by Richard Hoagland and Mike Bara

from EnterpriseMission Website






Last night (February 21, 2008), at approximately 10:30 PM Eastern time (3:30 AM Universal), the United States Navy shot down a US spy satellite, using a modified sea-launched SM-3 missile. The three-stage, solid-fuel Raytheon missile was launched from a Ticonderoga-class Aegis cruiser, stationed for the intercept some 600 miles west of Hawaii.


The Navy decided to take this rather drastic action because the satellite, dubbed USA-193 for purposes of the shoot down (its real NRO designation is apparently classified), contained a fuel cell full of hydrazine, a volatile and potentially hazardous rocket fuel that could cause sickness or even death to humans if they were exposed to it upon re-entry.

By destroying the satellite in space north of Hawaii, the hydrazine was harmlessly released in orbit, and the resulting satellite debris scattered harmlessly over the northern Pacific Ocean and remote areas of Canada and West Africa, greatly reducing the chances of exposing populated areas to low altitude hydrazine residue.

At least, that was the publicly stated reason.

There was, naturally, a degree of skepticism about this whole plan from the usual cold war suspects. Russia, led by President Vladimir Putin, speculated that this shoot-down proposal is just a convenient excuse for an “off-budget” SDI test. Under this scenario, Washington was using the obsolete satellite as target practice for a live-fire exercise of new guidance technology developed under the SDI (Strategic Defense Initiative or 'Star Wars' ) program.

This notion is supported by the fact that the missiles that were used (there were three missiles and three launch windows over the ensuing several days) were launched without explosive warheads. The Navy plan actually called for a fully ballistic intercept (at over 22,000 MPH). Not only that, but the objective was to not just hit the satellite (which was as big as a school bus) but to pierce the spacecraft’s fuel tank specifically.


A public demonstration of such technological proficiency undeniably changes the balance of Anti-Ballistic Missile power greatly in favor of the US.

By using the hydrazine contamination as an excuse, this technological demonstration was conducted without the international diplomatic complications that a similar - though fully acknowledged - SDI test would bring. Congress has always opposed any deployment or testing of SDI hardware, preferring (for reasons we find unfathomable) to leave the US naked in the event of a ballistic missile attack.

It is unlikely they would support such a test if it was openly acknowledged as such by the Administration. Further, it would be very hard for subsequent administrations to abandon a system which had proven its superiority to such an impressive extent.

We here at Enterprise always have a slightly different read on such mundane matters, of course.


What caught our eye was not so much the real-world political implications of this technological muscle flexing, but rather the strange and ritualistic pattern under which it was being carried out.

Those of you who have read our current book, “Dark Mission - The Secret History of NASA,” are certainly aware of the constant repetition by that Agency of the ritual numbers “19.5” and “33.”


As we repeatedly document in “Dark Mission,” over and over again we see these numbers inexplicably expressed:

  • in the landing site coordinates of innumerable NASA planetary missions, over the last half century

  • in the positions of certain key “ritual stars” over these planetary landing sites

  • in the timing of Cape Canaveral NASA launches, landings, and other key mission events - both manned and unmanned

So, we knew “something” interesting was happening when we saw the planned location and time of the first SM-3 Missile launch.



The launch took place at 3:26 AM Universal time, with the intercept at 3:30 AM Universal time, from somewhere very near 19.5 degrees North latitude.


In fact, in what senior military officials acknowledged was a highly unusual move, Defense Secretary Robert Gates “just happened” to be in the area, in Hawaii, at 19.5 degrees!


And, in a most unusual command decision, the Secretary - not the Captain of the Aegis cruiser Lake Erie - was the one giving the firing orders from Hawaii - personally.



And here (below), courtesy of your government at work, is what happened 150 miles above the Northeastern Pacific last night:






Satellite Takedown - Military Confirms Hit







Oh, and by the way - all of this took place smack-dab in the middle of a Total Lunar Eclipse - the last one visible from North America until 2010!




There are just too many “Hyperdimensional coincidences” around this event for our comfort.


In our next installment, we will provide information that this entire incident has far less to do with SDI than with potential actions to be taken much farther from the Earth in future years.