by P.L. Chang

December 1, 2014

from EnergyFanatics Website

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Most of us have been conditioned at an early age to think that we are weak and powerless.


As a result, we believe that we need to rely on the federal government and certain authorities to protect us and tell us what to do. It is unfortunate that most of us think like this, because this type of thinking is one of the main reasons why our standard of living and freedom are being destroyed.


To restore our freedom and improve our standard of living, we need to become visionaries, independent thinkers, and responsible people. We also need to realize that we, the common people of Earth, are the ones with the real power and not the federal government.


Like any corporation, the federal government can't exist without our energy to nourish it. Without our energy and support, the federal government has no real power, just like how a company can't survive without us buying its products.


The fact that the federal government gets its power from us means that when the federal government gets out of control and becomes tyrannical, it is often because of our support and irresponsible actions. In other words, we are perpetuating the problem.


The good news is that we can be part of the solution by being more responsible and by not consenting to be properties of the federal government.





How corporations trick you into giving up your freedom and natural rights


One very important thing you need to know about the federal government and its agencies is that they are corporations.


According to Black's Law Dictionary 6th Edition, a corporation is,

"an artificial person or legal entity created by or under the authority of the laws of a state."

Because government agencies are corporations, they are fictitious entities that don't have any natural rights and power. Their main source of power comes from feeding on the energy of the people.


If you live in the Western world, you need to know that your government treat the people of your country as corporations. As for the people in the Eastern world, many of their governments also treat them as corporations.


The process that allows your government to legally turn you into a corporation involves the creation of a fictitious you, which is the name written in ALL CAPS.


This name in ALL CAPS was created shortly after you were born and was recorded on a bond. This bond that represents the date of your birth is known as your birth certificate.


According to Black's Law Dictionary 6th Edition, a bond is,

"a certificate or evidence of a debt on which the issuing company or governmental body promises to pay the bondholders a specified amount of interest for a specified length of time, and to repay the loan on the expiration date."

What most of us don't realize is that our birth certificate, which isn't the same as our certificate of live birth, is a bond of debt slavery.





Did you know that your birth certificate is being sold on the stock market?


If you want proof that your birth certificate is a bond, hire a stock broker or find someone who knows how to convert the numbers and letters on your birth certificate into its CUSIP Number.


Once you get the CUSIP Number for your birth certificate, you can use it to find how much your birth certificate is worth on the stock market. Your social security card also works similar to this. The hidden agenda behind the birth certificate is to energetically bind your body and soul to corporations and turn you into a "product" to be sold for profit.


For more information on how to find the value of your birth certificate, I highly recommend reading an important eBook, "The Great American Adventure - Political History of Government and Law", written by 'Judge Dale' ('pseudonym' of a retired District Court Judge).


This eBook is probably the most important eBook you will ever read in your lifetime. If you want to know the forbidden history of the world and certain secrets of the Western financial, political, and justice system, you need to read Judge Dale's eBook.


Another great source of information is to read United States Political and Court System Exposed - How the NWO Enslaves Society.


Once you comprehend how birth certificate truly works, you should realize that we are being treated as properties of the federal government. This is why the federal government can legally sell our birth certificate on the stock market and use the billions of dollars of profit that it makes through this process to finance its agencies.


Because the federal government sees us as corporations and claims us as their properties, according to the federal government, we don't have any natural rights, only privileges.


The good news is that we can stop the federal government from destroying our spiritual freedom by taking actions to show the federal government that we aren't properties or corporations, but are sovereign human beings with a body made of flesh and blood and a soul.


By taking actions to show that we are sovereign human beings with a soul, we are telling the federal government that we aren't their property and are sovereign spiritual beings.





Why your birth certificate is a certificate of slavery


The name on your birth certificate is actually not the real you, because the real you is made of flesh and blood. Instead, the name is used to represent the corporate you (the fictitious you), which is why the name is written in ALL CAPS.


If you look at your driver's license or any government document issued to you, your name will always be written in ALL CAPS.


The Controllers (the Elites) know that they can't own the real you, so they cleverly created a fictitious version of you and then trick you into consenting to be that fictitious character.


It is important to know that the corporate you is owned by the Controllers and therefore everything that you create or buy under that corporate you is the property of their federal government. This means that whenever you purchase a product that involves using the name in ALL CAPS, that product belongs to the federal government of the Controllers.


This is why the federal government can legally take your home or child, because according to its law, you have agreed to be a corporation through ignorance and silence. For these reasons, the federal government can legally claim you as their property.


The Western justice system is all based on deception, trickery, and word magic designed to deceive you into giving up the power of your free will.


This deception starts with your birth certificate, which is a bond created to enslave you at the physical and spiritual level. Your birth certificate is also being sold on the stock market and used as collateral for the national debt of your country.


For more information on how the Western justice system tricks you into being a slave, read Bradley Loves - The Great CON of Man and the New World Order.





Why we need to take actions to unite the human race


When the people unite and come together to achieve a common goal in a non-violent manner, no government can stop them from creating real positive changes.


The Controllers who control most corporations are well aware of this, which is why they like to engineer events and wars to divide and conquer us.


Unfortunately, they are speeding up their diabolical plans because enough people are starting to wake up. This is why we need to take actions to unite the human race as fast as possible, so that the Controllers can't divide and conquer us.


The Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri, USA is one of the latest examples of the Controllers' divide and conquer technique. This shooting is being thrown out of proportion by the heavily controlled mainstream media under the orders of the Controllers.


One of the main purposes for this is to create a race war between black and white people in the USA, so that the Controllers can divide and conquer them. To prevent this, don't play along with their divide and conquer game. Instead, unite and educate others about the Controllers and their dark agendas.


To learn how to do this, read Why Violent Protests Aren't the Answers to Defeating the Dark Forces.