November 2005

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James Maxlow’s new book is set to overturn traditional conventional science by detailing groundbreaking new science that challenges the assumption that the Earth has retained a constant size during its evolution.



(PRWEB) July 11, 2005

James Maxlow’s eBook (Terra Non Firma - Earth) discusses a scientific theory that is astonishingly significant.


If true, it means that many of the scientific “facts” we think we know about the Earth are plainly wrong. Many major natural science theories will have to be rewritten. Of course the established scientists don’t like any upstart theory which is going to see many of their own pet theories about the Earth consigned to the scientific dustbin.


Several have attempted to suppress this revolutionary new theory of an expanding Earth by rubbishing the claims.


These past rejections of the expanding Earth theory have traditionally been based on outdated, misinformed and often highly emotive misconceptions of what the theory is.


James Maxlow’s eBook resolves this dilemma by examining the latest scientific evidence about the Earth in detail to see if it supports the expanding Earth theory.

The expanding Earth theory explains the tectonic movement of the Earth’s plates.


This theory draws on the same evidence used by plate tectonics, but unlike plate tectonics where continents are randomly shunted around the Earth’s surface as ocean floor is created at mid-ocean ridges and consumed at subduction zones, in the expanding Earth theory there are no subduction zones so the Earth must expand in size as new ocean floor is created.

To many this seems unimaginable, but the remarkable fit-together of all continents on a smaller radius Earth is too good to be due to mere coincidence. The acceptance of the expanding Earth proposal requires careful reconsideration of all that we have been previously taught to be an absolute scientific truth.

Various lines of evidence lead to the inevitable conclusion that the Earth has expanded. One of the most astonishing lines of evidence presented by James Maxlow is provided by the same satellite navigation technology which is commonly used to pinpoint an exact location on the Earth.


James Maxlow explains in detail how the current space geodetic results seem to be inconclusive since they do not include a vertical vector component. Once this component is included it shows that Earth expansion is happening today. These geodetic models show a clear and unquestionable change in the Earth’s radius.

When the global geodetic network was first established in the 1990s they were found to show that the Earth was expanding by 18 mm/year.


However, since the Earth was expected by conventional science to be a constant size it was recommended that this expansion be “restricted to zero” and this is what was implemented by adding a correction factor to the results. The value of 18mm/year is very close to the 22 mm/year calculated from the oceanic mapping.


The Earth is expanding today.