Introduction to The Intergalactic Board of Council's Communiqués

New information for Ascending Souls and Our Volunteers

Greetings to you all.


My name is An T'na. I am what you would refer to as an "Ascended Being". As with all Ascended Beings, we reside in the higher dimensions composing what is termed the "Upper Triad" of dimensions 5, 6, and 7.

You to whom we are addressing this communication, you reside in what is termed the "Lower Triad", composed of dimensions 1, 2, and 3.

I, An T'na, speak in terms of "we" because I am one of many Ascended Beings who are imparting this communiqué to you. I am the deliverer of it. I convey this information to our Terran incarnated Volunteer and oracle, Gesanna, who receives and passes it on to you.

We compose one of many units of Ascended Beings who have responded to The Call to assist with the universal ascension of planets from their current Lower Triad state to their new Homes in the Upper Triad. This matter will be discussed throughout this ongoing communiqué.

The group of Ascended Beings with whom I am a colleague is termed the Intergalactic Board of Council - "intergalactic" only because long, long ago the members of this Council ascended biologically into the Upper Triad from their respective Lower Triad home worlds which resided in various galaxies.


Therefore we originated from various races, within many different civilizations, cultures, and ethos which numerously exist throughout the Lower Triad of worlds.


Yet, as Ascended Beings these differences bear no burden of class, status, hierarchy, or rank which divides or castes one from another. We are distinguished by our assorted physical appearances. This communiqué will, in-part, elaborate upon this matter.

This communiqué is addressed to a specific group of people on your planet, which we call Terra, hence your species is, herein, referred to by us, thusly, as Terrans.

The group of Terrans for whom this message is explicitly directed are, for one, those souls who are ascending from the Lower Triad into the Upper Triad of existence. We refer to you as "Ascending Souls".

Knowledge of this updated information regarding your ascension processes will be expounded upon herein. This information is offered to you to assist your next step in the ongoing education of your ascension experiences that are a side effect of the universe's ascension.


This communiqué differs from previous information regarding the ascension event in that this is not a solicitation to everyone on the planet intending to bring you into the flow of ascension, but is designed to reveal what you can expect now that you are in the flow that is taking you out of the Lower Triad and pressing you into the Upper Triad where life is very different from life as you have known it in the Lower Triad.

This communiqué is designed to bring forth clarity from a great deal of misunderstandings that in-turn generated much confusion which gave rise to a host of inappropriate assumptions about ascension, of which has come to you over time, from various sources.


It matters not the sources of it. It matters only that you are presented with a clarity of understanding of the ascension event and your days to come within its flow.


The information herein is encompassing this topic because everything is being affected in one way or another by the ascension of the universe.

For those Terran souls who resonate with this information, you will be enthusiastically drawn to being educated in your next step toward a new life in a Higher Realm of existence, which you have duly earned.


For you, this information will clarify The Way There, and in the process relieve you of a lifetime of information that no longer pertains to you, no longer applies to the life you are transitioning into being.

To you Ascending Souls we say, Read on.


This overall communiqué consists of information that is,

  1. of a personal nature, which applies to self

  2. of an impersonal or general nature that applies to all Ascending Souls as a whole

The information which is of a personal nature, with regard to certain life circumstances, must be clarified for a greater understanding relative to the ascension event which in-turn renders those circumstances incorrect or obsolete with regard to where you are going with yourselves now.


Since we are addressing a wide variety of personal life circumstances, we advise you to take what applies to you personally and disregard what does not, for even though you are ascending, there is far more information herein which applies generally to all Ascending Souls.

Now, that is one group of souls unto whom we are addressing this information.

The other group of souls is those who are our Ascended Being Volunteers affiliated with this mission-calling. Ascended Being Volunteers are distinguished from Ascending Souls by the fact that they have already ascended from the Lower Triad to the Upper Triad.


They have, more recently, responded to a particular function of The Call, which requires a specialized activity engaged only by ascended souls who are already capable of harnessing and holding into this planet, enormous amounts of light-energy of a very higher frequency from the Upper Triad.


This matter will be elucidated herein.

It is important that you, as our Volunteers, understand, firstly, that you have already ascended, long ago, from the Lower Triad to the Upper Triad.


You are not on Terra to ascend again, although there is one exception that will be made clear later. You are on the planet to assist the ascension event in a manner, which only you could fill, which will be clarified.

As Ascended Being Volunteers, we are reminding you that your souls hold all the memories of your existence as Ascended Beings, and of the higher manner of life you were living in the Upper Triad prior to your incarnation into wearing Terran genes, as our oracle likes to say.


It is up to you to allow those memories to come forward into conscious awareness by calling forth the memories.

As Ascended Being Volunteers, you are each associated with various groups of Councils deriving from the Upper Triad. They are here to engage this Ascension Mission, not just on your planet, but on other planets in this and other galaxies as well.


Your souls have the memories of which Council and peoples you are most closely associated with.


But regardless of which it is, it is important that you understand that the overall mission objective is the same for all Councils, therefore it is the same for each and all of you as Ascended Being Volunteers of these Councils.


You are, each and all, on Terra engaging the same "mission duty", if you will, which will be discussed throughout this communiqué.


This discussion will in-turn serve as a triggering mechanism of soul memories toward releasing "the specifics" for each of you personally, not just regarding your mission duties, but you will also remember some of the Ascended Beings of the Councils with whom you are associated in this mission.

We refer to you as "our Volunteers", and we say "our" as a means to distinguish you, as Ascended Being Volunteers of the Upper Triad, from another group of volunteers on Terra who are directly associated with what we refer to as Lower Triad extraterrestrials. We refer to this group of volunteers as "extraterrestrial volunteers".


It is important that you clearly recall the difference between these 2 groups of volunteers and their objectives, hence this will be made clear herein.

To reiterate and clarify; with many of these communiqués, the Councils are explicitly addressing a specific audience, so to speak, of people on Terra:

  1. Ascending Souls

  2. our Volunteers

The information imparted is for your clarification so that you all can more clearly "see" your way Home - to your new Home for you Ascending Souls, and to return Home for you Volunteers.

All Ascending Souls are being educated in this grand adventure that you chose to embark upon for your personal evolution.

All Ascended Being Volunteers are remembering the grand adventure that you agreed to participate in as volunteers of this mission.

To our Volunteers and all Ascending Souls, it is helpful for you to understand that this communiqué is not addressing the overall population, for there are many, many Terran souls who are not ascending - who are either not ready to ascend, or who simply have no desire to do so this time around. And either way, it is OK. It is all good.


It is not that this information is forbidden knowledge to them, for they are free to read it if they so choose, but rather it is that these souls, who we refer to as "non-ascending souls", simply will not resonate with this information so as to understand and relate to it because it is exclusively focused upon a manner of life which they have no desire to embrace and engage for themselves at this time because their soul's path lies in a different direction.


Yet there is a new manner of life of which they are choosing to embrace and engage which is wonderful as well, and which, for your clarity of understanding, will be discussed herein.

We wish you to consider this communiqué as twofold in that it is addressing 2 groups of Terrans, yet the clarifications presented for the divine destination hence outcome of both groups is the same - that of "going Home", of "seeing clearly" your Way There as you enter into the Ascended Realm in Upper Triad.

This communiqué shall be presented through a few different outlets, the first one of which is online, on your computers, and will be presented in sections. More information will regularly be added as time goes by. These online presentations will allow for your questions to be answered, within reasonable time and manner.

The other outlets for this work will eventually be E-books and printed books. We desire to "cover the bases", as you would say, because there are some Ascending Souls and Ascended Being Volunteers who do not have access to computer-sourced outlets.

Any questions or comments intended to demean or slander this information will be blocked, recognized as coming from non-ascending souls who do not resonate with this knowledge.

So, calling all Ascending Souls and Ascended Being Volunteers, we welcome you to a refresher course, a sort of "prep school" for all-things-ascension, extraterrestrial and extradimensional. Do open your hearts and minds, be courteous and respectful, as the divine light that you are to others around you.

We invite you now to journey with us on this ongoing adventure of updated information about the universal ascension event and your personal experience of it.

That is all.

I am An T'na, of the Intergalactic Board of Council.

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