Session 6

Take A Benign Approach

Greetings to All.


Regarding our communiqués, we are aware that some of you are having difficulty with so-called "non-believers" of ascension, of immortality, of many matters that are positive and good, and these negative-focused people are expressing unkind, and even crude, rude and harsh thoughts toward you.


This brief message is to bring forth clarity regarding what to do when you are encountered by reproachful comments regarding any of the matters that we have presented in our communiqués. We have addressed this subject to some degree in previous sessions, and herein we add a helpful suggestion for you.

When communicating with others, you can tell the difference from when someone attacks the truth and just wants to argue, and when someone sincerely desires to understand it further.

When the comments you come across present a case of attacking the truth, rather than having you defend the information that has become part of your own greater understanding as a truth that you are living, we prefer that you simply direct the attention of those unknowledgeable people to reading our communiqués for themselves, and then leave your response at that.


They will either take you up on it, or they won't. That choice is up to them. If they read it, they will either comprehend it or they won't, and that is up to their soul. In response to them, you need not "push their shove" any further than gently nudging them to do this.

The reason for you taking this benign approach with such people is that it releases you from feeling like you should go to the mats, if you will, and truth-wrestle with such people.


This compassionate approach will save you from expending your precious energy that is better used for more valuable purposes, such as assisting those who sincerely want to evolve their understanding to greater levels of truth, or perhaps for feeding the birds.

When conversing with people who simply want to argue rather than learn, you have a saying, "Save your breath to cool your broth".

Apply that bit of wisdom to what we are advising here, and you will engage the breath of your life much more productively.

That is all for now.

I am An T'na of the Intergalactic Board of Council

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