Session 3



Why Our Volunteers Are On Terra,
With Regard to Frequency-Jamming Devices.
Why Staying Connected to the Planet is Essential

C & D = Session Facilitators

A = An T'na

Q = Question

A: Good evening. On behalf of the Intergalactic Board of Council, we are glad to join you again.

C & D: Good Evening. We're glad to have you with us again. We have a list of questions for you.

A: Yes. You may read the first one on the list and we'll go from there.


C: Clarify what it is to be a Volunteer - what is the nature of the Volunteer, and how does this relate to where they come from?

A: We will begin by reiterating that all our Volunteers originate from what we are calling the Upper Triad. The reason for that is because the souls of these Volunteers have already evolved to a higher vibrational state of being.

Keeping that in mind, it was determined by the Councils who are participating in this mission of ascending planets to the Upper Triad, that what was required in order to help a planet ascend, especially this one, would be vibrational frequencies higher than those that are natural to the Lower Triad and thus to the planet itself.


That meant that the needed higher energy would have to come from the Upper Triad. It was determined that ascended souls from the Upper Triad would be capable of holding that higher energy onto the planets while they are dwelling thereon.

We have previously discussed, in-part, the presence of our Volunteers on this planet, and we will now offer further clarifications on this matter.

Of all the planets that are ascending, this one is particularly difficult. By saying this we do not mean only to the planet itself, but also those Terrans who are endeavoring to ascend themselves, for the human situation here is unlike the situations of humans on the other ascending planets.


While those of other planets have their own issues to deal with in order to accomplish their ascension event on their respective planets, this planet is the one that is most troubled by a large negative group of souls.


This planet is where these souls have gathered in greatest numbers, and they have done so because for them there is, as you say, strength in numbers - or so they believe is the key to complete ownership of the souls of this planet unto themselves.

Now, while we have stated that all our Volunteers incarnated upon each planet to which they have been assigned, for the specific purpose of assisting the planet itself to ascend, on your planet in particular there exists a much greater need for bringing in a vaster amount of light-energy to the planet.

In the planning stage of this mission, this critical situation was well understood by all our Volunteers, as well as by all the Councils who had determined that it was necessary to have a much larger number of Volunteers stationed on this planet than on any of the other ascending planets.

We have discussed the fact that your planet and its Terran inhabitants, both, are being plagued by the negative factions who have gathered here in large numbers.

C: Are these negative factions composed strictly of Terrans, or are some of them extraterrestrials?

A: They are a combination of both. There is a large faction of unevolved Terran leaders who have given themselves over to being the appointed and, you might say, "anointed priests", who carry out the bidding and commands of their self-aggrandizing extraterrestrial overlords.


Some of these leaders are aware of their extraterrestrial overlords while some of them aren't, but either way, the orders they receive and are expected to carry out remains the same. Much of it is done unconsciously as they are vibrationally attuned to their puppet masters.

You must understand that extraterrestrials of various kinds have been visiting your planet for a very long time. Prior to being merely visitors here, some extraterrestrials resided here, with this planet as but one of their residents throughout this and other galaxies.


Of those who were formerly long-term residents, they were benevolent Beings who cared for themselves, one another and the planet.

Regardless of that though, there have always been squabbles over who owns, thus resides, on this planet. Long ago there was an uprising between native Terrans and their non-Terran neighbors to where the native Terrans drove away the extraterrestrial Beings who then returned to their other homes in other places, galactic and intergalactic.

Long story short, as you would say, prior to a much more recent invasion - and we shall call it that since that is what it is - for a long time the native Terrans dwelt on this planet most often, but not always, amongst themselves.


Before the more recent invasion, other visiting non-Terran Beings came and went freely but they didn't reside here. This history has been handed down through many of your own cultures as fact, but in more recent times you have been told to believe it as merely myth, and as the fantasies of primitive minds of yore making up campfire stories, and that view is the lie which they want you to accept as "fact".

The current invasion that we speak of occurred in a very subtle manner so that it has been easy for your leaders to hide the truth of it from you.

The most recent visitors came to this planet as two more commonly known groups of extraterrestrials.

Non-contact visitations by extraterrestrials were occurring for many decades, unfolding their observation stage of the invasion. We must add that between one another there have been non-terrestrial squabbles over who would become the dominant influence in the destiny of you and your planet.


Eventually it came down to two main groups, and a lesser-known group, publicly speaking.

In the early 1950s, both groups made physical contact with your leaders. You can get more information about this from your books that focus on this matter.

But as a brief recap here with regard to your question, the benevolent Beings of these two groups of extraterrestrials came here and made contact with your leading governments of that time. Their generous objective was to freely offer their assistance to all Terrans, equally, for the purpose of helping the planet ascend, which would also assist Terrans to ascend.


This compassionate group of extraterrestrials knew, even at that time, about the coming event of the Lower Triad folding-up.


So, out of love and concern for their fellow Terran siblings, they went to your planet in a gesture of good will so as to help with the ascension event. In exchange for offering their assistance, the stipulation was that all weapons had to be destroyed so that peace would reign throughout the planet within a framework of love and altruistic cooperation. Otherwise ascension could not occur.

But, the other group of extraterrestrials, greedy and self-aggrandizing in nature, came here at about the same time, contacting the same country's leaders, but their miserly objective was to obtain natural resources from your planet, as well as collect DNA from your bodies and from some of your animals and plants.


All of these substances would be used to fulfill their own agendas, part of which has to do with them trying to genetically modify themselves. And, in exchange for obtaining these resources, this particular group of extraterrestrials offered to the leaders of your planet some, but not all, knowledge of their own exotic technologies which, your leaders were told, could be exploited for purposes of war.

At a later time we shall elaborate more about why these extraterrestrials wanted your DNA. But for now we will say that from one simple look at your planet it is easy to conclude which offer your leaders chose to destine themselves and you into.

Your wellbeing, and that of the planet, and the opportunity of assistance to ascend, was duly sold-out by your leaders for a bit of knowledge about how to make better war weapons, as well as for the constant manufacturing of ever-increasingly more sophisticated gadgets and devices and goods that continually hold your focus of attention, thereby feeding your desires for the acquisition of more material stuff, thereby spending more and more money to acquire them.


This focus of attention and conduct by you serves as an ongoing distraction from the negative faction's sinister motives, behavior, and agendas.

The 1950s era, in particular, is when yet another greedy group of extraterrestrials literally moved in, in-earnest, assuming the role of overlord to any Terran leader who was determined to benefit from such a position in life.


But this is a very malevolent group that you do not hear much about, and they want to keep it that way.

These extraterrestrial overlords reside in underground facilities on your planet, as well as on their orbiting ships, some of which are stationed and hidden from telescopic view on the backside of your moon, and a few reactivated bases on the planet you call Mars.

Had your leaders chosen to accept the offer of the benevolent extraterrestrial Beings to assist with the ascension event of your planet and all on it, your lives would be very different right now from the way they have come to be.

Yours is the only planet whose leaders rejected the benevolent Beings' offers of assistance for ascension. All the other ascending planets and their inhabitants accepted it; consequently they are way ahead of this one.


A few of them have already, most recently, made the ascension. And of the inhabitants of those planets who were not ready to ascend, they were willingly relocated to other planets that reside near the womb of the new universe. All of these souls are eagerly awaiting their new adventures as creators and technicians of the new universe. So, everyone is happy.

We wish we could say the same thing for the inhabitants this planet, but we cannot. All of our Volunteers, who chose to reside on this particular planet, understood the unusual and extreme situation that was developing once the leaders chose to accept the malevolent extraterrestrials offer.


This is one reason why, Volunteers, your loved ones in the Upper Triad have been so tremendously concerned for you. Can you blame them?

The attempts of this now-well-established negative faction, currently a combination of Terrans and extraterrestrials working covertly together, has resulted in the creation of such technologies that are specifically designed to prevent all ascending Terrans brains from activating the areas that are responsible for accessing and processing higher frequencies.

This exotic extraterrestrial technology is based in the use of ultra-high, or super- sonic vibrations that interfere with this part of the brain's functions.

This particular sound frequency, that you cannot hear, first went online, so to speak, in a crude manner, in the 1960s, and that is an above-above-top-secret purpose for the launching of so many satellites around your planet - to create a planet-wide transceiver relay system for these frequencies.


You also have them based on land with HAARP array technology, and which is the covert purpose of every cell phone tower which functions as on-the-ground relay systems for the larger array and orbital systems.

Is it any wonder, then, that cell phones, and all their spin-off devices, have pushed their way into your lives so quickly, coming to be in widespread use in all industrialized regions, and which is spreading to every other area of the planet? You cannot use the phones and other related devices without a tower nearby.


So, as you would say, do the math.

Now, you must understand that these frequencies are geared to target the Terran brain, specifically, and they target a specific area of it, because each part of the brain aligns with different frequencies.

The extraterrestrials who have intently been studying your physiology since the 1940s, did extensive research on how your brain functions with the objective being able to have, eventually, absolute control over the degree to which you are able to "know thyself" - which, in this case, is to not allow you to go beyond the level of the intellect for academic purposes relative to being a slave to consumerism.

Over time this higher brain control, through frequency-jamming technology, has, within your past decade, been refined to the point where the higher functioning area of the Terran brain is becoming incapable of accessing and processing the higher frequencies that are all around you, and that are coming from the core of your planet and from your sun.

Now remember, we are speaking of the brain being affected. Keep that in mind.

Have you noticed, looking over the past decade, that for the most part people stopped progressing so quickly in their attempts to reach higher states of consciousness - try as they might to do so? They are finding that it simply isn't working as well as it used to just a few years before.

In an endeavor to "jumpstart" themselves, so to speak, they are hopping and shopping all over the place from one approach to another, from one external procedure to another, from one electronic apparatus to another, from one product to another - which has become yet another means of consumerism.


There's big money in those expensive devices and products.

Perhaps now you know why they aren't working so well any more - they aren't meant to work for the purposes you have in mind for them. If they did work then why are you still here?

We are not saying that the devices and products themselves alone are at-fault, but your brains are becoming increasingly incapable of processing the vibrations coming from those things.

Also, we are not saying that these things do not help or assist the brains of unevolving Terrans for there can be some benefit obtained to these weaker vibrating brain areas.

But for Ascending Souls, these methods are quickly becoming obsolete, outmoded, and therefore futile endeavors.

So, what's an ascending Terran to do? Our advice, as we have stated before, is to remain attuned to your planet, for as you do, upon the ascension of the planet, you will be hooked into her soul and she will pull you Home with her.


Like a transceiver, your planet is receiving and transmitting an ascension signal that your body harmoniously resonates with, naturally… but it is your mind, in particular your so-called altered ego, which is in your own way of allowing your body to access and process her signals that you are immersed in.

Your history tells of many cultures that were once vibrationally attuned to the planet through nature; and of spiritual groups who, through time-tested research, employed methods and ways of life that assisted them in staying tuned to the planet and to all of nature.

We suggest that you do some personal research about this topic and find the particular culture and spiritual focus that resonates with yourself the most, then emulate their ways as best and as fully as you can, adapting it to your desire and needs.


Make it a way of life for yourself and you alone… in other words, do not impose it upon anyone else. If others resonate with it then fine, share in it with them.

Engaging yourselves in these time-proven focuses and actions that specifically attune, and keeps you attuned to the planet and its ascension signal is the best thing you can do for now in order to circumvent the effects of the frequency-blocking technology.


It is your intention and actions of connecting and remaining connected to the planet herself that is going to lock you into her ascension Home.

In other words, you need nothing more than the planet that is right under your feet.

C: Are we Volunteers being affected by this frequency-jamming technology too, and if so what can we do? And how is it affecting our ability to do our job here?

A: As Volunteers originating from the Upper Triad, you are not as adversely affected by this technology, as are the Terrans who are trying to ascend.


It is preventing Ascending Souls from progressing any higher through the use of the brain's capacities when using these external things.

As we have stated before, the manner by which our Volunteers are receiving the light-energy, that you are anchoring into the planet, comes in through your soul, not through your brain.

The soul is a far more spiritually sophisticated thus complicated component than the brain and the technological devices created for brain-mind control.


Consequently, the creation of artificial and practical means of soul control, to any degree of success and accuracy, have all failed. That is why your presence on the planet has continued in spite of the frequency-jamming devices targeted at the brain.

That said, our Volunteers do have a Terran brain too. Have you noticed that you do not seem to be advancing much in your own attempts to generate accomplishment through your use of various practices, techniques, devices, and so on, for engaging your psychic powers to any degree of success?


The part of the brain that houses one's psychic powers is aligned with the higher frequencies that the frequency-jamming devices are targeting in that area of your brain.

That is not to say that your psychic abilities cannot activate spontaneously at all, for they will activate when one or another local satellite and cell phone devices go down due either to maintenance issues or from storms, earthquakes, and such, interfering with their signal-relay transmissions.

During these times you will notice a brief phase of psychic activity, usually occurring spontaneously such as lucid dreaming, precognition, premonitions, and so on, but it will be only temporary until the signals go back online. It does not stay offline long enough for you to make any real progress with deliberately activating your psychic powers - just long enough to remind you that it is still there.

For non-ascending souls, they don't notice anything one way or the other since most of them do not give credence to such powers in the first place.


Their skepticism and doubt is enough to keep the higher functioning part of their brains from activating.

Now, back to your negative faction's intentions; by virtue of the benevolent Beings' meetings with your Terran leaders, the Beings enlightened your leaders as to what the cosmic situation was, explaining that the universe is folding-up its Lower Triad, and that the best way to deal with this inescapable event would be to ascend the planet and as many souls on it as possible.


Your leaders were instructed in this matter, how it worked, why it was occurring, and what the best solution was for the coming occurrence, reassuring them that there was enough time to prepare the planet and its inhabitants for the ascension event, or for migrating to the new universe, per each soul's evolutionary need.

We tell you about this because it illustrates why your leaders have gone to such length to create the frequency-jamming devices, which has been to prevent as many souls as possible from ascending. They knew long ago about the folding-up of the Lower Triad and the ascension of the planet.


They also knew about the new universe that is being created, and that any soul who chooses to do so can migrate to that place as their next adventure in evolution. They knew that whichever path they and you choose, all will be well with you and everyone else.

Amongst themselves, the fear-ridden and self-aggrandizing leaders deliberated over which offering would benefit themselves the most.

In that many of these leaders were of corporate standing, and many others were of military standing, the collective mindset of the groups in each country - which was much larger in numbers than most give credit for being - could not see past the almighty dollar signs and the almighty barrel of a gun.

The overall prevailing fear of both types of mindsets concluded that they had nothing to loose by choosing to migrate to the new universe and, while they were at it, take as many souls with them as they possibly could.

In the meantime, they would receive knowledge from the malevolent extraterrestrials for making greater weapons of mass destruction, which appealed to the military minds, and for making more and better consumer products to profit from, which appealed to the corporate minds.


And, in the meantime, if no such events as described to them by the benevolent Beings ever occurred, then they would still hold the world in their own hands. Why gamble it all away by choosing to trust in the benevolent Beings offering? By accepting the malevolent extraterrestrials offer, either way they would win - so far as they could see.

This is why you are in the mess you are now in on your planet. Your leaders gambled with your personal destiny and chose the one that they wanted for themselves.

But they did not understand that other plans were afoot for this planet and all of its Ascending Souls - an alternative strategy was, unbeknownst to them, being created by Ascended Beings in the higher dimensions of reality.

This is why our Volunteers are on this planet in such large numbers - to counteract the negative factions' efforts to prevent as many souls as possible from ascending.

Now you understand why you are having such a difficult time making progress with personally activating and controlling your higher powers, deliberately.

Now you understand why connecting to and remaining connected to the planet, through nature, is your ticket Home as you ride the planet to her new place of residence in the Upper Triad.

Again, we suggest that you do your own research to discover which mode of connecting to the planet is most aligned with you, and make it a part of your daily routine. It is your soul connecting to the planet's soul that locks you into her ascension Home.

This is what your leaders did not anticipate happening. They did not understand that blocking your brain's higher functions is only one avenue of ascending under this particular situation when the planet itself is ascending.

When your soul connects to the planet's soul, then you are beyond their ability to prevent you from ascending with the planet. Were the planet not ascending, and you were endeavoring to do so on your own power, then you would have a problem. But you're not doing it on your own, so utilize the spiritual manner that we have suggested and your ascension will still occur.

This goes for our Volunteers as well for it is your job to remain connected to the planet until the job is done. Develop a conscious connection with the planet, even though your souls have you connected unconsciously.

Your planetary controllers cannot prevent you from developing this soul-to-soul connection with your planet. They cannot control it. They cannot take it away from you. But it is purely up to you to make the connection and maintain it.

Now, we will shift our focus upon the identity and nature of our Volunteers themselves, and how you can know the difference from who you have thought you were.

Because all our Volunteers, as souls, originate from the Upper Triad, it means that these souls have already ascended, eons ago, above and beyond the Lower Triad. It means that these souls are already free of what you call karma - and that's another topic of discussion for another time.

Because we, of Intergalactic Board of Council, exist in the Upper Triad, we know that these Volunteer souls are what you would consider pure in their nature - they have no issues or problems or hang-ups or any such contradicting vibrations within them that would obstruct or interfere with their higher vibrations.


The reason for that is because once you have ascended from the Lower Triad into the Upper Triad, you are then out of that which is the triad of duality, of opposites. We shall explain.

When our Volunteers chose to make their journey back into the Lower Triad, they knew that their souls could hold the higher energy onto and within the planet. They also knew that while their souls were doing that job, that upon incarnating into the Lower Triad their souls' memories of who they truly are and why they are on their planet would not be consciously retained.


That is a particular phenomenon of the Lower Triad as a function of duality.

The Volunteers, when they incarnated onto their respective planets, were born without the memory that they are Volunteers, their souls are still capable of holding the light onto the planet - it does not require that the Volunteer consciously remember who they are in order to hold the light on the planet.


It simply requires their presence, having the soul on the planet in a physical form that is a vibrational match to that of the planets'.

Consequently, once they began to grow older with years they became indoctrinated into the perspectives, beliefs, thinking, the behavior of their fellow native Terrans.


It could not be helped. It was just the way it was, yet this created a struggle concerning their identity, because, on the one hand, the more they grew and matured, the more they became aware that they had an identity other than the one which they had been immersed into on the planet.

Now, some of our Volunteers are more awake and aware of who they truly are than others are, and it is for this reason that we deliver this information at this time - to help with the awakening and remembering of all of our Volunteers.

Because the native Terrans who are evolving on the planet have their own perspectives, thinking, and beliefs about what life is for them, they do not resonate with our Volunteers as they become more and more aware that they have another identity, another perspective on life that it is wholly unique so that it has nothing to do with the Terrans' identity and perspectives.


It has nothing to do with Terran beliefs. It has nothing to do with Terran behavior.

So, our Volunteers are waking up and realizing what it means to be a Volunteer in this mission. What they need to understand, though, is that within the nature of the Upper Triad from where they came, which still exists within their souls, the soul has no tendencies or propensities to think and be and live like a Terran. Their soul has none of that.


Yet the conscious mind - there is a part of it that you call the altered ego that has developed since you were born - the conscious mind is that part of you that is contradicting and impeding your true identity and the true nature of your being as an Ascended Being.

The altered ego is a repository of information that you have adopted and collected over time from the Terrans around you who are telling you who you are, who are defining you for you, who are giving you the roles that, according to them, you are supposed to play. And so without question, most of our Volunteers bought it all, yet their soul is saying something very different within them.


So our Volunteers have been in a kind of internal struggle of identity and manner of being.

Now the time has come for you to recognize your true identity and your true nature. The reason for that is not that you have to do so in order to anchor the light any more than you did when you were born here, but it is that when you become consciously aware of who and what you truly are and why you're here, that you can then consciously cooperate with your light-anchoring job, and deliberately do your job that in-turn enhances the effect of the light that is coming into you for the improvement of your personal life.

It's sort of like, the light that you brought in with you is being hosed into the planet, possessing the amount necessary, as it is flowing through you to do, that job effectively.


But being conscious of it puts you in the place of being the one who can literally turn up the volume of the flow - not that you have to do that in order to do your job effectively, but that doing so enhances not only the light going into the planet but it also enhances your personal life as well.

So, we would like you to understand that all of our Volunteers in their souls, have no, what you call, issues. The issues that you believe you have, that you have thought were yours, you merely adopted them from those around you and made them yours. But they did not originate from your soul therefore they are not who you are.


Those beliefs belong to another world that is not your world. They belong to another species, even though you're in the Terran bodies.

Terran souls are evolving a species as well as themselves as souls, and because you're in one of their bodies you do have cellular memory of the species as well. But that memory is not who you are, nor is it your true nature.

We want you to understand that because our Volunteers, in their souls, are attuned vibrationally to the Upper Triad, there is a level of power within you that is not commonly available to the native Terran souls on the planet. The ascending Terrans are increasingly coming in to it for themselves, but you have it fully in the soul already. It has just been suppressed.


When this power of true identity and nature fully integrates with your conscious mind, in your brain, it can do some very phenomenal things.

It can, for instance, draw information from the soul of another Being on the planet and connect with that soul and begin to understand that soul and what it has gone through, who it is. That information, then, is brought back to you, the Volunteer, and you "remember" that information even though it is not yours.

Many of our Volunteers are misinterpreting that information, retrieved from the memory held in other souls, as pertaining to themselves in some way - that it must mean that the information they accessed occurred through their own personal experience, from a past lifetime on this planet.


But we're telling you that it did not - not as your past lifetime because as Ascended Beings you have been out of the Lower Triad loop for a very long time, from all that is going on on this planet. Most of our Volunteers have never even been here before so they have no past lifetime memories of their own on this planet.

Other Volunteers misinterpret the experiences, accessed from another soul, in the sense that they are somehow now either possessed by that soul, or that they are a "walk-in" to the body.

But that is not the case for our Volunteers, because when you incarnated here on this planet as a Volunteer you remain, always, just that. You are a Volunteer for the duration. No soul swapping, no body snatching occurs, no possessions occur.


Your identity does not change, your soul does not change, and if you think it has then that is a belief you have adopted from the native Terrans around you and live within the confines of that illusion.

We wish you to understand that your job was not to come here as a Volunteer and then abandon your post and allow someone else to come in and take over your embodiment, or your life, or swap places with one another, or allow yourselves to be possessed in any way. That's not the way that the Volunteer program itself, nor you as an Ascended Being, works.

When you came here, you did so knowing full well who you are and you knew what your job is. You knew that to abandon your job for any reason would be paramount to abandoning your mission of holding the light here on the planet.

Now, what we are saying is that even though your soul is of the Upper Triad, your consciousness may not be aware of that fact so that your personal lives do not reflect it. You see?

When your consciousness becomes aware of that fact, then everything fits together. It all aligns and your power returns, your memories from your soul will, what you could say, upload into the conscious-brain-mind so you begin to understand how it all works as a Volunteer.

You have no issues in the soul; you did not come here with any issues. You did not come here with any kind of karmic problems in the soul to work out. Your souls were pure. You're still pure in your soul.


It is the conscious mind that has adopted the concepts, beliefs, attitudes and behaviors from the native Terrans around you that has, in-turn, caused you to create an experience of it for yourself, even though those experiences are, for you, completely illusion-based.


That doesn't mean that it is true, of you. It means that you are living a Terran-based misidentification of who you really are.

D: So there is a conflict between the original soul or blueprint, and what our physical body is - it's like two different things?

A: No. The physical body has its own ideal blueprint and it was created by your soul, so those two parts of yourself are in complete harmony with one another.


Your blueprint and your soul are in harmony. So the body that you have, which you came in with, that was based upon that blueprint, it is the same body-blueprint that you have now except that the body, not the blueprint, has been altered from the blueprint because of your immersion into the Lower Triad beliefs of the native Terrans.


This has created the health issues because the beliefs of the native Terrans are based in duality of health and unhealthy, as well as rich/poor, have/have-not - all of that.

So as long as you believe that the Lower Triad's nature of duality is who you are, that it identifies who you are, and you relate to it, then you will live that as an illusion of who you are not; you will experience it regardless of your soul knowing otherwise.

The purpose for this topic of discussion is to help clear up all of this so that you can pull yourself out of your adopted Terran identity and become who you truly are. When you do that then you are in conscious alignment with your soul, and then you are in conscious alignment with your body's ideal blueprint, and then you are in conscious alignment with your power.


So it all lines up. You see?

But you cannot line it up until you get rid of your adopted baggage, so to speak, of all Terran-based beliefs. As ascended souls from the Upper Triad they are not yours. You have mistakenly taken them on, and that is very understandable given your situation.

Our oracle did the same thing. Only recently has she awakened to her true identity and what it means to be a Volunteer. She sort of knew that was, but then she realized that her identity as a Volunteer is something very different in nature from her misidentity as a Terran.


When she began to examine the difference between the two, she saw that it was like the difference between day and night.

The identity of the Terran is of a 3rd dimensional understanding that is based in duality. The identity of the Volunteer soul is of a 5th dimensional identity that is based in what we call the Singularity. Consequently the two natures are very, very different from one another, like day and night. When you start examining that fact for yourself, you will clearly see it.

When you start questioning your own identity and asking yourself,

"Is this really me, or is this something I adopted from those around me who, because they didn't know I am an ascended Volunteer, told me that's who I am and what I should do?"

They have had no idea what a Volunteer is so how could they inform you to know and be and do otherwise?

C: So, where did the Volunteers come from? Where is the higher dimension or the 5th dimension?

A: The 5th dimension is part of the Upper Triad, and the Upper Triad itself exists everywhere around you, throughout the universe, and so does the 3rd dimension as it is part of the Lower Triad.


You have to understand that all dimensions and all Triads - and there are 3 triads, each Triad being composed of 3 dimensions - they are superimposed one upon the other. It's like ghostly images that can walk through one another and you never know it.

The 3rd dimension exists throughout the entire universe, just as the entire Lower Triad does. And the Upper Triad exists throughout the entire universe, as well as the 5th dimension, and the 6th, and so on. The difference between them is in the energy frequencies that configure thus dominates each of the Triads.

As we have discussed before, the particular energies that compose the Lower Triad are separated from the particular energies that compose the Upper Triad by a 4th dimensional barrier that protects the energies of each Triad from mixing together and loosing their coherency within that Triad. It's a complex understanding that gets deep into meta-quantum physics.


Need we say more?


We're not here to give you a science lesson but to help you remember, understand and cooperate with your true identity and purpose here so that the true nature of your Being, as an Ascended Being, can begin to be resurrected from your souls.

Specifically which dimension you originated from within the Upper Triad depends upon the information coming from your own soul, which possesses that information. If you want to know it and understand it, just request that information to come forth from your soul, then listen to and heed its response.

The Upper Triad, as we discussed before, consists of planets that have been ascended, and it consists of all the nature on those planets. And the Upper Triad consists of ascended suns and moons, just like you have here in the Lower Triad, except that these objects in the Upper Triad are not based in duality, what we would call opposites in nature, and they have no atomic basis.


They are based in the Singularity that constructs a non-atomic physicality so that all life in the Upper Triad is always going forward into a refinement and an enhancement of itself.

That is a major difference from what exists in the Lower Triad where you have duality and atomic structure based in life and no-life. You have the opposites in the physical level because you have the opposites in consciousness that we prefer to call duality. The opposites in nature, we call organic opposites. We distinguish between the duality in consciousness and the organic opposites in nature.

These differing states of being do not exist in the Upper Triad, so when you came from there, to your planet here, you came from a beautiful place of existence that's always going forward, that never reverses itself, that never opposes itself, and your soul is still of that nature - it hasn't gone anywhere.

The Upper Triad consists of dimensions 5, 6, and 7. You were of a 7th level of understanding. So that's what that means when they said, 7th heaven. They were simply using a different word for the same thing.

All of our Volunteers long to return Home, regardless of where they originate from in the Upper Triad. They all long to return Home, and that longing becomes stronger and more intense as they increasingly remember who they truly are. Yet they increasingly remember why they are here, that they have a job to do, which in-turn makes remaining here on the planet a bit easier to deal with.

Part of what we're trying to clear up here, is the fact that none of our Volunteers have any karmic issues to clear up with one another. You do not have any issues with one another that you incarnated with. You did not come here with such a need in your souls; no hang-ups or unfinished business because you came here pure and free of all that karmic stuff.


You came here as Higher Dimensional ascended souls who no longer existed in the consciousness of duality wherein karmic issues occur. But when you immersed yourselves in the consciousness of Terran duality, that's where your misidentifications and your misunderstandings have comes from.


You now have false beliefs that you adopted from your Terran misidentification. It is all in your head as an illusion, not in your soul wherein dwells the reality of who you truly are as an Ascended Being.

You have a saying, "When in Rome, do as the Romans do." So this is how you've been treated ever since you got here, because no one knew you were a Volunteer and you had forgotten you were a Volunteer.

Yet, intuitive senses do come out to Volunteers at various times in their lives, about who you truly are. That's when your true identity really started surfacing from soul memory. But you've been doing your job ever since you took your first breath - actually even slightly prior to birth, but not before then. The reason for that is because our Volunteers souls are vibrating at such a high frequency that when the soul enters into the mother's womb too early, it can cause an aborting of the fetus.

For our Volunteers, if their soul tried to enter the fetus too soon before it's birth, then there is too much energy coming into the mother's womb, from the Volunteer soul, for the mother's body to handle.

But, this is not what occurs for native Terrans entering into the fetus any time prior to birth, when the mothers are carrying the souls of native Terran babies. The Terran soul can enter the fetal body at any time and things can go just fine because the unevolved soul does not possess the higher vibrations that an ascended soul possesses. You see?

But when we have ascended souls possessing Upper Triad frequencies coming into these Terran fetuses, and into Terran mothers whose souls are not yet of a Higher Dimensional vibration themselves, the early entrance of that ascended soul can cause problems because the frequency is too intense for the biology of the mother to bear.

So with regard to the First Wave of Volunteers who had to incarnate through native Terran mothers, after several aborted attempts, it was determined that the Volunteer souls had to enter into their embodiments at the moment of labor or birth, and no sooner.


So they were held back, so to speak, from entering into their Terran embodiments until that moment.


And even then, after birth, your soul did not enter fully into the body until later, well into your first year, so that your Terran body could gradually adapt to your soul's high-energy capacity.

Now, we wish you to understand that as your souls came into these bodies, and your consciousness began to grow along with your bodies, your Terran-altered identity began to grow as well.

So, we feel that it is important that you understand clearly that you are not everything that you have thought you are. We know that this can be quite disturbing, to let go of the Terran identities that you have related to so strongly, and so longly throughout your time on the planet.

But once you understand that as you adopted Terran beliefs and attitudes you created for yourselves, through your altered ego, false Terran identities. These identities are not who you truly are, and while you're on this planet they are truly holding you back from being all that you can be as ascended Volunteers.


Once you understand this then it's no problem to let go of your false identity because at the same time you are taking on your true identity as the memories are released from your soul.

If any part of your identity originates from here on this planet rather than from the soul, that identity is not yours.


What we are talking about with this is belief systems and manners of behavior, adopting these ideologies that the Terrans embrace for themselves regarding who they are, how they are, what the nature of their being is, which is duality-based. We are not talking about just religion-based beliefs and attitudes, but physically and psychologically as well.

Let me give you an example.


One Terran ideology regards the matter of health. You have adopted the Terran beliefs in health and sickness.

Our point here is that you don't have to work on being healthy. You are it! Your soul possesses that nature of absolute health and wellbeing. That's the thing.

We want you to understand that you already are absolutely healthy, because as an ascended soul there is no opposite involved - there is only health, there is only wellbeing. So, what we're trying to get at is the Terran-based idea that you are vulnerable to being sick.

Now, we would also say that the same thing is correct for Terrans themselves because it is a belief and they must learn how to shift out of that falsehood in their consciousness.

But we are saying that it is absolutely not true for our Volunteers, contrary to what you've been told, because you originate, again, from the Upper Triad where there is no disease, there is no sickness, there is no opposite to your wellbeing.


Health and wellbeing already exists within your soul and all you have to do is remember your Higher Dimensional nature that composes your soul and you become it - and you become it to the degree of your remembrance and allowing it into your conscious awareness.

When you do, your body will automatically change course. It will get of off the genetic-inclined course laid out by Terran-based beliefs in illness and sickness, and aging and death, and it will shift over into alignment with the truth within your soul where absolute health and wellbeing exists.


And your body, biologically, will begin to reverse itself. It has the capacity to do that, but you have been taught to not believe it.

What we're saying here, as we started out saying, is that your body's ideal blueprint is in alignment with your soul, and your soul contains that blueprint. It is there. It's a soul memory.

So, when our Volunteers start letting go of the beliefs of the non-ascending Terran species, and you start embracing the identity contained within your soul, as an Ascended Being, then the body then responds to that fact. The body then becomes the ideal blueprint so that aging process stops because there is no aging contained in that ideal blueprint.


There is no aging in your soul. There is no aging in the Upper Triad.

C: So, your saying that with your own blueprint being pure and perfect, that we just need to fully accept that the body can function perfectly?

A: Exactly.


It will regenerate the cells of your body in accordance to its ideal blueprint relative to your degree of remembrance and allowing that fact to become the basis of your reality. The more you remember who you truly are and allow the facts of your blueprint to become the literal reality for you, the quicker the regeneration processes occur. You see?

You will notice these things occurring because of your conscious shifting from a false identity as a Terran, to your true identity as an Ascended Being who's simply on a Volunteer mission here.

But, mind you, these changes are also happening because the ascension event itself is happening. And in-lieu of that, our Volunteers posses the capacity to enhance or amplify the results by consciously identifying yourself with your true identity therefore the true nature of your soul.

Our point here is for you to understand that you, as Volunteers, already possess this state of being in your soul, while Terran ascending souls are developing it, and non-ascending souls are not developing it at all. You do not have to develop your soul into possessing that Higher Dimensional nature.


You already own it.

In-lieu of that, you need to understand that when you come into alignment in consciousness with your ascended soul, then everything falls into place because there's no longer the internal struggle going on between who you are truly and who you thought you were that you really aren't.


It is who you thought you were that has generated the biological tension and stress that creates the diseases, the illnesses, which creates the susceptibility and the vulnerability to these diseases, thus aging, thus death.

So, once you know implicitly that you are already an Ascended Being, and remember that that memory is already in your soul, then everything changes for you. It's not just your health that changes. It changes your life, the way that you live; and what you want begins to come to you, to manifest more easily and quickly, because now you're in alignment with your power to manifest as well.

Due to your ascended nature, it can occur right here in the place you are dwelling at right now. In the Upper Triad there is no distinction.


The consciousness, the body, and the soul are perfectly integrated with one another, so there is nothing that distinguishes one from the other. And, there is nothing that opposes one between the other. They are all in perfect alignment with one another so that life as you would like it to be here on this planet, is already that way in the Upper Triad.


It is the nature of where you came from.

C: That's why they say, "Even before you ask, it is given", because it is your desire, so it comes quickly.

A: Yes. That is true but its quickness all depends upon how open your mind is to actually receiving that desire.


What you have called instant manifestation occurs all the time in the Upper Triad. No one has a resistance to receiving their desires, nor are there any energies opposing its manifestation.

You've heard ancient scripts of examples of that. The Beings who were demonstrating that fact were souls who had come here from the Upper Triad, to try to help the Terran species along, to inspire them. They did demonstrations to show people their own potential as a soul and as a species.

Now, we shall end our discussion here and continue it in the next communiqué.

We hope this communiqué has brought further clarity with regard to the true identity and nature of our Volunteers, information to help you discern the difference from your misidentification as a Terran, so you can become who and how you truly are.


Know thyself!

Q: Please clarify more about the subject of disclosure and contact. To begin with, other ships have been observed for decades, but not yours. Why not?

A: We will clarify this for your sake. The ships that you have been seeing already are those of the Beings who exist in the Lower Triad.


There are Beings in the Lower Triad who you call extraterrestrials whose cultures, societies, and species have been around far longer than the ones on your planet. They have become very technologically developed. They have developed what Terrans here have called exotic technology - exotic only because it is something that is not common on this planet.


So they have the technological ability to travel from one galaxy to another very quickly, with no problems.

You hear your scientists say that doing such a thing is not possible. Well, we're telling you that it is. Some of these scientists are either covering up the truth, while others simply don't know the truth about it.

So, these Beings, who live in other galaxies, can come here in their ships and observe you. They're curious.

C: Is it true that some of them are responsible for us having exposure to the technology we have now, helping us along?

A: The technology came about through extraterrestrial sources, whether they were deliberately put here or through accidents that had happened, it matters not.


But the technology that has advanced your culture so quickly in such a short amount of time was obtained from these ships, and not all of it came from crashed ships. Some of it came through ships that your scientists were allowed to examine.

Now, regarding some of the technology that has been given to your people, some of your scientists were given it through, shall we say, telepathic communications or through inspiration during dreams, where they pick-up on that information and they go about developing what it was that was given to them, assuming that they are the inventors of it.

So, you have many different species who are coming here and visiting for many different reasons, and that has been going on for a very, very long time.

Now, for the sake of clarity, please understand and remember that these are the Beings we refer to as extraterrestrials, who originate and currently dwell within the various dimensions and sub-dimensions composing the Lower Triad.


Though they may be technologically advanced, most of these Beings are not spiritually evolved to the point of ascending out of the Lower Triad, although some groups of their species are ascending, such as those amongst your Terran species who are ascending.

Any of these extraterrestrials that you hear about, who travel in ships of physical density of one level or another, are residents of the Lower Triad.


Any species that you hear of who have religions, or belief systems wherein they venerate or worship other Beings as their gods or as their gurus are of the Lower Triad, for there is none of that going on anywhere in the Upper Triad.


No Being who has ascended to the Upper Triad needs religion, does not venerate or worship others, or has external belief systems. In the Upper Triad, life simply is, and it is accepted, understood and interacted with as it is - which is different than how it is in the Lower Triad.

The Beings who come here, to you, from the Upper Triad into the Lower Triad, such as the ones who are heading up and participating in this mission here, their ships are of a meta-quantum kind of light energy.


In the blink of an eye their ships are capable of going from a frequency that cannot be seen by your eyes to a frequency that can be seen. It is these ships that are of the Upper Triad.


They are not here to interfere in any way with the Beings who exist in the Lower Triad.

C: Who are the ones here who are protecting our planet from the negative factions in the Lower Triad?

A: They are the ones who are participating in this program here. We have not shown you our ships because we are not here to interact openly with your populations.


We are here to protect your planet from the ploys of the negative factions so that it can ascend, which in-turn protects you while you assist its ascension, which in-turn assists all souls who are ready to ascend with the planet.

When disclosure and contact occurs amidst your masses, most of the ships and Beings you will see are those of extraterrestrial origin, current residents within the Lower Triad.

We Ascended Beings will make contact only with Ascending Souls and our Volunteers, and only they will see our ships.

Please understand that we do not deliberately reject making contact with non-ascending souls but it is they who would not benefit from our presence for it is not in alignment with the destiny that their souls have chosen, which is to migrate to and become the residents of the new universe.


The Prime Directive that we live by, which is of the Upper Triad consciousness and energy field of configuration, guides us away from intervening or interfering in any way with personal soul preferences.

The Ascended Beings are the ones from the Upper Triad who are protecting your planet insuring that it has the freedom that it needs, meaning the physical stability, in order to ascend.


They are protecting the planet and all of nature on it, as well as the Terran species, from being destroyed by the negative factions who know we are here - a fact you've not been privy to know about.

D: One of the things I've noticed over the last 10 or 12 years is that even our animals seem to be much more intelligent and much more gifted than they were when I was growing up.

A: They are, because they are ascending, because they are the nature that composes this planet, so all of nature is ascending.


That is a sign that ascension is occurring. And not only that, but you have also heard of, if not witnessed yourself, strange animal species pairing up with each other, who are sometimes predators or prey of one another.

Your script has a saying that in the last days the lion shall lie down with the lamb, and this is what it means. It is a sign to you in this current time indicating that the planet itself is ascending because all of nature is ascending with it.


It is shifting its consciousness, thus energy, out of the consciousness of the Lower Triad where the energy of duality exists - the prey and the predator.


It is moving into the consciousness of the Singularity where there is no prey and predator, there is only,

"We're all friends! Let's have fun!"

C: Now, we have a few more questions for you. Clarify more about the planet that the non-ascending souls are taking with them into the 2nd density.


What is that event like to them, and to us? Is it a ghost planet?

A: We would agree to that to some degree, yes, because the Terrans who are not ascending with the physical planet, they are collectively retaining within themselves a sensationalized image of this planet.


As they shift from 3rd density into 2nd density, the non-ascending souls remain locked-in-step with the lowering of their collective vibrational frequencies, from 3rd to 2nd density.


Their vision of the planet changes in a sort of reversed mode with the changes that the physical planet is going through as it ascends, so that what they are seeing of the planet appears to remain the same according to their collectively generated perspective.

We would like you to recall from our previous discussion, that what they are perceptually retaining for themselves as being their planet is what we refer as the phantom-limb effect, to use an analogy that you can relate to. We call this sensationalized image that they are creating, the Phantom Planet.

If you had a Kirlian photography camera large enough you could actually see this image being developed. Last fall our oracle took some photos of her family that shows evidence that this phantom effect that is indeed transpiring. It clearly shows the fading ghost-like effect of some things overlaid on top of more solid objects.

So, the Phantom Planet seems to them to remain just as interactable as it ever did. Just because they are not ascending does not mean that they loose their perspective of what they expect is real for them.


As the planet ascends and looses its atomic density, the non-ascending souls are not aware that it is loosing atomic density because their belief in a physical planet sustains their ability to interact with the collectively generated Phantom Planet that they are creating, but which serves a substitute planet for the real one that is actually moving further and further out of their range of frequency.

Simultaneously, those of you who are ascending, you are collectively seeing thus experiencing the ascension of the physical planet as it looses atomic density so that it becomes a 5th dimensional density.

We could say that according to the experience of those who are not ascending, their event is ascension in the reverse, and the term descension would appropriately apply, to give you a new word.

The creation of the Phantom Planet is the product of their collective expectations that generates a collective effort to retain a level of physicality that appears to support their belief that nothing out of the ordinary is occurring when in-fact it is, and it is, in-fact, beyond their control to do anything about except to hold on to an illusion of what they once knew as real.

As the non-ascending souls themselves descend in vibration from the 3rd to the 2nd density, their collectively created Phantom Planet gains more density as it moves from its frequency as an idea in consciousness, as pure thought energy, to materialize only so far as the 2nd density and no further.


The Phantom Planet densifies no further than the 2nd density, which is a sub-atomic density state, because the non-ascending souls are, at the same time, descending in density to the same sub-atomic state. At this point of 2nd density the "2 parties" converge, they meet up with one another. But this point has not yet been fully reached.


The descension process is still being generated as the physical planet continues to ascend to the Upper Triad.

C: So this is kind of like our scripts that say that one will leave, one will stay; meaning one soul ascends to the Upper Triad, and one goes into the 2nd dimension?

A: Precisely. There is a parting of ways for all sentient souls on the planet, but the manner by which this is occurring is not what has been supposed by many people who assume that two physical planets are coming forth out of the one.

Only one planet is physically ascending. The other one is the sub-atomic Phantom Planet that is moving, shall we say, into the frequency where your deceased exist, which has a 2nd level density.

But do understand that while the Phantom Planet is generating itself into 2nd density, according to the non-ascending souls their Phantom Planet is not dying. The Phantom Planet, so far as they are concerned, is still very viable and real to them because the densification-dedensification process of both parties remains locked-in-step with one another so naturally nothing out of the ordinary is noticed by the non-ascending souls.

You are aware that what you call the phantom-limb syndrome, of a person who has had an arm severed, they still feel their arm. For them it's still there.


From our perspective, this is what is happening with the non-ascending souls as they descend into a 2nd density and their Phantom Planet is materializing more, from pure thought, into 2nd density.

C: Now, the next question; Clarify the matter about soulmates with regard to your previous comments of "split-apart souls", and why the integrated spirit had to split itself into polarized charges.

A: We shall clarify what we briefly mentioned before.

Before any of us ever came into the Lower Triad, we were fully integrated spirits existing as the vibration known as the Singularity.


We came upon the energy barrier of the 4th dimension, which is between the 3rd and the 5th dimensions, and, as integrated spirits vibrating relative to the Singularity, we discovered that while we could pass through the barrier we could not interact in any way with anything in the Lower Triad.

We soon discovered that in order to do so we would have to become the nature of what the Lower Triad is, which is the polarities of the opposites. That is the fundamental nature upon which all things in the Lower Triad are formed, at the basis and the root of it all.

If a spirit wanted to interact with, thus personally understand, the nature of the Lower Triad, then that spirit needed to become like it in its nature. You cannot personally understand something until you have become the nature of it. This is the point for evolution.

So, it came to be understood by each integrated spirit that they must split a part of the spirit-self into the 2 existing charges that are opposites of one another, otherwise the spirit cannot interact nor, consequently, gain an understanding of life in the Lower Triad - it would not evolve any further.

As the spirit took a part of its self to be split apart, half of its soul became the positive charge of energy that you refer to as the masculine force, and half of it became the negative charge of energy that you refer to as the feminine force.

As an analogy, you have 2 halves of your brain that function differently within these 2 polarities, yet your brain remains intact as the information provided by both halves is shared and integrated into the overall brain.


Apply that analogy to the splitting apart of your spirit into 2 differently charged soul aspects.

While your spirit remains eternally integrated in its innate state of Singularity, it is your soul that was split into 2 charges, and these 2 charges compose, forever, the one spirit that you are. You are a Singularity. These 3 aspects of you are forever linked together into a triad - and here we have triads again - composing the 2 soul aspects of the 1 spirit.


The spirit is always linked to the 2 charges of its soul.

When we, as split-apart souls, had created life in the Lower Triad to the point we could incarnate into the life forms, when our souls incarnated into the bodies, our spirit always remains in the Singularity, always connected to its 2 soul aspects that incarnated into respectively charged male and female embodiments.

Our adventures in this type of experience taught us that what one soul would experience during its lifetime, that information would feed into their mutually shared spirit where the other soul would pick up on that information, literally generating a shared experience.


One soul would gain the wisdom from an experience and, through their spirit; the other soul would pick up on that wisdom which automatically becomes integrated as the wisdom of each soul. You see?

So, this kind of evolutionary experience, it was discovered, amounted to our spirits being able to evolve us twice as fast because the one spirit is now having 2 very different experiences at the same time. The 2 experiences are coming from 2 different perspectives - the perspective of negative charged soul, and the perspective of the positive charge soul.

So you, as one spirit possessing 2 soul aspects, you have a soulmate, who is somewhere out there, with whom you share a common spirit. You are never separated from your soulmate - you may be physically separated, but never ever spiritually separated. That is the reality of soulmates.

The female soul will always experience what her male soul is experiencing, and through their shared spirit she picks up on him and visa-versa, he picks up on her experiences.

This doesn't mean that the female soul is a male soul, having his experience - it means that the female soul is picking up on what her male soulmate is experiencing, and visa-versa.

The one spirit's 2 souls do not switch places nor switch charges with one another for there is no need of such vibrational redundancy because both souls exist simultaneously together as they continuously share and integrate experiential information with one another.


So, what purpose would it serve for a spirit's souls to switching genders serve when that act is nothing other than switching charges, when the information from every experience is constantly shared and integrated by both anyway.

So there is this continual trade-off of information flowing between you and your soulmate, for evolutionary purposes, that is going on. As one soulmate evolves it helps the other soulmate evolve, so you are assisting each other in the evolution of the one spirit that together you are.

Now, when you're having insights and inspirations and wisdom, and even some lucid dreams, sometimes what you're doing is receiving what your soulmate is experiencing, you're picking up on it through your common spirit.

Even when you are an Ascended Being you're still picking up on what your soulmate is doing, wherever they are.

Right now, with you serving as our Volunteers on this planet, your soulmates are picking up on what you're experiencing here, and they're getting some very weird stuff that you're undergoing. They are indeed still in the Upper Triad, and as Ascended Beings they understand what's going on.


They are aware of you and where you are. When you're in the Upper Triad you know where your soulmate is at all times. There is no separation in consciousness such as occurs in the Lower Triad.

One point we want to make is that the one spirit of 2 soulmates' never intended to rejoin its soul mates into one soul. There would be no point in doing that because the 2 soulmates are enriching the spirit by being 2 differently charged aspects of itself rather than 1. You and your soulmate are contributing to the evolution of your one spirit in a much greater capacity than would otherwise occur within the Lower Triad.


It would be like you having only 1 hemisphere of your brain for perceptual and perspectual analysis. You could do it, but your assessment would be limited and slanted.

Q: When soulmates ascend, do they each still possess the 2 opposite charges, which you say is relative only to the nature of the Lower Triad? How can they ascend while possessing these Lower Triad polarized charges?

A: Upon ascension the 2 soulmates remain as 2 distinctly individualized aspects of their commonly shared spirit, but "once you're out of prison then the charges are dropped", to use a pun on words for you.


In other words, once ascended, the Lower Triad's positive/negative charges are transformed into the stabilized energy of the Singularity, yet as 2 Ascended Beings, still being male and female but now per the nature of the Singularity, you retain your own unique perspectives and perceptions of the ascended way of life that you continue to experience in the Upper Triad.


While each soulmate will retains their own male and female individuality once ascended, the higher vibrating nature of the Singularity overrides and replaces the lesser vibrating nature of the duality that sustained your souls in the Lower Triad. You see?

Now let us shift focus for a while to translate this sharing of information between souls to how it affects you as, say, a Volunteer whose soul still holds the memory of its abilities in the Upper Triad.

Memory can lodge into your body so that the memories of others appear to be yours, but at the psychic level where, as we said before, you can tune into the experiences of another Terran and misinterpret that as something that you are experiencing or something you had experienced in a past life, but you never personally did. You're just psychically picking up on what somebody else has experienced.

Now, for instance, this example is going to demonstrate the ability that your soul has.

Our oracle experienced being her granddaughter 2 months before she was born. She experienced the day that her granddaughter was brought home from the hospital. She became her granddaughter in this experience. She was her granddaughter who was sitting in the back seat of the car, and she heard the thoughts of her mother who was upset because her father was being a jerk from having a bad day, so to speak.


So, experiencing herself as her granddaughter she, the baby, was aware of what was going on with her parents. She was aware that they were not in harmony with one another.


At 5 days old, she was able to tune into her parents and know what was going on and she, the baby, reassured herself that she would be OK because they were young, and they would learn and grow. Then she telepathically heard her mother talking to herself about how sweet her new little daughter was, and how much she loved her.

That is what our oracle experienced long before the child was born. It wasn't merely a dream; it was a literal experience that had our oracle a bit confused.

Now, about 2 months later on the day that that event actually occurred, physically, our oracle was present with her daughter for the birthing of her granddaughter, but it wasn't until the next day that she remembered the experience she'd had 2 months before, of being her granddaughter on the day she was brought home from the hospital.

When our oracle told her daughter about it, conveying to her daughter what the baby had heard her mother say to herself, her daughter said,

"That's exactly what I was feeling! That's exactly the words I was thinking."

So our oracle was able to use this experience to reassure her daughter that everything would be OK, and that her baby felt safe and secure in her parents care.

This is an example demonstrating to you the power that you are. Understand that at first our oracle misinterpreted this dream-experience as being about herself as a baby, when she was brought home from the hospital.


It was after the actual incident had occurred with her granddaughter that our oracle realized that she had tuned in to a future event that happened not only exactly as she saw it, but exactly as she experienced it from the perspective of another soul.

Her initial misinterpretation of that event was understandable, but we want you to understand that you have the power within you to do these things that are phenomenal, that you're not used to doing, and you're not used to interpreting correctly. Even though it's within your soul to do them, your conscious mind has not been taught to properly understand these things.

So, when some of our Volunteers feel as though you've gender-swapped, soul-swapped, body-swapped, therefore you assume that you actually are someone else's life, and you take it upon yourself to mean,

"Oh, this must be me. I experienced that myself as a child, or, I experienced that in a past lifetime, or, I'm experiencing myself as the other gender",

...we are telling you 'no', that is not the case if you are indeed an Ascended Being.


Ascended Beings do not gender-swap, soul-swap, body-swap, body-possess, or do any of those things simultaneously for there is no need to do that.


Such is the erroneous assumptions about life that is coming from non-ascending souls trying to make sense of such nonsensical concepts, most of it being hogwash fed to you by your negative factions as more ways to keep you confused about who you truly are so that you do not know how to be who you truly are.

We are telling this to our Volunteers, and all Ascending Souls, because we want you to really get into thinking about these things so you understand what is the Terran identity that you have adopted for yourself, and what is who you truly are that resides within your soul.


Then you will no longer be creating that stressful tension in your body at the biological level, so then you can come into alignment with your ideal blueprint, with your soul, with your conscious mind, with your power all lining up.

D: What's the purpose of having a premonition, of the future? What's the purpose of that information?

A: Simply because you have the ability to do it. It's a carry-over of the soul from its former ability as an integrated spirit of the Singularity.

D: I understand that some of these things happen in order to show us that we can do this, that we have this ability. But when this information does come to us a lot of times, we're sitting down and asking,

"What is this for? What do I need to do with this? Why do I need to know this?"

A: To answer that I will give you another example of what happened to our oracle many years ago. She had a dream - she is a prolific precognitive dreamer, being open to receiving information from unusual sources and people.


She had a dream that her girlfriend's boyfriend was in a car accident, even though she'd never met him before. She saw him out of his car and lying on the ground, and she saw that the lower part of his body was in a watery kind of appearance. She recognized the place where the accident happened.


She wondered what to do with this information - to tell her girlfriend about it or not. She chose to tell her about it, serving simply as a conveyer of the information, not whether or not it would occur.

When she told her girlfriend about the dream, neither of them was sure whether or not the dream information should be relayed to her boyfriend because after all, would it be protecting him or would it be planting a seed for it to happen? Our oracle left it up to her girlfriend to decide what to do.

Her girlfriend decided to tell him and, as you can imagine, he laughed it off as nothing more than just a foolish dream. But two days later he had a car accident, at the exact place that our oracle saw it happen in her dream. He was thrown out of the vehicle and his legs were injured, which, in her dream, was signified by the watery appearance of his lower body.

She has had precognitive dreams many, many, many times, and we want you to know that for the untrained person, it is difficult to know what to do with that information because you are on a planet where duality exists in a massive intensity, where if you share that information and someone is receptive to it and will take it seriously, then that is good.


But there is also the opposite result where they receive it and do not give it any validity, thus do not heed the warning, as her girlfriend's boyfriend did.

So, it is sometimes difficult, yes, to know what to do with this information, so you need to get in-touch with yourself and the other person or persons involved and, shall we say, feel it out for what to do with it.

C: That is good advice. The next question; Clarify how and why the Creator-Source is ascending relative to why the planet is ascending, relative to why the universe is ascending.

A: Going back to our previous discussion of how universes are created, and that universes give birth to universes: When they do that, their lower section of energy, shall we say, is what goes into the new universe, serving as the raw material that will be used to create the new universe.


We also have souls who go into these new universes to be the creators who will make use of that material. These souls become the Creators, and they become the Source from where everything comes into existence within that universe.

This is how this universe came about. All of us who are here in this universe existed in another universe before we came into this one. We decided not to ascend with that other universe - we can call it the mother universe of this one. When we were there in that one, we chose to migrate into the new universe that was being created by the mother universe.

So, ever since that new universe was birthed we have been here. We have been creating, and experimenting, and exploring. We have been having fun!

Because we have created everything that is here, we are, hence, the Source from where everything came into existence. And yet, as we are continually ascending we are everything that is also ascending. As we ascend, that which we create ascends too.

As we shall explain, the ever-weakening energy within the Lower Triad that is outmoded for ongoing creation becomes the raw material for the new universe.

Consequently, there is a connection between that which we are as Creators and that which we are as the Source, Creator-Sources who are ascending - an evolutionary process that we cannot stop, nor would we want to, even for those who are descending into the new universe; either way, we are all still continuing our evolution and ascension.

By being here in this universe, the very fact that we are the Creator-Sources who are ascending the universe itself, the Upper Triad is ascending as well.

The universe has reached a point in our creation of it to where new energy needs to come in with which to continue creating. So as we bring in the new higher energy, the older, lower energy becomes unnecessary, it becomes obsolete and outmoded. It is no longer useful to what we are now creating.

To give you an analogy of this we will say that when you build a house, you have a house plan. You draw it up and you build your house according to this plan. And when the house is built the plan is no longer useful. The plans of most houses no longer exist.


So for those plans that do exist, the plan itself becomes, shall we say, stuck away and forgotten about for many, many years, decades. And it rots, deteriorates and it's gone. And this is how the plan for the creation of the universe works.

This is not the first time that the lower frequencies of the Lower Triad have been eliminated. The first time occurred when the original fundamental layer of plans for this universe, that we created, were no longer of use to us. Our non-use of them, our non-attention of them, allowed the energy of those plans to go inert, deteriorate, diffuse.

The original energy that was used to create the basic plans of all that would exist in the universe were no longer of use to us, so we moved to the next level of energy so as to engage the current energy of the creative plans. These energies have now run their course too. We can do nothing more with them for the continued evolutionary purposes of this universe.


To hang on to them is to spin-our-wheels, as you would say, generating only redundancy and stagnation for the entire universe as a whole. This is why they are currently, and permanently, being released.

We know this is a difficult evolutionary concept to grasp. It is much more complex than this simplified rendering.

Suffice it to say that the current state of this universe has reached a point where it is time to bring in more new higher energies because the lower energies are no longer serving a purpose for ongoing creation. These lower energies are increasingly becoming the raw material with which to create the new universe.

So, with a new universe being created, we could say that our universe is pregnant, and this explains why your scripts depict the universe as a woman inside an egg, or as a pregnant woman. The significance was meant to convey fact that universes give rise to new universes, hence they are considered female in nature.

The lower energies flow into the universe's womb, and non-ascending souls migrate in spirit to this womb in order to become the creators of that new universe and the source of all that exists in it.

When the universe's womb has developed to the point where it can sustain itself on its own, the new universe detaches itself from its mother universe to become an independent universe in and of itself, growing and expanding through the creations that are being done by the spirits within it.

Meanwhile, the mother universe continues to grow and evolve and expand and becomes something new, and more than it was, because the new higher energies have come in.

But, we must clarify, with this particular ascension event that is currently transpiring for us all, the new state of the ascended universe will not contain a Lower Triad or its nature of opposites and duality thereof.


The ascended universe will exist strictly in a state of the Singularity. It will not revert back to a duality state.

So, this is what is happening. This is why our Volunteers are here in the Lower Triad, to help bring as many planets as possible into the Upper Triad. Along with the ascension of these planets comes, at this time, all souls who are ready to ascend with them.

This kind of planetary mass ascension event hasn't happened before because it didn't need to happen this way before. But now we're getting close to the time when the universe is folding up its Lower Triad, where the lower energies are increasingly flowing into the new universe.

Consequently there is a, let's say, not a rush, but a need to bring as many planets as are ready for their ascension into the Upper Triad as is possible. And by so doing all of nature on each planet ascends with it. And by so doing, all souls who are ready for ascension are going for the ride as well.

All of this is coming together in a very musical fashion. It's very orchestrated. It's a very beautiful dance that's happening.

C: Thank you for that information.


The next question is: There are some claims being made that the ascended souls, once they've ascended, will take their ascended bodies into a state of being pure light energy.


Please clarify whether this is correct or not.

A: We have been aware that some people believe that when you ascend with the body, that once you are in the Upper Triad, that you will no longer need the body and will take it from its form in density into a pure light form in consciousness.

What you need to understand, though, is that the physical bodies in the Upper Triad are already in a state of light. Everything, everywhere, is already in a state of varying degrees and densities of light.

The Beings in the Upper Triad have the ability to, shall we say, accommodate their physicality upon whatever dimension they are expressing themselves on. So, if they want to go into a lower dimension, such as to come into the 3rd dimension of the Lower Triad, they have the ability to lower their density and become equal to the density that is here.


If they want to go into a higher dimension, they have the ability to raise their vibrational frequency from where they are, let's at the 5th dimension and go into the 6th dimension, and interact with the physicality that is there.

This dimension-shifting process takes the current density of the body into its pure thought form as held in the consciousness of the host, and then redensifies the body to be the relative density of the dimensional they wish to be on.

So yes, all Ascended Beings possess the ability to take their bodies from the current state of density into pure thought energy, but they do so only as a means that allows them to shift from one given dimensional density to another. They never remain in their pure thought form because every dimension and sub-dimension has a given type of density of one degree or another.

There is a misunderstanding about that whole notion of ascending your body and then giving it up, when in reality there is no need for doing that in the Upper Triad. To remain in pure thought form is to render oneself incapable of interacting with the kind of life that exists in each unique dimensional realm because each one has its own level of density.

If, for instance, you are in the 5th dimension, in your 5th dimensional body consisting of a 5th level density, and you want to explore something in the 6th dimensional density, all you have to do is shift your vibrational frequency and you're there. When you're done doing what you were doing there, you lower your density back into your 5th dimensional density body and there you are.


It is a complex process that when engaged by Ascended Beings occurs instantaneously.

You can take your body from its physical form into a pure light form held in your consciousness, and travel to wherever you want to travel, and then rematerialize your body. You don't need a wormhole. You don't need a stargate. You travel as a Being of light. It is all done through the power of the mind.

And when we say 'travel' we mean that you travel in consciousness.


You're not traveling anywhere directionally through space as you think of it. You travel in consciousness, which is space, from one localized point in thought that you were focused upon, to another localized point in thought that you are focused upon, and yet you have gone nowhere as you think of it, but still you have shifted locales which actually are points in consciousness. It is done instantaneously.

Since you travel in consciousness you cannot call this time travel because there is no time involved. The notion of time travel is a misnomer. It is not time travel, it is consciousness travel.

So, the whole idea that you would ascend your physical body and then give it up only to reside forever as pure light within your own consciousness - why would you do that when everything that has been created has its own relative degree of density, and in order to interact with it you must be of the same density.


This brings us back to the very purpose of our spirits wanting to enter into the Lower Triad and becoming the same nature that exists here in order for us to evolve. If you want to reside forever as pure light in consciousness then you do not have access to the catalysts of density that generates personal evolution within each dimension.


Why would you do that to yourself? There is no need for that.

We hope that we have clarified that question. We hope that we have addressed things that are helpful to you. We ask that if you have any further questions now, to please ask at this time.

D: I am just curious… why did the Terrans or the earthlings make up religious stories and belief systems about heaven, hell, and make up all these religious ideas?

A: The original stories, so to speak, were based upon truth. The truth came to the ancient cultures long, long ago, through Ascended Beings who had come here to help the Terrans evolve.


But then during a later time, when negative factions overran the planet, the truth contained in those scripts was deliberately censored. Those in control confiscated all truth everywhere that they could find it, and in its place they gave you the distorted stories that you now have.


There is very little truth left in these stories that have been specifically designed to confuse you in order to lead you away from knowing who you truly are. And their scheme has worked beautifully for them, hasn't it.

Control has been the purpose. That's why these stories seem so nonsensical to you, because you have already evolved beyond them. You know that they are nonsensical. They do not serve a purpose in your life because you have chosen ascension.

But the non-ascending souls are still evolving within themselves to gain an understanding of what the truth really is. And they are having a hard time with doing that because the truth is being kept from them, and it is being replaced increasingly with a new kind of religion called materialism.


The reason for this is that the age-old religions are loosing ground so far as being control tactics, so they must be replaced with something more updated and modernized.


Even those people who consider themselves very religious or very spiritual are allowing themselves to be cleverly seduced into being subtly "materialized" by the negative faction who is constantly producing more enthralling stuff that captivates your attention and energy, hence your life. Mind you well that word, captivate.

Yet, on the other hand, this seeming madness is serving a divine purpose for all non-ascending souls because it is allowing them to make their decisions regarding where they want to go with their personal evolution.

It's sort of like being in a play wherein the story itself is not really happening - it's just an enthralling story but it's captivatingly entertaining enough to keep you distracted from where you are not, and focused upon where it is leading you.


Consequently, to the non-ascending souls who are pretending to be part of this seemingly bizarre story, for them it's a perceptual means resulting in a self-created conclusion that magnetically draws them into the new universe.

So indirectly these ancient stories, and the current transforming of them into something new and improved, do have a divine purpose for they are designed to not allow non-ascending souls to evolve and ascend, but instead to migrate into the new universe where they want to go as their new soul destiny.

Every Terran soul is free to evolve if they want to. If that is what they choose to do, then they will do that and they will recognize those stories for what they are, and not be bothered by them but will let them serve the divine purpose for other souls who have chosen to migrate to the new universe.


So these souls are using these control tactics as "tools" to help keep them migrating there. In that sense then, there is nothing wrong or bad about it. You see?

We wish you to understand something. It takes an awful lot of souls to create a new universe. So it's really no surprise that most people on this planet, and other planets, are not ascending.


Most of them are migrating into the new universe because the new universe requires that the more souls who are there to create diversity in that universe, the better. And the souls who are migrating there know this. They are choosing that. They are happy with that choice. They are eager to get on with it because they are just as bored as you are with being in here the same old Lower Triad that's now going nowhere, as we have explained.

You are wanting to ascend with this universe as much as they are wanting to go into the new universe, so everyone's is sort of saying, "Let's get the shows on the road!"

We hope that we have clarified this matter and helped you to see the difference between who you have thought you were, and who you truly are. We wish you to take this information and use it for discerning the difference, because when you do then you will begin to align with your soul again and, for you Volunteers, the memories will come forward regarding what it is to be an Ascended Being, which is very different from being a Terran Being.

When you come into this understanding you will be able to align with your power, and align your ideal blueprint with your body, so that it's all wrapped up together. The only thing that has been missing from your lives is knowing who you truly are.


Once you let go of the misidentification of being a Terran Being, and know clearly that you are an Ascended Being, and then everything changes. This is what we are wanting for you as Volunteers, because by so doing it will enhance your personal lives considerably.

Our advice on this matter; Know thyself so that you don't worry, you be happy!

We have immensely enjoyed this time with you. We feel that the time has been well spent, and we look forward to our next get-together.




Q: An T'na, in the previous communiqué, you said that of all the ascending planets, this one, Terra, or Earth, is the most difficult case due to the activities of the negative factions who have created frequency-jamming devices that have been stationed on and around our planet; and that these frequencies are preventing the respective part of our brains from accessing the higher frequencies.


You also said that other planets' ascension processes are ahead of the progress of this one.


In-lieu of that, I am unclear as to how this is affecting our planet's progress as it attempts to ascend. Would you offer us further clarity on this matter, please?

A: Yes, thank you for your question. We did say that the frequency-jamming signals are targeted at the part of your brains that access higher frequencies. That is correct.


You, on the other hand, might counter us with the assumption that you possess the power to override these signals, but we tell you that in order to do that you must use that part of your brain that the signals are targeting, which is the same part of your brain that generates those functions necessary to override the signals.


How do you access the part of your brain that is being restricted from accessing the frequencies to override the signals? So you see, it is a catch-22 situation, as you would say.

This is why we clearly advise you for now to make a strong personal connection with the planet herself because she is not affected by these signals. We said that by doing so you lock yourself into her receptivity of the higher frequencies coming to her from deep space through our Volunteers as they access the higher light-energy originating in the Upper Triad then anchoring it into her core.


These higher frequencies are not being blocked from her, neither through her own doing, nor through the deeds of the negative factions who do not possess the technology that could possibly harness enough energy to block her receptivity of the light-energy.


They did try, but after years of attempts they utterly failed.

Q: OK. That makes sense. So if our planet is still receiving the light-energy and is ascending, why or how is it, as you said, that the other ascending planets are way ahead of ours? Why have some planets already ascended but not this one?


Compared to them, ¿what has set us back so far?

A: Thank you for asking.


That situation is not a matter of your planet being behind in its ascension progress, for it is on-schedule as planned, so to speak, but it is a matter of the other planets' occupants having accepted the assistance of the same group of Advanced Extraterrestrials and Ascended Beings who approached yours too.


The leaders of your planet rejected that identical offer, as we discussed in the previous communiqué.

The leaders and common people of those other ascending planets collectively chose to receive an education about what is transpiring cosmically, which is beyond their control per the folding-up of the Lower Triad which, in-turn, generated a need for us to get as many planets as possible ascended into the Upper Triad before that event occurs.

This education that they are receiving includes meta-physics lessons about how and why this cosmic event is occurring. This provides a fundamental basis upon which to gain essential knowledge that removes any sense of fear about what is transpiring for it is indeed a completely natural-occurring process of the ascending universe.


Knowledge vanquishes fear. That is a fact.

Because the Source that we are never creates an event without presenting us with options, the education they are receiving includes an extensive, graphic description of the 2 available options regarding their personal experience of this event. The 2 options are to ascend into the Upper Triad, or to migrate into the new universe.

It is accepted by everyone - even the skeptics who eventually became convinced by the evidence presented to them - that of 2 these options to choose from, neither is better or worse, right or wrong, more or less divine than the other, that each option exists for the purposeful good of the evolution of each soul.

Everyone thus wholly understands that the option that person chooses is the right one for the evolution of the soul. Consequently there are no negative attitudes toward one another, but instead there is absolute allowing and acceptance, which is that which you call unconditional love.

If we could give you an analogy of how they are handling the situation it would be one like unto that of your graduation day from a university. All of your graduating schoolmates have gathered together for the event, knowing that everyone is going to go off to one career or another, and everyone is happy for everyone else's career choices. There is no judgment or criticism.


There is only acceptance and encouragement amongst everyone present. The prevailing atmosphere amongst all is one of great excitement.

This is how the people of the other ascending planets are experiencing the cosmic event that is unfolding before us all. Through an extensive education generating a knowledgeable understanding of the situation, everyone is happy for everyone else's choice in the matter because they know that each choice made is for the purposeful good of their soul's evolution.


So then, where is the right or wrong, good or bad, divine or undivine in it? You see?

Regarding ascension, there is only a loving cooperation amongst these people and, thus, with the planet they reside on. It is this collective cooperation on a global scale with the flow of ascension that has accelerated their planet's own natural progress, you see.

So it is not that your planet is lagging behind due to the actions of the negative factions or to anyone or anything else, but it is the fact that these other ascending planets are being accelerated in their natural progress by the collective cooperative forces of their occupants adding to and enhancing the ascension processes of their planet.

While these planets are receiving a beneficial global scale boost from their cooperative occupants, your planet is currently receiving no such additional boost from its occupants. But this does not impede or retard your planet's ascension progress, it simply does not enhance thus accelerate it.


Do you understand?

Q: Yes. This is very helpful information and explains a lot. But is not the presence of your Volunteers on our planet contributing to an acceleration of the processes?

A: No, not in the way that we are explaining here. Let us go back to the time before our Volunteers incarnated on their respective planets.

It was known by the Councils of this mission, which is to ascend as many planets as possible, that the cooperation of any leader and common people of any planet was not guaranteed.


Your planet turned out to be a prime example of non-cooperation, but due to free will, it was not known ahead of time which planet's occupants would accept the assistance and which would reject it.

So it was decided by the Councils to place Volunteers on each planet that was determined to be suitable for ascension.

We must remind you that in order for planets to ascend, which includes all lifeforms on it with the acceptance of the sentient Beings residing on it, that these planets and lifeforms do not possess the necessary aptitude within themselves to ascend into the Upper Triad, that they require the assistance of Ascended Beings who possess the capability of infusing them with enough higher frequency light-energy from the Upper Triad, to be anchored directly into the planet or lifeform for its ascension.

It was for this particular reason that our Volunteers were placed upon each planet found to be suitable for ascension. Their ascended assistance was required. The presence of our Volunteers on the planet initiates, sustains, and maintains the processes of its ascension - their presence does not accelerate the process.

While our Volunteers are present on the planet, having ignited the planet's ascension processes, the acceleration of those processes occurs only when that planet's sentient occupants collectively cooperate with the ascension event that our Volunteers initiated and sustain.

While your planet, like all the others, received the presence of our Volunteers to ignite the planet's ascension processes, the occupants of your planet have not come together in a collective cooperation amongst themselves that would in-turn enhance thus accelerate the ascension processes of your planet, so that your planet would then enhance thus accelerate the ascension processes of its occupants.


You see? It works in a synergistic feedback-looped system when it is all working together harmoniously.

Such is not the case on your planet. That is why the planet is not receiving any additional boost from its occupants - at least not right now. Were it not for the presence of our Volunteers on your planet, the planet would not be ascending at all. Our Volunteers are the initiators and maintainers of your planet's ascension.

The planet's occupants are the ones who could, if they so chose to do so, accelerate the processes that our Volunteers are sustaining because then you would harmoniously create that synergistic feedback-looped system that you and your planet would benefit from.


But the people of your planet are not educated in this matter in order to make this collective venture a reality.

Q: Are other ascending planets in a similar situation as ours?

A: Most of the ascending planets occupants readily accepted the offer from the Advanced Extraterrestrials and Ascended Beings.


In the beginning when our Volunteers incarnated onto a few other planets chosen for ascension, not all of those planet's occupants wanted to receive the education from the Advanced Extraterrestrials and Ascended Beings.


They were in fear that the presence of these Beings was up to no-good. It took a while for the leaders to convince these fearful people, and in a couple of other cases for the people to convince their leaders, that accepting the offer of assistance presented no threat.

We are talking about the majority of people on these planets who have evolved to become fundamentally peaceful in nature, and who, except but the few unevolved souls, were able to recognize impostors when they met them. It took some time for the fearful folks to come-around, but once they received the same education that everyone else received, it was enough to convince them to cooperate with everyone else, given that the cosmic situation itself offered them no other choice but to learn what their own options are.

Of these other ascending planets, their occupants' initial resistance was more quickly overcome than has been the case on your planet.

But all is not lost since your planet is still ascending due to the presence of our Volunteers, as explained earlier in this communiqué, and, as we have already stated, all Ascending Souls can circumvent the frequency-jamming signals and still ascend by making a personal connection with the planet.


Refer to our communiqué in Session 3 - Part A for a refresher about this.

We will also say that there is a plan afoot, by a group of Advanced Extraterrestrials and Ascended Beings, to disregard your negative factions' rejection of their offer of assistance so that the common folk can go ahead and receive a much needed catch-up crash-course in the education that has been taught to the people on the other ascending planets.

Now, some people on your planet would whine about us coming in with this plan as a violation of the cosmic Prime Directive, but we have said before that the Prime Directive as defined by your fiction stories and presumed to be real is indeed fiction.


We said that the real Prime Directive is all about not interfering with the evolution of souls, and that has nothing to do with assisting the common folk of a planet when its leaders are tyrannical and oppressive such as are yours.


These tyrants are the ones breaking the divine Prime Directive as they continually, deliberately interfere with the evolution of the souls who are residing on the planet with them.

Now you see why the negative factions have given you a false definition of the Prime Directive. They twisted the facts of true Prime Directive in order to redirect your attention and blame off of themselves by replacing it with a fictional Prime Directive aimed at us. The definition of the true Prime Directive blatantly gives them away as the thieves-of-evolution that they really are.

So, this plan that is afoot will occur soon.


And yes, I know, you are thinking that "soon" is always the operative vague date used by us, but we refuse to divulge precisely when this plan will occur so that it will take the negative factions by complete surprise so that, for your sake, they do not have time to create a counter-plan. Is this not reasonable?

Q: Yes, it is, thanks. Is there going to be enough time for the occupants of our planet to "get educated" well enough so that it begins to accelerate our planet's ascension, thus our own in-turn?

A: Yes. As we have stated before, this planet is not ascending next week or next month or next year, but it will occur within your lifetime, just as we have said.


Without the collective cooperation of your planet's occupants the ascension of the Ascending Souls into the Upper Triad, and the migration of the non-ascending souls toward the new universe, their journeys would be difficult to experience - let's say it wouldn't be nearly as pleasant as that happy event of the graduation analogy we described earlier.

Contact will occur very soon, and during the years to follow until the Lower Triad folds up, this planet will receive the education that will give it that beneficial boost such as described earlier, thus you in-turn.

Many people are mistaken that this coming contact event will result in your planet being inducted into a galactic society. To some extent this is true, but not in the context that they are assuming it to be.

Once contact has been made and your education begun, your planet's occupants will join the throngs of people residing on the ascending planets neighboring your own - some of their occupants are ascending to the Upper Triad, while others are migrating to the new universe, and whichever option one chooses, it is all accepted as a grand and purposeful event. Bear in mind that there is no right or wrong choice in this matter.

There will be a sharing not of technology but of knowledge, which will take place between them and you. Technology has no place in the Upper Triad, nor can it be taken into the new universe.

There will be travel between their planets and yours for further educational and acquaintance purposes. But your contact with them will not entail the wild adventures such as those found in your fictional stories you call Star Wars, Star Trek, Stargate, and so on.

Your planet will also be contacted by other extraterrestrials who are not ascending souls but who are migrating to the new universe. All occupants of your planet will be respectfully allowed to choose which group of Beings they relate to who are souls relative to the evolution of their own soul.

If some people on your planet feel more comfortable in the presence of non-ascending extraterrestrials, then they will be free to interact with them, to even leave your planet and travel to the planets of those extraterrestrials.

For those Ascending Souls who feel more comfortable in the presence of Advanced Extraterrestrials who are ascending and Ascended Beings who have already ascended, then you are free to interact with them.

Our point here it to make it clear to you that both groups are on equal footing so far as it pertains to the necessary evolutionary direction of each soul. In that understanding there is, then, no judgment, or criticism, or condemnation for making what might be a wrong or bad or inferior choice, because that concept simply doesn't apply to this situation that we are explaining. Do you see?

Your people will also receive the assistance of the Advanced Extraterrestrials and Ascended Beings that will return your planet and all of nature to its pristine state of being.

You will receive assistance that wipes out disease, aging, death, and the tremendous disparities created by your negative factions that have generate war, crime, homelessness, hunger, poverty, illiteracy, prejudice - if we may coin such a word; that wipes out the inequalities of race and gender and employment, and so on.

All fields of life shall be leveled and revamped so that all people are on equal ground, and global peace shall be the outcome. That is when a collective cooperation of ascension begins.

In what was your 1940s, this wonderful existence is what was offered to you by the Advanced Extraterrestrials and Ascended Beings.

Q: Yes.


That being what it was, why did the Ascended Beings and Advanced Extraterrestrials at that time not engage this plan-of-intervention of disregarding the negative faction's rejection of their offer that instead, all this time, plunged us common folk and the planet into the mess that we are currently in now, which is the result of our ruthless leaders accepting the destructive offer of the malevolent aliens?


Why engage this plan you speak of now, rather than back then?

A: We have stated that we knew that once our Volunteers were present on your planet that the planet would ascend, and it still is.


We knew that most Ascending Souls would continue ascending, while some have lost their way. We have said that the planet and its Ascending Souls would continue to ascend together. And they are. These were known factors at the time, back then.

Free will being what it is, at that time we did not foresee that your negative factions would, more recently, be given technology from their diabolical alien overlords that would be used to directly impede the part of your brains that accesses the higher frequencies for ascension purposes.

As we stated in our previous communiqué regarding this matter, this sinister ploy went online through your satellites and cell phone towers only within your past decade. This evolution-threatening exploit was unmistakably a violation of the true Prime Directive. That is when we decided it was time to step in and create a plan of intervention on the behalf of the common folk.

Now, you wonder why it took nearly 10 years for us to merely formulate this plan-of-intervention, and the answer to that is that there is a time-difference between your time and ours. So, by the time we devised a working plan, many years had passed by in your timeframe. It wasn't that we were dragging our feet on it, as you would say, but the time factor is involved. This is why the word "soon" as a date is relative.

We do have a working plan now, and it will be implemented in 1 year, on the 3rd Sunday of your May, at 10 minutes past noon. …. No, really, we are teasing you regarding the matter of time. Just a bit of humor.

As we said, and for the reason we explained earlier, we refuse to be precise as to when this plan will be implemented. Just rejoice knowing that it is forthcoming, at a theater near you … soon!

We know that all of this is a new perception for you to grasp, and if necessary, do reread this communiqué in order to "get" what we are "getting at".

If you have further questions, please present them to us and we shall respond.



Q: Please clarify more about disclosure and contact by the people who the Volunteers are associated with in their work on Terra.

A: In sessions 1 and 3 we touched upon this subject briefly. We would like to add more about this matter for your greater understanding of what is transpiring and what you can expect.

We spoke of our ships being composed of varying light frequencies, which can instantaneously raise and lower density thus the visibility of the craft. Most often you will not see them in your skies and the reason for this has been that it has not been time for them to make their appearances, and by "them" we are referring to our lightships, not the craft of others we shall discuss herein.

Our lightships are massive in size yet if they do not want to be seen they can disappear from sight in less than the blink of an eye. They are not zipping around through space at high velocities in order to escape your view. When they disappear from sight they remain stationary and simply raise the vibration of the craft to the frequency of the Upper Triad.

Our lightships and their occupants who are the ones cooperating together in the ascension mission are not hanging around your planet for there has been no purpose for doing that at this time.

We do observe and monitor from a distance what is occurring on your planet.


Our observation and monitoring process occurs through the engagement of our minds, and is not done through the use of electronic or other hardware devices. We need not move our lightships closer and further away from your planet. As Ascended Beings our minds are capable of tuning-in to any given area of your planet in order to assess what is transpiring.

If we detect any major trouble occurring at a given location, then we dispatch a lightshuttle, so to speak, to the area and immediately neutralize the event. By "major trouble" we mean attempts by your negative factions to generate any kind of globally destructive event. By so doing we are endeavoring to keep this planet alive and viable as it ascends.


But there are those who are endeavoring to counteract that by unfolding their genocidal agendas through global destruction. We have been, and will continue to closely monitor these activities and neutralize them whenever critical action is taken by them.

As Volunteers, you are on the planet to hold Higher Dimensional light into the planet to assist its ascension. Your job was never to monitor and diffuse the actions undertaken by the negative factions. You knew that this would be the job of those of us who are working in-tandem with you but doing so in another area of activity - that of protecting you and the planet that you are bring Home with you.

Our lightships are stationed around your solar system and some beyond it who are sentinels guarding the perimeter, for there are other negative factions in your galaxy who have attempted to move in and assist the negative factions already on your planet.

The lightship, which I, An T'na, am working from, is stationed near the rings of Saturn.


Our oracle Gesanna has been there several times, visiting family and friends, but her memory of these visits was suppressed. Even then, some of those visits have surfaced from soul memory to conscious awareness, and when they did that it made her very homesick.

We learned early on, in this mission, to restrict all interactions with Volunteers by family members, mates and friends. Even when visitations occurred for necessary purposes and the memory was suppressed, we discovered that the innate nature of the soul of Ascended Beings is not to keep memory suppressed but to allow it to surface freely.


So it has proven difficult to keep all memories suppressed. Because of that, visitations with all Volunteers became limited to volunteer program team leaders who regularly monitor their wellbeing.

Gesanna has been one of our Volunteers whose soul has been very insistent upon keeping her memories readily accessible and flowing more freely than has been for her own good as a Volunteer. Her sometimes very vivid memories of her ascended life has made it especially difficult for her to desire to remain on Terra and do her job. She has been extraordinarily homesick, moreso than a lot of our other Volunteers.

This contributed to her ongoing unreadiness, over decades, to engage the work she is now doing as our oracle. It is only within the past month [first month of 2013] that her soul memories began surfacing regarding her role as a Volunteer on Terra which gave her the clarity of mind to understand why she is on the planet with a specific job to do.


The memories she called forth before were focused on her personal life as an Ascended Being in the Upper Triad, and upon the people who she knew and interacted with in all areas of that life. These memories made her homesick for that life and her people.

Only recently did she resign herself to the fact that the job she came here to do has not yet been completed, so she called forth from her soul, the memories associated with being a Volunteer and the job she agreed to do. As this came forth, it all began to make more and more sense.


She began to realize that the wonderful life and loving people she left behind are still there where she left them, but they are not waiting for her return Home so much as they are, for now, encouraging her to engage her job consciously and see-it-through because it is a critical part of the mission.


It was when she remembered that her very presence on the planet is what is "doing the job".


She remembered that the job of assisting the planet's ascension couldn't succeed if she and most, or all, Volunteers withdraw from their presence off the planet. She then remembered that she "signed up for the duration", which means to remain on the planet until it has been ascended to its new Home in the Upper Triad.

Our point on this matter of contact is to clarify why you have not had any conscious interactions with those people you left behind. We do regret that it has had to be that way, but now you understand why.

Yet, things on the larger scale are now reaching a point where that will change in your near future. As we discussed previously, as the planet ascends to higher levels of frequency and becomes less dense, it gradually meets up with the level of frequency that our lightships are vibrating at, which is just beyond the detections of your most sophisticated instruments.


The minds of our Volunteers, and Terrans who are ascending, will be detecting them far sooner than will their eyes.

Non-ascending Terrans will not be detecting our lightships and will not be encountering us, but will be encountering ships and Beings that we refer to as extraterrestrials, who still exist within the Lower Triad of life. We discussed this somewhat in session 3, but we want to clarify here that we are not members of the extraterrestrial communities or societies, as has been the common definition and description of such on your planet.

We refer to ourselves as Ascended Beings, not as some position of rank in a divine hierarchy - that is Lower Triad thinking! - nor or as a cosmic status symbol - that is Lower Triad thinking too - but because that simply described what we are.


As Ascended Beings we have already evolved out of and beyond the Lower Triad, which is why we are not part of the extraterrestrial societies or communities or federations and such, that are hanging around your planet, and some already in your planet.

These are the ones who non-ascending Terrans are and will continue to see and encounter on an increasing basis, because the opposite experience holds true for them as for our Volunteers and Terrans who are ascending, to where all non-ascending Beings throughout all of the Lower Triad, and there are many, mind you, countless numbers who are not ascending, are migrating with one another in lock-step-fashion toward the new universe, so that as the Lower Triad looses density and folds up - opposite to what is occurring to the ascending planet and its ascending Terrans - then these extraterrestrials ships will be increasingly seen and their occupants will be increasingly encountered by all non-ascending Terrans because they are a lock-step vibrational match with one another.

So, we want you to understand the disclosure and contact will occur relative to which direction you are going in your life - into ascending with the planet, or migrating into the new universe. It is this self-chosen direction that determines which kind of experience you will have.

Now, we warn you, do not expect any disclosure about us from your media.


Your negative factions know we are here, but they are keeping that fact to themselves, and rightly so because our presence here has purpose only for the select group of ascending Terrans and our Volunteers, just as the extraterrestrial presence has purpose only for the select group of non-ascending Terrans.

Keeping all of this in mind, call forth from your soul, the understanding of the difference and you shall not be led astray into thinking-like-a-Terran who is expecting something very different to occur.



Per our session, which you have numbered as 3, we wish to impart further clarity regarding who you are as Ascended Beings having taken on the role of mission Volunteers.

We want you to understand that there is another level of Volunteers who are on your planet also, and it is imperative that you learn to discern which one you are part of.

First of all, we discussed in session 3 the fact that as Ascended Beings you had already resolved all issues in prior lifetimes that you engaged while existing in the Lower Triad. In order to ascend beyond the Lower Triad you must resolve all issues and have absolutely no attachments to any situation, to any thing, or to anyone that exists in the Lower Triad.

Just before your personal ascension out of and beyond the Lower Triad, you had reached a place in yourself where you were completely fulfilled with all that could be offered to you through your immersion in the Lower Triad circumstances.


Upon your last lifetime on your particular planet, you had no further desire to put yourself into a new or different situation, or even to continue in the one which you were currently immersed in, for you had come to understand clearly that it is all designed to stimulate personal evolution through an immersion into duality.

You came to understand that the Lower Triad is based upon the natural principles of polarized opposites, and that whatever life-situation you immersed yourself in, in whatever lifetime of experience, of past, present or potential future lifetimes, you knew that all of your life-situations would be based in patterns of duality that you would have to deal with over and over and over again - different faces, different places, different times, different circumstances, different stage props, so to speak - but all of it always couched in the same patterns of duality of right/wrong, good/bad, superior/inferior, divine/evil, love/hate, peace/conflict, have/have-not, and so on.

You knew that another lifetime in the framework of the Lower Triad would offer you nothing beyond duality in which to continue your evolution. You had reached a point in yourself where you knew you had experienced all of those patterns of duality, and that you had come to terms with all of it within yourself; you came to understand it all and reached a point of peace with it all within yourself.

Upon this examination, you then realized that the kind of life offered in the Lower Triad no longer offered any further stimulation for further evolution of yourself. You had come to the end of this road, so to speak.


Consequently you understood there was no other option but to move on from the Lower Triad's School of Hard Knocks, so to speak.

So, you ascended out of the vibrational field of the Lower Triad and entered into the vibrational field of the Upper Triad where the kind of life there offers new stimulation for continued evolution, except that in the Upper Triad the type of stimulation is free of all patterns of duality. Evolution in the Upper Triad is stimulated by patterns of creative curiosity.

Now, there is that pattern in the Lower Triad also, but to a limited degree and to a degree where the opposite of that which has been created is destroyed by an opposite force. So in the Lower Triad that which is created has a limited life span, if you will. You have a saying that "Nothing lasts forever", and that is true in the Lower Triad.

But in the Upper Triad that principle of opposites simply does not apply because it does not exist there. There is nothing opposing the life of anything that is created, as we have already discussed in previous sessions.

So, you ascended beyond the Lower Triad and entered the Upper Triad where you would continue your evolution based upon a whole new framework of existence. Once you entered the Upper Triad, you were absolutely free of any and all issues, desires and attachments of all your former existences in the Lower Triad.


You were indeed "set free" as your scripts say.

So, for what you would consider a very long time, you lived your life in the Upper Triad as an Ascended Being, for you are indeed a Being who had ascended out of the Lower Triad. So the term applies as a means of describing your life, what you have done. It is not a term of rank or status.

So, living as an Ascended Being in the Upper Triad, you had no hang-ups or issues about anything you ever did or encountered. You were beyond all of that, and such things simply do not exist there to be done or encountered. You were immersed in your creative endeavors and enjoying it immensely.

Then you heard the call to join a cosmic effort to assist the ascension of many Lower Triad planets in order bring them into the Upper Triad. This effort is the mission you signed up for as a Volunteer. So now you were an Ascended Being engaging the role of mission Volunteer.

While in the Upper Triad, before you came here, you were all briefed thoroughly on the mission objective, and on your duties as a Volunteer of it. All who applied, with the expectation of joining the mission had the right to back out of it at the last minute if they so chose to.


Some did back out, most didn't. And of those who did back out, they were not looked upon as having failed nor any such attitudes of duality placed against them for behavior that does not exist in the Upper Triad. They simply continued with their lives as usual, just as honored and respected and loved as ever.

Those of you who chose to join the mission are those of you who are here on this planet, while there are Volunteers on other planets that are being ascended as well.

When all of you incarnated into your respective lives on your respective planets, you did so with absolutely no former lifetime hang-ups or issues or attachments. You entered back into the Lower Triad with, shall we say, a clean slate in the soul. You had no, what you call, karma.

So, you came into your life here on this planet and, as we discussed in session 3, you were indoctrinated into the Terran mindsets of belief systems, attitudes, concepts, focuses of attention on some things and not others, so you began to think and behave just like them. You adopted their ways and you walked their walk, talked their talk.

As you adopted their concepts about life and who you must be according to that, you created for yourselves misidentifications of who you are and why you are here. You adopted their concepts that are supposed to justify certain behaviors of conduct and specific conditions of body.

You need to know that of those Volunteers who believe you are homosexual or walk-ins or in any other such manner of mind, body and soul disturbances, you are not, not if you are a Volunteer from the Upper Triad. You cannot be both, and we must be clear about this matter.

No Ascended Being Volunteer came into their life here with duties that put you into such circumstances, nor would such duties even allow for it. No Ascended Being would allow themselves to be placed into such states of being that would regress them from where they had already evolved to - which is beyond all of that.

The only way you could possibly be a Volunteer and be in such states of mind, body and soul at the same time is if you are a volunteer for a group of extraterrestrials who exist within the Lower Triad, for even those Beings still exist within the natural principle framework of the Lower Triad and thus are still evolving through the patterns of duality.

We wish you to understand that there are some such Volunteers here who are members of Lower Triad-based extraterrestrial groups, societies, communities, federations, and so on. These Beings do exist and some of their Volunteers are here on this planet.

These Volunteers are not Ascended Beings but are still evolving through the patterns of duality within the Lower Triad, just as are the extraterrestrial Beings with whom they are associated.


These extraterrestrial-originating Volunteers will find themselves embracing some of the concepts and ways of life of the native Terran and, to them, the concepts and ways that they have accepted for themselves feels rather typical. They are not at odds with it within themselves.

Lower Triad-based extraterrestrial Volunteers may find themselves vibrationally relating to certain Terran concepts and ways of life and states of being. They often incarnate with what you call karmic issues, past life hang-ups, with attachments to certain things, substances, people and certain types of circumstances.


This provides for them the format in mind, body and soul to be transvestites, to be homosexual, to be walk-ins, and so on, even as Volunteers for their extraterrestrial people. The consciousness and energy for those states of being is always relative to the natural principles in opposites governing the Lower Triad.


And in that, there is nothing wrong.

The information that you hear, watch, read and so on, regarding ascension and life elsewhere, the people who claim to be Volunteers delivering that information are for the most part Terran incarnated members of extraterrestrial groups who are on various missions throughout the Lower Triad universe and its sub-dimensions therein. There are more extraterrestrial Volunteers on this planet than there are Ascended Being Volunteers.

If you feel very strongly that you are a Volunteer yet are also to any degree transvestite, homosexual, walk-in, and so on, then you are a soul who has not yet ascended, but one who is a highly valued Volunteer for their extraterrestrial group. If you feel an affinity to a particular extraterrestrial race and you closely identify with them, then you are an extraterrestrial Volunteer.


And regardless of whether you are any of these things or not, being an extraterrestrial Volunteer is wonderful because you are here on important assignments particular to your people's mission objectives. They need you here doing your given assignment, and to fulfill it to the best of your ability.


But in order to do that you need to recognize and accept who you are as such.

If you know that you are an Ascended Being who is here as a Volunteer from the Upper Triad, for the reasons already mentioned you will not be transvestite, or homosexual, or walk-ins, nor will you have any tendencies that you might be that way.


These manners of being are not part of the soul memory of an Ascended Being, nor would the soul of an Ascended Being lead you into being or accepting those forms of being as part of your Volunteer life.


If you know you are an Ascended Being Volunteer, but one who has presumed, through Terran-conditioned misidentification with these classifications defining who thought you were, and if you have no problem recognizing and accepting the fact that you are not those things after all, and if you feel no hesitancy whatsoever with letting go of those mistaken-identities, then the transition from your misidentity to your true identity will be immediate, easy and joyous.

So, we want you to understand the difference between Volunteers who are Ascended Beings, and volunteers who are extraterrestrials. With this information providing you the knowledge by which to know the difference between the two, you can then readily recognize which level of Volunteer you are actually part of.

And we want you to know that whichever level of Volunteer you are part of, it is all equally good for all of it is accomplishing things that need to play out here in the Lower Triad for the purpose of soul evolution.


One is not better, superior, nor more divine than the other for they each exist in-and-of-themselves for evenly balanced purposeful good.

So do be honest with your assessment of which level of Volunteer you are part of, for once you do that then you can dedicate yourselves fully to the work you are here to do, in the way that you need to do it, and to associating yourself with the particular group of Beings that you are part of.

We hope this has clarified the matter for you. That is all for now.

I am An T'na of the Intergalactic Board of Council

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