by Ryan Brown
March 27, 2014
from Wayruna Website

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What Is Consciousness?

Looking at the topic of consciousness can be a bit overwhelming.


What is consciousness and how do we come to understand that which is impossible to "stand under" in the true sense? Consciousness is infinite and ineffable, formless and beyond description. However, we can try and point to that which is beyond words with the correct approach.

It can be seen that there is more to our reality than just our physical, material experience.


There is a field in which the physicality is being experienced. This field is beyond description but the closest concept that we have to describe this field is that of space. Space has no form or limitations, and we refer to this space in which we experience the material world as consciousness.

Everything we experience is taking place in the field of consciousness first and then is manifested into the physical. This is a valuable realization because it allows us to address our seeming problems from a greater perspective.

All illness has a physical, emotional and spiritual dimension. All true healing must take place on all of these levels simultaneously.


Addressing an illness on the physical level alone may result in the alleviation of the symptoms, however, not addressing the roots of the illness on the emotional and spiritual levels will simply allow that illness to return.


This approach is cleaning out the junk but because the emotional and spiritual imbalances which created the illness were not fixed the junk will just continue to accumulate.




Attractor Patterns

The reason the junk will just continue to accumulate is because of what are referred to as attractor patterns or morphogenetic fields.


Within our consciousness are energetic patterns which attract similar energetic frequencies. This is the reason we can see certain patterns arising in our lives. These 'attractor fields' attract situations and people from the "external" world into our "internal" world.


Hence the fearful person attracts scary situations, the angry person attracts frustrating ones, and likewise, the loving person attracts loving situations. Everything comes into our lives as a result of the level at which our consciousness resonates.


This is why the great sage Ramana Maharishi realized that it is of no use trying to change to world, because the world we see is only a mirror of our own inner state of awareness.

The world as we know it is actually a collection of intertwined energetic fields which interact and communicate with each other.


These energies are perceptible to certain people. Some are naturally able to do this and some have learned how. Others, even though they are not aware of these energetic fields, nonetheless are still affected by them, albeit unconsciously.

While there is in reality only one coherent and omnipresent field in which all other energetic movements are contained there are actually stratified levels of such energy fields which organize themselves within the limitless expanse of consciousness.


Just as oil settles on the top of water into a coherent layer, likewise the different energetic fields settle into their own appropriate "layers".


A visual representation of this can be seen in the Map of the Scale of Consciousness seen below.





Explanation of the Levels of Consciousness

This map was conceived of by consciousness researcher and spiritual teacher Dr. David R. Hawkins.


Hawkins used kinesiological muscle testing to determine the numerical values in the fourth column. (Kinesiological testing is a very interesting phenomenon and whole subject in and of itself.)

You can think of the scale of consciousness as akin to a yardstick. There is no such thing as a yard in reality, it is merely an arbitrary unit of measurement, whose purpose is to convey the length of an object or a distance. It is just that: a way of describing something and communicating it to another person for sake of convenience, but in reality it is just a concept.

Likewise, the scale of consciousness is a convenient way of describing and communicating concepts which are beyond description, i.e. states of consciousness.


In my experience it is an incredibly powerful tool for navigating the realms of consciousness and studying its inner workings.




Why The Map Is Useful

Just like a yardstick is a useful tool for understanding dimensions of the physical world, the map of the levels of consciousness is useful in understanding the dimensions of our inner nature, as well as how we relate to the world in which we live.


Everything has an energetic vibration:

people, food, music, books, movies, teachings, places, etc…

All of these can be calibrated to determine their specific level of consciousness.

Just as important are the levels of the emotions which move through us. The levels can be thought of as vibrational levels of energy. The levels are logarithmic, not linear, so each level up is exponentially more powerful than the previous one. It is all the same energy, just different vibratory levels of it.


This is a key concept to understand when doing transformational energy work.

It can be seen that at the bottom of the scale are the 'negative' emotions, which pull us down. The top half of the scale consists of the 'positive' states, which uplift. The level 200 is a very important one. This is the threshold above which the energy fields start to uplift us (truth) and below which the energy fields start to bring us down (falsehood).

Knowing the difference between these two 'flavors' of energy is one of the greatest skills one can cultivate. One can learn to realize when one is under the influence of negative emotions and apply consciousness techniques to remedy the situation.


This takes practice and familiarity with the levels of consciousness.