by Chautauqua

January 8, 2013
from Augureye Website







It has been said that most people only embrace real change when the pain of remaining the same drives them to it, or fate leaves them no choice.


I suspect that applies especially so here in the Western hemisphere where we have been programmed for luxury and bought off with shiny possessions for as long as I can recall.


While we have been professionally distracted these last couple of years with everything from Twilight to competitive taxidermy, major portions of the rest of the world have been engaged in some fairly significant change, as the pain of remaining the same reached intolerable levels.




Without a doubt the powers that be have their bloody hands involved in many of these regional revolutions… trying to stomp out a prairie fire before it goes global.


They are currently learning the universal law of unintended consequences; as all their years of greedy meddling and manifest destiny have created a monster which is now coming for them.


This revolutionary prairie fire grows stronger, pushed along by the winds of change and the great shift of the ages.


As I explained a few months back in Aquarius rising; crossroads in time, this shift in the ages is essentially a brief period in time when several cycles and patterns all converge, and we are here to witness it, and benefit from it.


This whirlwind of change is by no means limited to the political and social arenas, in fact what we are seeing play out in that regard is really just ripples, an energy by-product of dis-harmonious vibrations breaking up.


The real show is on the spiritual stage and the players are taking their positions and preparing for a real rave!

Change is the central theme of this shift of the ages, and it seems to be a little impatient as many of us are finding that very recently certain things, habits and even beliefs are changing “automatically” without waiting for us to initiate them.


This can feel a bit spooky at first, but when you sit with it in silence and really look at the new change, you quickly see how perfectly it fits into place.


Then there are those other changes, the ones we have been meaning to initiate,

“waiting for the right time.”

Well brothers and sisters I have some splendid news for everyone.


There will never be a better time than right now to kick up some dust and create a brand new beginning, whatever it may be. The energies and love currently swirling around spaceship Earth are literally destroying obstacles and opening portals.


The universe is inviting you to create your heart’s desire, whispering,

“I’ve got your back!”

At long last my friends, we are out of excuses!




All you late bloomers and verification junkies take heed, your time is now.


If you are reading these words it is because somewhere deep in your heart you have felt these things and are looking for answers. Your soul has been patiently waiting for you to have that “A-Ha moment” - the epiphany that finally overcomes self-doubt and procrastination.


 These kinds of conditions are exceedingly rare speaking in astronomical and astrological terms, this is the only chance we are going to get, and it won’t last forever.


Like a cosmic combination lock the tumblers slowly spun around for centuries until the correct configuration clicked into place; and now the doors to a vaster reality slowly swing open. Beyond these doors is a new realm with fertile ground for desires and dreams to grow literally at the speed of thought as those things which were once obstacles are now just obsolete.

As if we don’t already have enough support in creating our new beginnings, we get some more astrological assistance late next month when Mercury goes retrograde between Feb. 23 and March 17.


Traditionally the planet Mercury (which is said to ‘rule’ communication, thought, and mental processes) goes retrograde for approximately three weeks, three times a year. During these periods we can feel introverted, mentally scattered and prone to little mistakes & accidents, which is why it’s a great time for those who share my hobby of people watching.


Mercury retrograde is also said to play merry hob with computers, telephones and other modes of communication.


The effects of retrograde Mercury are legend enough that many, including myself, make a point of knowing ahead of time when to expect it. Yeah, Mercury has a bad rap and you’re remembering I said it would be of assistance, and it will be.


The other side of the coin is that when Mercury is retrograde it is a most favorable time to plan or make new beginnings, and to review plans & projects recently started.


Below is a calendar for 2013 with all Mercury retrograde periods shown in red.




It’s easy to become distracted by the current and escalating chaos all around us, but don’t fall into that tar pit because it can suck all the hope right out of your dreams.


I realize it isn't easy, especially if the chaos is encroaching on your comfort zone, after all they don’t call them gawker slowdowns for nothing, humans just love watching things crash, go figure.


However that tendency must not be allowed to disrupt your focus.


A friend of mine spent New Years Eve at a rock concert, and related to me a remarkable story that perfectly illustrates this point. Right in the big middle of things with hundreds, perhaps thousands dancing and gyrating all around her, my friend’s spirit guides chose that moment for a profound spiritual experience.


When it happened she just stopped dancing, giving all her attention to the experience, she stood still and paid attention. She was the only person there being perfectly still.


That is the exact kind of discipline we must employ, it’s what Buddha taught… to be still and know; even in the midst of noise, clamor and confusion.


We are all having a profound spiritual experience in these first days of the Aquarian epoch; but it is happening during the death throes of the Great Shining Lie, and we must not get caught up in the fake drama of the “fiscal cliff” or any other contrivance designed to steal our energy and power away from us.



Spirit is certainly doing its part to capture & keep our attention during these halcyon days.


Synchronicities are popping up in everyday life like Redenbacher’s popcorn; something we thought or said materializes within minutes, Time seems to have developed some rather unique qualities of late and have you noticed the spreading epidemic of smiles everywhere you go?


Those are the kinds of things to give our focus and energy to, not the increasingly desperate antics of those things, people & institutions we have collectively turned our backs on!


Humanity is awakening from spiritual slumber as the precession of the equinoxes has brought the Kali Yuga to an end. The powers that be know we are waking up and they are doing anything they can think of to get us to just hit that snooze button and drift back to sleep. But we won’t choose to do that because we don’t want to be late for our graduation.


It’s time to put away childish things and accept the responsibilities which accompany spiritual maturity. It’s time for new cycles and patterns to begin; time for consciousness to evolve to the next level, there is no going back now. It’s time to stop denying our own power and start building a new world.

Imagination is the ability to image. If we can see a picture or image in our mind then we can work to exteriorize it… to create or manifest it into the material world we perceive ourselves to be living in.


We need to dump the generations of behavioral programming from which we got the silly notion that we are limited in some way or by some thing, authority or institution. We are not limited by anything other than our own imagination, and anyone who tries to tell you different isn't using theirs at all. We slumber in lives motivated between punishment & reward, lest we remember we be Gods!


We have had the key to the kingdom all along, always trying to convince ourselves otherwise.


There is an ascension underway, right now! We are just beginning to notice the new energies coursing thru our aura & chakras, they feel wonderful, like nothing ever before.


These are the physical and psychological ripples of our individual frequency vibration moving higher up the scale… to fifth dimensional resonance. Go with the flow... Breathe it in deeply, this is the new you. The new multi-dimensional, timeless, limitless you.


Try this: say out loud “I AM”…how did that feel?


You are limited only by the image you hold of yourself, and the love you deny yourself.



There is so much promise and hope in the air, as the gates of Aquarius open wider with each passing day.


Our DNA is waking up right along with our cellular and genetic memory, which means don’t be alarmed if your dreams are wilder and weirder than normal; that’s just you remembering the story of your soul.


Great time to begin a dream journal. (Hint: Voice recorders work better than pen, paper & flashlight).


There will be nights when despite fatigue you just can’t get to sleep, don’t fight it. Liberate yourself from the need to conform to the norm. If sleep just won’t come then gracefully accept that and listen for what you should be doing instead.


Other times you may suddenly feel tired for no apparent reason and crave sleep; by all means follow the energy and sleep because the body needs unexpected rest for healing and assimilating all these new energies.


All we have to do is be still & listen, the body will tell us what we need, and so will the universe.




I sometimes wonder what the Mayans would have written about these times had they not succumbed to unsustainable growth and Spanish conquistadors.


I know one thing for sure and that is, if the Mayan culture had survived to see 2012, the party they threw would still be going strong.


They understood that this time is humanities initiation into higher realms, and that we would be coming into our own power, on the road to becoming an enlightened species.

  • What might the Mayans have had to say about those of us who would be here to usher in this new golden age?

  • Think about it a minute, in a cycle lasting some 26 thousand years, what are the odds that you & I got to even be here to see it go down??

Out of all the people who have ever lived, WE are here together to forge a new dream and a better world.

  • You think that’s just by mistake?

  • Who aren't ready for this?

Till next time, Be Good to Each Other…