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In this sci-fi film, rock musician Bobby Sinclaire (Robert Carradine) and his girlfriend, Iris Longacre (Cherie Currie), discover that the U. S. government is holding a group of benign aliens prisoner.


When the government threatens to experiment on these unfortunate extraterrestrials, it is up to Bobby and friends to help them escape.



A young girl is lured to the Hollywood Hills by eerie whale like sounds that resonate inside her head.

These "signals" are coming from six stories below the earth, underneath the Hollywood Hills, inside a hidden air force base originally designed for nuclear fusion experiments. Now it holds 3 childlike aliens who have crashed landed to earth.


There they lay inside cylindrical tombs while scientist conduct experiments that are unsuccessful in proving how they think or even if they are alive. That is until the young girl and her boyfriend break in. Compelled by her uncanny ability to pick up the telepathic signals from these aliens. Aided by an ole miner who originally worked on the construction of the underground fortress and still lives as a hobo near one of the unknown ventilation shafts that lead inside.

Now inside, the couple comes face to face with alien beings. She hears their thoughts, she knows what they want, the officers of the military fortress want these answers.


But they are not prepared for what they find out.


They decide to seal the fate of the aliens and the intrusive couple, then abandon their post before its too late.