by StarveTheSystem
February 16, 2012

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Mention slavery and initial reactions are of one nation capturing another and taking advantage.


However while in the past and still today that may be so, there is another slavery which is ongoing. The subtlety of this slavery is such that many people who believe themselves to be free are in fact slaves... to the system.


It was easy to identify slaves they were in bondage which was a physical affair, but in today's world, from birth; slavery of the mind and spirit is far more condemning, far reaching and this slavery affects not one or two nations, but all of us.

This powerful series will attempt to not only show the deception that has been taking place, in the past and currently, as many documentaries have covered this topic before.


Rather, this series will attempt to uncover the key components that will hopefully empower each one of us, to regain control of our lives, freedoms, rights and dignity, just by using the same matrix that we're currently living in to our advantage, rather than leaving it in the hands of those who are currently calling the shots.

The NWO will not only be exposed, but hopefully dismantled.


Those who keep complaining about the system, but are not willing to educate themselves, so they're able to stand up for themselves, and others, end up empowering the same system, they're trying to reject.

Slavery by Consent was produced and edited by Bushwack Productions from the Wake Up Project.