April 24, 2013

from BeforeItsNews Website



  1. You work for Big Brother or have a good paying job for a corporation, and feel there are no better options.

  2. You believe sold your soul to 'satan'… even though that’s impossible because no one can own another’s soul.

  3. You are afraid of your own power (and you know it).

  4. You have lost interest or knowledge in how the rest of the universe operates. You believe you are better off in a fascist system, where everything is competition, rather than a system where everybody supports everyone… you believe this because you feel you are superior in some way, or that you are better off, if someone you believe is superior, tells you what your rights are, and how to think, and how to live.

  5. You are simply unable or unwilling to see the truth beyond the illusion.

  6. You are scared to “be on your own” when in a spiritual universe, you have NEVER been alone.

  7. You actually believe the illusions are the way to go because “they seem to have worked so far”.

  8. You believe humanity is all alone in the universe, and planet earth life is only ‘intelligent life’ (you do not care to define ‘intelligence’).

  9. You believe “nothing really matters”… rather than “everything matters”.

  10. You believe your power comes from control of other people, or their control over you, or someone’s control over someone.