by Zen Gardner
December 24, 2013

from ZenGardner Website

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We will never be left alone. We are always embraced by Universe. The prime example is Gaia, our living earth. Even she will never let us go.

Something to think about.

Not only are we never alone, we are amongst an energetic Universe of continually renewing, all embracing life. While we look out at incredible assaults on our planet and personal lives, we need to maintain a firm connection to this truth - deep within our hearts where this knowledge already lies.

This is not some philosophical, etheric concept, but a real knowing to be tapped into.





Like many of you I often see things differently.


Things can seem as if to separate into fragmented ideas and concepts. Yet they must integrate somewhere and this integrated platform is the place we live, the one we thrive in. It is now controlled by dominating malicious entities. Our mission is to not just survive, but overcome these malignant forces.

Hence all those brave souls who fight these false paradigms. They live in this alterverse of empowerment and unshakable confidence.

Operating from this understanding is what will change the world which we perceive. As we evolve, so does the world around us. This may sound escapist to some but it is nothing of the sort. The most responsible thing any of us can do is awaken. From there we clearly see and know what to be, and what to do.


Those who don’t awaken will only perpetuate the problem.

But then comes the doing on the part of the awakened.







The Separation

When we wake up it eventually leads to endings of old patterns and the beginnings of new ones.


Things cannot continue as they were. This may be discomforting at first but the reality dawns that we are indeed new entities, transformed by the Truth. Those around us rarely understand.


That does not make it untrue in the least, as we know.

Personal worlds start to float in different directions. Decisions come to the fore.

“What am I here for and why?”

Be it jobs, relationships or personal realizations.


As decisions to act or not act transpire, we arrive in various destinations. Those who prefer to stay close to the shore do so. Those who elect to let go of their moorings and follow a “different drummer” let loose.

This is where worlds divide.




This Is Our Common Experience

To think we are alone in any way, shape or form defies all logic, intuitive sense or basic instinct.


We are intrinsically interwoven into the very fabric of existence. To feel separate is to not be fully conscious. To know we’re connected enhances conscious awareness.

Herein lies our strength.

Not in our individual selves, but in our connectivity to wholeness, where we all converge. An innate understanding of this simple truth brings peace and strength. Whatever happens, we are connected and affect the entire fabric of change.

The great Universal fabric is creative. Never think this wondrous Universe would leave a single cell, creation, or intelligent entity to waste. Not even at the hand of destroyers.

We are eternally free entities. We are temporarily entrapped in their game. But not for long.

Ours is simply to awaken...