Members of The Intergalactic Board of Council


An T'na and members materializing into physical form

Welcome one and all!


We greet you with the honor and respect you so deserve.


Through our communiqués, we inform you that we are a large group of Ascended Beings who reside in dimensions above and beyond what you refer to as the 3rd dimension (a term that you are familiar with, but it is actually more complex than is implied).

We are benevolent, caring Beings who have volunteered to assist your planet, Terra, with her ascension to the realm of life where we exist.


Our great and far-reaching Work with the Divine Destiny of this Universe is elaborated upon in our own words - words that you can understand even if the cosmic processes that are actually transpiring are otherwise very complicated.


But you need not the complexities of science or physics or astronomy or mathematics in order to grasp the essence of what is transpiring. You know it in your souls - you can feel it.

We share insight regarding how this cosmic-generated destiny is directly affecting us all, including ourselves, and we give advice on how each of you can consciously cooperate with it in a manner that makes your personal experience that of a deliberate Participator with us throughout this wondrous journey.

Imparting knowledge about the nature of the universe as a living "entity", why it was created, and who it is that creates everything in it, we shed light into the dark where matters of truth have been kept from you by certain groups we refer to as negative factions.

Along with all of this enlightening information, we are assisting our "ground crew" with the physical creation of public education outlets, with the specific goal of disclosing not only ourselves but other non-terrestrial groups who are here to assist you as well.

You will learn that public disclosure is different from official disclosure regarding all-things-non-terrestrial, and why we do not agree with nor sanction official disclosure.

You will be informed of the developments of public initiatives for public-generated disclosure and the ensuing educational networks which will result around the world, designed as a cooperative venture toward the acceptance of this planet as a new member of the Galactic Society. You will also learn that other inhabited planets are also currently being accepted into this higher state of existence.

The information imparted herein is just the start of so much more to come, for you are just now on the verge of making this great leap into the divine heritage which your species was originally created to become.

Conversely, we acknowledge that there are many people - Terrans and other species - who are not moving forward into this cosmic-generated destiny of ascension, and of those who are not, we recognize that their souls have chosen to "migrate sideways" which, we emphasize emphatically, is not a sin, nor a wrong or bad choice of the soul, but is a necessary direction for specific purposes which we elaborate upon in our communiqués.


We honor these souls as equally as we honor the souls who are ascending with this universe.


We do not think and live in terms of right/wrong or good/bad and so on because we are evolved beyond the 3rd dimensional consciousness and energy of duality. Ours is the consciousness and energy of Singularity.

We invite you to join us on this grand adventure into a destiny that is directly affecting us all. And whether your soul is 'ascending forward' or 'migrating sideways' it matters not for the information herein will help you understand the destiny your soul has chosen to take you into as your next step of personal evolution.

Either way, it is all good and it is all the grandest adventure ever that awaits us even now as this adventure unfolds at an exponentially increasing rate of speed, as we also explain.

As members of the Intergalactic Board of Council, we know who each of you are, and we love each one of you more than you realize is possible to be loved.

Let us begin this grand journey together.

Stay well. Be happy.


Members of the IBOC

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