center vortex or chakra to reduce activity, deactivate, or close. A visualized stimulation action (commonly called a chakra opening or closing action) will only affect the energy body if it is localized to the site of a primary energy center. It thus becomes a type of body-awareness action, albeit a fairly obtuse one.

Experience has taught me that no matter how an awareness or visualized action is performed at the site of an energy center, if it has any effect at all it will cause further stimulation. I consider it illogical to think that any reversed action will succeed in shutting down or closing an energy center once it has become active.


This is, in principle, a lot like fanning a spark into a flame with a stimulation technique and then trying to make this flame go out by fanning it from a different direction.

Whatever the technique used, opening and closing methods both involve a similar localized action at the site of a primary center. Primary energy centers (chakras) are complex nonphysical organs, each with many subtle bioenergetic and pure-energetic functions.


They should not be likened to simple mechanical devices that can be opened and closed. Primary energy centers are not just little doorways that can be opened and shut with good intentions and a little visualization. Some people may dispute this, being convinced energy centers must be deliberately closed. Be that as it may, my logic is based on solid firsthand experience: Energy centers simply cannot be deactivated or closed in this way.

Those who believe they have succeeded at doing this will find that their actions are merely coincidental with their supposed result. The energy centers in question would have been deactivating on their own anyway. In most cases, primary centers begin deactivating the moment relaxation and trance disciplines are broken and normal levels of physical and mental activity are restored. The best way to deactivate energy centers is to leave them alone and stop using them.

Energy centers will also cease activity when the energy body becomes energetically exhausted. This can happen when the energetic support structures in the energy body become exhausted, and are rendered incapable of supplying the energies necessary to support energetic activity.

If no significant continuing energetic activity is felt in primary energy centers after a development session, they should be left alone. An attempt should be made to reduce activity in them only if continuing energetic sensations are pronounced or uncomfortable. Following is a list of ways to reduce activity in the energy body.


Combinations of these actions will, under normal circumstances, significantly reduce energetic activity in the primary centers.

  • Reverse energy-raising actions in the legs and arms, dumping energy.

  • Stop focusing awareness on the energy body and its primary energy centers.

  • Break physical and mental relaxation disciplines.

  • Move, stand, talk, stretch, and restore full circulation and movement.

  • Curl up and go to sleep - if this is appropriate.

  • Hug a hot-water bottle into an uncomfortably overactive center, then go to sleep.

  • Alternate the above hot-water bottle with an ice pack.

  • Vigorously rub or slap hands, arms, and legs, to draw awareness away from primaries.

  • Walk, jog, swim, do aerobics - physical exercise can help.

  • Take a shower or two - ice cold if necessary.

  • Avoid any type of energetic exercise or practice until all activity has ceased.

  • When all else fails, EAT, and keep eating until all unwanted sensations cease.

I have had a few cases where primary centers have refused to deactivate for some days after stimulation. This problem can arise when severely depleted parts of the energy body suddenly have their energy flow restored. A strong, continuing energetic demand can thus continue long after stimulation and energy-raising efforts have ceased.

If this ever happens - and this is quite rare, I might add - make use of all the above-listed ways of reducing primary-center activity.


I suggest that alcohol and recreational drugs be avoided, and meditation and energetic practices be curtailed. I suggest you concentrate on normal physical life and activity until the problem corrects itself, as it always will. The general rule with any type of energetic problem is to take an energetic break, for as long as is necessary.

In the worst case I have ever come across, it took almost a month before energetic activity stopped altogether. This consisted mainly of pulsing and fluttering in brow and heart centers, along with frequent adrenaline-type energetic body rushes. This problem slowly eased and eventually disappeared.


Note, this person also had a serious eating disorder, was fairly hyper, and was steadily losing weight at this time, and against my advice, continued to diet all throughout this episode. I think the diet factor significantly contributed to the overall energetic problems and the lengthy time this condition took to stabilize.

I have found that die fastest way of slowing energetic activity is to eat large amounts of heavy food, especially heavy protein. (This is an excellent short-term solution, but long-term use will obviously cause weight gain.) Digesting a heavy meal takes a great deal of energy. After a heavy meal, the energy body diverts its resources into bioenergetic digestion processes. The energy body virtually shuts down when the stomach is overloaded. A large meal thus uses up all available energy, leaving nothing to support pure-energetic activity.

For this reason, any energetic or development-related work, even simple meditation, can be a waste of time if undertaken within an hour or two of a heavy meal. This is one of the most common problems presented to me, where energetic development exercises have seemed ineffective. A light meal, or even temporary abstinence, is recommended before development exercises.


If you have problems getting your energy body to respond to any of the exercises given in this book, going on a low-fat or low-protein diet for a couple of weeks, or any similar diet, can make all the difference.

Potential Negative Side Effects
While conceivably some risks are involved with primary-center work, I consider it quite safe to undertake at the levels given within this book, provided all procedures are followed and cautions are duly heeded. The main problems that can arise from primary-center work, apart from those already discussed, are dealt with below.


The incidences of serious problems are rare. Other contributing factors, apart from energetic development, are almost always involved.

Out of the hundreds of people who have consulted with me on energetic development, in person and through the Internet, only a small handful have developed what could be deemed serious problems. In all cases, I have found outside factors have been contributing to or causing these problems.


Any problems that can arise through primary-center work can easily be overcome if they are recognized early and handled with a little common sense.

Premature Kundalini
While raising the kundalini is an extraordinarily difficult thing to do, it can be very worrying if kundalini energy begins manifesting prematurely. The body and mind must be energetically, mentally, and physically prepared to handle this level of energetic movement.


Normally it takes several years of mental, energetic, and spiritual development and purification before it can be done with reasonable safety. A small number of people will, however, occasionally feel symptoms of kundalini energy stirring when they undertake serious energetic development of the primary circuit. This can result in spikes of energy shooting up through the lower spine, often accompanied by stinging and cramping sensations.

This is not to be mistaken for the normal, often breathtaking, adrenaline-type energetic rushes up through the base center and spine associated with normal levels of secondary and primary energy movement. These energetic body rushes are completely normal symptoms for that type of development work.

In more than two decades of personal energetic development work, because of my need to find my own way in these matters, I have experienced and lived through just about every stupid mistake and foolhardy blunder it is possible to make. Through experience, I have found that no matter how bad the mistake, or how severe its effects, it can be overcome.


Taking a complete break from all energetic work, including meditation, and concentrating on real-life physical matters is the very best way to alleviate problems and undo mistakes of this nature.

For example, in the late eighties when I first raised my kundalini it almost killed me, quite literally. My body experienced severe physical shock. Once I had recovered from that, the resulting onslaught of energies and impressions at work within and around me began unbalancing me in many subtle ways. I was fully aware of what was happening and why, but also intuitively knew the cure. I shut down everything for just over one year, apart from gentle meditation and prayer, and concentrated solely on my physical life, family, work, health, and intellectual pursuits.

I kept my feet firmly planted on the ground at all times, until my energy body and perceptions were completely stable again. Once I was totally satisfied that everything inside was functioning normally again, I returned to my energetic and mystical practices. I found, after my energetic holiday, that everything inside worked beautifully once more-much better than before, in fact.


There was no recurrence of my problems, nor has there been for the last decade.

Mental and Emotional Imbalance
In cases where I have come across psychological or emotional problems that appeared to have been caused by energetic development, other contributing factors have always been present. Upon investigation, I usually find that suggested procedures are being modified and cautions ignored.


Either that or preexisting mental or emotional instabilities are at work, causing or contributing to the overall problem - more usually both. Because of this, I strongly recommend that people with preexisting weaknesses and instabilities in these areas think very carefully about this.

These factors must always be considered before any type of serious energetic development, especially primary circuit work, is undertaken. If in doubt, please seek the opinion of a qualified therapist or medical doctor. If energetic development is undertaken regardless, I suggest that the NEW secondary system be practiced on its own for at least one year, or until such time as it is felt that primary-center work can be undertaken with confidence.

It is quite possible to cause mental or psychic instabilities if the brow or crown centers are overworked, or if they are worked on to the exclusion of other development exercises. In the same way, too much work on the heart center can cause emotional problems to manifest. These same problems can also arise if my warnings are ignored and the sub-brow or sub-heart storage centers are actively filled.

No matter how often or how firmly I warn people about these dangers, they often think they know best and do it their own way regardless. While I can relate to this attitude, please understand that the warnings and cautions given in this book are very carefully thought out. They are not given lightly. All are based on hard firsthand experience and have been given for very good reasons.

Heeding my advice on these matters will help avoid many unpleasant side effects, mistakes, and potential problems. This, in itself, will greatly speed overall development time. In many cases, where cautions are not heeded, problems will not arise immediately, but the conditions that allow potential problems to manifest have been created.


A problem may thus arise later, or occur intermittently, especially if unwise energetic practices are continued.

Most people who have ignored cautions and then come to me for help fully believed that they could safely take shortcuts to psychic abilities. This was something they wanted at any cost, without having to bother about all that seemingly time-wasting and boring old development stuff. More often than not, these people paid a steep price for their lack of foresight, through slowed or indefinitely suspended development.


Breaking the rules here may gain a person some quick temporary psychic abilities, but at what price, I ask.


At what price? Mental, psychic, and emotional instabilities are no laughing matter. These can have devastating effects on all aspects of life.

A good example came my way recently. A young man e-mailed me about some advice I'd given in one of my very early online tutorials (published on the World Wide Web several years ago) not to overwork the brow and crown centers during primary center development work. He said that, after reading this caution, he had worked exclusively on his crown and brow centers for almost a month, just to see what would happen. He was most annoyed that nothing weird had happened - while I was most relieved. This type of reckless behavior totally defies logic and common sense.

Another common reason for defying my cautions, I have found, is that people take advice based on people's experiences gained through using ineffective visualization-based methods. Because of the powerful nature of the NEW system's awareness-based techniques, anyone not fully experienced with them in the long term is a totally unfit adviser, no matter what their background or experience. I say this without reservation.

There are right ways and wrong ways to do just about everything, and this saying particularly applies to the many aspects of energetic and psychic development. The development exercises given within these pages nurture psychic abilities in a safe and totally natural way.


If these exercises are regularly practiced and not overdone, all warnings and cautions are duly heeded, and if a little common sense is applied as required, any latent psychic abilities will soon rise to the surface. These can then be used and nurtured safely and naturally, one small step being taken at a time.


There are no safe ways to rush these matters.

Increased Sexual Desire
It is fairly well known today that primary-center energy work has the potential to cause a plethora of energetic problems, of which greatly increased sexual desire is probably the most well known. This fairly rare genital center problem is more related to kundalini energy than to normal levels of primary or secondary energetic activity.


This is a potential problem only - something to be aware of but not overly concerned about.


As with all potential energetic developmental problems, this is a common-sense matter. It is easy to spot the signs and rectify matters before they can grow into serious problems.

Increased sexual desire can potentially become a problem with the NEW primary center manipulation and development techniques given in this book, mainly because of the very effective nature of the techniques used. Barring accident, however, deliberate misuse and sexual energy experimentation are the biggest causes for this type of problem.


Problems normally will arise only if the genital center is deliberately focused on and actively stimulated. Body awareness can thus become locked into the genital center; it can then be very difficult to shift the focus of body awareness away from that area. If this is allowed to continue, it will not usually cause any lasting damage or harm - barring sexual and energetic exhaustion, of course.


The solution is to quickly move body awareness and move on to the next exercise. If, however, body awareness tends to keep flicking back into the genital center of its own accord, discontinue the session immediately, break relaxation discipline, and use the deactivation measures given earlier. Clapping hands and stamping feet are also good ways of forcing body awareness away from the genital center. If all else fails, a cold shower will normally do the trick.


The ultimate cure for this malady probably is standing in a bucket of ice water, with both hands also submerged in iced water.

Chakra Wonder-Workers
There are people in the world today advertising their services, under many different tides, as energetic masters capable of opening primary energy centers (chakras) for other people. This service usually has a steep price attached to it, often thousands of dollars.


They claim to have high levels of knowledge and ability, and that once chakras have been opened by them, psychic powers will be enabled in the recipient of their services. They claim they can save people many years of boring old development work. They offer a quick fix and an easy shortcut - for a price. Without exception, these people are frauds and charlatans, more interested in opening people's bank accounts than in opening their chakras, which they cannot truly do anyway.

Activating a person's primary energy centers from the outside (often from a great distance) simply cannot be done. Persons like this, if they have any ability at all, may be able to cause a few energetic sensations in another person's primary centers (but in person only), by raising and directing energy into them.


If at all possible, this would be a simple energetic transfer similar to healing. However, this will not have the intended long-lasting effect on the recipient's primary energy centers. The persons receiving this energy would feel no more by way of energetic sensations and gain no more benefit from it than they would get by raising their own energy and stimulating their own primary centers.

It should be fairly clear by now that primary centers are not simple little mechanical devices that can be opened and shut with a few waves of a magic wand and some good intentions.


Barring accident or natural ability, primary energy centers have to be nurtured out of dormancy and their supporting energetic structures developed and strengthened. This must be done in a balanced way or the energy body will become unbalanced, which can cause serious problems. The development of the energy body and its primary centers takes time, as long as it needs to take.


Shortcuts and quick fixes are neither wise nor advisable.

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