by Bruce Cathie
Nexus Magazine, Oct 1994

from Whale Website

"I realized that an all-out atomic war was an impossibility. Both sides could precalculate well in advance the time and positions of atomic attack. Plus the fact that only certain geometric locations could be detonated anyhow. A logical war cannot be considered under these circumstances. This could be the explanation for the proliferation of conventional weapons in modern warfare."

My life changed dramatically in 1952. This was the year that I saw my first UFO. The object was hovering over the Manukau Harbour, Auckland City, New Zealand, in the early evening twilight, and carried out maneuvers that no known man-made vehicle could accomplish at that time. The thing, whatever it was, had an intensely brilliant white light, with a smaller glowing red light some distance from it, and for about twenty minutes held myself and other witnesses spellbound as it went through a series of right-angle turns, then disappeared straight up into a clear evening sky.

Ever since that time I have collected every bit of information available on the UFO phenomena. During my thousands of hours of flying I have searched the skies constantly and been rewarded with many other sightings. As time went on, I was informed by many other airline pilots in New Zealand that they, too, were sighting objects for which they could find no explanation. It became obvious that either we were being observed by some sort of advanced vehicles coming in from outer space, or that some scientific group on Earth had discovered a principle of physics unknown to the rest of us and that secret research was being carried out.

I am now sure that both views were correct and that much is being kept from the public. Over the years I have studied a great deal of material published by other investigating groups, and came to the conclusion that no real progress could be made in discovering the purpose of UFO activity through this means. The main body of investigators have confined their activity to collating masses of sighting reports, filing them away and then doing nothing else with the information. Several of these larger well-known international groups I suspect of being nothing more than covers for intelligence organizations which gather information on public awareness of UFO activity.

I decided long ago that the only way to tackle the problem would be to plot all the areas of activity and try to find some logical mathematical order in the hovering positions or flight paths of the unknowns. To this purpose, I studied the methods of a Frenchman by the name of Aimé Michel who had also endeavored to find a mathematical order of this nature. He had had partial success and managed to find several track lines with equally-spaced activity in the European area.


Just when he appeared to be onto something, for some unknown reason he abandoned this line of research and publicly proclaimed that nothing could be accomplished by this method. After studying his early attempts, I considered that there was a definite logic in his findings and decided that I would carry on my own research using his basic methods. I struck gold, and ever since I plotted the first two track lines at right angles in the New Zealand area, I have continued to progress and advance my scientific knowledge in areas which otherwise would normally be completely foreign to me.

Along the way I have taken much flack from the academic world, and from those who profess to know all the answers—that is, in public. But behind the scenes it has been a different story. Over the years I have had many direct communications from members of intelligence organizations, top scientific circles and government agencies wishing to know what my latest findings are, and requesting copies of certain parts of my work.

Once I had established the two track lines, I was able to form a complete grid network over the whole of the New Zealand area by gradually plotting onto the map the most reliable UFO sightings. The pattern consisted of lines spaced at thirty-minute intervals orientated just on six degrees displacement from true north. Eventually, two similar grids were found to be interlocked with each other, creating rather a complex pattern which could be further reduced to lines with a spacing of seven-and-one-half minutes.

The next logical conclusion was that I had discovered a small section of what could possibly be a world system. The question then was how to transfer this small section onto the world sphere and accurately align it. It was then brought to my notice that a strange aerial-like object had been photographed by chance on the seabed off the west coast of South America by the American survey ship Eltanin.

ABOVE: The mysterious object, at a depth of 13,500 ft, 1,000
miles west of Cape Horn, snapped by an automatic camera
trailed by the Eltanin on 29 August 1964.


The object was two-to-three-feet high and had six main crossbars spaced evenly up its stem with a smaller one at the top. Each set of crossbars had a small ball at the end of each arm. A friend and I visited the Eltanin when it called into Auckland, and we were told by one of the scientists on board that the object was thought to be an artifact of some kind, and appeared to be metallic.

I had a hunch that this could be the point I was looking for, upon which to orientate a world grid—if in fact one existed. I spent some time constructing grid patterns on a plastic ball until I found a system which could be transferred onto the world surface and aligned with the aerial-type object and the section of the grid discovered over New Zealand. I found that the patterns matched, and felt sure then that a global system was almost a certainty.

The next step was to find the mathematical basis for the system, and this proved to be a long and arduous job—especially as I do not class myself as anything of a mathematician or a physicist. After a study of all the available information on UFO activity. I came to the conclusion that the speed of light, mass and gravity acceleration values must have some connection with the grid structure in order to explain the extraordinary maneuvers carried out by the strange craft.

The basic grid structure was formed by a series of great circles interlocking at various points around the Earth’s surface. The nodal points of the two grids, when joined by series of small and great circles formed what I have loosely termed polar squares around the north and south geographic poles. It was when I carried out a geometric and mathematical analysis of these sections that I found a direct connection with light, gravity and mass equivalents in a harmonic sense.


To do this, I had to convert all our normal systems of measurement into a single set of units, and also convert our time measure into one that would correlate with the grid. After much thought and a long period of trial and error, I finally discovered that angular measure in minute-of-arc values, and a time unit based on twenty-seven units for one revolution of the Earth, was the key to the unlocking of the grid secrets.

After that it was a long, slow process to learn how to relate the values being calculated, one to the other, in order to find a logical mathematical basis for the system.

Finally, after years of work, I discovered that I could formulate a series of harmonic unified equations which indicated that the whole of physical reality was in fact manifested by a complex pattern of interlocking wave-forms. I gradually found that the harmonic values could be applied to all branches of scientific research and atomic theory. At first I was not very sure of the results I was getting, but as time went by, more and more interest was being shown by intelligence agents, government personnel and scientists in the work I was doing, and many requests started coming in for information. Help in my work was eventually offered from these quarters, but the catch was that I had to remain silent about my discoveries. This I refused to do, and I still continue to battle on, on my own. Once I realized the importance of the material in my possession, I considered it extremely dangerous for any small group of people to have complete control of it.

It was only a matter of time before I realized that the energy network formed by the grid was already known to a powerful group of international interests and scientists. It became obvious that the system had many military applications, and that political advantage could be gained by those with secret knowledge of this nature. It would be possible for a comparatively small group, with this knowledge, to take over control of the world. I have continually asked these people for a valid moral reason why the information should not be given to the world community, and so far no answer has been given. So I carry on publishing the material as I find it.

One of the most startling facts that I discovered by application of grid mathematics was that an atomic bomb is a device based on the geometrics of space and time. To be successfully detonated, the bomb MUST be geometrically constructed, placed on, under, or over a geometric position in relation to the Earth’s surface, and activated at a SPECIFIC TIME in relation to the geometrics of the solar system. I found that it was possible to pre-calculate the time of various bomb tests, and the locations where it was possible to explode a bomb.

According to the mathematical complexities of unlocking the geometric structure of the unstable material constituting a bomb in order to create a sudden release of energy, I realized that an all-out atomic war was an impossibility. Both sides could pre-calculate well in advance the time and positions of atomic attack. Plus the fact that only certain geometric locations could be devastated anyhow. A logical war cannot be considered under these circumstances. This could be the explanation for the proliferation of conventional weapons in modern warfare.

Another competitive field where the harmonic mathematics of the grid can be applied is in laser research. Apart from peaceful uses of laser beams, which are many and varied, the military application is considered more important.

A whole list of scientific areas could be shown where this new knowledge could be put to use, without stating the obvious application that would transform our communication and transport systems, and give us the means of reaching the stars.

It is not right for the public to have this knowledge, I was told. It would not be good for them. I’m sure that most would disagree with this outlook, as I do. I am only one small voice. It is up to the scientific community themselves to open up research in all these fields, in order that all mankind can reap the benefits.

The following extracts are from my published works. Complete mathematical explosions of the harmonic theory will be found in my latest publication, The Harmonic Conquest of Space, currently being published by NEXUS Magazine.

The theoretical positions for Grid Poles "A", "B" and "C" in the northern hemisphere are as follows:

  • Grid Pole A = Latitude: 72° 25’ 44.6812" North
    Longitude: 89° 58’ 59.4336" West

  • Grid Pole B = Latitude: 78° 25’ 07.0046" North
    Longitude: 104° 59’ 24" West

  • Grid Pole C = Latitude: 75° 32’ 18.7692" North
    Longitude: 95° 58’ 07.1695" West

The poles will be in reciprocal positions in the southern hemisphere.

The diagonal of the ‘polar square’ of 5091.168825 units can be broken down into a series of values:

5091.168825¸2 = 2545.584412
Reciprocal of 2545.584412 = 0.00039283710
Square of 2545.584412 = 648

The harmonic value of 3928371 is of extreme importance as it has a direct relationship with the Earth’s magnetic field. The harmonic 648 also has many interesting associations, in particular the harmonic table for temperature.

In my second book I stated that the first glimmerings of how true space travel might be achieved came to me when I uncovered the clues that led me to the UFO grid that criss-crosses the globe.

I was aware that my calculations were not precisely accurate in the strict mathematical sense, but I could see that the system was based on space-time geometrics, and there was the best possible support for this—no less than the theories of Einstein.

Somewhere, I knew, the system contained a clue to the truth of the unified field which, he had postulated, permeates all of existence. I did not know at the time that this knowledge was already in the hands of the scientists who were well ahead of me. I know now that they must have been aware of the grid system for many years. They knew that Einstein’s ideas about the unified field were correct, and, what’s more, they had been carrying out full-scale research into the practical applications of the mathematical concepts contained in that theory.

We were told that Einstein died without completing his equations relating to the unified field theory. But in more recent times it has been said that he did in fact complete his work and that the concepts were so advanced that the full truth was not released.

The only way to traverse the vast distances of space is to possess the means of manipulating, or altering, the very structure of space itself—altering the space-time geometric matrix which, to us, provides the illusion of form and distance. The method of achieving this lies in the alteration of the frequencies controlling the matter-antimatter cycles that govern our awareness or perception of position in the space-time structure. Time itself is a geometric, just as Einstein postulated it. If time can be altered, the whole Universe is accessible to us. We are now on the threshold of exploring deep space.

Geometric and mathematical analysis of the polar sections of the world energy system indicated that the harmonic value for mass was equal to the harmonic of the speed of light plus the square root of the harmonic of the speed of light reciprocal, or

if c       = the speed of light
m        = mass
then m = [c+√ (1/c)]

I had the first part of a unified field equation in harmonic values. To take the next step, I first had to go back to Einsteinian theory, particularly the famous equation:

E = mc2 where E = energy, m= mass, and c = the speed of light.

Einstein declared that physical matter was nothing more than a concentrated field of force. What we term a physical substance is, in reality, an intangible concentration of wave-forms. Different concentrations of structural patterns of waves unite to form the myriad chemicals and elements which, in turn, react with one another to form physical substances. Different wave-forms of matter appear to us to be solid because we are constituted of similar wave-forms which resonate within a clearly-defined range of frequencies that control the physical processes of our limited world.

Einstein believed that "m", the value for mass in the equation, could eventually be removed and a value substituted that would express the physical in the form of pure energy. In other words, by substituting for "rn", a unified field equation should result which would express, in mathematical terms, the whole of existence, including this Universe and everything within it.*

Einstein maintained that the "m" in his equation could be replaced by a term denoting wave-form. I had found a substitute for "m" in terms of wave-forms of light. So the obvious step to me was to replace Einstein’s "m" with the values of "c" found from the grid system.


The results are as follows:

Einstein: E = mc2
Cathie Grid: m = [c+√ (1/c)]
Therefore: E = [c +√ (l/c)]c2Harmonic Equation 1

I now had a harmonic unified-field equation expressed in terms of light, or pure electromagnetic wave-form. The key to the Universe—to the whole of existence, to the seen and the unseen, to forms, solids, liquids and gases, to the stars and the blackness of space itself—all consisting of visible and invisible waves of light. All of creation is light.

In the polar areas of the grid, the geometric values of some of the coordinates appeared to be doubled up. The coordinate of 2545.584412 was doubled in the diagonals or the polar squares, and all of its associated harmonics and other factors appeared to be doubled when the pattern was projected onto a flat plane.

I reasoned that the way to check this idea was to increase the values of "c" in the equation and observe the changing harmonic of "E" to see what relative values might emerge. I thought at the time that a direct antigravitational harmonic might become evident, but my recent research has proved this line of thought to be incorrect. In terms of mathematical values, I found what I was hunting for in the form of two more equations. In the case of one of the equations, I erroneously believed that the derived harmonic value related to the reciprocal of gravity. I know now that what I had hold of was an equation related to the magnetic field of the Earth.

The Earth is simply a huge magnet, a dynamo, wound with magnetic lines of force as its coils, tenescopically counted to be --- to the square centimeter in one direction, and 1850 to the square centimeter in the other direction (eddy currents).

The spectroscope shows that there is an enormous magnetic field around the Sun, and it is the present conclusion of the best minds that magnetic lines of force from the Sun envelop the Earth and extend to the Moon, and that everything, no matter what its form on this planet, exists by reason of magnetic lines of force.

This information was published in a book called Behind the Flying Saucers by journalist Frank Scully, in 1950.

The unbalanced fields of 1257 lines of force per square centimeter in one direction, and 1850 in the other, does not tell us very much in itself. But if we use the information to calculate the field strength over an area which has a harmonic relationship with the unified fields of space, and if the basic information is correct, we should find some mathematical values of great importance.

In my previous publications I demonstrated that there was a correlation with the unified fields, within a small margin of error due to the known conversion factors at the time. I was also not aware then that, within a certain fixed range, the light and gravity factors were variable, and that relativity factors would be evident in the latest and more accurate calculations. Fractional errors are still found in the conversions in relation to the given quantities, but these are so small that I am sure that the theoretical harmonic associations will stand the test when more accurate computing and conversion factors are available.

It appears now that the magnetic field strengths and areas change in conjunction with the light and gravity factors according to the change in latitude on the Earth’s surface. During these changes, the harmonic relationships remain constant.

The basic unit for harmonic calculation is the geodetic inch, or one seventy-two thousandth of a minute of arc—one minute of arc being 6,000 geodetic feet (6,076 British feet). If we take the values 1257 and 1850 lines of magnetic force per square centimeter and make a fractional correction to allow for the curvature of the Earth’s surface (the given square centimeter area would have fractionally curved sides), we can then establish a theoretical field density of 1257.139035 lines of force in one direction, and 1850.900532 lines of force in the other. This will allow the calculation of the field densities for one square geodetic inch in the north and south pole areas, which can be mathematically related to light and gravity factors.

  • Field A: 1850.900532 lines of force per square centimeter, converts to 12245.69798 lines of force per square geodetic inch.

  • Field B: 1257.139035 lines of force per square centimeter, converts to 8317.32698 lines of force per square geodetic inch.

  • The fields would be in opposition to each other.

  • The combined field density is equal to 20574.234 lines of force per square geodetic inch.

  • The difference in field density is equal to 3928.371 lines of force per square geodetic inch, or (Field A minus Field B).

We can now formulate another equation in order to demonstrate the association of the Earth’s magnetic field with the speed of light.

Harmonic Equation 2:

Field (A - B) = [2c + √(1/2c)]2c2
= 3928.371 harmonic

where c = 144000-90.9345139
= 143909.0655

The reduction in light speed of 90.9345139 minutes of arc per grid second creates a very interesting factor.

The whole system of universal harmonics is based on the geometrics of the circle, the circumference of which can be divided by its radius into six equal parts. Therefore six is the fundamental harmonic of all circular and spherical forms, and basic values can be shifted up or down this harmonic scale by multiplying or dividing by this number. Base 10 is also a part of the harmonic process, and decimal points can be moved back and forth without altering the series of numbers. Zeros before and after a number series can be ignored in harmonic calculation. It takes a while to get used to these concepts, but after a few practice calculations the process becomes evident.

I have had many arguments with the academics over this, but the proof of this secret mathematical system is being made evident every day by the activities of their own associates. Constructions are appearing which comply with the harmonic values. Ancient constructions such as pyramids and cathedrals also comply with these harmonic values. These secrets have been handed down through the ages.

So, if we multiply the value of 90.9345139 by the six harmonic seven times (i.e., 90.9345139 x 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 x 6 = 25455844), the result is a harmonic of 2545.5844 which is the distance in minutes of arc of each Eltanin-type aerial from the grid poles and also the reciprocal harmonic of 3928.371, the difference in field density of Fields "A" and "B".

It has been found that the value 143909.0655 minutes of arc per grid second for the speed of light factor has a direct geometric association with electromagnetic transmission and reception. It was years after I published this particular equation that I found this out by accident while checking other data.

In my earlier publications I demonstrated how a third harmonic equation could be formulated by use of what I thought, at the time, to be a constant speed of light factor at the Earth’s surface. I have now discovered that the speed of light is not a constant, and that different values, within a set range, can be entered into the equation which will give particular harmonic results. The value I used was 143,795.77 minutes of arc per grid second. This, in fact, was very close to 143,791.36 minutes of arc per grid second, which can now be regarded as the reciprocal harmonic of gravity acceleration at the Earth’s equator.

It is only in recent times that I finally cracked this secret.

It was many years later when, because of a sudden hunch, I decided to check the gravity acceleration values in the textbooks and convert them into geometric equivalents in grid time. I found the table for the variation of gravity with latitude at sea level, in one of my research books. (See Table 1.)

The values were in meters/second2 and I decided to convert these progressively into British feet, geodetic feet, minutes of arc or nautical miles, and degrees, based on grid time. I started off with the value at the equator of 9.78039 meters per second squared, and when I found the value for degrees, or 60 nautical miles per grid second squared, I got a very pleasant surprise: 0.000069545205 degrees per grid second squared.

The previous speed of light harmonic reciprocal of 695 published in my books was within about 5/100,000,000 of the true value of gravity acceleration in geometric terms. No wonder the secret groups were getting uneasy about my findings. It was becoming obvious now that gravity and the so-called speed of light were harmonic reciprocals of each other.


As gravity increased, the speed of light decreased, and vice versa. Light was therefore not a speed in the true sense. It is an acceleration or deceleration according to geometric position. Because of relativity, it always appears to us as a constant factor. A little bit of thought will show that as the gravity and light values vary, then all the physical processes, including our measuring instruments, will vary in direct ratio. All the readings will appear to remain con-stain. Time itself would also alter in relation to the gravity and light factors.

It did not take me long to calculate a rough conversion table for the full 90 degrees from the equator to the poles. This was then extended harmonically to include the speed of light factors up to a maximum of 144,000 minutes of arc per grid second.

The values we read on our instruments are those calculated at zero latitude, or the equator, because of relativity. When the light factors are converted back into normal measurements, kilometers per second, etc., we see that the values match those in the textbooks.


Speed of Light Harmonic What/Where Energy Harmonic
143791.214355761 gravity 2693567886
143791.3643831903 gravity 26935706
143860.9095887935 in air 2694867949
143891.3649196305 in vacuum 26954363
143909.0655 electromagnetic 26957666
144000 maximum 2697463486
Table 2


Harmonic Unified Equation 3:

E = √ [(2c + √(1/2c))(2c2)]

If the maximum value of "c", or 144,000 minutes of arc per grid second, is reduced by the harmonic of phi (1618.034) and entered into this equation, the result for "E" is the 26944444 harmonic.

    - 161.8034

143,838.1966 = the harmonic of "c"


287676.3932 = the harmonic of "2c"


E = √ [(287676.3932 + √ (1/287676.3932)) (287676.3932)2].

Using harmonics,

= √ [(2876763932 + 5895869843) (827577072)]
= √ [(8772633775) (827577072)]
= √ 7260030574
E = 26944444

Other values for "E" can be derived from Harmonic Equation 3 when the speed of light factor is altered harmonically between’ the ranges of gravity, 143791.214355761 and 144000, the maximum. (See Table 2.)

We now have two unified tables which allow for visible light propagation and electromagnetic propagation, theoretically separated by a Lamb shift related to Harmonic Unified Equation 3.

In Equations 2 and 3, the values for "c" have been doubled to allow for antimatter which pervades our whole Universe. The scientists tell us that antimatter does exist but say that matter and antimatter are two separate forms of reality. They also say that if matter and antimatter come in contact with each other they will cause an explosion. If both forms exist somewhere in space, we are not told where the boundary is. Space is not empty and I believe that our Universe could not exist under these conditions.

We are now told that there is more matter in the Universe than can be accounted for, and the latest term for this is "dark matter" or matter that cannot be seen.

During my years of research into the complexities of the Earth grid system, I have gradually built up a picture in my mind of the possible geometric combinations necessary to form matter from resonating, interlocking wave-forms.

Matter and antimatter are formed by the same wave-motions in space. The waves travel through space in a spiralling motion, and alternately pass through positive and negative stages. Matter is formed through the positive stage, or pulse, and antimatter through the negative pulse. Each spiral of 360° forms a single pulse. The circular motion of an electron about the nucleus of an atom is therefore an illusion. The relative motion of the nucleus and electrons through space gives the illusion of circular motion.


The period during the formation of antimatter is completely undetectable, since obviously all physical matter is manifesting at the same pulse rate, including any instruments or detectors used to probe atomic structures. The period or frequency rate between each pulse of physical matter creates the measurement that we call time, as well as the speed of light, at the particular position in space of which we are aware at any given moment.

If the frequency rate of positive and negative pulses is either increased or decreased, then time and the speed of light vary in direct proportion. This concept would explain time as a geometric, as Einstein theorized it to be.

A rough analogy of physical existence can be made by reference to a strip of motion-picture film. Each frame, or static picture, on the film strip may be likened to a single pulse of physical existence. The division between one frame and the next represents a pulse of antimatter. When viewed as a complete strip, each frame would be seen as a static picture (say, one at either end of the strip), then the past and the future can be viewed simultaneously. However, when the film is fed through a projector, we obtain the illusion of motion and the passage of time. The divisions between the static pictures are not detected by our senses because of the frequency or speed of each projection on the movie screen.


But by speeding up or slowing down the projector, we can alter the apparent time-rate of the actions shown by the film.

To continue this analogy, our consciousness is the projector. The conscious "I am" part of our individuality passes from one pulse of physical matter to the next within the framework of the physical structure which we term our body, thus giving the illusion of constant reality and the passing of time.

It is logical to assume that we have a twin stream of consciousness on the antimatter side of the cycle, which in fact creates a mirror image of our own individual personality. (This postulate has already been put forward by scientists.) The frequency of manifestation of both streams of consciousness (that is, the plus and minus "I am") would position our awareness of the illusion of reality at a particular point in space and time. In other words, if the frequency of pulse manifestation is altered even fractionally, our awareness of reality in the physical sense will shift from one spatial point to another. In fact, we would travel from one point in space to another without being aware that we had traversed distance in the physical sense. This would be the ultimate method for space travel.

The theory outlined above explains why light has been described as being caused by both a wave motion and a pulse.

Both explanations are correct. A pulse of light is manifested when the energy level of an atomic structure is altered by outside influences (the theory of Max Planck). In the physical plane, the electron of the atomic structure appears to jump from its orbit. According to my belief, the electron does not jump orbit. This is the illusion we obtain, since we are not equipped to perceive the path of the electron during the antimatter cycle.


What actually happens is that the radius of the spiralling motion is increased or decreased in order to absorb or release the energy imparted to, or removed from, the atomic structure. If the energy is imparted, then the electron must extend orbit in order to maintain balance in the system, and vice versa. Light, or any other radiant energy above or below light frequency, is therefore manifested by undetectable changes in the radius of the spiral motion of the electron during the antimatter cycle.

Diagram 2 shows how matter and antimatter are created out of the same wave-forms. As the electron is moving through a spiral in each matter and antimatter pulse, it travels through a space of more than 360 degrees during each cycle:

• the theoretical number of degrees would be 370.95199.
• the double cycle is 741.90399.
• the reciprocal harmonic of 370.95199 is 2.6957666-3.

As we see, this would be the value of "E" in relation to Unified Equation 3, if the value of "c" equals 143909.0655 minutes of arc per grid second.

A quote I found in a book I was reading recently appears to confirm my theory of the double matter/antimatter cycle. The book is called Beyond the Occult, by Colin Wilson.

"Human beings are accustomed to the fact that if they turn round through 3600 (through a full circle), they find themselves facing in the direction they started from. Not so an electron. By Passing it through a certain type of magnetic field, its ‘axis of spin’ can be tipped through 3600, which ought to restore it to its original position. But it doesn’t.


The electron has to be turned through yet another full circle before it behaves as it did before. We cannot distinguish the difference between the two circles—the electron can—which seems to suggest that in the subatomic world a full circle is not 360° but 720°. In our world we have somehow lost half the degrees we ought to have. Or to put it another way, there may be another dimension in the subatomic world."

As my own research has shown me that physical reality is manifested by the harmonic nature of light, it appears logical that a vehicle constructed to the principles of harmonics will be required to set up the space-time fields necessary. If this is so, then the first criterion will be that the vehicle must resonate in perfect harmony with the complete table of elements in our physical Universe.


If it does not, then it would be more than probable that any element or particle of matter not in harmonic resonance within the vehicle structure or payload would be left behind when the space-time field was activated. The results would be embarrassing, to say the least.

It would be impractical to construct a vehicle made from an alloy of the whole range of 144 elements in the theoretical atomic table. Apart from this, such an alloy is no doubt a physical impossibility.

The clue which suggests a method of overcoming this problem is the way that matter is built up in octaves of wave-forms. If an octave of elements could be combined which would set up a resonating field tuned to all the elements in the table and the unified fields of space, then maybe we would have a method of crashing the time barrier.


I put forward the following proposal for consideration. If an octave of elements is the answer, let us make a selection from the theoretical table of 144. If we divide 144 by 8, we get divisions of 18 units, therefore we will select each of the elements we require, 18 units apart. (See Table 3.)

It can be seen that the total harmonic value of the atomic numbers of the combined elements is 648. The square root of this number is 25.455844, the harmonic of which is found in the polar sections of the world grid system. The harmonic 25455844 is also directly associated with the Earth’s magnetic field. Three new elements, recently discovered, have atomic numbers of 116, 124 and 126.What we now need are numbers 108 and 144..

We would then be ready for the harmonic conquest of space.

A complete set of harmonic unified tables which demonstrate the linkage between the gravitational and electromagnetic force, plus the relationship between the matter and antimatter cycles, are to be published in Bruce Cathie’s book, The Harmonic Conquest of Space.




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