December 13, 2011
from PreventDisease Website

Before the beginning, there was no time, no form, and no space - only absolute emptiness.


Before the beginning, there was nothing... but you were still there. It is only our ego that makes us think that we are so much smaller than we really are.

You don't have to take anybody's word for this - you can discover the truth of it in your very own experience right now, if you are willing to take that radical step and let go - let go of thought and feeling, time and world, self and other.


You can discover the timeless, eternal answer to the question "Who am I?" - the answer that liberates you from any and all sense of limitation.


The journey you will take, beyond time and form, is the very same that the greatest realizers have taken, and the answer you will find is the very same that set them free. You will discover the source of enlightenment itself.

In order to answer the question "Who am I?", in order to go back to before the beginning within your experience, you have to put your attention on the deepest sense of what it feels like to be yourself right now, and simultaneously let everything else go.


Letting go means falling so deeply into yourself that all that is left is empty space.

To discover that infinite depth in your own self, you must find a way to enter into a deep state of meditation - so deep that your awareness of thought moves into the background and eventually disappears. As your awareness detaches itself from the thought stream, your identification with emotion and memory begins to fall away.


When awareness of thought disappears, awareness of the passing of time disappears along with it. If you keep penetrating into the infinite depths of your self, even your awareness of your own physical form will disappear.

If you go deep enough, letting your attention expand and release from all objects in consciousness, you will find that all the structures of the crested universe begin to crumble before your eyes.


Awareness itself - limitless, empty, pristine - becomes the only object of your attention.

As your attention is released from the conditioned mind process, freed from the confines of the body and the boundaries of the personal self-sense, the inner dimension of your own experience begins to open up to an immeasurable degree.


Imagine that you have been fast asleep in a small, dark chamber, then suddenly awaken to find yourself floating in the infinite expanse of a vast, peaceful ocean. That's what this journey to the depths of your own self feels like.


You become aware of a limitless dimension that you did not even know was there.


Moments before, you may have experienced yourself as being trapped, as prisoner of your body, mind, and emotions. But when you awaken to this new dimension, all sense of confinement disappears. You find yourself resting in, and as, boundless empty space.

In that empty space, the mind is completely still; there is no time, no memory, not even a trace of personal history.


And the deeper you fall into that space, the more everything will continue to fall away, until finally all that will be left is you. When you let absolutely everything go - body, mind, memory and time - you will find miraculously, that you still exist.


In fact, in the end, you discover that all that exists is you!