by G. Edward Griffin

Updated 2005, June 12

from FreedomForce Website

The possibility that there are intelligent life forms visiting Earth from outer space is difficult to consider because, if true, it may conflict with our views about the importance of man and the nature of creation. The answer impacts both philosophy and theology – and these are things that, beyond the mid point of life, we tend to defend more than to question.


There is a tendency to say: “That can’t be true because I believe that ….”


The older we get, the more reluctant we are to make revisions.

Another problem with this issue is the possibility that, if there is a Black-Ops group that really does control our government, that means we the people do not – and that, too, is an extremely unwanted conclusion. So, for two excellent reasons rooted deeply in our subconscious, we do not want to think that the answer to the opening question is yes, and we tend to dismiss any claim to the contrary as the ranting of the lunatic fringe.

If there ever was a Reality Zone topic, this is it. If you are unwilling to even consider the evidence, then please do not view this video. It is two hours long, and you will be wasting your time.


However, if you proceed, what you will see and hear is the personal testimony of men and women who have held top-security positions in the military, intelligence agencies, corporations under contract to the government, and air-traffic control services – all of whom have direct knowledge of extraterrestrial activity going back for over 50 years, and they will tell you how they were required by their superiors to conceal these facts from the public.


There are about fifteen of them on this video, but they are drawn from a witness pool of over 400, and each of them has offered to repeat the testimony under oath before the US Congress. The high quality and sheer volume of this evidence is overwhelming.

A word of caution is in order. You may wonder, as I did at first, what is to stop governments from sending agents into this group to disseminate disinformation?


We know that one of the favorite tactics of intelligence agencies is to use agent provocateurs who, while pretending to be on one side of an issue, are really providing false information to taint the larger data pool. If they can dump a little garbage into the grocery bag, it will stink up the whole batch so that most people will throw the whole thing away thinking that none of it is any good.


So how do we know that this tactic is not being used here?

The answer is that we don’t. In fact, we should assume that one or two of the witnesses may be doing exactly that. But, even if several of these stories are disinformation, it is impossible that all of them are. Even if only one out of these hundreds of testimonies is true, the case for extraterrestrial life is made – and so is the case for Black Ops.

A second word of caution is that several of the speakers advance the concept that development of weapons in space must be opposed because it could be perceived as a threat to our Galactic neighbors who, in self defense, might cause great harm to Earth.


Actually, there is evidence presented in this video that whatever beings may be monitoring Earth weaponry have no difficulty in disabling our puny devices, so one must be cautious about the self-defense scenario. Equally important is the fact that Leninists are experts at using the dread of war and the natural desire for peace as a means to generate mass pressure for disarmament - in non-Leninist countries.


We must be alert to the possibility that Leninists may be active within this movement for that purpose. Nothing would suit their plans for world domination better than to maneuver the US and the Western nations into not deploying weapons in space while they proceed to do exactly that. I would be a lot more worried about space weapons controlled by Leninists (or Rhodesians, for that matter) than by Galactians.


While looking above the Earth, we must not forget the realities on the surface of it.

With all these precautions and possible traps, why do we present this information at the Reality Zone and Freedom Force?


The answer is twofold.

(1) The possibility of intelligent life elsewhere in the universe is one of the most important issues to be resolved by introspective man


(2) knowledge of the existence of an illegal cabal that virtually controls governments is of the utmost importance if we ever hope to build a future of freedom for our children and grandchildren. We cannot overcome that which we do not know exists

Ok, enough said. It’s time for you to take the red pill or the blue.


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