Session 4

Shifting From Stage 1 to Stage 2, Then Stage 3 & 4
Disclosure Work Initiates Contact Event
Ascension of the Planet
Timing of Ascension
Death Process is Changing for Ascending Souls and Volunteers
Positive Effects of the Contact Event
Timing of Contact Event
Focus on Your Ascension Reality
Increased Releasing of Soul Memory
The Trick to Manifesting What You Want

C/D = session facilitators

A = An T'na

A: Good evening. It is good to be here with you again. We have something that we wish to address concerning our sessions. It is concerning the manner in which we are doing our communiqués.

We have set up these communications in stages. These sessions, up until this one, have been what we refer to as "Stage 1" of these communications. Stage 1 has been done using our oracle as the voice for vocalizing the information that we are presenting to you, to all Volunteers, and to all those who are ascending.


This form of communication, which you call channeling, and the way that we have been going about it together as a group, has been for the purpose of, shall we say, getting the ball rolling for presenting these communications publicly.

We have reached a point now where we are satisfied that enough information has been imparted which can be put on your public sources. More information will be forthcoming over time.

As Stage 1 progressed in a channeled manner, we are now shifting the manner in which our communications are imparted. In other words, our oracle will begin to communicate the information by the use of what our oracle calls psychography. We will be conveying it through her in a setting where this information will come forth from us and flow through her as she enters it directly into her computer.

Now, our purpose for shifting away from the vocally channeled manner of these sessions, to doing it through psychography is because this will save time for our oracle from having to transcribe the channeled information that has been recorded, so that she can spend more time focusing on receiving additional information. This will save much time.

Beginning with Session 5 we are shifting from Stage 1 of facilitated vocally channeled information to Stage 2 of psychography. Gesanna is exceptionally experienced in this manner of interdimensional conveyance.

Stage 3 will consist of initial preparations being made for the start of the formation of core teams of Volunteers who will lead groups of people in the necessary endeavor of public education of all-things-extraterrestrial. This stage is the beginning of our work taking on physical form of action, circumstances and events that compose the educational work to be done, first locally then globally.

This work leads into the initializing of Stage 4. Stage 4 is dependent upon Stage 3 being accomplished successfully because Stage 3 is the point in time where the people of Terra show their desire and readiness for Stage 4 to occur because Stage 4 is connected with Ascended Beings making contact with all ascending souls and our Volunteers.


At this stage, contact will be done through unconcealed, open affairs.

D: Is your descriptions of the stages related to the blueprint that you originally talked about, meaning all of this information, or is this different? We talked about the blueprint for the body, but I got the feeling that the blueprint was more than just the body; that there's more to it than that.

A: What you are asking about has many levels to it. There is a personal blueprint. There is a biological blueprint of your body. There is a blueprint of your life although that blueprint is very generalized because you have free will.


There is a blueprint on a very large scale, on a universal scale of what is transpiring. If you would like to say that we have a blueprint for the ascension event that we are assisting with, then we could call that a "blueprint".

C: What about if we're choosing to create something…can we create a blueprint for that so that it comes in quickly?

A: Yes. You can create a blueprint for anything that you would like to bring forth into your life. The more clear you are on what the blueprint contains then the more specific are the things that you will receive relative to that blueprint.

So, we will be presenting our information in the manner we just described. If you want to call it a sort of blueprint, or a schematic, then that is fine.

We advise you, though, when receiving comments or questions from the readers, that there be no attention given to negative comments or questions that are aimed at being rude or destructive.

D: Are we going to be doing a sort of course for people in the future, like a weekend course, or something?

A: For the moment, precisely what all of this may lead to in the future is open-ended. That would depend upon those who are relating to what we are presenting for their benefit, and dependent as well as what they are wanting or requesting. So we will leave that as an open-ended potential.

C: Are you up for teaching, An T'na? You seem to be the one that's most qualified.

A: What you are asking has overlapping ideas to it. Let us be clear that there is a difference between our oracle conveying to you our information, and I myself (as An T'na) teaching classes.


Again, this matter depends upon how all of this work unfolds because much of that is dependent upon all of you to make it happen for you, or not, as you so choose to experience your lives. In other words, if you accomplish Stage 3 then we will set Stage 4 in motion.

During Stage 3, when our core teams have established teachers to educate the public about all-things-extraterrestrial-extradimensional, we could have our oracle be present for channelings during public gatherings.

Understand that this is not the same as classes being taught personally by me. This is not part of the plan of Stage 3 because Stage 4 involves many Ascended Beings coming in physically to your planet to assist your work, not take it over for you. You see?

Stage 4 will include more than just education, and this subject will be discussed at a later time.

But, it is our foreseen awareness that Stage 3 is going to develop very quickly on this planet into a particular circumstance where, shall we say, an education is going to be "asked for" or demanded by the public… not by your officialdom, but by your people. This education will be based in the subject matter of disclosure and contact.

We shall speak a bit more about Stage 3 now for this is where you are quickly heading.

We have previously discussed the fact that there are basically 2 types of Beings who will be making contact with the people of this planet.

To reiterate, first of all: There will be those Beings who we refer to as Lower Triad extraterrestrials. They are the ones who are making contact with Terran souls who are not evolving beyond the Lower Triad. They may be evolving within the Lower Triad to higher levels of understanding, and to higher levels of awareness within the Lower Triad, but they are not evolving yet beyond the Lower Triad.


Please understand the difference of that which we are speaking about here.


Of these particular types of Beings, there are extraterrestrials who will provide beneficial educational information to those souls who are not ascending but who still have more information to gain through their experiences within the Lower Triad. Both parties will benefit mutually from this kind of contact event, as they will resonate eagerly with one another's exchange of information.

And then there is the group of Beings who have already ascended, who are of, and coming here from, the Upper Triad. These are the ones who will be making contact with our Volunteers and with all souls who are ascending beyond the Lower Triad.


These Ascending Souls need educational information about the Upper Triad, which our Volunteers can also provide once they remember who they truly are, and once they remember what life is like in the Upper Triad. You must remember that Ascending Souls have never been there before so this soul journey is totally new for them.

As for the Intergalactic Board of Council, our contact with ascending souls is to help familiarize them with the many and various Beings of whom they will be coming in contact with prior to and once they are living in the Upper Triad. During the coming contact period, they will become increasingly more educated about what life is like in the Upper Triad. It will be sort of like a "prep school", if you will, for these ascending souls.

Now, our Volunteers could also use some prepping for remembering who they truly are as Ascended Being Volunteers.

Accordingly, our coming contact event with you will serve both groups - the ascending souls and our ascended Volunteers. For our Volunteers it will be a remembering; for ascending souls it will be an education, helping them to understand where it is that they are going. It is information that they will innately resonate with and be drawn to receiving.

Now, of the souls who are not ascending; when they make contact with the Lower Triad extraterrestrials, and they will be mutually drawn to one another as well, they will be doing so for reasons other than ascension, reasons that have to do with life that is relative to their continued evolution within the Lower Triad.

Because ascending souls are moving away from the Lower Triad, the information that will be coming forth from contact with Lower Triad extraterrestrials will be of no use to them because they are moving out of the ways of life as it is lived within the Lower Triad, meaning, in other words, of what use is such information when you have already gained all there is to gain from the understanding that such information offers?

While there is extraterrestrial contact occurring for non-ascending souls, the nature of that contact and the nature of the content of the information they receive, will be very different from the nature of contact and information that Ascending Souls and our Volunteers will be having.

Hence, there is a distinction with this matter that we wish you to become clear about. It is important that you remember that there is a difference so that when contact does occur, that you are be able to discern who is contacting which group of Terrans on this planet.

We impart this information within the context of your question because the information that will be coming forth through our communiqués has everything to do with educating ascending souls, regarding who they are and where they are going.

On the other hand, it will not benefit them to have information about what wars are or were going on in this galaxy with that other galaxy over there, or who the players are or were in those events, or other events of, say, space exploration that may be going on within the Lower Triad.


Those events, historical and current, belong to the souls who are remaining in the Lower Triad because that information benefits their evolution until they are ready to move out of the Lower Triad. You see?

We want you to understand that there are two distinct groups of contact that will be made by two distinct types of Beings, which is relative to the two distinct groups of Terrans that each group will be contacting.

C: How many earth years do you think there are left before this planet ascends?

A: As we have said before, it is a matter of the timing of the natural processes themselves, and how quickly that transpires. It will occur in your lifetime, and that's the best timing we can actually put on this because there's so much that interplays that has to fall into place to bring all of this about.


And you are part of that interplay because, again, as we have said before, the process can be enhanced and accelerated by our Volunteers who are here on the planet, and by Ascending Souls, by having conscious, deliberate participation in infusing the light into the planet.

C: Like what we call "collective consciousness"?

A: Yes. Doing it collectively is good. Doing it consciously and deliberately on your own is still very helpful. When you're doing it as a group, it's more impactful, but this does not necessitate any formal gathering of minds or bodies.


As more and more Volunteers remember who they are, and as more and more Ascending Souls understand who they are, you come together in a naturally induced common consciousness, a common awareness of what is going on, which intensifies the energy that is being anchored into the planet, causing it to accelerate the ascension processes of the planet.

Now we wish to point out that in your visions of the planet shifting into the Upper Triad, that you understand the planet is actually going nowhere in space-time. It's not moving up, it's not moving anywhere directionally.

This is very difficult to describe in your words. It is transcending itself into a higher frequency, vibrating at a higher frequency, yet it is going nowhere in space or time while it is doing this. It is transfiguring from one dimension and density into another.

As the planet is vibrating at a higher rate of speed, the 3rd density environment in which the planet has existed since its conception begins to shift beyond its 3rd dimensional environment within the Lower Triad, to being that of a 5th dimensional density within the Upper Triad, relative to the energies that exist there. Yet the planet has gone nowhere directionally in space or time.

Upon entering the 5th dimension, the planet remains in a state of physicality, albeit a 5th density one.


For those who are ascending along with the planet, it is as if your ability to interact with the planet and all of nature remains the same as you currently experience it. You don't notice a difference in the tactility between you and the planet because both are ascending the frequencies synergistically.

Here is part of what is happening with this ascension process: When a Being is ascending, and if they pass away before the planet has completed its ascension, such as our oracles beloved cats, with the planet ascending into higher states of frequencies, life as you've known it has already shifted beyond the point of frequency where the process of death used to be experienced.


As the planet is moving further away from that frequency of the death experience, all of nature and ascending souls have begun to shift so that you are no longer having the same processes once the body has died.

Now, please understand that this is not occurring for those souls who are not ascending. The reason for this has everything to do with meta-quantum physics, as we have previously explained in a very simplified manner.

Non-ascending souls are still connected to the same frequency wherein death has been experienced all along. Because they are not ascending, they will continue to experience death through the same processes that have existed all along for them, although we wish to clarify that what you have been told about death is not entirely true.


You have made, and been given, false assumptions about it.

A lot of Terrans are beginning to realize that there is far more that lies beyond the typical death experience than they have been told about it. Advances in this area are serving their awakening, however slow and gradual it may be.

What we are getting at here is that once the person or creature has died, the soul then made its transition from its 3rd density state to a 2nd density state, which has a less complex scaffolding. As it does so, the soul goes through what you call the tunnel of light; in other words, it is seeing a more ethereal form and moves toward that light.


The soul moves into what you call the zone of death, or the death zone, where deceased souls continue existing, so to speak, in a manner that is relative to that level or kind of existence. It is here where sentient souls prepare for future lifetimes.

In that zone there are meetings with mentors who help prepare the soul for its next lifetime. But you must understand that this does not apply to nature since nature does not reincarnate, regardless of how popular that idea is, because nature has no conscious self-will that creates karma or such concepts that impels it to require a step backward into a former state of existence.

Nature is constantly moving forward in its evolution. It does not stagnate. It does not repeat itself. Nature is on a path that innately conveys itself forward, possessing no opposing sense that it could, should, or would even want to do otherwise. That is how and why the planet itself is always ascending.


The planet, which includes all of nature, has reached a point in its ascension process that is conveying it out of the Lower Triad and into the Upper Triad. You see?

Now, the death process that you have been familiar with even if in a limited sense, is what has been happening for everyone and everything that dies. But this no longer applies all across the board, as you would say.

What is happening for the planet, for nature, for ascending souls, and, of course, all of you Volunteers is that you've moved away from that process. Because the frequency that you are ascending into is higher and less dense, you are moving more away from the death zone and more into what we would call the "forever life zone".

Remember, this does not apply to non-ascending souls who possess self-will to resist ascension so that they can continue their evolution within the framework of the Lower Triad. This same option applied to all of us in every lifetime up until the one where we finally chose to ascend. So don't knock 'em for it, so to speak.

Therefore in-lieu of all of this, the new death experience for nature and ascending souls is no longer the same as it has been. They are no longer going through a tunnel of light. They are no longer ending up in the death zone. They have already entered into what we call the frequencies of the higher ascended realm.


They are already entering it because the planet is already partially entered into that forever life zone. It has not completely ascended yet, but it is enough of the way there that it has moved beyond the frequency-clutches of the death zone. We hope you are understanding this.

This does not mean that the death zone itself no longer exists, for it still does but only for the non-ascending souls. It is an ethereal place that is being held intact by the non-ascending souls who are not ready to evolve beyond the concept of who they are.

Our oracle has been experiencing her cat who, as she likes to say, lost atomic density, so that he is still around her, not because he hasn't transitioned into the death zone but because he entered the forever life zone.


Consequently he hasn't gone anywhere because there is nowhere for nature and ascending souls to go now because the planet is ascending more and more into the forever life zone.

D: So where there used to be a sort of veil that separated us, that's becoming very thin, or non-existent?

A: Yes, but only for the planet, for nature and all who are ascending.


The veil is still very much intact for non-ascending souls because they believe that this is part of who they are, how they are, what life is like for them. For them the death zone is still part of their experience where they will still go through the tunnel to the light, and so on.

For you, on the other hand, the more that the planet ascends in frequency, the thinner this veil becomes until you reach the point where there is no longer any sense of separation at all. Your physical body, then, has become its ideal blueprint to where it sees and interacts with all life that exists in the Upper Triad.

Even the plants and animals and all of nature that has passed on in the past, because they do not reincarnate they themselves will become increasingly more interactable with you, such as your pets and your other creatures that have died. All of nature remains in the flow of ascension.

Souls who have already passed on, who are on the path of ascension, even if it they passed on in the past, these souls are ascending with the planet also. You will be rejoining them in the Upper Triad.

Now, if you're experiencing non-ascending souls who are not on the path of ascension, and you're experiencing their presence, then those are the ones who have not yet made their transition through the tunnel to the death zone. They may be stuck here, and need to be released and moved on.

But for Ascending Souls who pass on before the planet ascends, they are, shall we say, very busy going to school.

For instance, her mother visited our oracle soon after she passed away. Our oracle was surprised to see her mother, in her room at night. Our oracle asked her what she was doing there.


Her mother said,

"I am supposed to be in class, at the School For Masters, but I wanted to come and check in on you instead".

Our oracle said,

"Well, I'm glad to see you, but I think you better go back to school because it sounds important".

And so, her mother, satisfied that her daughter was doing OK, left and went back to her class.

From this experience our oracle learned that even though her mother had passed on, she is on the path of ascension. She is taking classes, so to speak, that contain the same information that we are presenting to all ascending souls on this planet.


She's simply in a school for Ascending Souls who "lost atomic density", so to speak, to have fun with you.

So yes, you will be coming across souls who have been on the path of ascension, who have been deceased. You will be coming across your former pets, and even plants that you may have had affections for, all of nature.

These communiqués of information that we are sharing is designed to help our Volunteers remember, and ascending souls to understand, the ascension process you are undergoing, to understand who you truly are, and to understand who it is that you will be encountering as the ascension progresses forward. It is to bring forth clarity.


That is what we have been doing ever since we began giving these communiqués of information.

For now, do you have any questions that you would like to ask of us?

C: Could you tell us if the ascension process is being "synchronized" with or hinges upon on the complete breakdown of our government?

A: No. It doesn't hinge upon humanity at all, or what Terrans choose to do or not do. It hinges solely upon the fact the planet itself is an entity and it is ready to ascend, regardless of what its occupants decide to do.

C: Do you have a general idea, whether it's 10 earth years or 5 earth years, or when ascension will occur?

A: We have said before that it will occur within your lifetime. But to be more specific about the matter, we have to say that this is an overlapping question.

The fact is that there is the ascension of the universe that is occurring, there is the ascension of entities, and there is the ascension of stars, planets, nature and so on. Each of these ascension events has a different timing of the processes necessary for each to ascend.

If you are asking relative to your own ascension, then, speaking unto all our Volunteers regarding this matter, you each have two answers, both of which are determined by how you choose to experience your personal life. Neither choice is set in stone.

One choice you have is that upon the death of your Terran embodiments you will ascend back to your place and body of origin in the Upper Triad. While this choice of physical death is not what we have in mind for our Volunteers to experience, you do have free will in the matter. This ascension-upon-death will definitely occur within your lifetime on Terra.

As we have discussed previously, your other choice, and the one we prefer for you, is to ascend with this planet, but it is up to you to remain in your Terran embodiments long enough for the planet to make its ascension to the Upper Triad.

As for the timing of the planet's ascension, it depends upon natural factors of transformation that are beyond our control time-wise. We have said that the ascension of your planet is an experiment due to the fact that not only is the planet being ascended but it is being ascended along with its resident souls who themselves are ready to ascend.


The timing of this co-ascension venture is an unknown, so a precise time for its completion cannot be given.

This is why we said that only a tentative time could be given of up to a 20-25 year period. And we say that with reserve because there are so many variables involved and, of course, since it is being done through natural processes, nature knows no time aside from its own innate timing. And, as we said, you are part of the variables.

But we're not saying for you to hold that figure as a definite future date because what we prefer you to focus on is the fact that it is done now. The now is the timing of nature and its natural processes so you must work with its timing, not your sense of it. It is accomplished now, because that is the only way that anything ever gets accomplished is in the "now".

As we have said, the ascension of the planet is being quickened by the presence of our Volunteers on Terra. That much we can do. Ascended Beings are endeavoring to assist the planet's ascension as quickly as possible while at the same time not doing it before the ascending souls on your planet are themselves ready to ascend.

You see the complexity here?

By consciously sensing the planet already existing in the Upper Triad, seeing it already in its pure pristine state where there is no more 3rd dimensional manmade stuff and damage upon it, you deliberately accelerate the ascension itself. As we have said before, as you do this for the planet so you vicariously help quicken the pace of the ascending souls too. That much you can do.

So, the answer to the question, for all of our Volunteers, is that you have a choice and, per the choice of ascending with the planet, much of the timing hinges upon you remaining on the planet and seeing it Home now. This timing overflows to all ascending souls who are ready to go Home with you and the planet.

Thus, you see the complexity here as well?

Now, let us speak of how you can visualize your planet Home now the Upper Triad.

In the Upper Triad, your planet is the "ideal garden", if you will, that you would like it to be. It is a wondrous playground. It is a place to enjoy, to relax at. It is a place to experience things that you have not had the opportunity to experience because of your limited state of density in the Lower Triad.

By that, what we are saying is that once you are in the Upper Triad, you can go swim with the whales if you want to. You can fly with the birds. You can communicate directly with your pets and all of nature. There is nothing that you cannot do there, which includes everything that you have not been able to experience in the Lower Triad.


So there are a lot of things that you will be doing.

But all of our Volunteers were doing it before they came here to this planet because they were Ascended Beings prior to wearing 3D genes, and you still are Ascended Beings. You will do those things again once you return there.

You will resume your activities, as we call them, which you left behind when you came to this planet as a Volunteer. Those activities did not go away.


They did not stop. They're on-hold, waiting for you to pick up where you left off, if that is what you want to do once you return Home, as we call it.

C: A question I have is, I have noticed that some Volunteers seem to be angry once they have incarnated here. Why is that?

A: What you are observing is not anger but is coming from confusion. They come here and have their memories blocked. They know or sense that something is not right, meaning that something is very different. They cannot understand what it is and so it becomes frustrating.


We would not call it "anger". It is confusion in the mind generating frustration in the emotions.

D: We have also observed that when Volunteers are able to tap into their spiritual gifts, they would often be either punished or hushed, which also causes that confusion inside.

A: Yes. That kind of experience has been common amongst all our Volunteers after they came into their Terran family situations because your soul memory of those higher abilities are trying to come forward.


Those who were around you, who were your family, friends, your teachers, did not understand it so, to them, what you were doing was fearful, frightening. They tried to silence you, but you simply learned to keep your abilities to yourselves.

None of our Volunteers have lost their abilities. They may have been repressed back down into the soul, but they are still there.

In-lieu of that, we want you to understand that our presentation of this information will help release soul memories to our Volunteers who need to remember, and impart essential knowledge to ascending souls who need to educate.

Part of what Stage 4 hinges upon Stage 3 of you helping educate the public about the forthcoming contact events. When contact with Ascended Beings happens for our Volunteers you will know who is contacting you because you will remember having already known them. Once that event occurs then your soul memories will come forth more and more quickly.

For ascending souls, contact with us will quicken their ascension process because they will be able to increasingly comprehend the information that they are being given. Their awareness will expand much more quickly.

So, there is a specific purpose for these communiqués and the information that is advancing forward to you in the form of preparing all of you for what is yet to come.

Now, we can confidently say he contact event will definitely occur well before the 20 years time that we gave you earlier.


Contact is on your doorstep and, in fact, it's a matter of little time before it knocks the door down, literally, even though those who are in charge on your planet do not want that to happen.


But it's going to happen.

D: Do we have to be careful about having contact, because the government is coming down hard on such things? Do we have to be aware of what they're doing?

A: No.


For our Volunteers and ascending souls we would like you to understand that the more you focus on them and what they're doing, the more worry and fear you generate within yourself. The stronger or greater is your fear of them, the quicker and more certainly you draw them to you. It's a relative universe, remember.

For another thing, what they are doing is for their own evolutionary purposes, which we shall go into another time.

D: As the ascension process gets stronger, we're pulling away from all that other stuff?

A: Exactly.


But there's a catch here: the more attention you give to that other stuff, the more you hang on to it so that it's like creating an umbilical cord, or, if you will, hooking a bungee cord into it so that on the one hand you're trying to pull away from it as the planet ascends, but on the other hand you're being pulled right back to it by your focus upon what is being done those who aren't ascending.


Your attention to it is anchoring you to the circumstances you say you want to leave behind.

D: So the information that we need to get out there to the public is for them to let go of all this fear and all of this political stuff, and to move on from it?

A: Only to ascending souls and you Volunteers, but not to those who are not ascending.

You see, we want you to understand and remember that for souls who are not ascending all of that other stuff is their reality, and it is your job to lovingly allow them to have it as their lessons in personal evolution because it what is assisting them to migrate to their next step of experience in the new universe. We shall speak of this more later.

Now regarding ascending souls, they are the ones who you need to help understand that the circumstances that non-ascending souls are going through is not a part of the world that you and ascending souls are going through.

You need to recognize the distinction between these two paths of evolution. You need to understand that at this time there are two very different realities superimposed upon one another.

Consequently, it is important that you identify which reality you belong to, and simply disregard the other one as being completely non-pertinent to you.

You see, non-ascending souls are already doing that for themselves. They are disregarding the reality wherein ascension is a occurring. To them ascension is non-existent. To them your personal ascension and that of the planet has no reality-base.

But you Volunteers and Ascending Souls are aware of both realities, and it is your job to recognize which one you belong to and dominantly focus upon it while allowing the other one to "just be".

Non-ascending souls are the ones who are all wrapped up in what's going on with politics, economics, what's going on in their neighbor's life, with sports, celebrity news, all that other stuff. They are the ones who are innately vibrationally attracted to those things because that is their point in the evolution of their soul.

It is your job to lovingly allow them to be there. It's their right to be there, focusing on all that stuff because it is a vibrational frequency that they are attuned to, and it is all a part of path that they need to be on in order to gain a greater understanding from it.

So, we cannot rightfully expect them to leave that path simply because we don't belong on it or we don't like it.

It is your job to be aware that it's going on in that other reality, but being aware that it is going on for them. It is not your job to entertain its rightness or wrongness for them.

Instead, acknowledge that it's going on, and acknowledge who it's going on for. By doing that you do not create an emotional attachment of fear within yourself for them.

Why would you do that to yourself, and to them when it is their experience for personal evolution?

It is your job to create an allowing of them to have that experience, however nasty or unpleasant it may seem for them. By doing that, then, you are emotionally disconnecting yourself from that other reality that you've grown beyond, and when you are disconnected from that reality then it cannot affect you in any significant way.


Only the ascension reality will affect you if that is the one that you claim as your one and only reality, despite the fact that both of them exist simultaneously.

Shift your attention to the ascension reality that is transpiring, and to all the wonderful and beautiful things that are happening with that experience, and you shall have them.


There are wonderful things that are occurring in your ascension reality. And, if you need to refocus your attention back into the ascension reality, you can go out into nature, or look at some of those wonderful things on your computer, such as going to your plant and animal websites and admire what's going on there.


Get creative with it.

For instance, our oracle made a wonderful slideshow on her computer of pictures of lovely, colorful tropical plants and creatures and scenery. She can let this slideshow run, staring at it until she feels better.

C: I have a question regarding the abilities of Volunteers to heal. Did we bring that in from soul knowledge, did we develop it after incarnating, or did we receive it from other Beings who have the same abilities?

A: Your healing abilities are all brought up from the soul level, as a memory, because all of you have already done those things before. And we're not talking about in this lifetime.


You did them in a lifetime before you even had ever ascended. You did not learn them after you ascended because there is no need in the Upper Triad for such abilities. In the Upper Triad, there is nothing negative held within the soul.


There is no psychosis or physical disorders of any kind. So, when you came to Terra on this mission, that information was released from your soul, so you are remembering it. It isn't something you just invented, and it isn't something given you by other Beings. It was something you learned to do in your pre-ascension lifetimes and then remembered in this one.

All of our Volunteers need to get used to the fact that you will have these releasings of soul memory coming forth more and more as the ascension process moves into higher and higher frequencies.

As we have discussed before, you will notice changes going on within your body, such as diet changes. You will notice that you will not be requiring as many prescription drugs, if you take any.


You will find yourself not needing as much of it. The same thing goes for vitamin supplements and such. Your body will have a feeling of "ugh" of consuming certain things or doing certain things. And it will fluctuate.


Your body will let you know what it needs. Your body is part of nature and since all of nature is ascending your body is naturally trying to ascend as well; and when your consciousness is ascending along with nature, thus your body, then you're in harmony, and you're in harmony with your soul. And that's when you come into the ideal blueprint for your body.

We have stated before, contrary to what you have heard otherwise, ascension is a painless and pleasant process when you are in harmony with its flow.

Pain and discomfort arises when, for one reason or another, you have tweaked yourself out of harmony with its flow. Harmony does not generate pain or discomfort. Any pain or discomfort you experience is the body's way of letting you know that your mind is no longer harmonized with the flow of the ascension process, meaning that you have moved back into the non-ascending reality.


Consequently, it means that you need to give attention to why or how you tweaked yourself, and then tweak yourself back into the flow where harmony generates comfort and rejuvenation once again.

The same goes for feeling pain or discomforts stemming from natural planetary activities. These activities are natural to the planet as it adjusts to its new 5th density scaffolding. If you are experiencing pain or discomfort relative to these natural planetary activities, then it is a sign that you need to relax into the flow of your new 5th density scaffolding as well.


It's all about being in harmony with the flow of ascension.

So, these are topics that we are discussing contribute to helping you remember your Ascended Being Volunteer status. And they help Ascending Souls who need such prep school education because they haven't done this before consequently what they're experiencing can be confusing to them.

Therefore it is our intention to bring forth clarity, as we have said from the beginning.

We wish to leave you with some wisdom that will help you manifest what you want more quickly.

You have been told by other spiritual educators on this matter to focus on what you want already being done, just as we discussed with seeing the ascension of the planet already done. Once you decide that there is no other reality but the one you want, that by so choosing that reality over all other possible or probable ones, all the other potentialities to the contrary simply vanish.


Consequently, there is only one reality left - the one you want. That one is the reality for you to focus on; to see it in your mind and feel it in your emotional state of being.

And, if necessary, dialog in a journal about it in order to somehow make it more real to yourself. There are many techniques and methods that you can use for creative visualization, as you call it. That will help.

But when you do these techniques the trick to success is to accept that the reality that you want as the only reality that exists. Once you do that, then you get rid of the opposites, the alternatives.

That kind of thinking, by the way, is what the Upper Triad is all about.

C & D: hmmm, that's right. That's a good thing to remember.

A: We have enjoyed our visit with you.

That is all for now.

I am An T'na, of the Intergalactic Board of Council

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