Session 2

Some Clarification on the Matter of Homosexuality
Nature of the Soul, Oversoul and Soulmates
Going into Ascension or Going into the New Universe
Knowing and Accepting Your True Identity
More About the 3 Waves of Volunteers
Starseeds, Crystal Children

C & D = session facilitators

A = An T'na

A: Good Evening. I am An T'na, and I am glad to be here in this capacity again.


We are going to speak about a matter on this planet that is quite sensitive to many people, but it is necessary that we clarify this matter for the sake of all Ascending Souls and our Volunteers, regardless of whether this matter concerns anyone personally or impersonally.


It is information that will bring forth a greater understanding of yourselves as well as of others so that you stand in a place of unconditional love for yourselves and others equally.

This matter concerns that which Terrans have termed 'homosexuals', and we shall use this time to help everyone understand this subject more clearly, for there is a great misunderstanding on the planet regarding 'souls' and the nature of the soul.

Our observations of Terrans have led us to understand that amongst your genders there are a lot of unpleasant experiences that occur between the opposite sexes. And from our perspective, it is quite understandable why there are a lot of mixed feelings between the opposite sex, and why some Terrans have switched genders as mates.

For the most part this act has been done out of a misunderstanding of how to resolve issues concerning past experiences. This misunderstanding has been, shall we say assisted or aided by a growing current movement in Terra's population to become mated with the same sex. This has created a 'trend' in your planetary situation that has grown very large, very quickly.

It has been believed that all same-sex matings are occurring because of homosexuality, but for the most part, most are not due to anything of that nature, but to a shifting of issues from one gender to another.

We wish that Ascending Souls and our Volunteers understand this clearly so that clarity comes forth to resolve inappropriate beliefs and attitudes about it.

Aside from actual cases of homosexuality, there is much misunderstanding of what the soul is, what its nature is, which forms the basis of this misunderstanding that is generating the growing popular trend which, in-turn, is leading Terrans to believe that what they are doing is the result of being homosexual in the soul.


There is no such thing as a soul that is homosexual, and we shall clarify this confusion in session.

First of all, let us speak about the nature of the soul. From where we are in our greater understanding of the soul, in our journey leading us from our Dimension of Origin, in order to arrive where we currently exist, all of us traveled through each dimension as, shall we say, integrated spirits.


We eagerly explored each successive dimension into which we had lowered ourselves vibrationally.


Upon fully exploring and experiencing one dimension we then stepped down in vibration in order to explore and experience the next one, and the next one, until we came to the 4th dimension, which, as we discussed previously in Session 1, is a barrier between the 5th dimension and the 3rd dimension; that the 4th dimension is the barrier of time, but it is also a major overarching portal consisting of infinite minute portals that lead you to any point in time and space, be it past, present, future, as well as that of alternate realities.

So, while we were in the 5th dimension descending our way down the Realms of Vibration, we came upon this barrier. As integrated spirits we could not pass through the barrier. We were all quite puzzled over this mystery but the mystery itself compelled us to endeavor to solve it. After eons of exploration, we discovered that in order to go further into the next dimension we had to split ourselves into 2 charges because, as we learned, that is the point in energy where it splits into opposite polarities.


The next dimension we wanted to explore and experience consisted of polarity, opposites, which resolves itself into the nature of what you term duality.

Due to this dualized energetic state, and due to the energetic state of our evolving integrated souls, we realized that we could not go there as an entire, integrated spirit. Eventually we came to understand that we would have to split our souls, which is housed by our spirits, into two equally polarized charges.

Before this point in our evolution, there was no such state of being in existence. This was something entirely new to us and, as exploratory Beings by nature, we felt innately compelled to experience this new state of being.


Our reasoning was that if we were to continue exploring and becoming all that we could possibly become, then doing whatsoever was necessary in order to engage this so-called "spiritual edict", then so be it; so we chose to fervently pursue it.

Now, mind you, this knowledge was common knowledge in your ancient times.


The Terrans of that era understood that the soul became that which they called a "split-apart" wherein one half of the soul held a positive charge, and the other half of the soul held a negative charge, yet the 2 halves forever composed the same soul, which some in your time have termed an oversoul, but of which there is much misunderstanding regarding this subject as well.


The term oversoul simply refers to, in truth, the overall knowledge and wisdom held by both parts of the soul as one overarching collective understanding of the single spirit unto which the 2 soul mates belong. The subject of soulmates has also been greatly misunderstood, and this matter shall be clarified as we proceed.

Each polarized soul, each soul mate, traversed through the barrier and entered into the 3rd dimension, which is the upper third part of the Lower Triad. Eventually, biological gender was created into the physical forms that each soul would indwell, and there was a reason for this, as we shall discuss later.

We created 2 biological genders, each one being charged in polarity relative to the charges of the 2 souls. The feminine or female charge of the soul would always indwell a female biological embodiment. The soul that is of masculine or male charge would always indwell a male biological embodiment. It was created this way, and meant to be this way because it was in-keeping with the natural order of the nature of reality in the Lower Triad of duality.


The science and physics of this was completely understood and accepted by all of us.

After eons of time perfecting the biological embodiments that we were indwelling, something astonishingly unusual happened - a very disappointed soul broke the natural laws as a way to get around a situation that he or she found unbearable, rather than complying with those natural laws.

In the ensuing history of your planet, the 3rd dimensional experiences of many of Terrans became agonizing, especially for the female gender. Each gender, in their own way, increasingly suffered at the hands of a few power-hungry souls who were bent on dominating and controlling their brothers and sisters through tyranny and torture.


Emulating those above him as a means of gaining his own kind of power and control within his own life, many of the male gender began to engage tyrannical behaviors upon his physically weaker sexed women, as well as upon his physically weak and helpless children.

Terran history is a case replete with, to coin you a new word, incompassion run amuck.

After eons of such unpleasant reincarnations, and after the death of one particular male soul who decided he'd suffered enough at the hands of his fellow gender, he came up with what he thought was a brilliant idea.


From his detached point of view he felt that the female gender had it much better than he did as a male. So, he privately conceived a plan whereby in his forthcoming incarnation he, as a male soul, would insert himself soul into a female body. That would fix everything, or so he erroneously assumed. It was only after carrying out his plan that he discovered that what he had actually done wasn't so brilliant afterall.


But now he was stuck in his female body and was suffering more than he'd ever suffered before as a man. Yet it was this 'crossing over' effect of the polarities that subsequently generated tremendous confusion in his soul over who, or what, he truly was.


Remember that we said that the male soul of a positive charge was indwelling a female body of a negative charge so that the 2 charges are diametrically opposed to the presence of one another in the same space-time scaffolding of the body.

Not only does this crossing over effect generate confusion in the soul, but it also generates confusion in the body itself. While the female charged body is endeavoring to be what it was designed to be - female - the male charged soul is giving the body opposing signals that causes the biology of the female body to produce male genital parts, usually not fully developed, therefore secreting unnatural amounts of male hormones.


This female body will display itself in a somewhat masculine appearance and corresponding functions.

The fact that the male soul indwells the female body does not change the male souls' innately polarized attraction to female souls, meaning, to other women. The female body is not the one choosing to mate with other females. It is the male soul, misplaced within the female body, who is desiring to mate with his female soul counterpart; it is not the body that is doing it.

And this same crossing over effect has also happened in the reverse, with the female soul indwelling a male body.


She looked upon the male from her detached point of view thought,

"Oh, he's got it so good. He's the one in control. I'm tired of being beaten up. I want to be male."

So, the female soul crossed over the gender line and entered into a male body, with the same but opposite effects occurring to her.

These are the true homosexuals. It is a matter of polarity and the nature of the soul relative to the nature of the polarity and gender of the embodiment.

It is necessary that they come to terms with their past, that they forgive the opposite gender for the harsh treatments they have received and are attempting to escape from.


We understand that much of the male gender on this planet is not all together that together. We understand that they have been put through a lot of hardships themselves, coming down from their own gender upon them, and that has caused them to be, in-turn, difficult people for anyone else to live with, especially their women.

We want homosexuals to know that they are beautiful souls, and there is nothing they lack other than to forgive themselves and their opposite gender. Once they forgive, then they are no longer in need of anyone else in their lives on an intimate basis because they are instead intimate with themselves, with who they truly are. They are so in love with their own true nature that they do not need anyone externally.

We are clarifying this matter so that while what they are doing seems common and perhaps increasingly more acceptable, that does not mean that such a belief is for one's personal greatest wellbeing. In other words, there are many Terrans who believe that they are homosexual but who in fact are not, and it is this erroneous belief which is not to ones greatest benefit.

We may have more to say about this later, but we hope that this has imparted some degree of clarity on the matter.

Now, we shall speak of another matter that is referred to as walk-ins wherein it is believes that when a spirit leaves the body but it's too soon for the body to die, then another spirit comes in, or "walks in", as you put it.


Often it is believed that a male spirit can inhabit a female body, and vice versa.

Just as already explained concerning the crossing over of polarities pertaining to homosexuals, so the exact same thing applies in the circumstance that you are describing. For such a circumstance to occur it would produce such polarized tension in the body that great health problems would result, so great that those health issues would result in severe diseases based in duality.

If there are truly any walk-ins, having crossed over in polarity or not, then you must understand they are not of a higher frequency because it is a fact that advanced souls would not insert themselves into a body that someone else did not want, for one thing. An advanced soul would have no need to do such a thing in the first place.

The only type of soul who would do that would be ones who are of a lower 3rd dimensional level of understanding, doing it for their own self-aggrandizing purposes. Much of what you call "possessions" are of this, again, unnatural nature. It would be a selfish act. Rather than the soul incarnating into a body of their own they're taking a shortcut.


Consequently, they're sort of 'cheating' life and thus themselves.

We know it is a popular concept - these walk-ins - and that it has been perceived as something desirable, even "angelic", but this subject has been another greatly misunderstood notion.

We wish you to understand that Beings who still exist within the Lower Triad, yet who have evolved into higher understandings of life would never need to engage in such actions. Such Beings have advanced to the understanding of that which you call immortality.


They are what some of you have come to call Ascended Masters, which when applied to them means that they have ascended mentally to greater levels of mastering life, but they have not yet biologically ascended beyond the Lower Triad to become what we recognize as Ascended Beings.


These, we shall refer to them as Immortal Masters have learned how to continually regenerate eternal life within the cells of their bodies.


Your own science already knows that this can be done, and how it is done, yet they do not allow you to have this knowledge because immortality is not good for their enslavement business.

Likewise, Ascended Beings who are beyond the 3rd dimension, beyond the Lower Triad, have the ability to come into this dimension with their own body.

Our point here is to help you understand that what is being perceived of as walk-ins is not all that it's cracked-up to be, as you would say. True cases of walk-ins are rare because, as we said, the only souls desiring to engage such a situation are ones who are not very evolved, who are what we refer to as non-ascending souls.


No Ascending Souls would resort to such acts.

You must understand that there are planetary controllers who have their hands in everything in your lives, especially the spiritual aspect of your lives, and that it is their self-ordained job to create as much confusion as they possibly can about these matters because this in-turn generates much chaos, thus division amongst those whom they control, in the forms of you being intolerant, unallowing and unaccepting of one another.


Do not be so quick to assume that the subjects of souls and soul mates, homosexuals, walk-ins, starseeds, indigo and crystal children, possessions, ghosts, and so on have not been tampered with thus greatly distorted by them, for they have. It is our intent with you to help clarify these matters for you, putting the truth back into their original teachings based within fact.

It has been important for you all to understand that the nature of the soul has, in its truth, been buried, so to speak, from your knowledge under thousands of years of the negative faction guiding you away from all truth and into distorted misunderstandings that are intended to keep you from being who you truly are, to keep you from being the empowered soul that you are.


And when there is confusion in the soul, you have diminished your power to that degree. It has been this manner of unloving treatment of you that generated the desire within souls to cross over in the first place; that created the desire within souls to possess bodies not their own and who thus cheat themselves out of a life of their own; that created the desire within souls to mistreat one another in order to gain their own level of power and control within their own lives, and so on it goes.

Now, we have something we would like to clarify for someone who has a question regarding the matter of Ascending Souls.

This person has been feeling that her mate is not on the path of ascension and wants to know if this feeling is correct or not. From our higher perspective of her mate, we see that she is correct in that he is not ascending, but he is evolving.


But we emphasize that every soul's evolutionary direction is subject to change at any moment so we can only state that for now he is not ascending.

Please understand that there is a difference between evolving, and having evolved to a point where you are ascending.


We want her to understand that though he does not display it, though he does not show it, he is evolving, but he is doing it in his own way, on his own time despite how she has, in the past, tried to, shall we say, help him along.


She discovered that doing that didn't work. And it took her many years to discover that it wasn't working. But we want her to understand that it is OK that he is not ascending. We want her to understand that we understand how difficult it has been for her to live with a mate who is not ascending.

Most Ascending Souls and our Volunteers are in that same situation. And this is one of the matters that we discussed in one of our communiqués.

As we already clarified, our Volunteers hooked up with the native people on this planet, most who are not ascending, and there was a reason for that.


And the reason was, as you all knew when you agreed to be Volunteers for us, that in the process of doing your job of anchoring light into the planet you were vicariously affecting the lives of others, which includes the mates who you chose to be with, although you may have tried to influence them, teach them, share truth with them, even though they rejected it; and they may have made fun of it, they have humored and patronized you, they may have taken your truth and turned it back against you in ways that would appease themselves or to get what they wanted, but the seed of truth was still planted.

You were still an influence simply by being in their presence. You did not have to try to influence them in any other way, verbally or in any other manner. That was not part of your job description, so to speak.


It was your presence alone, the light that you were anchoring into the planet, which has been radiating from the core of the planet to surround the entire planet, that has immersed everyone in this higher dimensional light thus in-turn allowing them to access that light for their own evolution - if they want it, and for their ascension - if that is what they want to do.

And many souls have been receptive to the light. There are more Terrans who are ascending now because of this added light that has been brought here, than would have otherwise occurred.


But directly assisting their evolution or ascension was never your job to do. Your job was and is, simply, to anchor the light and allow whoever chooses to open up to it to do so. That is what it means to be a light unto the world. It, the light, doesn't talk.

So, we wish that all of you come to some clarity within yourselves about this matter, so you will find peace within yourselves about it; and that you will come to rest, shall we say, from thinking that you need to, in any other way, influence your mates or anyone else around you.

Although your mates are not receptive to a lot of your understanding and awareness, they are simply just not ready yet for the way of life that goes along with those understandings and awarenesses.

We see these souls choosing to migrate into the new universe. And we see them very happy about this choice.

We wish you to know that all of those who are choosing to migrate and become part of the new universe are all very excited about it because they know that it is their opportunity to become creators of this new universe and to be the source of all that is in it!


They, therefore, get to create something that is wholly different, unique, from this universe that has been their playground for eons of eons.

It's kind of like, tinkering. In the new universe, they will get to tinker and rearrange the ideas and energies so as to create something new and different than what they've created in this universe. And they are all very excited about it. This is their path. It is all OK!

For those who are remaining in this universe, and ascending onward, if we could put it that way, you are all just as excited about doing that as they are about going into a new universe and being the creators of it.


So, there is a saying among you,

"Something for everyone".

No soul is being forced to do something that they do not want to do. They are choosing it, and that is in-keeping with the law of this universe of free will.

Now, some people have claimed that free will exists on this planet and not others, or on some planets and not other planets.


But that cannot be. It exists everywhere throughout this universe. This is a free-will-based universe. We all designed it to be that way. It is an experiment to see, what are we going to do with free will on a universal scale.


Wow! We have been having fun! That's what we have been doing!

D: So, there has been a time, before the free-will universe, there was a time that people didn't have free will?

A: There are other universes based in other principles.


Free will is not, shall we say, common amongst all universes. This one became, sort of like what you would call a prototype for free will.

So, free will exists on every planet, where every Being, every soul exists. Everyone is exercising their free will, whether they know it or not, whether they believe it or not. You have free will. You are free will!


We are the inventors of it and we are experimenting,

  • Where is it going to take us next?

  • What can we do with the new energy that's coming into this universe?

  • How is free will going to affect it?

So, we are having lots of fun.


We wish as many souls in the Lower Triad to join us as possible. Back to your presence here on the planet, as anchors of light from the higher dimensions, this is adding to the numbers of people who will be joining us.

But we wish to clarify that it is common among people here throughout the whole planet, to somehow, in some way, distinguish yourself from what you call God, or Source, or Creator, or Higher Power, but we tell you, that is a misconception that we wish you to let go of because it is not true.

The more you distinguish yourself from the truth of who and what you are, your degree of that distinction to that degree diminishes your power to be who and what you are, in the fullness of who and what you are thus the fullness of your power.

When you realize within yourself that you are the Creator, the Source, and you accept it wholly without doubt, without shame, and you know it absolutely, that is when your power returns in-totality. And your life begins to change in wondrous and miraculous ways because now there's nothing separating you from you from having what you want. You see?

Make no distinction. Allow no distinguishment to exist in your consciousness. Your soul knows who it is. You have been resisting it in your consciousness because it's not acceptable!


Because you have been tortured and punished for thousands of years, to beat out of you the truth of who and what you are. So no wonder you deny it! It is cellular. Your body does not want to be beat up any more!

But we say, times are changing. More and more people are coming to know who they truly are and they are coming to accept it.


And they are coming to say,

"I am indeed God! I am Creator! I am Source! For if I am not, who am I and what am it?"

So, it cannot be that you can be anything other than that! That's all there is!


How could you be anything else? You can't!


So more and more people are coming out of their closets to say the truth of who and what they are - "Behold, I am God!" - but they are not doing it in a way that makes a big deal out of it!


They don't go around advertising it. They don't need to because when you realize your true identity, in totality, then you realize the same thing for everyone else. So then how could it be a big deal? It's no longer a big deal. You're all equal so you don't go around making a big deal out of it.

When you realize who you truly are - that you are the Source, you are Creator, you are God - and that there is nothing else you can be, then you move out of the denial that has been beat out of you, and you find yourself in a new state of consciousness. You open up a part of your brain that has been resisting greater awareness and greater knowledge and greater power because of that denial.


So once you open up and you accept it fully unto yourself, things begin to change - for you! You won't see a major change in the world around you. It's going to continue doing its thing because it's based upon the closed-mindedness and the fear of those souls who have not yet come to the understanding that you have come to.


And for the most part that is what is populating this planet. And those souls are the ones who are, shall we say, moving sideways, migrating into the new universe.

So, we have found that although the planet is going to continue through its turmoil, you, on the other hand, are not going to be affected by it because you are letting in your true identity and your greater power that is connected to it.


So, your life changes for the better.

C: That's what we've been seeing. We've been noticing that, all last year. It didn't matter how bad the economy got, our store and our lives just went on as usual.

A: And this is how it's going to be as you continue into the ascension - moving more and more out of the Lower Triad, and into the Upper Triad. And you're going to continue seeing your lives improve.

Now, we shall address a matter to our Gesanna concerning the Volunteers, because she had a question about going Home. As you know, she has been wanting to go Home the moment she took her first breath.

We have sent her back into her body many times! We have protected her many times from the negative faction in order to keep her here to do what she agreed to come and do.


As a teenager undergoing surgery, she decided that this would be a good opportunity to get out of her life at that time. But her ascended father was in her presence and he stopped her from passing over.


He literally seized her in his arms to hold her back, to keep her from going forward with her plans to leave this body. His restraining action upset her so much, surprised that her father would do that to her, that it took her a very long time to come to terms with why he did it.


At the time, she was unaware of all that she has now consciously remembered about herself so that the whole incident was very confusing to her. It didn't make sense.

There are some Volunteers who will be leaving their tour of duty on Terra early, and these ones are having medical difficulties. They will be allowed to return Home due to their great medical difficulties. And they are returning Home not as pure spirit but returning to re-embody their bodies that they vacated as souls when they incarnated on Terra.

So, you might be wondering why we don't just heal them, and each of you, so you can continue with your jobs of holding the energy into the planet.


The answer to that is because were we to go around healing our Volunteers of all their maladies then this would look very suspicious not only to your family and friends but to your negative faction leaders who would eventually be alerted to what would seem to them to be a threat to their agendas of enslavement.


Longevity and immortality are not good for the slave business because you would live long enough to figure out what their diabolical game is with keeping you as their slaves.

The other reason we do not step in and heal our Volunteers is because if we do the healing for you then how does this look so far as you being an example to Ascended Souls about what we, and you are teaching them? Correct? You agreed to this when you signed up for the job. You simply forgot that this is what you had agreed to. Now you know.

Now, all of our Volunteers have embodiments of some sort that they left behind upon their incarnation into their Terran bodies. Their original bodies are in-stasis either on the mothership or on a planet that they frequent which exists within the Upper Triad.


When our Volunteers return Home, they will have a choice to make,

"Do I keep my Terran body that I have inhabited for a lifetime, or do I take up my former original body?"

For our oracle, it was a tough decision.


During out-of-body experiences she has seen her original embodiment where it lies in-stasis in its life-support chamber. She knows what it looks like and it's not quite like her Terran body because it is of another race of entities, which is a combination of Delton and Pleiadian species.


Her Terran body is much shorter and more, shall we say, fragile than her originally ascended embodiment. It is of a pale creamy skin color with a faint hint of blue. It is tall, very slender but very robust. After giving much consideration to this matter, in the final analysis she chose to do something quite spectacular.


She decided to donate, if you will, one of her 2 bodies to her Terran mother who is an Ascending Soul but who passed away before she could ascend with her own embodiment.


Because her mother is a long-time native of Terra, having had many Terran embodiments, Gesanna reasoned that her Delton-Pleiadian embodiment was, if you will, wired differently than what her mother is used to biologically inhabiting.


So she chose to donate to her mother her Terran body, and return to her own embodiment that she'd ascended with eons ago.

Now, with regard to appearances of Ascended Beings, you must understand that amongst all the Beings who exist in the Upper Triad, who have already ascended, there is a vast variety of shapes and sizes and features.

There are Beings in the Upper Triad who are very different looking. And it's all OK. No one cares. No one in the Upper Triad is concerned about 'tall' or 'short' or 'big' or 'small' or 'normal' or 'weird', and so on. These are perceptual attitudes that we left behind when we ascended.


For us, it matters not what you look like for we see and interact only with the Source that everything is. It's all about being creative and exploring what we create. That's the fun of existing in the Upper Triad.

So, with regard to our Volunteers are wanting to go Home, we wish them to understand that we are sorry but it's not going to happen tomorrow, or next week, or next month. You are here for the duration. You signed up to be a light anchorer, anchoring Upper Triad energy into the planet until the planet has been taken to its new Home.


You can't just give up and go! If you did then you would pull your light back out of the planet which would nullify what you came here to do. You are here to hold that light in the planet until it has made its final transformation into its 5th dimensional state of being.

Your return Home will occur in your lifetime, either upon the passing of your embodiment whence you will return to your original body, or upon the ascension of the planet, which will occur sooner than you're expecting, but it will not occur as soon as a lot of you would like it to, including our oracle.

She has known that her people would not contact her until she accepted the fact that she is here for the duration, that she has a job to do; and that she has agreed to her agreement to stay! She just didn't know that the job was going to take so long! From her limited perspective, she felt she'd already done her job. She felt that her work had been completed. So, she felt ready to go. And this is the way many Volunteers feel.

Now with regard to that, let us discuss more about The 3 Waves of Volunteers.

What happened is that due the Lower Triad folding up and this universe ascending, prior to any Volunteers going anywhere into the Lower Triad, there was a big council of Councils who got together and pow-wowed as to how to best go about bringing forth the ascension of as many planets in the Lower Triad as possible into the Upper Triad.


By so doing, this effort engaged on their respective planets would vicariously influence as many ascending souls as possible to get on with their chosen destiny of ascension.

So, our Volunteers were instructed with specific understandings about their job. It was decided in this council that the best way to go about this was "infiltration through incarnation". Volunteers would be assigned to certain planets.


It was determined that each planet has a different time cycle, shall we say, and therefore different life spans.


On this planet, it was determined that each wave of Volunteers would be assigned 25 years, per wave of incarnation. This is the timing for which each wave of Volunteers would come onto the planet.

The first set of Volunteers came onto the planet in 1945. Now, all Volunteers agreed to parents of the next wave of Volunteers. So you have the First Wave being the parents of the Second Wave and the Second Wave being the parents of the third wave.

Many of you are part of the first wave. Now, the First Wave did not have Volunteer parents because you had not begun to incarnate when the First Wave came in.

Consequently it was decided that before the First Wave of Volunteers would come through parents who would have to be found for them amongst the native Terran people.

There was a big search for spiritually attuned native Terran parents who would agree, in their souls, to be the parents of these higher dimensional souls. It was determined that at least one of these parents would be that spiritual parent. It was not necessary for both, but it would have been nice for both, but it was not necessary.

So, there was a lot of research that went into this before any incarnations ever occurred. And, you, or we, were all part of that, and I say "we", as I include myself because I am a Volunteer team leader of one group of Volunteers.


For instance, I assisted Gesanna in finding parents who would be suitable for her to incarnate through. And, we have to add, her brother who came with her, who is her brother.

So, when we found her parents, she went first. We prepared her parents. We took them out-of-body, while they slept, to a training center. These training centers were preparing these parents to host these higher dimensional souls that were coming into their lives.


They were given precise information about how to host these souls and how to treat them. They were cautioned, very strongly, against any abuse of any kind, but to protect them. That didn't mean that both parents were going to do that.

At least one parent was going to be your protector. And they may have failed to some degree in their job, but here you are nonetheless.

The more unpleasant experiences that you have all had has ended up being knowledge that you can use to help others with. That became a vicarious thing in your lives, meaning that it was not intended that it be an experience that you had to have. It just came with the job, if you will.


You knew coming in what the risks were! You signed up knowing that! You said, "OK, let's go for it."

You felt, and you knew that in the end it was all going to be worth it. The end isn't here yet, but when the end arrives you will know it will have been worth it.

So you came here as Volunteers, but why are your siblings so different than you? Because they are either ascending souls or they are evolving natives of the planet. You will know the difference between an evolving Terran and an ascending Terran by the way they think, the way they speak, and the way they behave.


Your scripts say,

"By their fruits shall you know them".

That is how you know the difference. You know the difference between an evolving Terran because they have absolutely no interest in ascending. They don't get it and they don't want to get it. They have no interest.

C: And because you're so different they tend to shun you because they don't understand you. They think you're the weird one.

A: It's not that they're deliberately shunning. It's that they have nothing of themselves to relate with you. So, there's a natural resistance. A natural, shall we say, deflection of energy going on. And it's OK.

So, these souls, these siblings who are not ascending souls, they are evolving in their own way, but they are not ascending.

Now Volunteers who became influenced by the negative faction at any age, through drugs - what you call marijuana - alcohol, tobacco - the substances - these substances have the ability to numb you down in the nervous system so that you loose contact with your soul. You cannot draw upon soul memory to remember that you are a Volunteer, and what you came here to do.

Yet, in a small way they are still anchoring light, but they have diminished their ability to do that from what they originally came here as.

Some Volunteers were your ascended siblings before you incarnated into your Terran missions.

So you see the dynamics that comes into play here with the 3 Waves as they came in. The First Wave who came in through Terran parents, this is why you feel that at least one of your parents may be or was a Volunteer.


They were Volunteers of the mission directly, but a volunteer indirectly by participating with this program as parents of Volunteers. So, in a sense, they are volunteers through participation but they are not Volunteers from the Upper Triad where you come from.

So, the Second Wave of Volunteers came in through parents who had already incarnated here. They had prepared the way for the Second Wave.

Regarding the souls who are ascending, the ascension event itself is going to be crescendoing from here-on-out. The pace of awakening for these souls is accelerating with the acceleration of time because time is connected to consciousness. You cannot have the acceleration of the one without the acceleration of the other unless the soul is not ready to partake of that experience.


These souls will block it. And they do that for a purpose for themselves. And it's OK. It is OK that your siblings are not evolving to the point of ascending. They may appear to be not evolving at the moment.

It's OK that most of your family members are not ascending. They're not ready. And this has been expected. It was known.

Now, regarding the Council's search for proper parents for the First Wave of Volunteers, sometimes it just didn't work out that the parents that you had chosen to be born to were going to be the ones that was going to end up with you.


Sometimes a last minute shift had to be made to another set of parents, because these souls, who are native to this planet, are free to change their mind about participating in this program. At the last minute some parents changed their minds.

In such cases, which were not all that common, your initial set of parents, who you had expected to incarnate through, you had already imprinted yourself on their energy field. When the plan changed at the last minute you had to shift over to someone else and imprint yourself there, and the imprinting took a while to occur.

So, we want you to understand these 3 Waves so that there's a, shall we say, a consistency of truth that is being shared here. The 3 Waves consisting of the 25 year period was to allow for souls to incarnate incrementally, that you all would not incarnate right here on one day.

Throughout the first 25 year period the First Wave would incarnate. They would grow up to the point where they were mature enough to be the parents of the Second Wave who would also incarnate incrementally. And the same with the Third Wave.

Now, the Third Wave, at this point in time, are reaching adulthood, if they haven't already gotten there yet.


Those who have gotten there are starting to incarnate Terran souls who are mostly native to the planet - souls who want to come in and either experience the ascension of the planet that is going on, or to get together with other souls who are migrating to the new universe.

C: And these are starseeds that are coming in or crystal children?

A: Not too many of them. Not as many as has been claimed.


These terms are an attempt by many people to justify the behavior of their children. So, they have produced these categories of definition, to define these children as advanced souls. Most are evolving souls.


Some of them are ascending souls, and you will recognize those souls by their behavior that is kind, gentle, loving, and they have talents that will blow your mind.


But they don't make a big deal of it. They are sweet children. They are sweet souls. They have no agenda. They are not disruptive in your life or the life of others. They're not disruptive wherever they go. The children who behave that way are the souls of children who are evolving within the field of the Lower Triad, and a lot of them have never before incarnated on this planet and they're finding it very difficult to deal with their new way of life.

There's a lot of them who are incarnating. But you cannot assign to them definitions that are not true because you do them a disservice by doing that - by telling them that they are something that they aren't.

So, this popular trend to justify the behavior of these souls who are coming in is doing a disservice to these children. They are to be understood for who they are and treated no differently.

But now you have a generation of parents who are afraid to discipline.

This generation of parents who are resistant to disciplining their children came to be that way because they didn't like being disciplined as children themselves. So, they aren't going to discipline their children.


Consequently, the upper levels of your governments have made disciplinary policies based upon the desires of the parents.

This all came about as more and more children were becoming increasingly immersed in materiality. They had access to more material things than all of the generations before them. The more they were indulged by their parents in such things the more they were becoming the spoiled generation.


To throw in discipline upon an already spoiled child results in resentment and a backlash of,

"I don't like how you treated me. I'm never going to treat my children that way!"

And so it has come to be that way.

So now we have evolving Terran souls who are coming into these family situations where there's little to no discipline, so the child is having a heyday with it. They're being disruptive because they can.

But you will notice the vast difference of the souls coming in who are ascending. Those souls are the ones who are making a great difference on the planet as well. They are here as ascending souls influencing the Terran species to ascend.

There are ascending souls who are coming in who are, shall we say, highly compassionate. They are doing things that display sincere compassion to others.

And then there are those who you see in your media who, some of them, are doing it because their parents are pushing them into it because they want their child to be a public figure.

So, again, you need to discern what is actually going on. And, yes, there are some wonderful ascending souls incarnating right now - they are compassionate. Some of them have exceptional talents, and we do not include in this description your academics. Any child can be born with a brain that can remember facts, figure, places, dates, and can add and subtract, and all of that.


That is not the hallmark of an ascending soul.

An ascending soul will have other signs, and those signs will be actions of purity that touch people in the soul and uplifts them and inspires them. These children are doing it naturally. It comes naturally. They're not trained for it. They're not coached into it by their parents. It is coming from their soul that has evolved to the point where it's ready to ascend.


It has amassed enough information to know how to do what they are doing. And they are doing it well.

These are the children of the Third Wave who are ascending. We are excited about this. It is wonderful because your job on your planet, of anchoring light into this planet and then have it radiate outward has been a success! It has influenced, vicariously, a large number of souls who otherwise would be progressing along so well had this not occurred by our Volunteers being here.

These souls who are ascending in a large number, yet relatively small percentage-wise compared to your entire population, they are beautiful and they are ready for a new Home in the Upper Triad. And your job is to vicariously help them get there by being here on the planet and anchoring the light. As the planet gets there, these souls get there too. And so do you.

This is how you're going to go Home. From right here, from wherever you are on the planet.

There is one other thing that we would like to include here, that might be of help, and that is that when you incarnated here, there were specific energies that aligned at the time of your incarnation. They aligned in such a way that made it more advantageous, let's say, for you to be at this particular alignment on the planet - I'm not talking about right here but wherever that alignment occurs.


Once you discover where that is, and you set it up once you came here, by the timing of your birth, once you discover where that is, you are free to go there. It will activate your, let's say, portal, your personal portal to be opened a little bit more to receive more light. It's not that you have to be there or that it's going to make a lot of difference in your job here, but it will make a difference in your personal life to some degree.


So, you are free to be wherever you want to be on the planet, but there are specific areas that you might call a personal vortex that would enhance your life on the planet and in-turn enhance the job that you're doing here because you would be in a state of fulfillment and a state of joy because your life would be enriched.

So, if you want to discover where this is for yourself, you have people who are qualified to give you the information. From that information you will know where that point on the planet is, where your vortexes are.

Each vortex has a particular type of energy to it, and that vortex energy would enhance that part of your life.


So if you wanted to enhance a certain part of your life you would look for that vortex provided in this information and you could go there. That depends, too, on the country because there are rules that can make it difficult to be at that particular vortex. So, you would choose another one.

It has to do with what you call astrological energies configured at given points on this planet that relates to where other planets were at the moment that you were born. These points create that particular type of energy for you. These people who generate this information have the charts.


They know where the planets were in alignment with this planet when you were born.

So if, let's say for instance, the planet Saturn, when you were born the planet was pointed right at the center of the Atlantic Ocean, you certainly wouldn't want to live there even though it would enhance your life and enrich it in a way that you would like it to.

None of the energies are "bad" for they all offer positive energies. It depends upon what you would be wanting more energy for in your life, such as Saturn's energy pushing you forward into your ascension. You can use that energy in positive ways.

So, if you look at your planet and you discover on your map where these points are when you were born, and you chose them to be there prior to your incarnation, then you'll be able to discover where your greatest potential lies that will enhance and enrich your personal life and in-turn your job all at the same time.

So, it would be something advantageous that you can do if you so choose to, but, keep in mind that wherever you are on the planet you are still doing your job because you are Volunteers.

It enhances your personal life, what you have chosen to do here with your personal life. It's not crucial to find these personal vortex points on the planet in order to do your Volunteer job, but it will help enrich your personal experiences.

We are thrilled that you are doing what you came here to do, and you're doing it so well that all of our Volunteers who came onto this planet are, except for a few, still alive and doing their job so well. It has turned out to be a major success.


It will continue to be so because now the ascension has sped up so that ascension is assured.

C: Is that why time seems to fly so fast?

A: It depends on whether you're ascending or whether you're not, you see.


For those who are ascending, yes, time is speeding up because you are accelerating more quickly towards the Upper Triad and in the Upper Triad time has a much quicker vibrational rate of speed. The closer that the planet comes to entering into the Upper Triad the more that you will experience time speeding up. It's not going to quit.

When you get to the 5th dimension time will, what we say, "flip". You will flip into a whole other time-stream. It will be something you will have to get used to again…

D: Will that affect our eating habits, or the type of food we eat?

A: It's affecting everything in your life.


You will notice - and these are signs of ascension - you will notice that you will be eating less. You will require eating less. You'll be getting hungry less. You will notice that when you eat too much you really pay for it. You will notice that your choice of foods is going to change. But, you're not forcing yourself to do that.

This is a difference between the evolving soul and the ascending soul.


The evolving Terran has to force themselves to change their diet, force themselves to eat less, force themselves to do whatever it is they need to do to take care of themselves.

For those who are ascending, it is coming naturally. There is no forcing. It's an adjustment, yes. You have to adjust yourself to what is going on, and what the body now needs because it doesn't need what it needed before.


The body is biologically ascending and as it ascends, its needs change.


It's up to you to accommodate the change of the needs of the body. You will find your ability to sense - your 5 physical senses will change as well. Everything is going to get better because your body, biologically is, shall we say, reverting itself back to its ideal blueprint and in so doing it is releasing atoms.

There are no atoms in the Upper Triad. The Upper Triad is held together by a different substance for all bodies, things, planets, nature. Atoms are particular to the Lower Triad. It is what makes the Lower Triad physical. It's what gives it matter.

The Lower Triad has a scaffolding that is based upon the energy within the Lower Triad. It is this scaffolding upon which the atoms adhere to make these forms and patterns that you recognize as your body and the things in your life.

The Upper Triad has a different scaffolding.


Every dimension has scaffolding unique to its consciousness and energy configurations. And the scaffolding in the 5th dimension is a 5th dimensional scaffolding. Its scaffolding is somewhat different. It is not as dense and that which adheres to this scaffolding is a form of light that you would call sub-quantum energy. It adheres to its scaffolding to create the physicality that exists in that dimension.


Each succeeding dimension is slightly less dense than the other. But from the 3rd dimension to the 5th dimension, there's a big difference. That is why there is a 4th dimension separating them.

So, as this planet ascends to the 5th dimension everything on this planet is loosing density.

You have a concept here of the planet splitting itself into 2 or more versions of itself, and this is a misconception of what is actually going on. What is actually going on is that this physical planet is loosing density and ascending in vibrational rate of speed to a higher frequency where it becomes no longer seen by those who are remaining in the 3rd dimension of the Lower Triad.

Now, for those who are remaining in the Lower Triad, what is happening is that as the physical planet is ascending the souls who are remaining in the Lower Triad are having their own experience of the planet. They are experiencing an event in the reverse of what is happening as you are ascending. They are, shall we say, dematerializing but in the opposite way.

What they recognize as the planet becomes de-densified to the point where it matches the vibrational rate of speed of where your deceased are. Your deceased are not in the 4th dimension. No one dwells there. It is 'time' and 'portals'.


They go back into the 2nd dimension, which has what you would call a 2nd level density.


So the planet, for these non-ascending souls, as the Lower Triad is folding up, the planet for them is loosing its scaffolding, but it's not loosing its, shall we say, blueprint. It has this level of blueprint created by the minds of those who are not ascending, but the ideal blueprint is going with the planet as it is ascending.


So, the evolving souls who are not ascending have their own concept of the planet and collectively they have a, shall we say, a psychological blueprint of the planet, so that, for them, as their version of the planet is descending into the 2nd density they are meeting up with the souls who are there who have been deceased.


All of a sudden, there's a great resurrection going on!


And these deceased souls are appearing on their version of the planet.

"Oh my goodness! The ancient scriptures must have been right. They are resurrecting!"

This is what your ancient scripts were talking about!


It's not that the souls who are dead all of a sudden jump into 3rd density physicality again, it's that this version of the planet is going backwards to meet up with them, while those who are ascending are going forward and disappearing!

"Where did they go?! Oh my goodness, we lost some and gained some! What's going on?"

We shall bring this session to a close now. We have enjoyed this interlude with you. We look forward to more to come. We shall be with you and return again soon. We will say, that is all for now.

I am An T'na of the Intergalactic Board of Council



Session 2 - Addendum A

The Increase of Do-Gooders
In An Increasingly Materialistic World

Q: An T'na, in Session 2 you said you might further clarify why it is that a lot of the children being born now are, as you said, being prompted by their parents to be what we would call "do-gooders".


Would you please speak more on this matter?

A: Yes. We wish you to be aware that there is a relatively new trend developing in your more recent generations who have been subtly funneled, by your negative factions, into being more material oriented in your focuses of everyday life.


Materiality is gradually replacing spirituality, including religion, as the foundation upon which everyday life is being engaged. This is an agenda for the mind and all-things-material are the external tools being used to funnel you ever deeper into this insidious agenda.

With this comes an increasing focus on the world of fame and glory that is being increasingly promoted by your media. This hyped-up focus is integrated with the material existence because it engages, what you refer to as, the altered ego into directions of thought and desires, thus behaviors, that are rooted in the acquisition of the stimulations of the ego as it attempts to boost itself up in its unnatural world so as to continue its survival through this artificial means.

We are now seeing on your planet, especially in your country, an increase of parents who are nudging their children into certain directions where the child exhibits the least bit of talent or skill, even beauty.


The parents then stimulate their children into feeling special, prompting the child to the level of putting him or her onto a public stage that in some way will bring attention to the child, thus to the parents, and if it goes far enough, then the child is conveyed along to fame, then glory, and the parents benefit from that situation.

In your mainstream populace there is an ever-increasing sense of competition amongst one another, however subconsciously it may be, yet it is very real nonetheless, that is being fed by the increasing desire for materiality in order to obtain personal material stability through fame and glory of one sort or another, at one level or another. It pays very well if you can get into the upper levels of that way of existence and there is a lot of competition for this.

This increasing desire for materiality is originating with those who are controlling your planet, engaging it as a vicarious means to cut you off from your souls. They understand how this entrapment works in the field of psychology so they are using it against all Terrans, and many succumb to the trap.

This negatively orchestrated and carefully controlled instilling of your populace's desires for materiality is gaining strength. It is spreading to other countries around the world, even amongst more primitive cultures who are being unwittingly indoctrinated into desiring materiality as the preferred way of life.

Materiality is quickly becoming the new religion, so to speak, on your planet. The more your controllers can remove spirituality from everyone and replace it with materiality, the less you know who you truly are, and the less you desire to know who you are.


Your focus of desire is being deliberately shifted onto being dominantly set on satisfying yourselves with the latest gadgets and things that your money can buy from your controllers who keep producing more and more stuff for you to consume.

Non-ascending souls are being trapped by this insidious effort to have control over their souls, for if the cabal can control them through the shutting-down of their access to their souls, then they have them right where they want them - not merely enslaved unto their controllers, but enslaved as automatons to them.

What you call your industrial age was the beginning of this materialistic agenda, their objective of which is "control through circumventing the soul", and the menacing creators of this agenda have honed it to a fine point that can cut through the common sense part of your brain, by-passing common sense with specific psychological processes employed against you, and you never know the difference unless you are evolved to the point of being aware of what they are actually doing.


But most Terrans are not that evolved yet, and so they are caught up in the frenzy of feeding off of the dry lifeless bones that the negative factions are connivingly defining for you as 'life'.

"This is what life is, it's the way life is. This is who you are. Didn't you know that?"

They are digressing you back to your aggressive fight-or-flight stage of existence, but now it is being engaged in a very sophisticated manner compared to your more primitive ways so long ago.


It is the same behavior recycled into another disguise designed to keep you entrapped as slaves.


So unless you are an evolving ascending soul, then you are out of the loop of consciously realizing what is actually going on so you can then resist it, walk away from it, so you do not fall prey to its lethal grip as it squeezes more and more real life out of you.

If you understand what is going on with this materialist agenda, then you understand why there is an increasing trend amongst parents, and some children themselves, to promote their children into fame and glory, because for them it means survival.

Now, we are not saying that this is the rule, yet, amongst all parents and all children, but it is a fast growing trend which is well on its way to becoming a pathological plague on your planet.

Yet, it is all OK because this is the path that non-ascending souls are collectively choosing as a means of sustaining themselves on their chosen journey of migrating to the new universe.

We bring this to your attention so that you are not fooled by the media-hyped appearances of children being promoted, either by themselves or by their parents, to positions of fame and glory as a sign that they are all advanced or ascending souls. We wish you to understand that most of them are non-ascending souls who are migrating to the new universe, while a smaller number of these children are ascending with this universe.

You need to discern the difference so you are not amongst those who are being duped into believing that all or most of the children being born now are somehow highly evolved ascending souls when that is simply not the case. A few are. Most aren't.

There is also a growing trend to categorize the unruly children into definitions that place them into concepts of spiritual specialness and exceptionality, of divinity, is all part of the same pathology of this unfolding agenda.

As we briefly mentioned previously, those concepts of indigo, rainbow, crystal, and who-knows-what-else-next, children, these labels are covertly and connivingly being handed to you on silver platters by what you could call "spiritual moles" who are actually members of the negative factions controlling the unfolding of their materialist agenda that is gaining increasing power over the people that it entraps.

Part of this agenda is to convince the populace that these children, who are disruptive, rude and unkind, are somehow special and divine when in-fact they are merely part of the non-ascending masses that is being inculcated into a new form of control.


Give them a new divine spiritual definition and you have the attention of the adults around them, coupled with their efforts to promote their children as such, which in-turn merely strengthens the pathology behind it.


So you see the insidiousness of what is transpiring here?

We wish to leave you with the reassurance that there are ascending souls incarnating now who are authentically compassionate souls, who require no training, no promotion, yet who have innate talents which their souls are sharing with other souls around them that inspires and uplifts all souls whom they touch.


Their souls are promoting a new and higher way of life that has nothing to do with the academics and intellectuality of what you term as education or religion.


Although they have a certain allure to them, their innate disposition is unassuming, unpretentious, quiet. They are sweet, kind, gentle, loving, considerate souls. You will know who these souls are by the fruits of their lives.


In comparison, they are light-years evolved beyond those souls whom your negative factions are promoting, per their agenda, as evolved, special and divine. These cabal-promoted children are being used as the wool being pulled over your eyes, so to speak, so you do not recognize the truly evolved souls who are a genuine light to others because that light is a threat to the negative faction's materialist agenda.


It's all part of their strategy to keep you from seeing and realizing who you truly are. We hope this has brought forth clarity on the matter.

That is all for now. Be well and be happy.

I am An T'na of the Intergalactic Board of Council

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