by Vishal Eckhart
March 02, 2011

from TantraMaya Website

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Anybody who has looked into the abyss of his or her consciousness knows that the abyss looks back at you, as Nietzche said.


The unconscious mind is a very live and active zoo of escaped animals raging about in pure chaos and savagery. Does their years of pent-up frustration make them even more crazy when they finally escape?


And in all of this unintelligible impulse speaks back from the chasm some kind of insidious intelligence. In modern psychology, this hidden intentionality has been called the id, the shadow, or the unconscious.

Pluma Blanca called this entity "psorax".


His definition of this entity of the unconscious is much more mystical and profound than any other explanation that I know. It is more of a practical understanding of how the mind creates frustrated realities that remain trapped within one, like an itch under the skin.


He called it psorax because he saw it as the vital, pranic energy that becomes contaminated and gets trapped behind the skin, in the physical body.


This blocked vitality distorts the body's natural functions and may accumulate like a festering sore attracting more mental parasites like itself to itself, thus making a hodge-podge stew of evil and illness.


This idea makes more sense when one understands deeply the relation between the mind and the body and how prana, or vital energy moves between them.


Psorax is a trapped energy, a mental plasm that can't effectively project itself outwardly as it would like to. Each time it does it becomes even more frustrated. It has the intelligence of mind behind it, but the frustrated intentionality toward matter, or the physical body pulling upon it. This is the reason that by living with false ideas about oneself or the world is the greatest danger of conscious, human existence.

Materialism is the greatest of deprivations as it destroys the mind slowly but surely.


Not having this clarity and responsibility of how each one of us is a co-creator in this creation always leads to a fall. Psorax is a psycho-physical entity that in some ways is self-created by the individual while at the same time is aided by the fact that there are exchanges between these entities of psorax between human beings, or minds incarnated in physical human bodies.


One can receive as well as transmit this psychic virus in much the same way that one receives and transmits physical viruses.


A practical example: you are at peace. There are only a few light, positive thoughts in the mind and some pleasant feelings. Behind this subtle activity of mind is a deep, mysterious witness that just pleasantly is.


Out of nowhere, it seems, there enters a dark, violent image on the mental scene. Is it my own unconscious attacking my peace, or is it because another person has come near and I sense his suffering?


If I'm not at peace, then I may never understand and just get locked into a reception and transmission of negativity. This seed wants to take root within me, it vibrates my body and perhaps excites some memories and fears. It wants to become one with me.


Only from a state of deep calm and non-judgment one can begin to witness these activities; how they affect the mind, change the feelings, and even how and where these influences vibrate and take root in the physical body. Most importantly is to distinguish yours from another's psorax.

Pluma Blanca was an advanced yogi as well as a healer, and used his pinnacled knowledge to observe these phenomenon, how they create physical and mental illness, and developed ways of curing these ailments based on this understanding.


Deep, sincere meditation is of course the most effective manner of seeing and processing the shadow, but this depends on so much:

mental health, physical health, determination and discernment that are only developed by ardent efforts in one's spiritual life.

In yoga, yama and niyama is the base of this practice.


This practical morality imparts self awareness and practical universal ideas of how to maintain mental balance through proper personal and social responsibility. Without these fundamental ideas of humanism imparted to individuals one is but a mix of animal impulses and social determination, or a game of Russian roulette.


A society without spiritual principles that foster ethical awareness is but a vehicle for destructive, unconscious forces where psorax takes all into the abyss.


I think this is why Pluma Blanca lived in a cave and only taught a few good people. Anandamurti, on the other hand, impulsed others to fight within society against the depraving effects of what he termed "negative microvita".


Both are right according to who they were, where they were, and what they expressed as enlightened individuals.


Its not enough to believe and conceptualize about such things. Beliefs and opinions give rise to superstition and dogmas about ghosts, hauntings, and possessions, and the like.


Without the efforts of both of these men who spoke about these phenomenon in the most practical and scientific manner possible to speak of such phenomenon, I know that I would be even more in the dark about understanding negative microvita or psorax, and perhaps be yapping about the devil and hell-fire and salvation...