by Robert Hastings
June 19, 2011

from TheUFOChronicles Website


Robert Pastings


On October 23, 2010, F.E. Warren Air Force Base, in Cheyenne, Wyoming, temporarily lost the ability to communicate with 50 of its Minuteman III nuclear missiles.


The five Missile Alert Facilities responsible for launching those ICBMs in time of war - Alpha through Echo, comprising the 319th Missile Squadron - would have been unable to do so during the period of the disruption.

This dramatic story was leaked to Mark Ambinder, a contributing editor at The Atlantic, which published it three days later.1 The Air Force then quickly acknowledged the problem, saying that a back-up system could have launched the missiles and claiming that the breakdown had lasted a mere 59 minutes.

However, the latter statement was untrue, according to two missile technicians stationed at F.E. Warren, who say that the communications problem, while intermittent, actually persisted over several hours.


Significantly, these same individuals report multiple sightings by “numerous [Air Force] teams” of an enormous cigar-shaped craft maneuvering high above the missile field on the day of the disruption, as well as the following day.


The huge UFO was described as appearing similar to a World War I German Zeppelin, but had no passenger gondola or advertising on its hull, as would a commercial blimp.

The confidential Air Force sources further report that the commander of their squadron has sternly warned its members not to talk to journalists or researchers about,

“the things they may or may not have seen” in the sky near the missiles in recent months and have threatened severe penalties for anyone violating security.

Consequently, these persons must remain anonymous at this time.

The disquieting information was provided to me last December, via a retired missile maintenance technician with contacts at F.E. Warren. Two other retired USAF sources have verified, more generally, receiving reports from their contacts of further UFO activity within the base’s 9,600-square-mile missile field in the fall of 2010.

These revelations were not at all surprising. Over the past seven months I have received several, independent reports from law enforcement personnel and civilians relating to UFO incidents occurring in the region between September 2010 and April 2011.

If the mysterious cigar-shaped object repeatedly sighted on October 23-24 was somehow involved with the 50-missile launch system disruption, it wouldn’t be the first time that a UFO interfered with the functionality of nuclear missiles, according to several U.S. Air Force veterans who have courageously gone public with their own, still-classified close encounters at various ICBM bases during the Cold War era.

On September 27, 2010, less than a month before the incident at F.E. Warren, six of those individuals participated in my UFO-Nukes Connection press conference in Washington D.C. and described UFO activity at F.E. Warren’s missile sites - as well as those located near Malmstrom AFB, Montana and Walker AFB, New Mexico - in the 1960s and ‘70s.


Another participant, a former deputy base commander, discussed his own 1980 sighting of a disc-shaped object that hovered near a nuclear bomb storage depot and apparently directed laser-like beams of light down onto it.

The press conference received tremendous media coverage, resulting in thousands of online and print articles as well as broadcast news stories worldwide.


CNN streamed the event live and a video of it may be viewed below:





That high-profile gathering of credible sources, co-sponsored by former USAF nuclear missile launch officer Robert Salas, was the result of decades of research.


Over the past 38 years, I have interviewed more than 120 former or retired U.S. military personnel who report intermittent but ongoing UFO incursions at nuclear weapons sites including missile launch facilities, strategic bomber bases, weapons storage areas, and bomb test ranges in Nevada and the Pacific during the Cold War era.


A Brief History of UFO Activity at Nuclear Weapons Sites

Reports of UFO activity at nuclear weapons facilities is old news - really old news - for those who know the facts.


Captain Edward Ruppelt, the first chief of the Air Force’s UFO investigations group, Project Blue Book, spoke about such cases during a June 1952 interview with LOOK magazine.2


A fuller examination of the “ominous correlation” between UFO sightings and nukes-related sites appeared in Ruppelt’s 1956 book, The Report On Unidentified Flying Objects, published after he had resigned from the Air Force.


Ruppelt wrote,

“UFOs were seen more frequently around areas vital to the defense of the United States. The Los Alamos-Albuquerque area, Oak Ridge, and White Sands Proving Ground rated high.” 3

Each of these locations was directly or indirectly involved in America’s nuclear weapons program: Los Alamos Laboratory conducted theoretical research and designed the bombs.


In Albuquerque, Sandia Laboratory engineered those weapons, which were often transported to nearby Manzano Base, an underground storage facility.


At Kirtland Air Force Base, located just west of Manzano, the nukes were loaded onto strategic bombers and cargo aircraft and flown to test ranges in Nevada and the Marshall Islands, as well as to military bases throughout the continental U.S. and Alaska.

Meanwhile, at the Oak Ridge facility, in Tennessee, reactors feverishly produced weapons-grade uranium and plutonium for an ever-expanding nuclear arsenal. (Oak Ridge had also played an essential role in the World War II-era Manhattan Project, by providing the uranium for the bomb dropped on Hiroshima.)


Various declassified FBI and Air Force memoranda, and other reliable reports, note no fewer than 14 separate UFO sightings at Oak Ridge during the period from October 12 to December 20, 1950. The tally was based on reports provided by various governmental security officers at the installation, as well as military pilots and radar personnel.4

At the third UFO sighting hot-spot mentioned by Ruppelt, White Sands Proving Ground in southern New Mexico, the military was engaged in ongoing tests of the captured Nazi V-2 rockets which would eventually evolve into highly accurate, intercontinental delivery systems for U.S. nuclear warheads (as well as the boosters NASA would use to take its first steps into space).

Elsewhere in the book, Ruppelt discussed UFO incursions at two other plutonium-production facilities, the Hanford site in Washington State and the Savannah River plant in South Carolina.

A small cross-section of declassified FBI documents reporting on sighting incidents at the Los Alamos and Sandia nuclear weapons labs in New Mexico may be found at:

The UFOs-Nukes Connection Press Conference.
Witness Affidavits and Declassified Documents

Perhaps not surprisingly, when ICBMs began to be deployed in the early 1960s, UFO sightings also began to occur at launch-related sites and missile warhead storage facilities.


The link above also contains a few declassified U.S. Air Force documents regarding some of those incidents at Minot AFB, North Dakota, in 1966, and Malmstrom AFB, Montana, in 1975.

More to the point, F.E. Warren AFB itself experienced an hours-long UFO incident on August 1, 1965, involving as many as six objects “stacked vertically” above various missile sites, according to a Project Blue Book memorandum later published by the group’s civilian scientific consultant, Dr. J. Allen Hynek.

I have interviewed two former ICBM launch officers, Jay Earnshaw and Richard Tashner, who were on duty during that event - at different underground Launch Control Capsules - who confirm the sightings.


Earnshaw said that the aerial objects were,

“oblong or, from the correct perspective, disc-like.”

He added,

“We got reports from our security people that there were objects in the sky stacked up, one on top of the other, just hovering there. The Russians sure didn’t have the capability to do that!


So that leaves only one other possibility. I am one who believes that we are not the only ones in the Universe and, well, I think someone might have been interested in what we were doing at our [nuclear missile] sites.


I wasn’t one of the witnesses to these events, because I was underground in the capsule, but my second-hand information from the security people up above was that the objects were really there.” 5


The October 2010 Event

Upon learning of the October 23, 2010 missile communications-disruption incident at F.E. Warren, I immediately wondered if the official Air Force explanation - a simple computer glitch had caused the problem - were actually true.


Given my research findings relating to similar, large-scale missile malfunctions at other USAF bases over the years, the thought that something more esoteric had been involved was unavoidable.

But I did not, of course, want to jump to conclusions.


When I first heard the news, I merely smiled and said to myself,

“Okay, Robert, you need to check that out as soon as possible.”

Unfortunately, due to college lecture circuit commitments, including a presentation at Oxford University in England, it was early December before I could begin to investigate the possibility of a UFO involvement in the events of October 23rd.

However - although a definitive, documented link with the communications disruption remains elusive - it can now be said that a UFO presence was indeed observed by several persons working in the F.E. Warren missile field on that date, as well as the following day.


I will elaborate on the intriguing reports from Air Force missile personnel after I have first placed them into context.


The Civilian Sightings

In addition to the military reports I have received, there is also persuasive testimony from a number of civilian witnesses relating to ongoing UFO activity within F.E. Warren’s huge missile field, which sprawls across the tri-state convergence of southeast Wyoming, southwest Nebraska and northeast Colorado.


Between late September 2010 and early April 2011, there have been credible reports of cigar, cylinder, spherical and triangular-shaped objects maneuvering near and even hovering low over various missile silos in Banner, Kimball, Cheyenne and Morrill Counties in Nebraska.


Other sightings occurred in Laramie County, Wyoming, north and east of the city of Cheyenne.

Some of those accounts were forwarded to me by law enforcement personnel who I had first contacted in early November; others resulted from media coverage of my four-day visit to the region a month later, during which I gave interviews to two local newspapers and one radio station, asking sighting witnesses to contact me at my email address,

During those interviews, I deliberately did not mention some of the specifics in the reports already in my possession so as to minimize the potential for false leads from hoaxers, who might try to weave various already-published details into their own fictional tales, in an effort to make them conform to the earlier witness testimony.

In any case, among the reports that came in over a several-week period are the following.


Witness A, who lives on the east side of Sidney, Nebraska, emailed me on December 16th and wrote:

I can't be sure of the date but it was in late September or early October. It was little chilly out. I had taken a blanket and gone out and sat on my patio. I do this occasionally in the evenings before going to bed and just sit and look at the stars...It was a partly cloudy evening and there was a full moon. That was why I had gone out, because the moon was so big and yellow and very bright in the eastern sky.

I sat outside for a little while, and I'm pretty sure I dozed off for a few minutes. When I opened my eyes, I looked above me and there was an object floating very slowly over me. It was quite a ways up but still under the clouds that were out.

The object was mostly black with some silver in it. I’ve been combing the Internet to see if I could find an object like it but, so far, no luck...I sat there and watched it glide by, going north to south, and then it went into some clouds. There was absolutely no noise from it and no lights. I think the only reason I could see it was because the moon as so bright.

I sat and watched for a bit and then it came from the south, going north, very slowly but further east of me. Again I watched it until it disappeared in the darkness. I sat there for a little bit, searching the sky for it, but didn't see anything until I heard some birds squawk and fly out of the tree. I looked above me and back behind me and it was going over again, from north to south.


That is when I got freaked out and went in the house and locked my doors. I went out several other times before it got to cold this fall but never saw anything like it again. Thank heavens.


I told some of the people I work with about it. I think they thought I was a nut.

The town of Sidney is literally surrounded by missile silos, with those belonging to Hotel and India Flights located east of town, where the witness saw the object moving in a grid search-like pattern, north-to-south, south-to-north, and then north-to-south again.

After receiving her email, I spoke with her by phone and asked for a drawing of the UFO.


Instead, she sent me a small model of the squat cylinder and later wrote,

“Glad you got my model. Very crude but it at least gives you an idea of what type of craft I saw. If what I sent had been a [professionally-done] model it would have been shorter. The craft I saw was not as, for lack of a better word, tall.”

Another individual, Witness B, emailed me on December 23rd and wrote:

I'm not real sure what I saw, but I live north of Potter, Nebraska. This is about 18 miles from Kimball, to the east. This morning, when I let my two dogs out at 6:25 a.m., I noticed a bright star in the sky.


Then I realized it was overcast and there were no stars out. I walked off my front porch and that's when I realized it was something else. It was stationary and cylinder shaped with one bright oval light, or maybe more, over the top. It disappeared before my eyes. I live between two missile silos and this thing was to the southeast of where I live, right about where there is a silo, or I should say, it could see the silo real well.


I haven't called the sheriff yet [because] I am afraid they will think I'm crazy, but I probably will, just to see if anyone else saw something. I try to keep an open mind about things but I never thought I would see something like this.


I know you were in our area a couple of weeks ago and I'm not real sure why I'm emailing you, but just thought I needed to tell someone.

The witness later told me that the missile silo nearest to the hovering UFO was - and that she had noticed out-of-the-ordinary Air Force activity at the site during the days following her sighting.


She also sent me a drawing of the object, depicting a cigar-shaped craft with an uninterrupted strip of illumination down one side, hovering at a 45-degree angle to the ground.

Some months later, the witness agreed to be interviewed for an article about the many sightings in the region, to appear in The Western Nebraska Observer.6


The editor, Patrick Cossel, wrote,

“[The witness] says that she tends to have an open mind about things and, although she has tried to convince herself otherwise, can’t identify the object as anything but alien.”

Regarding the instantaneous disappearance of the UFO, she commented,

“All I can say is I hope they are friendly. If they have the technology to move like that, we don’t stand a chance.”

A third email to me, from Witness C, dated December 17, 2010, reads:

Mr. Hastings, I read your article in the Scottsbluff paper this morning. I found it quite interesting. Around 2001-2002, as I was driving home, I turned off 25th and onto Box Butte. I saw brightly colored lights that seemed to be just sitting in one position. The object seemed to be oval in shape. Also had little windows around it.


When I stopped the car it vanished. I told my family what I saw and they all told me I was crazy...

[On] October 30th of this year, a friend of mine and I were on our way home from Scottsbluff, late at night around 10:30 or so. She was driving [and] we were on [Route] 385 heading north to Alliance, where we live. I saw some brightly colored lights. At first I thought it was an airplane but I thought if it was, it was flying way too low. These lights hovered in the same spot for awhile.


My friend asked me what was wrong. I said I just saw some bright lights I thought was an airplane, but it couldn't have been because it wasn't moving. She said, oh it was probably the telephone tower. The next day I went back out that way and there were no towers there in that spot. I never told anyone what I saw. I knew they would laugh at me and call me crazy.


I know what I saw both times. I really think I saw UFO's. After reading your article I am more convinced than ever.

This witness subsequently told me,

“The [second] object was dome shaped. The top was dark. [As for] the lights, the one on the top was white and the other one, on the bottom, was red.”

She also estimated that she had been 15 miles south of Alliance at the time of the sighting, or approximately 25 miles northeast of some of the missile silos assigned to Charlie Flight.

Another person, Witness D, said his sighting occurred on February 19, 2011, at approximately 3-3:30 a.m., as he was driving northeast of Gurley, Nebraska. When he approached the intersection of Cheyenne County Roads 54 and 129, and was looking southeast, he saw something in the field, about 150-200 yards distant. He put on his bright lights and saw a metallic cylinder standing vertically.


It was pointed on one end, making it “rocket-looking”, and had blue and yellowish lights that reflected off the body of the object.

The witness said,

“The field was perfectly flat and had nothing in it but [wheat] stubble. Something was moving around out there, but I couldn’t really tell what that was. It was like somebody moved in front of the blue light at one point, causing it flicker for a second. That kept occurring, like someone was moving back and forth in front of the light. I didn’t really want to stop to check it out [laughs].”

The witness said that the Missile Alert Facility H-1, which controls all ten of the Hotel Flight ICBMs, was “not far” from the object. (I estimate less than 2 miles, based on my missile field map.)

He had driven past that spot hours earlier in daylight, on the way to Denver, and had seen nothing unusual. The following day he again drove past the site, but saw only an empty field.

The witness also said that one night in the fall of 2010, at around 3-4 a.m., he had been driving north on Route 385, near Huntsman, Nebraska, when he saw an object moving around the sky in “weird patterns” near the deactivated Sioux Army Depot. Among other maneuvers, the UFO shot across the sky at high speed, instantly stopped in mid-air, and then shot back the opposite direction.


The witness was unnerved by the spectacle and kept driving.

All of these witnesses either spoke of their reluctance to discuss their sightings with others for fear of being thought of as deranged, or were met with disbelief when they did so. For these reasons, none of them has given me permission to use their names in this article.

Two local law enforcement professionals who also had UFO sightings, independently, are equally reluctant to publicly identify themselves when discussing their experiences. The first saw several bright, white lights “dancing” around in the sky a few miles northeast of the town of Kimball on the evening of January 23, 2011, at around 6:45 p.m., and said that they were definitely not aircraft.


While the lights moved as a group, their positions varied relative to one another, suggesting that they were not attached to a single aircraft. No noise was heard.

I interviewed the second individual, a deputy sheriff, on March 29, 2011.


He told me:

[On March 19, 2011,] around 2150 hours, while I was crossing Interstate 80 on County Line Road, heading south, I observed [a vehicle with] blue and red rotating lights traveling westbound on the Interstate.


A [Nebraska] state policeman was following them. I heard on the radio that the Air Force was doing an emergency transport back to their base. We asked for details but they wouldn’t tell us any more than that.

[A minute or two later] I was about a mile south of I-80 when I observed a green light traveling close to the horizon and parallel to it. The light was moving at a high rate of speed and lacked a tail, which is what caught my attention. I have seen numerous shooting stars at night on my patrols around the county but this was much larger than a shooting star and moving much faster than one.


The color of green was similar to that of an airport tower light. The light appeared to my southwest, around Heading 260 West-Southwest, and was traveling to around Heading 245 Southwest of my location, where I lost it behind the bluff. The light was only visible for around 1 to 1.5 seconds...

[About 5-10 minutes later] I received a text from my fiancée saying that when she was coming home from Pine Bluffs, [Wyoming,] the lights at the missile silo north of their place were turning on and off...The drive-time from Highway 30 to Echo-2 is about five minutes. When she went by the silo, the lights were off and remained off.


She said she observed nobody working around the silo and thought it was weird. The silo was about due east of me and the green light was southwest of me. I asked her about what time she saw [the silo lights going on and off] and she said it was around 2150 hours.


[During the time I observed it,] the light didn’t travel near the Echo-2 silo.

At one point during our conversation, the deputy remarked upon the close-timing of the three events - the emergency transport back to F.E. Warren, the sighting of the green aerial object, and the flashing security lights at the missile silo.


However, he and I agreed that no real evidence existed, at least for the moment, to link them.

(I later asked a retired USAF missile maintenance technician about the flashing lights and whether or not such an occurrence was unusual. He responded by saying that on occasion, when a maintenance team was having difficulty finding a remotely-located silo at night, the flight’s launch officers would turn the silo’s lights on and off, to help direct the team to it. But this person could not explain why the lights at Echo-2 would have gone off and stayed off, as described by the deputy’s fiancée, since that would have violated site-security protocols.)

Other witnesses living in or near F.E. Warren’s missile field - persons not interviewed by me - also reported seeing UFOs in the fall of 2010.


At least four of them independently wrote to the National UFO Reporting Center (NUFORC) and described their experiences, including this unidentified individual in Greeley, Colorado, which is approximately 40 miles southwest of Oscar and November Flights:

[On] Saturday October 16th, about 6 p.m., my daughter came in yelling for me to come outside [because] there was a UFO. I went outside and sure enough there was an object in the sky. It looked metallic [but] it was a little too far to see any definition...


The unidentified object stayed in one place, no noise was heard and it did not move at all. I went inside to get my binoculars to get a closer look. Unfortunately, I was unable to locate the object. But I could still see it without the binoculars...[Then] the object was no where in sight and I could see most of the sky...

It was starting to turn dark right after it left so I went into my house. Well, after making a few phone calls to tell people what I had seen, I went back outside (about 20 minutes after the object left) to see if there was a light or anything else. The unidentified object was definitely gone. However, I did notice planes coming at a high speed from the south, which is the same direction that Buckley Air Force Base is located.


There were about 10 of them and they flew directly to the location where the unidentified object was. After the planes flew over I noticed that about 5 of them were circling the exact area that the unidentified object was. They soon left the area, and there was no more action that night...


[During] the year that I have lived in Greeley there has never been an airplane [that flew] directly over our apartments and definitely not 10 planes at high speed.7

This incident - which occurred one week before the missile communications disruption incident at F.E. Warren - is similar to the sighting that sparked my interest in interviewing civilian witnesses in the tri-state region where the base’s ICBMs are located.


On December 10, 2010, I received an email from Kimball County (Nebraska) Sheriff Harry Gillway, informing me that a person known to him had sighted and photographed a UFO being pursued by a jet, around 11:30 p.m. on November 28th.


Shortly thereafter, I drove from my home in New Mexico to Nebraska to interview the witness, who must remain anonymous.

This individual reported seeing a light-configuration in the western sky that suggested an unlit, triangular or boomerang-shaped craft moving at high speed, but totally silently, from north to south. As he watched, the object released colorful bursts of light, like fireworks, and then performed an S-maneuver before continuing on its straight-line flight path.


A minute or so later, a military jet also appeared from the north and pursued the UFO. The aircraft - possibly an F-16 - was in afterburner-mode and a long, conical-shaped flame could be seen extending behind it. The jet was so close and so loud that the ground shook. The witness used his cell phone camera to try to photograph the UFO but all that can be seen are the multicolored lights it released, which appear as streamers, probably due to the long exposure time.


A second photo shows the large, smoky exhaust plume left by the jet, which nearly fills the image frame.

This sighting occurred northwest of Bushnell, Nebraska, and I estimate that the UFO’s flight path took it over or near Delta Flight missile silos D-8, D-10 and D-11 during the brief period it was visible to the witness.


An Air Force-issued map of the ICBM sites in the area suggests that the object had also passed over many other silos, assuming that it held to its generally north-to-south course.


The Military Sightings on October 23-24, 2010

The sightings by the U.S. Air Force witnesses are even more intriguing, due to their having occurred on the day of the well-publicized missile communications problem, and the following day.

Those familiar with my published work know that I have always identified my ex-military contacts by name, if I am given permission to do so, and that the number of anonymous sources cited in my book UFOs and Nukes is very small indeed.


The difference here is that those who have provided information about the UFO sightings in F.E. Warren’s missile field on the day of the communications disruption are still in the Air Force and subject to possibly severe repercussions should their identities become known.

Consequently, although I possess very detailed information about the communications disruption incident - including its duration, down to the minute, and the exact sequence of events involved - I will not be able to elaborate here. Similarly, I can not be specific about the locations of the multiple UFO sightings that have been reported to me, for fear of inadvertently identifying my sources.

So, for the moment, I will say only this:

On October 23-24, 2010, one or more “huge” cigar-shaped objects were observed by active duty Air Force personnel in the field. The actual number of UFOs is uncertain because it is not known whether a single object was observed more than once - at different, widely-separated locations as it maneuvered above the missile field - or whether multiple objects of the same size and configuration were involved over the two-day period of the sightings.

In any case, in addition to those active duty USAF observers, a retired missile maintenance technician - someone I have relied on in the past due to his accurate, informed testimony - happened to be driving through Cheyenne, Wyoming on the morning of October 23rd and reports seeing one of these unidentified aerial objects himself.


He described the situation this way:

“I saw a huge dirigible east of Cheyenne on the morning of the 23rd. I saw Goodyear blimps in Meridian and Torrington, Wyoming, later that same morning. I have no idea what the other thing was, only that it was huge, and shaped like a cigar. I thought someone had resurrected an old Zeppelin and was touring the country. I didn't think anything of it when I saw it, only wished I had my camera with me.”

When I asked him to elaborate, he responded,

“I left Ft. Collins [Colorado] at approximately 0800, so I would have been in West Cheyenne around 0830 or so... The airship - or whatever I saw - was east-northeast of I-80, at least 10 miles away. I've seen Goodyear blimps in person, [directly] overhead, and they are ‘blimp’ shaped.


[However] what I saw was very long and I don't remember seeing any structures under it. It didn't appear shiny, but dull and gray...I would guess it was 7:1, or seven [units] long to one [unit] wide, or so it looked. It was tapered on both ends and very big.


It was not short and squat like normal blimps. It appeared to be moving northerly and was over the buttes east of town.”

He continued,

“Now, I've driven all over America and have never spotted three blimps in one day. I talked to the gas station attendant in Torrington and he said the Goodyear blimp [had been] flying over the area for the past several days - along with another ‘Hindenburg’ - his quote, not mine.”

A few days later, my retired Air Force source emailed me again.


Referring to reports he had just received from USAF personnel who had been working in the missile field during and following the October 23rd missile-communications disruption, he wrote,

“Everyone was talking about the ‘huge blimp’ seen by numerous teams all weekend long. Nobody thought it was a Goodyear blimp, which had been seen on local TV. I think I saw the same thing. I swear it was a WWI German Zeppelin, but again it was at least 10-20 miles away and high up.”

A Behind-the-Scenes Crack-Down by the Air Force?

In the midst of my inquiry into the civilian sightings within the portion of the F.E. Warren missile field located in western Nebraska, I wrote to well-known UFO Disclosure activist and Freedom of Information Act specialist Larry W. Bryant and asked whether he would be willing to file FOIA requests for any documents relating to the current situation at the base.


He did just that, sending letters to the missile wing commander and other Air Force personnel.

But then Bryant went even further, posting a public notice (below) in a Cheyenne-targeted, online-ads service, asking for whistle-blowers with knowledge of the UFO incidents to come forward.


That action may have resulted in the higher-ups at F.E. Warren responding forcefully - assuming that they were aware of the posted ad - because, a few weeks later, my retired Air Force missile maintenance source emailed me yet again and wrote:

[I am getting reports from one of my contacts at F.E. Warren] that the Air Force is taking a dim view of [personnel] making reports [to outsiders] of UFOs or other strange, unproven anomalies. Anyone caught on-the-record, or off-the-record, is now punishable under the ‘John Walker Law.’ He said several of his peers have been questioned thoroughly...

Another [contact], who is at Minot AFB, reported that Global Strike Command has issued a new policy about making such reports and promised to persecute/prosecute anyone talking about these incidents. [He] told me everyone was briefed during this month’s Commander's Call, that under no circumstances will anyone speak to the press or other ‘investigators’ about strange anomalies that they may or may not have seen.

He says they are making threats against the entire missile maintenance complex, force-wide, after reports surfaced on the Internet about UFOs and missiles. Global Strike Commanders are upset and it will take a long time for the fire to go away.


I think [by posting that appeal for whistle-blowers] your friend threw gasoline on the blaze that was already consuming the missile force.

Whatever the initial reason for the crack-down - whether it was due to the massive publicity generated by my September 2010 UFO-Nukes Connection press conference, or something else - Bryant’s provocative challenge to military insiders reads:

Blow the Whistle on Any and All UFO Incursions
At F.E. Warren AFB, Wyoming!

On or about Oct. 23, 2010, the Minuteman missile complex at F.E. Warren Air Force Base, Wyoming, experienced a system-wide [sic] communications failure reminiscent of the UFO-related one that occurred in 1967 at Malmstrom Air Force Base, Montana...


Indeed, the 2010 incident apparently coincided with a reported UFO encounter not far from Warren, according to witnesses now emerging from their silence. If the reported UFO managed to interfere with the missile-communications hardware/software, that disruption should be investigated by one or more congressional committees charged with overseeing our military's readiness to cope with any other current or future such events. Therefore, your whistleblower evidence confirming the Warren incident would find a welcome home amongst the staffs of those committees.

You may join this pro-disclosure process by contacting me as follows: Larry W. Bryant, 3518 Martha Custis Drive, Alexandria, VA 22302; phone: 703-931-3341; e-mail:


NOTE: If the Warren incident does occupy the category of UFO-related incursions at various U. S. nuclear-weapons storage areas (as described in researcher Robert Hastings's 2008 book UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites), then your submitted testimony and/or documentary evidence about this and any other such cases would heighten the congressional value of Hastings’ pivotal exposé (see 8

While, to my knowledge, no Air Force sources have yet contacted Bryant following the publication of this plea, UFO activity around F.E. Warren AFB has nevertheless continued well into 2011.


One of my civilian law enforcement contacts sent me an email on April 6th, in which he spoke of his unofficial approaches to various USAF teams working in the part of the missile field located within his jurisdiction:

“I've tested the waters about [the] sightings with everyone in the Air Force and all give a slight chuckle, then clam up. Just last week, I threw out a line to an alert crew and one airman stated,

‘Oh yeah, we've seen them,’ then quickly caught himself and said, ‘We can't talk about it.’

I didn't push it because I'm near sure it would be reported back [to his squadron commander] by the lieutenant.”


In Conclusion

To summarize, based on numerous credible reports by Air Force personnel and civilians, it appears that ongoing UFO incursions near F.E. Warren’s missile sites occurred intermittently between September 2010 and April 2011 - perhaps even more recently.

Importantly, according to reliable military eyewitness testimony, one or more enormous, cigar-shaped craft were apparently observed, on several occasions at different locations, during the weekend of October 23-24 - the period of the major missile-communications disruption and its immediate aftermath.

I emphasize that the aforementioned confidential sources at the base have not said that the UFO(s) sighted actually caused the disruption, and it must be noted that the Air Force’s Global Strike Command has now officially attributed the problem to an improperly-replaced circuit card in a weapons-system processor.

Nevertheless, the intermittent presence of at least one unidentified aerial object during the hours-long - not minutes-long - crisis was definitely noted and remarked upon by “numerous” technical teams working in the base’s missile field.

In the context of the notarized statements from some of the USAF veterans who participated in my September 27, 2010 press conference - alleging that UFOs caused the two, large-scale missile malfunctions at Malmstrom AFB, Montana, in March 1967 - a link between the recent, 50-missile communications disruption at F.E. Warren, and the UFO reported by the teams addressing the problem, can not be ruled out.

Assuming that such a link exists, it may be years or decades before documented evidence is available to confirm it. The Freedom of Information Act has been only marginally successful in declassifying records related to these highly-sensitive, national security-related cases.

In any case, ongoing UFO activity in F.E. Warren AFB’s missile field in recent months - confirmed by both Air Force personnel and civilians - has now been established beyond a reasonable doubt. Similar, prolonged incursions occurred there in 1964-67, 1975-76, and 1993-94, according to the testimony of my former/retired USAF sources and/or a small number of declassified documents.

My 600-page book, UFOs and Nukes: Extraordinary Encounters at Nuclear Weapons Sites, which is available only at my website,, summarizes my extensive research findings.

In conclusion, the current situation at F.E. Warren is only the latest chapter in the decades-long UFO-Nukes Connection saga. Its well-documented history - revealed in declassified U.S. Air Force, FBI and CIA files, as well as military eyewitness testimony - extends back to December 1948. In the wake of this article, new official denials from the Pentagon are perhaps predictable. And, of course, the debunkers will howl.


Nevertheless, sooner or later, the amazing story of UFOs and Nukes will break wide open.


What we need now is a courageous government whistleblower to come forward with the facts - about the incidents at F.E. Warren and elsewhere - and some daring journalists willing to treat the tale seriously and write about it.



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