October 16, 2011
from SpeakingTree Website




Politicians will be part of museums

Politics is against expansion of consciousness, because if people really become conscious they will not follow stupid leaders.


They will not need any leadership at all; they will be a light unto themselves.

Why should a religious person be in politics? Politics is a power-trip. The religious person is simply dissolving himself. The religious person is going in the opposite direction, where the ego has to be dissolved utterly. It is not a power-trip, it is just the opposite. Yes, when the religious person has disappeared, then great power descends, but it is not your power, it is God’s power.

The politician is for his own power; he wants to be powerful. He wants to command armies, nations. Deep down, he is suffering from an inferiority complex. Deep down, he knows his worthlessness. He wants to prove to himself and to others that he is not worthless, that he is great.


Politics is a kind of disease.


Politics Is Neurosis

Some day in the future, when people have become a little more alert and aware, politics will be thought of as neurosis, just as now you think many things are incomprehensible.


For example, 5,000 years ago, magic ruled the whole world, the magician was the most important person in any community. Now, where is the magician? Who bothers about the magician?

Maybe, once in a while, he can give an entertainment to a party or in a club or hotel - just entertainment. Otherwise, what is his power? Once, he was very powerful; he still is, in primitive societies. In some remote communes he is still very powerful - people believe that he has power. Now we know that he has no power; he has power only because people believe he has power. His power is not in him but in people’s beliefs. Now the magician is gone.

Then the priest became very powerful; even kings were not so powerful as the priest. Now where is the priest? What is his power now? - no power at all!


He has become part of the past.


We’ll Outgrow Politics

Let me tell you, sooner or later, the politician will go the same way - downhill - as the magician has gone, as the priest has gone, as the kings have gone.


So, it is going to be the case with the politician. As human consciousness grows bigger and bigger, brighter and brighter, all these illnesses that are hanging around us - hangovers of the past - will disappear.

The new man will not know much about politics. The new man will not be nationalistic. The new man will not believe in states, the new man will believe in universal brotherhood.

Yes, there will be a kind of government, international government, but its use will be functional just like the post office.


You don’t think much about the postmaster... or do you? Even the postmaster-general, who cares? He is just a functionary. So should the case be with the prime minister and the president.

Yes, a certain kind of order is needed in society because there are so many people.


A certain kind of government will be needed and a few people will have to do the work, but it is nothing to brag about.


No More Nations

Politics is finished. It is only a past relic, an antique relic, soon to be preserved in the museums.


The future does not belong to politics.

The future belongs to a totally different kind of man,

  • a man who will know how to love, not how to possess

  • a man who will know how not to be powerful

  • a man who will know egoless-ness

  • a man who will be capable of dropping all games and living an authentic life of deep meditation, of great love, of poetry