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Jan 23, 2007

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The alleged recovery of a flying disk near Roswell, New Mexico in July 1947 has sparked discussions, opinions, and reports that the U.S. Army and Air Force studied the remnants of the disk, especially the methods and modes of its propulsion with the intent of "reverse engineering" the advanced technology found in the alien craft.


Is it even possible to comprehend such advanced technology much less attempt to duplicate its function?


Alien astronautics is a subject predicated on the existence of intelligent alien life forms whose evolution occurred on an extraterrestrial world and who developed means to travel from their world to other worlds in spacecraft. Reverse engineering is predicated on the fact that we have acquired alien hardware through flight systems failure of an alien spacecraft or through communication and negotiation.


Reverse engineering of mechanical parts requires extraction of information about an instance of a particular part sufficient to replicate the part using appropriate fabrication techniques. In a letter to researcher William Steinman, Dr. Robert I. Sarbacher who was with the Washington Institute of Technology, confirms that some of the scientists involved in the study of recovered flying discs were Dr. Vannever Bush, John von Neumann, and Dr. Robert Oppenheimer.


New technology such as morphing airplanes and carbon nanotubes may be the result of alien technology back-engineering studies conducted by the military-industrial complex.