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Living-Tracer Enterprises
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Camouflage of aircraft has been the ongoing focus of the military since the discovery of human flight. Hiding from the enemy, protects pilot lives, military secrets and provides the ability for sudden and highly effective strikes on targets. As the number of sightings of "disappearing" aircraft and objects increase, lines are becoming blurred as we attempt to delineate between our true technological capabilities what may be a common capability of the UFO (unidentified aerial device/vehicle). Star-field and cloud/haze camouflage are now frequently reported in addition to blending into the sky, using various techniques and devices.

Increasing, UFO Researchers are witnessing what appears to be aircraft at various altitudes suddenly and inexplicably vanish from sight. George Filer in Filers Files relayed a report of two MUFON members returning from the MUFON Symposium 2000 watching as an apparent aircraft "winked out" before them. George Filer also told of such an experience along the Eastern seaboard. Other researchers and the public continue to relate to Living-Tracer Enterprises similar sightings.

These sightings are so unusual that they have provoked the consideration of two possible explanations: the common use of ultra high tech military and civilian aircraft camouflage or UFOs camouflaging as aircraft.

Human Made High Technology Explanation

One must consider both prosaic explanations and exotic Defense R&D before concluding what some report seeing is taken as conclusive evidence of alien technology. Electrochromatic panels (tiny video sensors) on the skin of aircraft is one such exotic technology which could explain as least some of the sightings reported.

It might be enlightening to visit the Project Chameleo/Richard N. Schowengerdt’s website which presents papers, videos and drawings explaining some of the more recent research projects conducted by research scientist and the Air Force...  

While the following patent does not prove the current use of this technology, it does show interest and research into the development of it:

Cloaking Using Electro-Optical Camouflage Patent No. 5,307,162 issued 26 April 1994 Patent Renewed in 1997 - Next Maintenance Fee Due 26 April 2001

An interesting report from Australia from Harry Mason points to get another possible high tech explanation for disappearing or "limited sight" aircraft (though it is not clear whether the "object" seen by observers was indeed an aircraft):

Harry Mason writes, "I have some input for you on the disappearing aircraft technology?" I have a friend in a foreign country who is their top English language translator. I will not name the country for her safety. In the early 1980s, she went with a foreign military delegation from her country to the USA to meet with top US Military. She translated for both sides. One aspect of their visit was to observe film and hard technology of the operation of a "cloaking device." This made ships, aircraft, or airfields totally invisible in reflected light and radar wavebands. It was being offered to her country as an inducement to back US policy. The device was capable of retrofitting to any aircraft etc. There is "eyewitness" evidence of such a device in operation at an RAF-NATO airbase on the Mull of Kintyre in Scotland.

One day a bunch of golfers noticed a ’V’ shape wave rushing across the calm sea surface with a vague shimmering space in the air above it -- similar to that seen in the movie "Predator."

The ’V’ wave of unsettled water and the shimmering air shot towards them at a fair speed and the shimmering went over their heads accompanied by a loud roaring noise -- exactly in line with the airstrip. They concluded that a high powered invisible aircraft had approached low over the water and landed at the airfield. Thanks to


Harry Mason

Living-Tracers has received reports from reliable witnesses sighting similar V-shaped "airwave" streams having no accompanying sound or color-- with one astounding difference. These "objects" were only a few hundred feet away and much smaller -- having a basketball sized rounded "shape" in front of the stream.

These reports indicate that the "airwaves" were similar to seeing a small wake in a lake moving quickly by... only in the air. Might these be the small spherical objects reported by so many all over the world entering another state dimension?

Who Are ’They’ ... And Who Are They Hiding From?

While it is possible that many experimental missions and varying atmospheric conditions are occurring in our atmosphere and that stealth tech/camouflage undoubtedly is being developed, one must ask the following question:

  • What would be the purpose of using such stealth tech (if economically and technologically feasible) in non-combat situations in the skies above populated areas?

  • If it is feasible, why would it be necessary?

  • Who are they hiding from?

Perhaps one explanation for my sighting of a blinking out "craft" is the experimentation of ’emissions cloaking’ along with aircraft camouflage. Much R&D is taking place in radar jamming and emissions control... but why would our military be testing or using such cloaking devices over a populated area in mid day?

Who are they hiding from?

The sudden and inexplicable disappearance, I personally witnessed in December of 1999 was in a clear blue sky was stunning. While I was intensely watching an oblong pinkish object (which I at first assumed to be an aircraft) with a long "dashing" persistent contrail the object along with the miles long persistent contrail "winked out". I searched the clear blue sky for a possible reappearance of the strange object or aircraft and saw nothing but blue skies

While I have seen various "camouflaging" effects of aircraft -- white aircraft becoming darker in different lighting conditions, aircraft moving through a thin haze becoming white then blue and back again, even shadows bouncing in front of aircraft. This sighting seemed to defy plausible common explanations.

What purpose would it serve for a military aircraft flying over a populated area to be visible then suddenly become invisible (in supposedly non-combat, non-experimental situations)? From whom are they hiding?

Disappearances And Contrails

An interesting sighting report by George A. Filer (Eastern Director of MUFON) in Filers Files #31, August 7, 2000 asks the same probing question:

"The last few months the search for Unidentified Flying Objects has taken on a new phase with dozens of reports of aircraft disappearing in front of numerous eye witnesses. Sometimes the craft appear to change color prior to disappearing, we have reports of white, gray, red, and patchy blue or white aircraft. In World War II, camouflage techniques lit up allied anti-sub aircraft using soft lights to conceal them from Nazi submariners.

I personally have 5000 flying hours. On July 3, I saw an aircraft making heavy dark looking contrails that appeared quite different from standard. They may have powder or impurities in them that may come from the new jet fuels. The most amazing thing that occurred is that when the spraying stopped the aircraft disappeared. I searched the clear blue sky with binoculars but no craft could be observed. An aircraft simply does not vanish from a clear blue sky unless it has active camouflage or crashes.

One possible way for an aircraft to vanish would be to use a liquid screen similar to one used on a typical lap tap computer. If hundreds of liquid screens were mounted on the underside of aircraft it could be made to seem to vanish by videotaping the sky above the aircraft and applying this same color to the liquid screens covering the aircraft. To the naked eye the craft would disappear, [but] why would these aircraft want to vanish?"

Report Of Disappearing Aircraft By MUFON Members. Excerpted From Filers Files #30 July 31, 2000:

Driving home from the MUFON conference the Georgia State MUFON director [Tom Sheets] who is a retired Chief of Police and other witnesses observed a aircraft "wink out" suddenly.


George Filer: " These are high quality witnesses, they are not mistaken. I’ve learned from other contrails experts this has happened before. To my knowledge humans do not possess aircraft that can disappear. The spraying is real, therefore I suspect that UFOs are involved. I want to know what they are spraying and why" (see  for similar reports)

Consider also the following reports:

Mark Cashmere MUFON CT. State Director reports that, "On December 13, 1999, four witnesses observed two anomalous phenomena at 3:30 PM." The observations lasted for a total of 40 minutes. The witnesses were two adult business owners 49 (Y) and 51 (F), and his son 12, and a woman business associate (W), 80. The observations are broken into two phases.

Observation of an estimated five contrails in sequence descending toward a ridge to the west. These contrails became visible in each case after a bright star-like light appeared and were the width of the light, and once reaching a specific length retained that length without change. Each contrail displayed a "puff" about halfway to the hill that acted as the horizon. The witnesses also thought there was an orange flash as each light passed below the tree-line. One contrail split into two. The witnesses believed it was possible that the lights crashed on the hill, though they heard no sound. The contrails dissolved, including the puffs.

They observed two solid objects, gray in color, one "bullet-shaped" with smoothly faired fins, and one spherical with no seams or protrusions. One witness observed an apparent seam on the bullet-shaped object. The objects, of large angular size (3 inches at two feet), passed the witnesses at a relatively close distance, and as they moved to the north vanished in full view. The location of the second phase was about thirty feet to the east of the first at 41.81120 (Lat.), -72.92348 (Long).

A third "phase" was the observation of a number of aircraft identified as commercial Short Skyvans believed looking or what they had just observed. The two adult men seemed credible and articulate but perplexed by the event. The child offered a reasonable level of corroboration. A more detailed analysis can be found at

Thanks to: Mark Cashman.

Very visible -- then very invisible. What were possible explanations of this activity if these were experimental aircraft? Were these missiles gone astray? If so--what is a plausible explanation for their location and the bright light in front of the trails?

Consider a report with some similarities from Texas. Could a light-producing propulsion system account for the appearing and disappearing of this apparent UFO?:

"On January 10, 1999 near Lewisville Texas -- I witnessed the unexplainable... I was back out at my sighting post on the lake just at sunset scanning the western skies when I suddenly caught sight of a very strange orange trail on the horizon.. zigzagging very low to the ground. Whatever was creating this trail was moving toward the southeast -- moving toward me at an angle. I kept my eyes on it as it proceeded closer and I still could not make out a definitive shape in front of it -- though I thought I saw something small and dark there a couple of times.

As it reached past I-35 (which is a major thoroughfare running north and south through the Dallas area) -- I could see that something was creating short bursts of contrail in a zig-zag fashion. It was low-flying -- seeming to be between 500-700 feet above ground.

Suddenly a bright light appeared several hundred feet in front of a burst of orange trail. Then both the light and the trail would disappear. The light would appear again and then the short trail -- and both would disappear again. This pattern continued for a few minutes until the light appeared without a contrail and disappeared. The light repeated this behavior a few more times before disappearing for the final time."


(Living-Tracer Enterprises)

If one takes into consideration that some rather odd-shaped "aircraft" (eg. oval, teardrop, spherical, oblong) and unusual fireballs and projectile-appearing objects (see NUFORC report of two pilots sightings of an missile shaped object flying between them) are reportedly flying through our atmosphere in proximity to aircraft some creating persistent contrails themselves this may provide a very good explanation for the sudden necessity for both aircraft and UFOs to make a sudden "disappearance" for stealth or protection. (also see

We just may be witnessing aircraft and UFOs and their projectiles, using some high and higher tech camouflage in the open skies.


From A. Hebert

Dear Jeff -
In reference to the post titled "Winked Out’ - UFOs Or high Tech Camouflage", our government and numerous governments around the world already have camouflaging technologies in use that most people cannot even begin to imagine. I have just finished a book on this very topic titled "The Pretenders" which covers 5 years of research into camouflage technology - some of which I shared with Ms. Livingston over this last year in presumed confidence.

The so-called "winking out" effect people refer to has nothing what so ever to do with any kinds of camouflage or "cloaking". These effects are due to increasing levels of pollution and haze that cause conventional aircraft to become temporarily "invisible" when flying at certain angles between the observer and the aircraft. Since I live in the same area as Ms. Livingston (about 4 miles down the road), I have witnessed this same effect myself dozens of times. Days in which there are "clear blue skies" have become quite rare in this area due to all the pollution and haze. One day while driving to a meeting in Lewisville, Texas, I watched more than 10 planes flash (reflect sunlight), disappear, reappear, disappear and actually vanish as they came in to land at DFW Airport. To my knowledge commercial airplanes do not employ any forms of camouflage to "wink out", however, this may be what causes passenger luggage to "disappear". <wink

In reference to the "dash-dash" contrails people are observing, according to Physicist, M. Kim Johnson,

"If the atmospheric water content is not consistent with altitude (picture atmospheric "waves" of high water vapor content below a layer of low water vapor content much like waves on the ocean), then a jet will alternately pass through air that allows contrail formation and air that does not. This gives the appearance of a dashed line if the plane is flying at, or near the perpendicular to the waves."

I have observed this "dash-dash" effect dozens of times and video taped this in the skies over Dallas, Fort Worth, Lewisville, The Colony and Plano, Texas. Sometimes if you observe these "dashes" at sunset, you can actually see these "waves" between the contrail dashes as they shift the ends of the whispy contrails up and down. Just keep your eyes and mind open and avoid jumping to conclusions that they are camouflage effects or a "spray" plane turning it’s "chemtrail" off and on and you will see it.

Ms. Livingston stated,

"On January 10, 1999 near Lewisville Texas -- I witnessed the unexplainable... I was back out at my sighting post on the lake just at sunset scanning the western skies when I suddenly caught sight of a very strange orange trail on the horizon.. zigzagging very low to the ground. Whatever was creating this trail was moving toward the southeast -- moving toward me at an angle. ...As it reached past I-35 (which is a major thoroughfare running north and south through the Dallas area) -- I could see that something was creating short bursts of contrail in a zigzag fashion. It was low-flying -- seeming to be between 500-700 feet above ground."

This event occurred at sunset. At sunset contrails often turn bright orange when reflecting the setting sun. Sometimes they become so bright orange that they seem to be an object themselves (I have witnessed this many times personally in the same area). I-35 runs parallel to the runways at DFW Airport. The area near Lake Lewisville has very heavy air traffic landing and taking off from DFW and Dallas Love Field. I have been to this area near the lake many times and observed aircraft leaving bright orange contrails, disappearing, reappearing, disappearing, etc. However, I know the difference between a normal, natural occurrence and aircraft using camouflage.

In reference to electrochromatic panels, these have been mentioned in connection with the "proposed" Stealth Blimp. These panels were applied to an early prototype of the F-117 stealth fighter but it crashed and were not applied to the later F-117’s. One reason why electrochromatic panels and LCD type camouflage are probably not used on aircraft that leave contrails is because the panels cannot withstand the friction and heat caused by flying at mach speeds. Even the Raptor does not employ this form of camouflage but does use a form of multicolored paints designed to help conceal the aircraft while flying at certain altitudes.

When it comes to camouflage, if one is seeing the aircraft and any form of contrail, it is obviously not using camouflage technology. That’s why they developed camouflage - to become "invisible". Camouflage and high tech is more complex and being used in the last place most people would think to look.

A. Hebert

From Brenda Livingston

In response to Amy Hebert’s remarks regarding my article "Winked Out: UFOs or High Tech Camouflage" (above report):

As I mentioned to you several months ago, Amy, The Colony is indeed big enough for two or more UFO researchers. I have invited you to join in the search for UFOs in and out of persistent contrails in this area and suggested to you that putting forth an intellectual presentation is a much more persuasive approach that attacking the work of other researchers.

Although you have not shared any of your research with me regarding "camouflage" -- I found your article "Pretenders" on fascinating and informative. I think we are in agreement on many aspects of UFO and human camouflage techniques. And we have both had some very dramatic and revealing sightings of UFOs in this area.

I think in your above comment, you did hit upon an intriguing idea which I believe does support the theory that UFOs are camouflaging as aircraft and perhaps even distributing the small spherical objects now so commonly seen within persistent contrails.

If UFOs are laying at least some of the persistent contrails in our skies (and there are indications that they are from the myriad of strange fireballs and UFOs reported with lasting trails -- see -- they certainly could be utilizing persistent contrails to release objects/gases (for whatever purpose) into our atmosphere.

Why is this camouflage? As we now see so many persistent contrails moving across our skies, it would be a very clever way to carry out tasks "right above our heads" without our awareness of it.

In your article "Pretenders: UFOs and Camouflage" -- you mentioned "a witness in Northern California who described a UFO that imitated an airplane AND a star."

Interestingly enough, my sighting of a "star-like" object long before sunset on February 25, 1999 above a broad low persistent contrail and then hovering within it as a white oval object -- was what motivated me to work to uncover the apparent interest these mysterious objects had in persistent contrails.

This particular white oval object displayed a "flare" of light covering and moving out of one side. This could indicate a transitional state from "star" to a more physical form, shutting down its corona/propulsion system or shedding its previous camouflage.

In addition to the V-shaped "air-wave" techniques reported by Harry Mason in "Winked Out" and many reporting smaller more spherical versions of this phenomena or technology -- Living-Tracers has brought forward yet another camouflage technique that appears to be utilized by small spherical objects.

As Ellen Crystal stated in Silent Invasion (as you quoted in your "Pretenders" article):

"...The aliens could change the lights in any manner, and we could see why people could mistake their shapes if the lights defined only portions of the vehicle..."

As lights at night can change formation, it certainly appears that these enigmatic energy "balls" so many have reported can organize themselves into shapes resembling aircraft in broad daylight. (see for an interesting photo enhancement which may exemplify this "organization")

Perhaps the "lights" some report changing location are actually separate spherical objects moving from their "normal" free flight positions to a right-angled formation resembling and aircraft in a camouflage effect?

I personally feel that research into the mission, techniques and environmental interactions of the UFO and their makers/occupants would be better served by researchers focusing upon gathering new information and presenting theories and findings rather than continually pursuing attempts to suppress the work of others.

Perhaps we should meet over a cup of coffee to continue this discussion?

I wish you much luck on your upcoming books and continued research.

Brenda Livingston

Living-Tracers Enterprises