by Cameron Day

May 07, 2014

from AscensionHelp Website

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How do I know the things I know?


I get this question a lot, and while I have answered it to various levels of detail in past interviews and podcasts, I think it is time for a quick mini-blog to answer the question.

From an early age my parents cultivated my innate intuition instead of suppressing it like most parents do. My parents were Buddhists, and their practice was centered around harmonizing one's self with the universe.


Learning this at an early age was very helpful for many reasons, primarily because I learned to enter meditative states, leave my "ordinary thoughts" behind and access more of reality than just the physical realm.

This upbringing was also very valuable because I didn't have to deprogram myself from any Abrahamic religious beliefs based upon a judgmental (psychopathic) "god" who sends his children to hell if they don't follow his rules.

I was always interested in what is beyond physical reality from an early age.


While contemplating a series of lucid dreams as a young child, I had an insight that I could be "dreaming myself" into this reality, and that I existed "somewhere else" as an ancient, advanced being.


This was my first awareness that I had a "High Self" and that my true identity was far more than the human identity I had known for those few short years. After that insight, I had an experience in the dream state of being back in my home realm, which is pretty much beyond words.

Another aspect is that I have put in a lot of work in other lifetimes to cultivate a strong Sovereign Self.


To write about that in any detail would require a lengthy article, although I only have limited conscious recollection of those other lives.




Transcending Belief

One of the most important keys to knowing anything is a willingness to question "everything" that we think we know and believe.


I do my best to avoid believing something without experience or evidence, because to me, believing in something means simply accepting something told to us by an "authority" because that is easier than finding out the truth for ourselves.

Living from this place of non-belief means being ok with saying,

"I don't really know… I don't have enough experience/information to really know the answer to this."

It also means saying,

  • "In my experience"

  • "From my perspective"

  • "Based on my research"

  • "As far as I can tell",

...rather than proclaiming absolute knowledge.


There are some absolutes, but most of reality at this level is very subjective and prone to distortions as well as deceptions.

I do know for a fact that what I know is a small portion of the knowledge of my High Self. The human condition is one of amnesia and not knowing, so rather than spending too much time and energy lamenting this fact, I accept it as the way things are, while working on improving this condition within myself and sharing my insights with others.

In other words, it's ok to not know, since that is the current reality, as long as I do not choose ignorance or "comfortable beliefs" over learning truth. I take in a lot of information, but I am constantly rejecting aspects of this information based on my intuition as well as my internal filtering system.


In this filtering system, I have determined certain types of information to be "most likely false" as well as having categories such as,

  • "possibly true"

  • "possibly false"

  • "probably a manipulation"

  • "probably a partial truth",

...and so forth.


Notice that this is based in possibilities and probabilities, and not in absolutes.

Only when enough probabilities towards truth or falsehood are determined do I then decide that I (probably) know the veracity of some type of information. At the same time, each of those filtration categories is subject to revision based on new information.


The expansion of awareness never ends.




Learning from Dreams, High Self & Client Work

I have always paid close attention to my dreams.


From my experiences, I have drawn the conclusion that some of our dreams occur in the astral realm of earth. This realm is just as imbalanced as 3D earth, especially in "bad astral neighborhoods."


The key is knowing the difference between a dream generated only from the subconscious vs. an experience "out in the ethers."


Sometimes it is easy to tell the difference, but not always.

In my nightly experiences in the dream realm, I have gathered many data points, although a lot of those data points don't have context at first, and sometimes they don't get contextualized for years.

Next, when I deeply inquire about something, my High Self transmits the answer to me in some type of symbolic manner, which I will then need to interpret. When I am really receptive and tuned into my Self, the answer can just drop straight into my awareness. Those are nice experiences.


I also learn a tremendous amount from working with clients one-on-one on a daily basis.


While everyone's journey is slightly different, there are often common things that a large percentage of people are dealing with. These common issues are something I can identify by working with a good number of people.

Finally, two very important factors are that,

  • I work on myself almost daily

  • I also pay attention to the subtle interactions of the astral and physical realms

I view them as two sides of the same coin of "dense reality" and they are constantly interacting.


I keep the astral environment of my home as clean as possible, which allows me to more easily sense any attempted energetic intrusions. In dealing with intrusions/incursions, I learn what works and what doesn't work.

So there are the highlights of how I have come to know what I do so far.


I hope that helps those of you who have been asking this same question...