by Michael Forrester

December 14, 2011

from PreventDisease Website

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Michael Forrester is a spiritual counselor and is a practicing motivational speaker for corporations in Japan, Canada and the United States.




The end of December and beginning of January will mark further increases in solar activity where our own human energy fields will be affected far more than our electrical grids.


The increased energy particles are allowing us to put many things in perspective about our daily lives whether it be fear, relationships, or how we judge others. There is no stopping this accelerated rate of human consciousness which we are all experiencing.




Scientists are currently educating the public from a physical standpoint on what is being discovered in the solar system and planetary bodies and this will continue well into 2012.

It is important to note that although there is a chance of solar flares causing devastation to electrical grids on earth, mass consciousness appears to be counteracting this reality, so it will likely not occur on earth's current timeline. The solar activity will affect our own energy fields and induce interference waves where we will need to further ground ourselves energetically to avoid extreme ranges in emotion.

We are constantly receiving upgrades to our current belief systems, collective consciousness and earth's true history from solar activity.


These information packets will make us feel like we need to find a new center of truth. As galactic connections increase around the 2012 summer solstice and then again for the universal collective around the 2012 winter solstice, we must all listen intently to our intuition and trust it.

We must also recognize that the earth is already in 4th density and in the 4th dimension. If you're reading this on the date posted at the top of this page, you are already in 4D. Many have become confused about 4D earth in comparison to our 3D earth. Know that although we are in 4D right now, it is a very malleable dimension where we can project the rules of both 3D and 5D.


There is such a vast difference between 3D and 5D (which we will expand in another article at a later date) that we needed to create an intermediary dimension or transitionary zone in a frequency range where fixed rules would not apply in quite the same way.


In 3D we have the illusion of separation, the experience of time and only one version of reality. 5D allows the experience of multiple timelines and multiple versions of reality. In 5D you know that you are connected to everyone and everything and time is only a marker. Although we are in 4D we are still projecting 3D rules 99% of the time by choice. This will continue until we as a collective agree that we are ready to move into 5D permanently.


It is difficult to place a time frame on this transition to 5D, but it will likely not occur for several decades.

In 4D you are learning that you are not responsible for anyone else's thoughts feelings and emotions - you're only responsible for your own. It is especially difficult to accept this when dealing with family members as many of us feel responsible for their well being. Be conscious of the fact that you can feel compassion, but you do not need to feel responsibility. The only person that can make you feel a certain way, whether good or bad is you.

You are now integrating the concept of judgment and what it represents to the higher collective.


You are learning that any judgment you receive from others is only you judging yourself. You will not receive the reflection of judgment unless it is in your field. If you judge another person by their body shape, perceived attractiveness, wealth, education, status, race, culture, etc, you are only judging these qualities in yourself.

You will stop looking at things from a victim perpetrator stance and start looking at them your heart center and how life events are serving you. This will put you in an empowered position. You simply will not see things, events or people in the same way ever again.

You will understand that everything has a role in advancing your ascension and integration to higher realms. An important part of this expansion is acknowledgement of where your fear and insecurities reside.


Am I loved, deserving, strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough? Yes you are all those things. You will rewrite that programming and only that "I am." This will open you up to all things. For many of you, it will require a physical experience which will activate fear or other emotions so that you can change your vibration.

It is time to shift operating systems and evolve from lower thoughts which create imbalance in the body. When you experience lower emotions you become numb because you are unaware of sensations. Sex, alcohol, shopping, drugs are often used to numb specific sensations.


You do this to ensure there is a lack of energy or not allowing energy to flow because of fear and judgment.


How would you feel in your body if somebody where to radiate absolute unconditional love? This is where you are headed.


In a limitless you can health and wealth immediately.

  • Where is your upper limit or ceiling?

  • What if you had no limitations?

  • What would you do?

Start thinking about these concepts because they are here.

The more spiritual you become, the less material you need to be. Your need to possess material things will decrease steadily in the coming years because these "things" will no longer represent any value to you.

Ultimately, 4D will allow all human beings to know and appreciate why the ego exists. Earth is a very difficult game because of such a broad range of emotions with "ego" in the driver seat. The problem is, ego does not know the full story, but it's learning. 4D will literally shatter many concepts that the ego has. Once you see the ego for what it really represents, your divinity as a co-creative and powerful being will shine through anything in its path.

The collective consciousness is gathering steam and advancing the heart center at an unprecedented rate. Share these thoughts with others.


You will be very surprised how many people are now receptive to what is happening to their hearts, minds and state of being.