Session 5

Being and Living an Integrated Life



We are happy to continue imparting unto all Ascending Souls and our Volunteers information that clarifies the subject of immortality as you live your personal lives within the effects of that state of being.

In previous sessions, we brought forth clarity regarding the matter of ascension.


To recap, this is a process that is occurring on a universal scale. It is an event that is happening to you because you are an aspect of the universe that is ascending. As such, you cannot separate yourself from that which the universe is transpiring because it is within you and all around you.


In-lieu of that, you must be aware and understand what is transpiring in order to benefit from its flow to higher frequencies of existence. The more consciously in-tune you are with this flow, the grander will be your experience of it.

Now, that is what is occurring on the long-term scale of your lives. We shall now move more up-close and personal with information that clarifies how you can benefit from being consciously in the flow, thereby having a grander experience of it.

As a rule, your lives are lived in a manner that is highly artificial, meaning that most everything you do is for the purpose of keeping your bodies going long enough to "do your job", then be "retired" because your body has outlived its usefulness, and then dies. There is very little that you do that is not done for this singular purpose. That is why "time off", entertainment, vacations, are so welcomed by you.

Your leaders have created this manner of artificial life that keeps you focused upon the material side of existence because that is the aspect of life that most benefits them, not you. But it is not, in the least, a natural manner of existence. It is what we term "sophisticated enslavement".

You have been told that the 3rd dimension, which lies within the Lower Triad, is "the physical dimension", leading you to falsely assume that none of the other dimensions have physicality. We are here telling you that they do have physicality, as we have said in previous sessions.

In-lieu of that, you have been told that the spiritual realm exists apart from the physical realm, but we are here telling you that this notion is another deliberate spin on the reality of this dimension.

All dimensions have evolved to the point of having physicality and all are spiritual. The physical and the spiritual exist as an integrated whole on all dimensions. Before you became physical - which is initially accomplished upon the dimension you are currently dwelling in - you were spiritual, and upon becoming physical you added another component of frequencies to yourself which became integrated as a spiritually-physical and physically-spiritual Being.


You cannot separate the 2 until the body has died and you revert back to being spiritual.

Death is a curse inculcated upon you by your enslavers because immortality is not good for their slave business. They cannot have their slaves living long enough to figure out what their game is because if they did then their sinister game would be up. No one would play any more. Death is the greatest part of the artificial life you have been forced to accept as "reality".


Your enslavers did not invent death but they use it against you to their own advantage.

So, if you were to figure out how to become immortal, and if enough of you engaged it for yourselves, then your enslavers' game would be up. But by far, not enough of you on your planet are ready for that in any great numbers that would have such a desirable outcome for you as a species.

This means, then, that you Ascending Souls and our Volunteers must engage it for yourselves, as part of how you experience your personal Way Home, and to do it not to "save the planet" from the gloom and doom that the non-ascending souls have chosen to engage for themselves, but to do it for your personal experience.

Now, immortality comes as a side effect of those who are ascending and our Volunteers who have previously already ascended, yet you can deliberately engage biological immortality by realizing that the dimension in which you are residing has its own integrated spiritual and physical frequencies.


They are integrated within you right now, but you have been so busy focusing upon the material and physical frequencies that the spiritual ones have been, so to speak, "put on hold". They are there within you but they are dormant, latent energy waiting to be activated by you, by your integration of them.

And by this we mean not that you perceive your life in 2 distinct aspects, one aspect as spiritual and one aspect physical, but rather as an integrated whole. This is a new perception we are presenting to you with this clarification, but it is important that you "get it", to use your verbiage, if you are to integrate into your immortality.

Is integrating into your immortality something you must do in order to ascend? Absolutely not. But doing so beforehand will certainly improve, greatly, your quality of life, the condition of your experiences, which results in having joy during your time within your current dimension.

The fact is that this dimension you are in is no different from the other dimensions with regard to the basis of that which you can experience once you have shifted out of perceiving yourself as being a Terran-enslaved to being a Terran-immortal, for immortality exists on all dimensions, the dimensions of the Lower Triad being no exception. You simply have been led to believe "it aint so".


We are telling you "it is so". So, believe in this truth and this truth shall set you free from a life of enslavement, lifting you instead to a life lived in its frequencies that are natural to this dimension.

What we are asking you to do is to make a paradigm shift in your perception of life that this dimension has to offer you. You currently are not living that natural life, but are living the life that your enslavers have offered you, and we are telling you that there is a major, vast difference that you need to be aware of so you can "see clearly" how to set yourself free of the life you've been held captive to for eons.

The natural manner of existence upon each dimension is the same. Natural existence is based within the frequencies relative to each dimension, and when you are expressing yourself upon a particular dimension then you have direct access to those frequencies because you are those frequencies. You see?

You are the frequencies that compose the Lower Triad dimensions. You are all of them. This means, then, that you have absolute control over how to engage them for the design of your personal life.


Yet you cannot access them until you come to realize this as a fact, and you perceive that your physical life is your spiritual life and your spiritual life is your physical life - each being the same thing composed of different yet interactable frequencies. It only seems like the frequencies are distinct from one another, therefore you believe that they reside in you as 2 distinct aspects of your life.


But that is yet another lie you've been led to believe because it prevents you from being the integrated Being that you truly are. Integration is the key word here for you to comprehend.

Your enslavers have created and re-enforced the separation of spirit and flesh by giving you religion and your so-called new-age non-religious groups of "spirituality". All of these are designed to steer your perception of your spiritual aspect into being something distinct thus dissimilar from your physical aspect.


They emphasize religion and spirituality as being an important part of your life, so that the concepts contained within religion and spirituality function as a corporate business that they are expanding larger every day; conversely they emphasize your physical life as being important so that they bombard you with an onslaught of material stuff to be required and desired by you without end.


Thus they hold up before your eyes the idea that both aspects are so characteristically difference from one another, yet each important, all the while they keep creating the increasing dissimilarities of each aspect for the purpose of keeping you dis-integrated, because they know, be it consciously or subconsciously, that your integration of both means immortality for you which puts them out of the slave business.


You see how it works.

When you stop treating your life as if it has 2 distinct aspects to it, and treat it instead as it truly is - an integrated whole - then you will begin to experience many changes occurring within yourself and your life.

We share this clarification with you because it is, in-part, how you align your consciousness with your soul, your conscious identity of yourself with your soul's identity of you as an integrated Being.


It is your conscious misidentity believing that your physical and spiritual frequencies are distinct thus dissimilar from one another which, among other things we've already discussed, keeps you dis-integrated with your soul's awareness and beingness of full self-integration.

An analogy of this might be that of water and oil in the same bowl wherein although the 2 are always together they do not mix together - the one being distinct thus dissimilar from the other even though they exist together in the same bowl. This is what you have done to dis-integrate your frequencies.

Now, we use the analogy of music to show you how you are actually all frequencies integrated harmoniously together wherein, although each note is a frequency of its own, they blend together at the same time. This is the way your soul knows you to truly be. Discordant cords sound harsh and feel unharmonious but they still mix together.


There is nothing isolating one frequency from another.

To use another analogy, one of water and salt: Mix them together and they co-exist harmoniously as one entirely new state of being. Together the 2 substances have different attributes, behaviors, and qualities than they do separately. Together they can do things that cannot be done separately. This is how you are as a fully integrated Being.

As an integrated Being your life would be very different than it is currently. You would not be enslaved, so what do you think your life would be like then? You would no longer be enslaved to a job merely to keep the body going long enough to be of use to your enslavers, only to die in the end in spite of it all.


What would your life be like if you no longer did that? What would you do if you didn't have to do the same things that you have to do every day just so that your body can be used as the means by which your enslavers acquire their plethora of enjoyment for themselves, as they benefit from your hard work and your advances and your inventions and your need to be a consumer of the material stuff that in-turn keeps you trapped as their slaves who are feasting off of the life that you falsely assume you are living for yourselves?

Can you even conceive of what you would do with yourselves if your lives didn't have to be lived as a slave engaged in providing a good life for your enslavers?

Strip it all away and what do you have left? Can you conceive of it? We ask you to give this some thought for until you can conceive of it you cannot achieve the immortality that comes along with it.

We shall end this communiqué here for we wish you to give this some earnest thought. We also wish you to take time to perceive yourselves into the new paradigm that "heals" what you erroneously distinguished as your spiritual life and your physical life back into being an integrated whole - that you integrate the 2 aspects back into the 1 beautiful symphony that they truly are.


For when the 2 - physical and spirit - have become 1, then you shall enter into living that which has been termed "heaven on Earth" - in other words, you shall be and live life in its natural manner, as it is meant to be lived on this and all dimensions.

Thank you for your attention. That is all until next time.

I am An T'na of the Intergalactic Board of Council

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