by Dara Percival
April 22, 2014

from ConsciousReporter Website




Dara Percival has a long-held interest in esoteric spirituality and ETs, and a strong wish for alternative spiritual subjects to remain visible and freely accessible to people all over the world.  She writes and creates graphics for The Conscious Reporter, and occasionally posts spiritually-themed graphics on



  • Can you imagine a world where access to spiritual information was blocked by the government?


  • What if you stopped by an internet cafe, only to find your favorite website was banned by a public web filter, or your friend’s natural health website was blocked because it mentioned ‘spiritual healing’ techniques?


A disturbing movement to censor perfectly legal spiritual information is growing (right now in the UK, but other countries are poised to jump on the bandwagon), and will continue unchecked unless people become aware of the problem and protest it.


Find out more about the UK filter, and how it will affect you:







Sign the petition to stop the censorship of esoteric content in the UK.