by Shepard Ambellas
June 10, 2011
from TheIntelHub Website


This morning after waking up (very early) to many birds chirping like an angry alarm clock, I was conversing with some friends of mine about the suns position and I decided to film a short clip to demonstrate a few points.

Something about the sun seems different lately, from my understanding the sun rises in the east and sets in the west.

The position of the sun has been striking me as being different lately, something might be going on.

According to official data - with the sun 10 to 15 degrees off the horizon - it should have been positioned at around 70 degrees toward the east when I spotted it at 5:45 am PST, when in fact it was positioned at 29-30 degrees north by northwest according to my compass.

Via Gaisma

The Position of the sun at 5:45 am PST about 10 - 15 degrees up off the horizon

From the approximate coordinates of (45.523452, -122.676207), (0.367058, 0.617294) at 5:45 am PST, I shot the following video, in it you will see where I have documented that the sun rose today 30 degrees to the east off of due north - a 60 degree difference to the north off of due east.

If anyone has an actual solar compass please contact me.

Check out the following clip:




Youtuber 2010TheCountdown has documented pictures from 2010 compared to shots in 2011 on the same month and day (1 year apart) where the sun appears to be 30 degrees higher in the skyline and rising in a northwesterly location.

Mega’s location


Here is a related video:




And another from Portland: