by Sri Ravi Shankar

March 05, 2011

from SpeakingTree Website


Letís hand over to future generations a cleaner, more ethical society, says Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, as he shares five ways of doing so.


Corruption is a burning issue today. It has permeated all fields and all institutions and it requires immediate attention.


Those who have dedicated themselves to the cause of the freedom struggle in the past have only been outdone by recent generations who have driven nations into the morass of corruption and injustice.


If we accept corruption as our way of life and carry on, we are cheating ourselves and billions of people in the process. What kind of society do we want to leave for the coming generations? If we do not give them a society better than ours, we fail in our duty and responsibility.

We can counter the big ĎCí of corruption with five more powerful Cís!


    First, is the sense of connectedness. Corruption begins where a sense of belonging ends. Nobody tries to cheat their own family or people with whom they have a sense of belonging. So if we can extend the belongingness, corruption and greed will come down.


    The second ĎCí is courage. It is fear or insecurity that makes one resort to corruption. Then one tries to find security through money, which doesnít really happen. We have to create courage and confidence in our ability and the laws of nature.


    Third, is to bring about an understanding of cosmology. Everything in creation is recycled. Every cell in our body decays and is replaced with new cells. Seeing life from a different perspective of extended space and time is what will deepen the vision, broaden the mind and enrich the heart.


    The fourth ĎCí is compassion, which can bring back dedication in society and remove corruption.


    The last ĎCí is a sense of commitment - commitment to contribute to society. If we think of being useful to people rather than about gaining something out of them, then corruption can be rooted out. Everyone has needs and responsibilities. We need to see how we can reduce our needs and increase our contribution. This is absolutely essential in todayís world. When the equation between needs and responsibility is disturbed, there is chaos.


Youth Has The Power

The young generation must resolve to take responsibility for society.


They have inherited this world and now have to save it from corruption. Every youngster should have the enthusiasm and readiness to create something new. It is important for our society that this youthfulness finds place in millions of hearts.


We have to multiply rapidly on this front. Even if 10 enthusiastic youngsters come together in a city, they can bring a lot of change. Iím confident that our youth can remove the corruption and fanaticism prevailing today.

At the same time, there is a big responsibility on all the spiritual and religious leaders of the country to nurture human values among people.


Lack of spirituality has led to corruption.


Need For Spirituality

Spirituality can create a sense of responsibility, belongingness and bring about social change.


It was this power that M K Gandhi used to help us secure freedom. Human values will take you from a state of dependency to a state of total responsibility. And when you take on responsibility or dedicate your life for a social cause, then you donít have to sit and worry for your little needs. They will be met automatically. This is the law of nature.

Two thousand years ago, Rishi Kautilya had said that the basis of ethics is economy, the basis of economy is state and the basis of state is civil society. If civil society is not following ethics, the state canít do anything about it. So, people have to wake up now. In the peak of kaliyuga, it is as if truth has taken a backseat. But, it is also said that in kaliyuga, the power is in the team.


When many bristles are put together to make a broom, they are far more effective in sweeping a large hall than they would have been individually.


Please Speak Out

Each of us should be ready to speak out and take up cudgels against corruption. We need to fight against injustice, but without anger or violence.

Fight with a calm and serene mind. The spiritual values of ahimsa and truth transcend time and work everywhere, even today. When you make your mind strong with a conviction not to be corrupt, people will also change.


This awareness and awakening has to happen within each individual and this is where individual education will lead to a collective culture. In Chinese, the same word means crisis as well as opportunity. We can turn this crisis into an opportunity to build a stress-free and corruption-free India; an India which has been known for its spirituality, serenity and human values.


Today, we need to come together for a big transformation, a new direction, an awakening among our people. The path is long, and we will all have to work for it together.


Let us begin a revolution for building a strong and spiritual World.