Session 10

Understanding Truth-Controllers - Why They Do It,
and Recognizing Hidden Truth.
An Announcement, and
A Special Message To A Special Group of Souls

An T'na: Greetings to All.


We are happy to speak to you once again.

We of the Intergalactic Board of Council wish to convey information regarding the abuse of truth, as is performed by a certain group of your leaders and their chosen minions who are strategically installed in your government and political seats of power, in your religious, education, health, social and media services, and so on.

On your planet, the abuse of truth is aimed at anyone who releases truth through the various sources of printed media as well as through the spoken word. We know that this group's main objective is to keep truth from you at all costs, as we discussed in a prior communiqué, stating that they will go to whatever lengths are necessary in order to insure that this clandestine order is carried out upon you all.

In a previous communiqué (see Session 6 for more on this matter), we discussed this matter briefly, regarding how to deal with it when it confronts you personally.


Now, in order that you have a broader understanding of this behavior that is confronting you, we present in this communiqué clarification regarding why they think and behave this way, and the motive isn't as shallow in purpose as you might presume it to be.

We have observed that it is a religious practice of your planetary controllers to ridicule those who speak truth, who put it forth in spoken word and published formats.


These honest upright people in your public forefront whom your controllers choose to focus on are systematically ridiculed in personality, as well as their helpful information being publicly debased by lies and bunk that is predetermined to steer the public's attention away from all truth.

Besides the truth regarding extraterrestrial life being highly controlled and censored, you're not even privy to fully disclosed truth in areas of science, history, biology, anthropology, archeology, medicine, religion, national and international politics, and so on. And you think you're no longer in the Dark Ages of your past era? Think again, people.

Our purpose for presenting you with these informative communiqués is to help you end your Dark Ages that has permeated all areas of your lives as what has been called a "truth embargo", by shining a big light of clarification into the murky abyss that your controllers are holding you in.

In a previous communiqué we stated that we gave you-the-people computers capable of providing you with a global connection through what you call the internet, and that this is to be used as an educational tool, so that you have a broad-sweeping means by which truth will be disseminated equally and quickly unto all of you.


At this time we are announcing the creation of our own website, designed for the purpose of making our communiqués more widely available to the public through your internet systems.


We are, therefore, acknowledging that the information we are imparting through these communiqués is truth and, being truth, we are herein helping you quell any negative fires that any truth-censorers and their minions may try to generate as a backlash against truth.

We wish to say to you-the-people: should you find any of our information denigrated and twisted into bunk of any type, understand that this kind of "outburst" made by truth-controllers is actually a tell-tale testament that what is being presented by us through our oracle functioning on our behalf as but a messenger, can indeed be construed as truth.

The reality on your planet is that unevolved souls, such as your controllers, do not make a fuss over those who present information that is non-relevant to truth so long as it falls within the boundaries of the agendas that they are unfolding at the time.


They do, however, make a clamorous noisy fuss over those who publicly step outside of their designated boundaries in order to present truth that is pertinent to your personal evolution and that of your species overall.

In-lieu of that as your so-called reality, we wish that you keep this fact in-mind when embracing our, and anyone else's information because it is important that you not only recognize truth when it is revealed to you but it is just as important to recognize when and why it is being hidden from you.

When you understand this, then through their fanatical behavior when heaped upon those who present truth, you can deduce from there what is truth, what information is bunk, or what information is merely mundane stuff, as you would say, that is deemed "safe" because it has no evolutionary effect upon your own Self-Realizing process.

Such safe information would amount to sports, celebrities, entertainment, censored news, censored academic education, religion, sharing recipes, home and garden improvement, benign chit-chat on your various electronic devices, and so on. These commonplace matters do not fall into the zone of endangering the status-quos of the agendas that your controllers endeavor to keep intact for you as their slaves.


Therefore, they feel no need to make a fuss over such people presenting agenda-safe information.

We wish you to understand that in most cases aggressive, harsh, relentless harassing words and behavior is one way for you to recognize that the information you are investigating or embracing unto yourself is based upon truth, and through that external action you can receive a fair degree of validation and confirmation regarding the matter of truth that is being bunked.


The other way to do so is through knowing how you personally feel about it. Your soul will let you know what is suitable with regard to the soul path that you are on.

Now, we wish to clarify something about those who have set themselves up as your truth-controllers.

When slandering and invalidating truth, these souls are doing what needs to be done in order to influence and guide their fellow migrating souls away from what has religiously been termed "going astray", which when interpreted correctly means redirecting their attention away from a particular path, such as the path of ascension, and we shall go into this matter later.

Information being specific to their respective paths of evolution, there is certain information that keeps the mind aligned with the soul's path of evolution, and there is information that does not. Your soul always resonates with information that endeavors to align your mind with your soul path.


When the mind strays off-course then through whatever means will work your soul will make every effort to influence your mind to shift back on-course so that you are focused on information that is relevant to your soul path.

This fact applies to all souls regardless of which soul path one is on.

In other words, the mind may stray but the soul never does. Your soul is your constant guide if you but listen to it. This same guidance-modality applies to all migrating souls as well as all ascending souls.


Do you assume that ascending souls are in some way more deserving or privy to guidance-modalities that are somehow superior or more holy than migrating souls? Of course you're not.


Once you understand what is transpiring in this universe and the forces by which it operates, then you have no need to think or believe that way; then you can get beyond your personal Dark Age that inwardly harasses you into perpetually harboring such bunk which for eons your controllers have inculcated upon you as so-called truth.

You are all on this learning curve whether you soul-journey upon your path to ascension or to the new universe.


As ascending souls, understand that the more attuned you are to your soul the more truth you recognize when it confronts you, and the less you end up straying off-course and having to make course corrections as a result later. You do this only because truth has been withheld from you, replaced with bunk and superstition.

We wish you to know that you all have that which is what you refer to as seen and unseen guides and mentors who inspire you, when necessary, to hear and heed the influences of your soul as it guides you from moment to moment on the path that is yours to soul-journey.


Know that ultimately it is your soul that determines the particular soul path that you must tread, not your mind.


Your mind is the information-processing function, a tool that the soul employs in order to generate the lessons that it requires for its own evolution. But your controllers have nearly severed the connection between mind and soul, so that you function too much out of the mind, relegating the soul to the back burner, so to speak, as something either to be feared or disregarded as unimportant.

But your mind-soul connection is your synergistic function that serves as a balanced internal environment. You should be living balanced in the internal environment of your mind-soul connection than the landscape of the mind that has come to be focused too much upon that which is external.


When you live in the environment of your internal balance, then when an external environment threatens to lead you astray, your soul will immediately call you back on-course, and sometimes your guides and mentors will help. They do not help all the time because they refuse to enable you to use them as a crutch to regularly get you through your own life experiences.

Perhaps now you realize why "going astray" has nothing to do with religion of any kind but everything to do with the nature of who and how you are, innately.

Now that being said, whether you are on the path of ascension or the path of migration, although the destructive and intrusive behavior of your controllers appears to be unacceptable or even evil to you, their behavior is serving an unseen purpose that is generated at the deeper level of all souls who are migrating toward the new universe.


What you as ascending souls are observing is but the superficial layer of what is transpiring at the soul level, where their inner guidance occurs with precise regard to the path that migrating souls have chosen to soul-journey.

Now, please understand that we do not condone their unhelpful words and behavior; we understand it relative to the purpose that it plays with regard to matters on the cosmic scale.

It is our intent therefore to clarify this matter to you in hopes that you understand its evolutionary dynamics so that you can move beyond your issues with all of this, because all of this has been forced upon you as a conditioning that does not benefit your soul-journey upon the path of ascension.


Issues of this matter are of vibratory frequencies relative to the field of consciousness and energy within the Lower Triad. If you hold on to these issues and the frequencies that they generate within you, you will hinder your progress of ascension by anchoring yourself to the Lower Triad. In order to ascend it is essential that you have no attachments to this matter whatsoever.


This is why we are endeavoring to get you beyond the programming that keeps you hooked into it.

We know that this information is a new perception, perspective, or paradigm for many of you, but if you will sit for a while and reason it through then you will receive greater understanding about it. So please do stay with us herein as we bring forth this clarity for your benefit.

Regarding your planetary controllers - who, remember, are migrating souls - although their internal mind-soul connection hangs by but a thin thread, they have physical and non-physical based guides and mentors who endeavor to keep them on-track to their soul's next evolutionary step in the new universe.

Likewise, as we said, for those of you who are ascending with this universe thus with your planet, you each have your physical and non-physical guides and mentors who provide you with inspirational assistance along your soul path to ascension. You are happy, and relieved to have this kind of assistance, are you not?

Just so, all migrating souls are just as happy and relieved about the assistance that they receive, although most of them have no conscious awareness about this assistance consequently their lives become much more confusing, difficult and unpleasant to experience due to a lot of going astray which compounds their own ignorance.


Yet, this entire mess is doing the necessary job of keeping migrating souls on-track to the new universe.

Once you understand the consciousness and energy dynamics that must play out on your planet in-particular in order for each group of souls - migrating and ascending - to remain oriented upon their proper soul paths, then all the dizzying craziness begins to make sense.


It is dizzyingly crazy because you have been kept in the Dark Ages with regard to how this transpires and why. It would not be at all confusing or difficult had you never been held back from truth.

Bearing that in-mind then, you who are ascending must not fault migrating souls for having the same kind of guidance-modalities that you have - albeit each of you having it steer you in two different directions.

You must not judge nor condemn truth-controllers as existing in any manner that is inappropriate for the needs of their fellow migrating souls because indeed they and their guides and mentors are all there on your planet just as appropriately as you and your guides and mentors are there on your planet with you, for your ascension needs.

You all are living in the time that you refer to as the Harvesting of Souls, meaning that it is the specific era in the evolution of the universe when each soul makes its final orientation upon its essential soul path, of which there are but two, remember: the path of soul-ascension within this universe, and the path of soul-migration to the new universe.


Each path has its guidance-modalities with relevant assistance and guides.

And while the controllers and all souls who are migrating have their place and purpose on your planet, you who are ascending and all our Ascended Volunteers need not take any concern over them and their purpose as migrating souls. It is your job to understand and lovingly allow them, while responding benignly to their harassment behaviors as we stated previously. (see * below)

The comprehension and acknowledgement of this wisdom is where you fall short in your understanding of how the evolutionary dynamics of the universal and planetary harvesting of souls, so to speak, actually works.


You know it only in a religious context and much of your so-called new age contexts as well.


But this truth is not a religious belief or act but is instead a very natural one in its genuine cosmic function; a fact that religious and a few new age teachings have twisted into psychological fanaticisms of right and wrong, good and evil, God and demon, heaven and hell. We wish to move you out of and beyond that Dark Age bunk.

Once you understand that there are two groups of souls on your planet moving not in opposite directions, to where one is good and the other is bad, but in different directions of equal value and cosmic necessity, then this understanding gets you off the hook of being hypocrites unto your fellow migrating sibling-souls who, in essence, require a similar evolutionary approach as do you but each toward a very different yet very essential direction, and each direction is an evolutionary imperative.


Once you comprehend that truth, then you've ascended that much more.

In other words, you have your ascension guides and mentors per your ascension objective, and they have theirs per their migration objective, and it's all as it should be. Once you comprehend that truth, then you've ascended that much more.

Our purpose with this message is to dowse any fires of animosity you may have toward your controllers for their unevolved words and behavior, to help you understand that when they attack those who present truth that it is helpful for you to use their negative behavior as a tool for ascension, as indicators that the information being presented is in-probability truth for you to look at.


For remember, we said that they do not make fusses over information they deem safe for their fellow migrating souls to be exposed to because that information will not contribute to leading them astray from their path of migration to the new universe. Again, once you comprehend that truth, then you've ascended that much more.

At each level of your evolution, you will incorporate more truth for it means that in the soul you are ready to live that particular truth. Accordingly, we are aware that not everyone will resonate with all the information we impart in our communiqués - some will, others will not - and that is perfectly fine, as it should be.

Because they have a different destiny to engage, for those who are migrating to the new universe the act of recognizing, embracing and living new and greater truth has, shall we say, been put on-hold as they evolutionarily coast their way toward the new universe.


Now you know why these migrating souls seem so stuck and stubborn with regard to knowing, being and doing "better".

The reason for this apparent evolutionary stagnation is because these migrating souls must remain within, not leave, the Lower Triad's field of consciousness and energy, because it is this particular field of polarized thought and quantum-soup-stuff of energy that encompasses the vital information and building-blocks that are critical for jump-starting into existence a whole new universe, to give it a "live birth" shall we say. It is therefore indispensable to the new universe that migrating souls remain within the Lower Triad by way of focusing attention on and living within the framework of what they currently know, believe and do.


The exception at this point would be in the increasingly uncommon case that a migrating soul awakens and joins the path of ascension. A few are, most are not, and there is good reason for it being this way. We shall discuss this matter in a later communiqué.

Once a soul has chosen to be a creator in the new universe, simply honor it and accept that your path of ascension is not their path of migration. Your expectations that they should do otherwise, that they should be more like you who knows, believes and behaves better, well-meaning though this desire for them may be, it is in-reality an unreal prospect for them.

So in contrast to what you may contrarily think and feel about your controllers and their guides and mentors, they are serving just as vital a purpose unto the creation processes that must occur within the forthcoming new universe, as do your guides and mentors for assisting the ascension of your planet along with the ascension of this universe itself.

We know that it is when your controllers cross over the lines of allowing and go into harassing those who speak forth truth that it bothers you because you see such acts as unjust and unfair treatment, which, from where you stand, it is. But when you remember what they are doing and why, then you can take it in diplomatically, impersonally, treating it as a sign rather than a sin unto migrating souls, influencing them to stay-the-course toward the new universe.

Conversely, when you who are ascending embrace the abrasive behavior of migrating souls as a sign that such-and-such information is based in truth as an indicator for you to stay-the-course of ascension; understanding that the same behavioral-message applies to both groups in two different directions, then you have ascended that much more so that you see right through all that dizzying craziness without ever having your buttons pushed, as you like to say.

As we stated in a previous communiqué, it is not that such higher, greater truth is forbidden unto migrating souls for indeed if such a soul has suddenly made an about-face in their acceptance of a truth, then that soul will "go astray" from the migration path in order to soul-journey the ascension path.


But at this last minute of the evolutionary timeframe most souls have already firmly oriented themselves on one path or the other.


At this point, few will change course. And that is as it needs to be, for good reason.

The intention here is that your embracement of this understanding will help remove the heat of reproach off of your hearts and minds so that you can see the signs for what they are trying to tell you.

We feel as if we are talking in circles around this matter, but it is a new perception for most of you and we want to present this understanding in various terms as clearly as possible to the many of you who are reading our communiqués for it is important that you get it so that you are neither thrown off course by such unevolved behavior, and that you know how to recognize truth that personally resonates with you in spite of what your controllers want you to believe to the contrary.

Now we wish to address the migrating souls who have set themselves up as planetary controllers, and their minions - all of you who might be reading our communiqués and positioning yourselves to issue forth harassment upon this or any other source of information presenting truth.

To you we say that we are very much aware of who you are, of what you do and why you do it. We understand it far more clearly than you do so we convey to you the proceeding clarification.

We know that it is not that you must go about guiding yourselves and your fellow migrating souls to the new universe through the use of corrosive attitudes and abusive behavior, for there are certainly much better, far more productive, efficient and self-satisfying ways to go about accomplishing the same objective.


But so far you have not been willing to "see" these better options.


And it is not that you cannot see them, but rather that you have chosen to employ a negative tact in spite of such methods being very difficult on yourselves as well as on those who you are fearfully herding, so to speak, toward the new universe.

This need not be a difficult nor unpleasant task for indeed we are aware of other planets of souls who are migrating to the same new universe as you, and they are doing so by way of engaging methods that assist the souls who are going there along with their migrating vanguards.

The result of them taking this supportive path to the new universe is that the souls who are trekking there through methods that are encouraging to one another, are far more prepared to participate in the creation of all things in your forthcoming new universe than are those souls, such as you on your planet, who's creative abilities have been thwarted and stifled by an onslaught of fear within yourselves and instilling intimidation unto others around you, which in-turn represses creativity, for fear does repress the accessibility of your power of creativity within the soul. As we said earlier herein, your mind-soul connection hangs by a thin thread, and it need not be so in order to accomplish the same objective.

As it is though, you are not only debilitating the creative potentials within the souls of your future fellow residents, in the process you are to a much, much larger degree debilitating the creative potentials within your own souls. In other words, you are vibrationally setting yourselves to the very back of the class of creation, so to speak, by weakening the accessibility of your power to create within your new universe.


Is this what could be perceived some sort of punishment in hell?


Absolutely not. It is a natural vibrational response to what you are currently setting yourselves up for in the long run, and only you can change that for yourselves.

The thing for you to remember with regard to this fact is that all migrating souls within the Lower Triad whose creative abilities are acutely accessible therefore strong and operational will always, through natural vibrational processes, take the lead in creational developments occurring within new universes. This is simply how it is, how it works.

And the only way to end up on the leading edge of creation, instead of on the lesser edge in the back of the class of creation is to be in that supportive mode within yourselves wherein you understand what is occurring on the cosmic scale, so that fear is removed from yourselves thereby allowing you to cease intimidating everyone else.


Then and only then are the lines of access to your personal powers of creativity fully restored unto your creative application as a cooperative Being on the leading edge within the new universe.


Where you choose to place yourselves in your new universe is up to you, but know that you are predetermining that matter now.

We wish you to know that we judge you not. We criticize you not. We dishonor you not. We disrespect you not, for indeed we have a great love of you because we truly understand what is transpiring on the cosmic scale, on your planetary scale, on your personal scale; and it is the power of understanding that allows one to access from the soul the power of compassion for others so as to honor everyone, as we do you in spite of your fear-based controlling attitudes and behavior.

We love you as evolving souls, negatively pursued though your soul-journey may be yet we fully respect your evolutionary right to engage the path of fear toward your new universe but which is not to your personal greater benefit now or later.

And although you may in knee-jerk fashion want to bunk the truth that we present in our communiqués, and slander those who embrace and share it with others, we know that it is our loving honorable words imparted herein that is the saving grace of its innate truth which, in-turn, if you understand this message regarding a better way for you to migrate with your fellow souls to your new universe, then it becomes your own saving grace as well.


And by that truth you shall be set free, restored as an awesome creative soul who stands on the leading edge of creation within your future new universe. And you need no judgmental God or god or intermediate savior outside yourselves to make it happen for you. You have and need only you in order to get the job done.

If you embrace this truth, what have you got to loose? Your soul? Never! That's bunk! Let it go as the bunk that it is.


But, as a creator in your impending new universe, you can loose your naturally self-endowed place on the leading edge of creation. Yet, through fear you have every right to resign yourself to the lesser edge of it if that is how you prefer to evolve yourselves. And if so, we still love and honor you for who you truly are.

Unto all who read this and all our other communiqués, whether you embrace all or some of it, we express much love to you, equally. We honor and respect each one of you because we understand you, and with understanding comes compassion, and with compassion comes allowing, and with allowing comes love, pure and unconditional.


Did you expect Ascended Beings to be any other way?

We bless you all, equally, for a day is coming when we shall be interacting openly, peacefully and cooperatively with one another, if that is how you want it. We do hope you do.

We leave this information and its intrinsic wisdom with you to pontificate within yourselves for further clarity. Be honorable and respectful of one another. Until our next communiqué, we bid you well.

That is all for now.

I am An T'na of the Intergalactic Board of Council

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