by Kent Steadman

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Your mention of alleged plans to ignite Jupiter quickly brought Clarke's 2010 to mind - at the end, the Monolith(s) cause Jupiter to become a second sun, Lucifer - the light bearer - to be man's companion in what used to be the dark night...

From A Review of 3001:

"Halfway through the novel, Poole travels to the former planet Jupiter, now the mini-sun Lucifer. There, he learns about the development, sparked by a mysterious Monolith, of a civilization on Europa, about the banning of humanity from that Jovian moon, and about the occasional ghostly visitations of astronaut Dave Bowman (introduced in 2001) to the Lucifer system.


Defying the ban, Poole lands on Europa and encounters both Dave and HAL, now fused together into one semi-autonomous program within the Europa monolith. From them, he learns that the monolith's signal broadcast a millennium ago was a request for further orders. He also learns that an answer is expected momentarily and that humanity won't be pleased by the result"

From 'The Satanic Sun':

"In Arthur C. Clarks 2010, Clark alludes to a Faustian future, where scientists devise a satanic schematic, a plan which would forever end darkness on Planet Earth. Their plan was to ignite the Hydrogen Atmosphere of Jupiter, thus creating a Second Sun and a Binary Star System. For those of you who do not know, Jupiter is not a Planet, but rather an unexploded Star. Clarke (in his book 2010) praises the political piranhas who plan the creation of Lucifer and heralds these Neo-Hitlerites who do the bidding of the Faustian Fuhrers as Heroes.

What's of great interest and extremely significant is that in the acknowledgements of Clarks 2010, he alludes to a communication he got from NASAs Dr. Walter Jastrow who openly admitted that his Lucifer Thesis was of great interest to the Agency - with regards to the Galileo Mission which was then a proposed exploration of Jupiter.


To be exact this brilliant concept has been taken seriously, and may provide one of the best motives for the projected Galileo Mission. This was five years before NASA launched Galileo and sent it off on the voyage to where it now orbits the Unexploded Star with its Hydrogen Atmosphere. The Galileo Craft has been in orbit for years and is scheduled to be drawn into its explosive gaseous atmosphere around Millennium 2000.

Oh, did I forget to mention Galileo has 49 pounds of Plutonium on board which most everybody with a sixth grade education already knows is used to TRIGGER THE HYDROGEN BOMB. 49 pounds of Plutonium would, if ignited in a Hydrogen Atmosphere, ignite the Satanic Star and give Earth - the Light of Lucifer ..."

This blew my mind:

Sun's hidden twin stalks planet Earth
by Jonathan Leake

Science Editor

WHEN the end of the world comes, we'll know what to blame. Scientists have found compelling evidence that the Sun has a baby brother, a dark star whose eccentric orbit is responsible for periodically showering the Earth with comets and meteorites.

Also, wonder if we/they already attempted to solar-form Jupiter. Shoemaker-Levy Comet was, well, too organized. Perhaps Shoemaker discovered this and met an... early demise... near Pine Gap:

"Astronomer Eugene Shoemaker, who co-discovered the comet that slammed into Jupiter in 1994, was killed in a car accident Friday in Australia during an annual trip to search for asteroid craters. He was 69."




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