by Althea
Guest Writer

October 2, 2013

from Augureye Website



You might remember the television series, The Red Dwarf, the adventures of three space heroes trapped for eternity on their garbage-disposal space ship wandering about the Universe attempting to make sense of their encounters.


In one episode, they found themselves visiting a planet on which every action was reversed. People walked backwards, leaves returned to trees in the Autumn, rain 'fell' up, and when dogs pooped in the park… well, you get the picture.

I never forgot that episode and as much as it made me laugh, I sensed that at the base of the story line there lay an idea that was, for me, an explanation of something deep, grand, and quite possible.


As years went by, I became fascinated by inventions that seemed new, but were actually old ones reverse-engineered to a better mousetrap; by emotions that when explored, came to the surface and were released; by repetitious destructive behaviours erased by reliving the acquisition of them, and so on, all because of the process of reverse engineering.

A few days ago a book fell into my hands, as all books do that one is supposed to read, the title of which is The Medium, The Mystic and the Physicist, written by Lawrence LeShan.


This article, in essence, strips the contents of that book down to its bare basics, but more importantly this loose meandering of words is an attempted description of the neophyte settling into my heart of a theory that alleviates the necessity of having to constantly search for answers to the perplexing situations found on Planet Earth that result from the polarity of Light and Dark.

Stunning as it may sound to those of us on the ascension path, there really is nothing to do; once we have reverse engineered ourselves to ONE.

A definition of ONE is in order. ONE has been variously described as the Source, All That Is, God et cetera and for ease of reference in this essay, ONE will be referred to as… ONE.


If that definition of ONE irritates your heart/mind, then it is quite possible to substitute your own word for ONE, because in the end it is all ONE and it doesn't make any difference what you call it.

ONE simply IS. ONE is always in the Now, separation from ONE is impossible, time and space are illusions, and our attempts to reverse engineer ourselves back to the ONE have resulted in much agitation and polarity, because we already are IT.

Lawrence LeShan, a psychologist, became intrigued by the experiences of those mediums, mystics, and physicists, who, through trance, meditation, focused contemplation, or similar stilling-of-the-mind methods, apparently travelled consciously into and through other realms outside of the three dimensions of Earth.


And they returned to report that, in their travels, the insights that they attained, the healings they performed, the inventions they subsequently produced, and the tranquility they sustained upon returning to Earth's reality, were because they knew, amongst other things, that subjects and objects were ONE, that ONE was above good and evil and therefore did not judge either, and that free will was not applicable upon the realization of ONE, and thus, as LeShan reports:

"Free will does not exist since what will be is, and the beginning and end of all enfold each other. Decisions cannot be made, as these involve action-in-the-future, and the future is an illusion. One cannot take action but can only participate in the pattern of things".

(Page 86)

The trick for LeShan, and apparently for every human experiencing the compulsion to search for ONE, is to bring back to this Earthly reality, the knowledge of ONE, that we are not separate from It, that It is always in the NOW, and then apply that knowing consciously to our thinking and actions in our daily lives.


No easy task, but we have predecessors who have done just that and there is no reason why we can't.

However, please do not construe the above quote from The Medium, The Mystic, and the Physicist as one which gives permission to 'down tools', that the job is done, the search is over, that there is nothing you can do that will make a difference anyway, so why bother, and thus settle back into the mind-controlled oblivion put upon us by beings who actually know about ONE and are desperate to keep the rest of us from knowing about ONE.

As LeShan points out, which is quite obvious to those on the spiritual path, that until an individual has actually experienced for him/herself being ONE in the Now, then we have our work cut out for us.


And even then, having had the experience, there is, of course, more to experience. Reverse engineering in a multi-dimensional system of ever-expanding ONE does not end, and seriously, who would want it to?


The answer to any question automatically presumes the next question. Einstein is proof positive of that.

To assist us, we have famous names and personalities, religious and otherwise, to emulate, and even more encouraging, because they simultaneously exist with us in the ONE, we can draw on those entities to enlighten us and thus speed the process.


Stuart Wilde has a wonderful description of drawing from the Akashic Records, in the below audio clip:









More intriguing is the idea that when an individual acts 'as if' he or she has experienced the ONE, that is sufficient in itself to propel that person into the knowing of it.


This concept easily flies into the face of Earth reality, or as LeShan terms it, Sensory Reality, but only when we allow despair of non-result to enter into our expectations.


Constant training of the mind, constant taming of the ego, and constant checking in with heart conscience, are all graduation prerequisites.

This drawing on the ONE seems to be the very epitome of reverse engineering, but a caution is warranted. In asking questions of, or for assistance from so-called Higher Selves, the wording must be precise and the intent clear.


Should the questioning be based on anything other than Love, which in turn is the conscious, selfless advancement of ONE, then ONE will not hear you. Not only will ONE not hear you, ONE cannot contain you in its being because it does not recognize ultimatums, polarity, pleading, or separation.


In that regard, it is helpful to meditate upon David Icke's statement,

"Infinite Love is the only truth - everything else is illusion."

In A Brief Tour of Higher Consciousness, Itzhak Bentov describes his search for ONE and finally experiences himself sliding into Himself, thus concluding on page 95:

"So here we are - all part of this great hologram called Creation, which is everybody else's SELF. You can't blame anybody for doing anything to you - you are doing it to yourself. You create your own reality. It's all a cosmic play, there is nothing but you!"

Lawrence LeShan takes that concept one step further and submits that immediately upon knowing ONE, the individual accepts that, yes, there is nothing but Me, but I do not and cannot create my own reality.


Only ONE can and does, and because ONE can and does, and because I am It and It is me, it is perfect.

The logical follow-up to the knowing and acceptance of ONE is to surrender into it.


Surrendering into ONE is perhaps the most difficult step that, according to many current mystery teachers, is a necessary one before we are able to take action and be effective on this most action-oriented of planets.


Personally, surrender is not something I seriously contemplate, because I equate surrender with giving up, saying to hell with it, and consequently, my self-discipline would fly out the window and I would be very bored without this experiment of Yin/Yang, though interestingly, Inelia Benz in the below video, states the Dark/Light experiment is over now, because it has failed:









And yet, to those who would disagree with Benz, it becomes obvious just how polarized the spiritual path is, not so much as in one way to bliss is better than any other way, but in the realization that polarity/duality does not in ONE exist, and therefore, neither does my way or your way and no experiment has been performed and none has been successful or failed.


There is an agreement in some spiritual circles that an understanding of All That Is can be found in our own breathing, and that because God has exhaled and is now inhaling, so are we, that, in effect, we are returning to God.


I can think of no better metaphor than inhaling as the reverse engineering of exhaling, and I for one, and in the ONE, make the conscious decision to ride that inhale, a decision that is not a decision as it exists and does not wait for me in the Now.


Simply put, on the spiritual path, I do not feel inferior or superior to the experiences of any other, I am neither behind nor ahead on the path, because in the ONE I am experiencing your experiences and you are experiencing mine.