by Ida Lawrence

April 11, 2013

from Talk2momz Website



Last night I happened to come across a videotaped speech delivered by former US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Brzezinski in 2012. I had been thinking and writing about how we can disengage from conditioned fear and the emotional wave while staying informed.

We’re spiritual warriors, on many levels, and while we don’t get many ‘you’re winning’ signals from the enemy, we are tuned in and smiling every time another light shines through the lies. It is often synchronicity and reliance on heart connections that sustain us.

Mr. Brzezinski provided a synchronistic moment - thank you dear evil one!


He was speaking to a group of elites and warning them as follows:

“A worldwide resistance movement to external control driven by populist activism is threatening to derail the move towards a new world order.”







He called our connection a shared delusion and blamed it on instant mass communications, saying that these communications have been,

“cumulatively stimulating a universal awakening of mass political consciousness.”

Woe is me! They’re finding complete control hard to achieve.


Can you control synchronicity, telepathy, truth, love and community? Some of our finest warriors don’t need the Internet to send a message.

Our fear, anger and despair provide nourishment for the system, and trap us within it as well. Who wants to see their energy get eaten up, or see themselves trapped in anticipation of ‘what if’, or ‘what will they do next’?


My question is, can we train ourselves to move through the collapse Obi-Wan style, like spiritual warriors, motivated by devotion and connected to each other through similarity of energy, heart and mind?

What is fear, really? It’s anticipation of something happening that you don’t want to happen.


Here’s a mini example. A week ago I was struck by a vehicle, supposedly parked, on a hill. It lurched back and I fell and sustained an injury. Yesterday, up and running and doing fine, I had to walk behind a car parked on a hill. I stopped and looked for ways to avoid walking behind the car.


And then I saw myself and smiled,

“Wow, look at that fear… sneaky!”

No wonder we give up our freedoms to avoid fear… we don’t want to die.


Did the fictional Obi-Wan give up his fear of death? Of course, but that’s fiction. Can we do it in reality? Now you know I’m not talking about ‘fearless equals reckless’ - that’s not conscious warrior. I’m talking about developing, training and becoming fully confident in our perception of the energy we are all made of.


If that’s what we decide to aim for, it will lead to strength and courage in the face of crisis… fearlessness is tied to the fact that energy doesn’t die.

Metaphysical study is study of energy. Teacher and spiritual warrior, Khris Krepcik, suggests a training and survival practice of stepping outside the emotional wave.


The emotional wave is happening all the time, but there are a few profound examples wherein you can easily verify that your emotions joined with the emotion of others in a wave. When the wave occurs, the system steps into action and manipulates it. It’s very successful… brilliant, really. It has worked countless times.

The 911 false flag is our greatest present-day example.


I was caught up in that emotional wave… not in the patriotic go to war part of it, but in it nonetheless. It took years for me to realize the depth of evil we are contending with here. I can understand why people don’t ‘go there’ - it’s almost too abhorrent to grasp.

Who wants to believe that those smiling faces on TV (and the puppet masters behind them) are responsible for so much agonizing pain, enslavement, death, destruction, lies, manipulation, planning, executing… all in the name of what? Are they trying to avoid their own death?


Maybe they’re an example for us of how far fear will take you if it rules you.

Face your fear means face the fact that such unspeakable evil really exists - face it and don’t emotionally react to it. You’re a warrior, remember. This is your enemy, it has tremendous power - but it is not All Powerful. It is limited by its own nature - its own inability to be limitless.


What is able to be limitless? Truth - the ultimate enemy of the matrix of control is limitless truth (aka pure information). And love - the ultimate reward of expanding consciousness, is limitless love.

One of my favorite teachers with regard to ‘all is energy’, and the reality of evil as well as good, is Stuart Wilde.


Not surprisingly, he has experienced rejection from people who don’t want to hear about evil. But alas, all is not light and love. All is all.


In a recent article Stuart said,

“Don’t let the system fornicate with your heart and mind, whisper silently ‘We have come to crush you, embrace love or perish’.”

 I got a laugh out of that. He’s putting the system in its place, strategically.

So now let’s get to the good part. Can we crush them? They are being weakened and they are worried, as Mr. Brzezinski pointed out. Informed moms and dads, activists, whistleblowers, truth tellers, incredible teachers - millions are in this resistance. There are many levels.


At the forefront are spiritual warriors operating well beyond what we can see. For the rest of us there may be moments of fear and trembling, but we’re learning how to overcome that now, aren’t we?

Let the system starve, the warriors say. When they can’t get your emotional reaction and your fear it’ll weaken them and they’ll make more mistakes - blatant ones. You can see the mistakes happening and they are delightful to watch.

The most beautiful thing is that our minds and hearts are tuned in to each other across the globe through a resonance of energy. While you may feel somewhat isolated where you are, you are not isolated.


Read, listen, meditate, go within, deprogram yourself, see and overcome your conditioning, and work on perception. Resonate with truth, bow in reverence to it, and break every bind.

Mr. Brzezinski may call it a shared delusion - I call it the unfolding of the divine.