by solidgouldprod

December 06, 2009

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Exopolitics Hong Kong

7 December 2009


Exopolitics Hong Kong expose on film, actual footage [in infrared] of the Secret Governments Space Fleet, piloted by Non Terrestrial Officers.


The technology concerned is antigravity, taken from their UFO crash retrievals or given through technology exchange programs by ETs. Financed without congressional oversight and paid for by an unsuspecting American public, these forces are now trying to extradite Gary McKinnon to the USA to ensure his silence; under the guise of his damaging of NASA computers.


To see what they are hiding watch as Ed Grimsley, Neil & Jake Gould show you first hand evidence of these craft at 200 miles altitude moving at an alleged 30,000 MPH.




Gary McKinnon is to be extradited to the USA within one week for allegedly hacking into NASA computers and causing damage.

The US government alleges that between February 2001 and March 2002, the 40-year-old computer enthusiast from north London hacked into dozens of US Army, Navy, Air Force, and Department of Defense computers, as well as 16 NASA computers.

"It wasn't just an interest in little green men and flying saucers," said Mr McKinnon.


"I believe that there are spacecraft, or there have been craft, flying around that the public doesn't know about."

Mr. McKinnon further explained that he believes the US military has reverse engineered an anti-gravity propulsion system from recovered alien spacecraft, and that this propulsion system is being kept a secret.

In that sense, Mr. McKinnon said he sees his own hacking as "humanitarian." He said he only wanted to find evidence of a UFO cover-up and expose it.


He called the alleged anti-gravity propulsion system,

"extra-terrestrial technology we should have access to".


"I wanted to find out why this is being kept a secret when it could be put to good use," he said in the BBC interview last year.



"What was the most exciting thing you saw?" I ask.

"I found a list of officers' names," he claims, "under the heading 'Non-Terrestrial Officers'."