by Bijoy Bharathanon
February 07, 2011
from SpeakingTree Website

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Past Life Regression (or PLR) therapy is said to be a technique of healing, which involves the subject recollecting memories and images from his/her previous lives, which might hold the key to the problems ailing him/her in the present life.


Practitioners of this discipline believe that it has a positive effect on several aspects of an individual’s life. Experts advocating this procedure are of the opinion that it’s especially beneficial for the removal of certain health problems.


According to Dr Newton Kondaveti, a well-known practitioner of this system of healing, PLR allows one to get to the source of one’s problems.

He explains,

“Until a certain point, you are dealing only with symptoms rather than causes. Through regression, which involves the removal of energy blockages, healing of chronic diseases can be brought about”.

But then, what about skeptics who have raised doubts about the veracity of this procedure?


Newton says,

“Some of the subjects who undergo regression, give specific details from past lives like their past life names, names of places where they lived, exact time periods and when they lived among other details. The veracity of such claims can be verified as well”.

He goes on to add,

“PLR is a method to energize the spirit of individuals by letting them journey into their past lives. By exploring past lives, we can try finding solutions problems ailing us in the present life. It is aimed at the body, mind, emotions, and the spirit. It transports one back to the time before one’s birth and regresses one to previous lifetimes”.

Elaborating on what he believes are the benefits of this procedure, Newton says,

“Its chief objective is to make our life easier, better and more fulfilling, in this present moment. It’s a root cause therapy as it enables extremely deep change to take place at the very source of the problem. It does not deal with external symptoms as it directly addresses the internal cause”.

Experts say PLR helps:

  • To see the root causes of their current life situations and circumstances, understand the cause-effect relationship and heal their present problems with the understanding thus gained.


  • To overcome their fear of death, understand that everything that happens to them is a result of their own choices and actions, and thereby realize that they are the ‘masters of their own destinies’ or in other words ‘creators of their own realities’.