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Volume 4, #5 (August-September 1997)

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Part 1



Former military intelligence remote viewer David Morehouse shares his insights into accessing multi-dimensional reality, and reveals disturbing details on the downing of TWA Flight 800.




In a top-secret hidden location on a US Army base, men and women working for the CIA prepare to "fall" into the fourth dimension. It’s an all-grey room-walls, carpet, furniture, everything. Baroque music plays while they recline, relaxing, preparing to enter an altered state of consciousness.

What they’re about to do is access the time-space continuum in a technique known as "remote viewing".


When the brain registers the theta-wave state on the monitoring equipment, they are ready to "jump into the ether", in the words of David Morehouse, author of Psychic Warrior: Inside the CIA’s Stargate Program.

Science fiction? Not at all. This is advanced technology pioneered by esteemed scientists, laser physicists like Dr Targ and Dr Puthoff, at the Stanford Research Institute in the 1970s.

More recently, the program was developed by the US Government’s Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA). This top-secret psychic warfare program was called Project Scangate, then Operation Sun Streak, then Operation Stargate.


Morehouse’s controllers euphemistically described it as an "intelligence collection method".

Bypassing internal bureaucratic and congressional oversight, they were called "Special Access Programs" or "SAPs" - a cellular approach to organization, compartmentalizing all activities which might put the Pentagon in a bad light as well as providing a rationale for "plausible denial".




The ability to access the "heaven" worlds and other dimensions has been the gift of David Morehouse’s life. Likewise, it has been his bane or curse. Why? Because he also has the ability to access what could accurately be called "hell": a netherworld containing the most sordid episodes in the history of mankind.

For example, as a training exercise, Morehouse was sent back to the Dachau death camps of Nazi Germany in the 1940s. Imagine what that was like. Morehouse had to live with the vivid memories and sense impressions of his experience for months thereafter.

So how does remote viewing work? How do you tap into the unconscious mind, the time-space continuum?

According to David Morehouse, remote viewing is a description of,

" going from the physical dimension to the target, wherever it is in time and space. If you’re moving backward in time, if you’re travelling through the ether, you’re actually tying into the unconscious mind, so you’re going backwards or forwards. I have always referred to it as the time-space continuum, essentially part of, or one and the same as, the ether."

So is the ether the medium upon which you travel?

"No. It’s a misnomer," continues Morehouse. "You’re not really travelling. It’s like folding space. You are travelling, but you’re not moving. Does that make sense?"

Well, not really. Something is going somewhere, you would think.

Morehouse again tries to explain.

"If you have access to the unconscious mind, you have free range of the time-space continuum. It is tied into all humanity, or the whole universe, or perhaps other universes and other dimensions. At the same time, it has an individual aspect in that it is willing and wanting a connection with the conscious mind."

One of the biggest problems in communicating this experience seems to be the relative inadequacy of language. In other words, how do you express 4D concepts, experiences and phenomena in 3D language? Obviously, a new nomenclature is needed which can a represent a reality that is beyond the box of ordinary three-dimensional consensus reality.

So, then, what is the difference between an "altered" state and a so-called "normal" state?

"We’re conversing in beta state," says Morehouse. "When you lie down tonight, you’ll drop down into alpha. Then you’ll drop into a theta-wave state. In theta-wave state, it appears that the conduits become open. It’s called the ’thought incubation state’, a time when that ’limen’ which separates the conscious mind from the unconscious mind becomes thinner. The ’limen’ is just a word to describe a plane, or a separator or septum between states, but nobody knows what the unconscious mind is.

"The altered state is an extended theta-wave state, meaning the stage where the limen becomes transparent," continues Morehouse. "Another way to describe it is that doors or conduits begin to open. The difficulty is not in opening the conduits. That, in retrospect, becomes relatively easy. The difficulty is in teaching the conscious mind to translate, without analysis or data. The unconscious mind, playing the role of the individual self that is your personality, carries in data from the collective unconscious and begins to sling it in because it wants to establish a connection with the conscious mind to all sorts of data relevant to the time-space continuum."

It sounds chaotic and random.

"It is chaotic and it is random because the unconscious mind wants to establish this connection with the conscious mind," says Morehouse. "It’s the conscious mind that focuses primarily downward into the physical. I’ve found that the time-space continuum is a four-dimensional existence, whereas the conscious mind is in a three-dimensional existence.

"The four-dimensional world is something I can’t even begin to describe. It’s an omniscience, an omnipotence, an omnipresence, an all-seeing, all-knowing existence. If you exist in a four-dimensional world, then you truly become godlike."

Talking about these experiences becomes like grasping at the ungraspable.

"We are all-you, I, my wife, my children, all of us-connected in the unconscious at a level we cannot see," says Morehouse, sounding more and more like a mystic. "When I was growing up, and I remember the times when I went to church, I would hear them talk about God as being in all places at all times, dwelling in your heart and watching over everyone; omniscient, omnipotent, omnipresent. How does that happen? I always wondered. It’s impossible. It doesn’t take place in the physical dimension. It takes place in the four-dimensional world."




So how do remote viewers access the fourth dimension?

"The methodology-what we refer to as ’the cool-down process’ - is any way that you can get into the theta-wave state," says Morehouse. "We were taught to go into a place we called ’sanctuary’. It was a place where you would go to gather your bearings, to acclimate yourself. Each individual viewer created his own sanctuary. For some viewers it was some sort of a garden, or a safe house, or a safe place.

"For me, it was a transparent box in space," continues Morehouse. "In the total blackness of space, with stars all around. When I was in there, nothing could harm me."

So what did you visualize in that box?

"My conscious mind; what I projected out. I visualized it as an apparitional self, a phantom self. It looked like a human form, only a light-radiance, a transparent self. Then I would begin what I call the ’descent into the target area’, and that became a nomenclature that was widely used throughout."

And this is what was called "falling into the ether" or "jumping into the ether"?

"I stepped out of sanctuary, and I stepped into a vortex," says Morehouse. "A tunnel of light would slowly begin to materialize as I prepared myself in the centre of the floor of sanctuary. And when I was ready, I would step into the vortex and I would fall. I accelerated faster and faster and faster and faster, until I hit some sort of a membrane. And then I would punch through into the target area. I used to get vertigo often. I would fall head-first with my arms out, and I would accelerate until, ’Boom!’, I would punch through."

And what was happening in the grey room at this time?

"They were monitoring bio-signs. They recorded your sessions. They were miked. They had low-light cameras. They videotaped your sessions. They wanted to know everything that was happening."

And you could hold a conversation?

"You could talk to them and they could talk to you," says Morehouse. "In coordinate remote-viewing, it was a very disciplined, structured regimen. You can be in a theta-wave state but you could be conscious. You could sketch on paper. You could write down your perceptions. You could answer questions from the monitor.

"In extended remote viewing, you would begin the same way. Your task could be: ’Access the target and describe the event taking place.’ But you have the encrypted coordinates. Most remote-viewing states last an hour or an hour and a half. Extended sessions last two to three hours."

So what actually happened when Morehouse ’fell’ into the ether; when he was not ’in control’, pulling off to the side of a road while driving, for example?

"My analysis is that once you open the conduit, it’s like trying to shut the gates on a dam. There’s always spillage. There’s always something there that never closes completely. I think there are a number of conduits that never close. When you’re normally under control, you have the ability to recognize what’s happening and you can put it in check right away; then you’re okay. Mel Riley [another remote viewer and a former colleague of Morehouse] was interviewed on television, and he said, ’I always have channels open. Always.’

"A way to describe it is that a remote viewer always has one foot in the conscious matrix of the mind and one foot in the unconscious matrix, and what, where and how he perceives the world around him depends on what foot he stands. And you can jump from one foot to another and back again almost without knowing it. Mel was able to keep his balance better because he grew up with it. His first experience with it was at age 11, so he grew up with it. So did Ingo Swann. I didn’t start out with this ability. I didn’t want this ability. A gunshot wound made this happen."

And what can keep the conduits closed down?

"There is a physiological remedy to this," says Morehouse. "It’s called Haldol or Loxitane. We have lots of mental strait-jackets. Then you walk around in a cloud and you don’t know your own name, but you don’t have a dissociative disorder. And you don’t step into the ether unwillingly.

"I think there are a lot of people who are diagnosed schizophrenic who essentially have conduits open into the unconscious. They have data flowing at random without their having any input. Outwardly they hear voices. They’re tapping into another dimension. God only knows."

So how do hallucinogenic drugs relate to this phenomenon? After all, taking drugs has been described as "taking heaven by force".

"Chemical inducement of an altered state is, in my opinion, simply the chemical opening of conduits," says Morehouse. "The problem is that you never learn to do it on your own. You never learn anything from it because you never have any control while it’s happening. You don’t have the ability to master it. You’re just on a joy ride. I think the mechanics are the same, though, and you just go on the magical mystery tour."




New models of reality have to be introduced in order to correlate the evidence gathered by remote viewing and other extraordinary phenomena.

For instance, according to alternative science theoretician Bruce Cathie,

"...a rough analogy of physical existence can be made by reference to a strip of motion picture film. Each frame or static picture on the film strip may be likened to a single pulse of physical existence. The division between one frame and the next represents a frame of anti-matter. When viewed as a complete strip, each frame would be seen as a static picture-say, one at either end of the strip-then the past and the future could be viewed simultaneously.


"However, when the film is fed through a projector, we obtain the illusion of motion and the passage of time. The divisions between the static pictures are not detected by our senses because of the frequency or speed of each projection on the movie screen. But by speeding up or slowing down the projector, we can alter the apparent time rate of the action shown by the film..."

In the 1970s, a radically new theory of consciousness was proposed by Stanford neurophysiologist Karl Pribram and University of London physicist David Bohm, a former protégé of Einstein and a world-renowned quantum physicist. Briefly stated, they came to the conclusion that the universe itself may be structured like a hologram-a kind of image or construct created at least in part by the human mind.

As described in Michael Talbot’s book, The Holographic Universe, they considered another way of looking at the world:

"Our brains mathematically construct objective reality by interpreting frequencies that are ultimately projections from another dimension, a deeper order of existence that is beyond time and space. The brain is a hologram enfolded in a holographic universe."

Talbot’s book is an invaluable introduction to the paradigm. This model also shows the interconnectedness of the so-called physical and metaphysical worlds, how various non-physical phenomena and states of consciousness, mystical states of awareness, out-of-body experiences and near-death experiences can co-exist and interact with one another.

Even prophecy or forecasting the future can be described using this model, vis-à-vis Puthoff’s and Targ’s precognitive remote-viewing experiments; in other words, "a view of the future as a hologram that is substantive enough for us to perceive it but malleable enough to be susceptible to change". Ingo Swann speaks of the future as "crystallizing possibilities".

Relating to Morehouse’s description of accessing the fourth dimension through remote viewing, the late Itzhak Bentov, author of Stalking the Wild Pendulum, described the relationship between normal versus expanded states of consciousness as a constant "on-off" process in which time spent in our "solid" reality, as opposed to other realities, is like fine-tuning the frequency dial of consciousness.




Morehouse’s description of remote viewing also correlates to the Sanskrit term siddhis, or powers, which include clairaudience, clairvoyance, even precipitation of matter from the ethers. Christians have called them the "gifts of the Holy Spirit" - spiritual gifts given by the grace of God.

"Yes, I don’t disagree," he says. "It’s a gift, but by the same token I think there must be a reason why we’re not born with it."

Some Christians disagree with his advocacy of teaching remote-viewing techniques.

"Their position is that I’m teaching the black arts, and we shouldn’t be doing this type of thing," says Morehouse. "I don’t disagree that there is a dark side to this, but in the coming millennium we are eventually going to be in somewhat dire straits. We are going to be confronted with very difficult choices. If you knew that people with you are good people, would you not want them to be counted as warriors who serve God with you? Would you not want them to be armed with these powers?"

So do other so-called extrasensory powers like clairvoyance or telepathy come with this ability for remote viewing?

Morehouse replies that,

"...what happens is that these are all words which describe the perceptions of individuals who have conduits open. The hardest thing is for the conscious mind to develop this ability. It’s a learned or practiced thing to interpret the data presented to it by the unconscious mind. As the unconscious mind travels backwards and forwards on the time-space continuum, it throws back raw data without analysis. It wants to develop a dialogue, but the dialogue development has to come from the conscious mind. We have to consciously interpret, not analyze, what we’re given by the unconscious mind. It’s learning how to live with that still, small voice within yourself and learning to interpret it correctly."

And what is that "still, small voice"? Is it the voice of God? Or the voice of the Holy Spirit?

"You have to learn how to interpret it, how to speak that language," says Morehouse. "Your conscious mind can very successfully shut out the Holy Spirit."

This could be what the Christians call "carnal mind", the rational logical mind that breaches no intuitive sensitivity.

And what is the difference between out-of-body experiences and remote-viewing techniques?

"We tried to do an out-of-body experience," says Morehouse. "There was actually experimentation done in developing protocols in developing OOBE remote viewing. Remote viewing is just opening conduits, and out-of-body is an actual separation of the spiritual body from the physical body. And this did not take place in the remote viewing.

"When you tear the spiritual body from the physical, what does that mean? It’s harmful. That means that you leave the physical body open, allowing inhabitation by whatever else that wants to step in because the spiritual body is now gone. We’re not talking about levels of consciousness. We’re talking about spiritual separation. The spiritual body roams around and it’s not under control. It’s like a balloon floating in a hot breeze. It goes wherever the breeze will carry it, and God only knows what makes up that breeze."

What about the idea that this spiritual body is the responsibility of every individual, that karma can be made and destructive things can be done because the body is not in control?

"I agree wholeheartedly with that," says Morehouse. "In fact, I know that it’s true. The physical body is never left in remote viewing. There is always contact, but the physical body begins to manifest the physiological signs of what the projected consciousness is experiencing in the target area."

So what is the term for this projection of consciousness into the target area if it isn’t a body?

Morehouse says,

"Its called bilocation. It’s folding space, folding time and space. It’s like bringing the event to you without ever going to the event, if you tap into it. It’s omnipresent while traversing back and forth on the time-space continuum. What does it mean? It means you’re everywhere at the same time. So the only way you can be everywhere at the same time is because everywhere is where you are. So, folding space is the best analogy I can think of - like an accordion that folds in on itself, where you don’t move. I was taught to believe that it was like the pages of a book, of an encyclopaedia. There are planes that are separated, yet they’re connected by the spine of the book. The spine of the book corresponds to the unconscious."





In his book, Psychic Warrior, Morehouse wrote that "the past was locked and the future was an untethered fire hose rocking and swaying, constantly changing".

So can past time be changed to affect future time?

"If you went back to look at it, it’s like pulling up that event like a slide and stepping into it, reliving it. You are there in apparitional form, but you aren’t really there at all. What you are experiencing there is the temperature, the sound, the sights, the smells. Plus you take it a step further in the unconscious mind on all the intangibles, the aesthetic impact, the emotional impact. You feel the pain of the people. You feel all things. Why? Because you are looking at it from a four-dimensional perspective, and translating it as quickly as the mind can operate, back to the conscious mind, puts it into physical terms. So you’re experiencing it and it can take a definite toll on you.

"For instance, go to 1945 and step into Ground Zero Hiroshima. You can pull that event up and step into it, and all the torment of souls being torn from their bodies, all of the horror relevant to that event lives on. You can step back there and experience it."

So this is a record that remains forever and ever?

"The past remains, but it’s locked in that part of the time-space continuum," explains Morehouse. "You can step in and experience it, but you couldn’t go and kick someone in the shins, so that Adolph Hitler stumbles off the platform and breaks his neck. You can’t affect anything. You can’t do anything there except be there and observe and gather information."




This is where physics and metaphysics collide. Morehouse’s description of remote viewing sounds very similar to accessing what has been called the "akashic records". Akasha is a Sanskrit word which means "primordial substance".

According to Supermemory authors Ostrander and Schroeder,

"...this cosmic databank of the totality of universal happenings was conceptualized as being recorded on a ’subtle ether’, a kind of invisible, all-pervading medium through which ’kasha’, or the visible light, passes throughout space as a manifestation of vibration."

In other words, like a 4D cosmic camcorder, the holographic record of each instant on the time-space continuum is captured and held there forever.

A book titled The Human Aura carries a very apt description of this phenomenon which clearly resonates with Morehouse’s descriptions:

"It is of utmost importance that the student understand that there is a process whereby every observation of his five senses is transmitted automatically to subconscious levels within himself, where, by inner hieroglyph, events he has witnessed or matters which he has studied are recorded; thus the entire transmittal of data from the external world to the internal lies in the akashic records of his own being.

"The process of recall, while quite involved from a technical standpoint, is almost instantaneous. Out of the storehouse of memory, man quite easily calls forth these treasures of being. Unfortunately, not all events are benign; not all recordings are examples of perfection."

Akashic records, then, describe,

"...all that transpires in matter is recorded in akasha-etheric energy vibrating at a certain frequency so as to absorb, or record, all of the impressions of life."

Here’s another definition of akashic records:

"...the recordings of all that has taken place in an individual’s world are written by recording angels upon a substance and dimension known as akasha."

"Akasha is a primary substance; the subtlest, supersensuous, ethereal substance which fills the whole of space; energy vibrating at a certain frequency so as to absorb, or record, all of the impressions of life. These recordings can be read by those whose soul faculties are developed."

Edgar Cayce, "the Sleeping Prophet", is said to have contacted these records when he went in his "sleep" to bring back astonishingly precise information about the past, including historical details relating to people and events during the time of Jesus, for example.

Cayce’s work also delivered specific prescriptions for diseases as well as the reasons why. Authors Ostrander and Schroeder write that Cayce’s amazing gift,

"...overshadowed the arresting fact that he could so easily dip into an unseen information bank and bring back provable data."

It would also stand to reason that details of historical events could be accessed in an attempt to discover what really happened-especially in events of criminal conspiracy, negligence and subsequent cover-up.

Like, for example, what really happened to TWA Flight 800...




"It was like turning a 747 into a microwave oven."

That’s how David Morehouse explained what happened to TWA Flight 800, after he delivered a remote-viewing report for CBS News - a report which was never aired.

"We originally started at the request of a producer at CBS to work in consonance with them to investigate the downing of Flight 800," explains Morehouse.

"We used a team of six remote viewers. After having gone back in time and looked at the event, five of them did not say that a missile struck the aircraft, but said that it was an energy beam or a light beam and that the aircraft exploded. It was a light beam that could not be seen by the human eye. It was high-powered microwaves.

"We did a 32-page report for CBS on it; a lengthy investigation. We used a law enforcement liaison officer who was a retired US city cop. I was dealing with Ph.D.s who owned patents on fiber optic cables.

"It goes right back to the CBW thing in the Gulf War [the cover-up of chemical/biological warfare by the Pentagon]. The first thing that came out of the Navy was, ’We had no exercise going on, none whatsoever.’ I saw the message from the Department of the Navy to the FAA [Federal Aviation Administration] that said that from this time to this time-which was a time window that included the departure time of Flight 800-there was an exercise going on.

"The microwave that we think did it was built by Phillips Laboratories. It’s about the size of a Ryder truck, a moving truck about that size, which produces 1.4 gigawatts, a billion watts of power in a concentrated stream of electrons that are guided by a self-generated electromagnetic field. The footprint of this particular weapon can be anywhere. They can tweak it up or down. They can crank it down to a footprint the size of a basketball. They can expand it out to a footprint the size of a football field. Of course, the more you disperse the electrons, the less effective the beam is, but it’s still pretty nasty stuff."

Morehouse, of course, had to deal with the usual denial.

"The executives at CBS said, ’We don’t have anything that has that kind of range.’ It’s like the Ph.D. who installed microwave dishes around New York and New Jersey who told us that when the guys working on the Empire State Building go out on a platform to change the lights for Christmas, they wear flash bulbs in their pockets. The reason is because of the microwave energy from all the dishes and power mounted on the building. When they get closer than they’re supposed to be, it pops the flash bulbs. That’s how much ambient radiant energy is coming out of those dishes. If you were to stick a frozen chicken on the end of a fiberglass pole and stick it in front of a microwave dish, faster than you could blink your eye it would be charred black.

"Because of all the microwave dishes, the building next to the World Trade Center had the top 20 floors surfaced with a special film coating on the windows to reflect the microwave energy. All the employees in the building were complaining of ringing in the ears and headaches.

"We went through this analysis. We looked at the message traffic. There are seven military operational or warning areas off the coast of Long Island. Of those military operational areas, three out of four of them were active. They were joined together into an operational area that was code-named ’Tango Billy’ by the Department of the Navy. This was an open-source message-the Navy just informing the FAA that these warning areas are off the coast. When those warning areas are active, the Navy tells the FAA. The FAA establishes what is called ’Flight Corridor Betty’.

"I interviewed at least a half-dozen TWA pilots who said, ’Yes, that’s right; I’ve flown Betty many times.’ They go to a VOR [VHF Omni-directional Radio range] in New Jersey. They break a hard left and they fly an outbound radial to pick up an inbound radial on the Nantucket VOR. They hit the Nantucket VOR and they break right and head for the European theatre. But they fly through an invisible tunnel in the air called a ’flight corridor’. It’s supposed to be a safe corridor and they stack the aircraft in this corridor-aircraft going north-south, aircraft going south-north.

"So Flight 800 was in Flight Corridor Betty. It was late. The FAA doesn’t notify the Navy that ’We have aircraft late on takeoff’ or anything else. There was also the USS Normandie, 35 nautical miles away from this area called Tango Billy, 10 or 15 miles off the coast of Long Island.

"There is also Brookhaven National Labs which was formed in the early 20th century by Nikola Tesla. It’s a miniature version of Los Alamos. There are people out there with Gamma clearances. There is a nuclear power plant and particle colliders there. The Governor of New York is trying to close it down because of all the radiation seepage into the water that is poisoning the people. It’s supposed to have the highest cancer rate on the east coast.

"And there is also a top-secret naval weapons testing facility adjacent to Brookhaven National Labs. They share the fence-line. This is a naval facility that is completely sterile; an airfield with no airplanes because everything’s locked up in the hangars. At night they roll them out and test them and do whatever they do.

"From this facility they were trying to shoot out over the water into Tango Billy and, with a high-powered microwave weapon, kill a test drone Tomahawk missile that was fired from the deck of the USS Normandie. When that missile fired off, which was what everybody saw, they saw a drone climb, level off and head for Tango Billy.

"But what happened was the drone missile climbed and put Flight 800 between it and the gun. TWA Flight 800 was in the gun target line.

"When you’re testing weapons, it’s an automated target acquisition device or, worse yet, manually acquired and fired.

"So you have some dork, and he looks at a bleep on the radar screen, knowing that he just got ’Launch!’ over from the USS Normandie. He see that bleep which is now really two bleeps - the Tomahawk missile and Flight 800. He presses a button that fires a high-powered microwave weapon.

"We presented all the evidence and the facts. We had satellite imagery that was purchased from the French. We had autopsy data from the French, testimony from Suffolk County medical examiners where guys had inadvertently revealed the fact that they had seen a flight attendant who had a piece of metal fused to her back. That doesn’t come from an explosion; that comes from a high-energy microwave beam that superheats metal and burns it into human tissue. It fuses it. It was cutting open cranial cavities; it was removing brains; it was dishing out eyes. It was doing all that stuff because a microwave beam on humans takes out all the ocular neural networks first. It fries the brain and fries the eyes; it hits the spinal fluid, the blood and the marrow. It boils the blood. It actually gels the blood. This sounds very gruesome, but it happens so fast that the brain doesn’t even have time to register pain. You’re dead instantly.

"Did it hit everybody in that plane? No. What it did, we think, was that it hit centre of mass, which would have been under the left wing, directly into the fuel tank in the belly of this thing, right near the galley. What it did was it fried all the analog circuitry in this aircraft because high-powered microwave weapons have an electromagnetic pulse effect, which means that they blow up solid-state circuitry. Everything inside this 747 that was run in the cockpit was all fed by analog circuitry, so all the digital readouts in the cockpit were frozen in time. And that’s why the black boxes which were recovered had no readings whatsoever. All the readings were eliminated, so it’s just like zeroing it out. That’s why they didn’t come back with anything on the black boxes. There was just white noise.

"When it was a deceleration injury, like the plane that crashed in the swamp in Florida, we could listen to what the pilot said right up the point when they went into the ground.

"Why would this be covered up? If a missile had shot an airplane down, rest assured that the Department of Defense would have said, ’Golly gee, we’re really sorry; we did a missile test’ and paid off the surviving family members. They would have apologized.

"But what happened was that Les Aspin, as part of the current Clinton Administration, told the American people: ’We are now at the end of the Star Wars era.’ That is a direct quote from him. What he was saying is that you no longer need this defense - thus ending the ten-year-long debate about whether it was smart, safe or feasible for us to put space-based weapons platforms, laser microwaves or otherwise, into orbit around our planet.

"So he was lying to us because we’ve spent US$358 billion working on weaponry of this nature: Star Wars technology.

"What was going to happen four months after Flight 800 went down? The November election of the President vying for his second term. It would have been the perfect stake in his heart if the wrong people got hold of it. They would have said: ’You told us in ’93 when you took office, you liar, that you weren’t doing this any more. Now you are. You’ve been doing this.’

"So after the elections in November ’96, on the pages of Armed Forces Journal International, we proudly displayed the new airborne laser system which is a 747-400 outfitted with a chemical oxygen-iodine laser. The entire first-class section is all target acquisition and tracking. And now we’re going to build seven of them so we can fly at 55,000 feet, have a range of 480 nautical miles, and we’ll be able to burn a hole in whatever-somebody’s head, another tank, an airplane. It’s up there allegedly to protect us from inbound intercontinental ballistic missiles at the boost or post-boost phase.

"Seen any of those flying over us lately?"






Part 2



Former military intelligence remote viewer David Morehouse continues his extradimensional insights, and exposes the US Government’s cover-up of Gulf War crime.



No ordinary whistleblower, David Morehouse, author of Psychic Warrior: Inside the CIA’s Stargate Program, is an accomplished military professional with a distinguished service record. A highly decorated and respected third-generation Army officer, Morehouse holds an M.A. degree in military art and science, as well as a Ph.D. from LaSalle University.

Commissioned as an infantry Second Lieutenant, he went from officer school to Panama, where he was a platoon leader and attained the rank of Major. After spending time in the Army Rangers, he left in 1987 for a series of highly classified special access programs (SAPs) in the US Army Intelligence Support Command (INSCOM).

While in Jordan on a routine training operation, Morehouse was accidentally shot in the head - or, more accurately, in the helmet. His extrasensory abilities were opened up, and this seemed to precipitate recurrent episodes that could be called "psychic".


He then became a prime candidate for induction into the top-secret Operation Stargate, a joint DIA/CIA program at Fort Meade which utilized "remote viewing" as an "intelligence" operation.

During his military career, Morehouse won numerous meritorious service and commendation medals, as well as paratrooper wings from six foreign countries. After he left the remote-viewing program in 1991 he was assigned as Battalion Executive Officer to the 2nd Battalion, 5065th Parachute Infantry Regiment of the 82nd Airborne Division.

Soon after, Morehouse decided to expose the Stargate operation and its technology with the hope that the potential beneficial and peaceful uses could be brought to the public. However, Morehouse soon realized that getting out of a covert operation is not as easy as getting in. In fact, getting out alive became his ultimate survival exercise.

What happened? In order to discredit him and his exposé, the Army tried to court-martial him on trumped-up charges. In December 1994 Morehouse resigned his commission.




So what happens to whistleblowers in the US Government?

In the case of David Morehouse, false charges were filed against him. The tires on his car were "cut to blow", slashed to cause a crash at freeway speed. He and his family were harassed by anonymous phone calls, and phone conversations were bugged. His house was filled with gas and almost blew up; his daughter nearly perished from the fumes. Morehouse’s real-life story takes another weird turn, as he describes it in his own words:

"When I was in the hospital I had a call from a woman doctor thanking me for coming into her life. She said that because of me she was forced to leave government service, but now she’s happy for it. This is a woman doctor who had 18 years in the service.

"They ordered her to diagnose me as a paranoid schizophrenic and delusional. She refused to do it. ’Then diagnose him as a malingerer,’ they told her. She refused. She was a tenacious psychiatrist, the head of the ward.

"She stood there the day they strapped me to a gurney and put me in a plane that took me six hours away from my family, down to Fort Bragg where I sat in a facility which was for alcohol abuse. So I had to go to alcohol abuse classes though I wasn’t an alcohol abuser, and I was given a dixie cup of medication twice a day to keep me quiet and dumb.

"They finally removed me from my support group. They took me away from my family because now, instead of my wife driving 15 minutes to come to the hospital, I was in Fort Bragg, North Carolina. They would dress me up, drug me and take me drugged into the courtroom for Article 805 hearings, where I would stand up and almost fall over. I couldn’t even hear. It was like standing in an empty water tank and hearing people talk. And they made me endure that. Their final coup de grace was that they discharged me and required me to write the Family Caring Manual."

Then an orchestrated campaign to discredit Morehouse was started, with anonymous letters being written to the book publisher and the movie production company that bought the rights to his book, Psychic Warrior.




After his decision to go public, David Morehouse was subjected to plenty of CIA harassment and character assassination. He says that one of the primary character assassins was a man by the name of John Alexander, the subject of a glowing report in Wired magazine in 1995.

"Depending on who you talked to, John Alexander was, early in his career, a Special Forces officer in Vietnam," says Morehouse. "He commanded a Montagnard battalion which essentially meant he advised them. Somebody else would say he was a member of the Phoenix project in Vietnam [the notorious CIA assassination program].

"When he came out, he worked with the intelligence community and he never left. So this is an SF guy who went intel and never went back. You have a guy who’s been connected with the Company [the CIA] for a great deal of time.

"I met him through Ed Dames who was his friend. John Alexander used to meet with Ed Dames in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Ed Dames was convinced that there were aliens underground in New Mexico. And so began an abuse of tax dollars-buying plane tickets to Albuquerque whenever he wanted.

"Ed Dames was part of Torn Image and he would fly out there. He would meet with John Alexander who would hand him a photograph and try to do some remote viewing.

"With the exception of Jim Schnabel and Ed Dames, John Alexander has no friends in the remote-viewing community. Most think he’s a shyster except for guys like Russell Targ and Hal Puthoff, who are still drawing government paychecks. They were both laser physicists, the original takers of Central Intelligence Agency money to work for remote-viewing projects.

"Three guys accessed the Freedom of Information Act before my book came out: John Alexander, the retired Colonel still working for the CIA, Jim Schnabel and Joe McMoneagle. Except for Joe, they actively went after me. They posted my name and Social Security number on the Internet. They publicly called me a criminal, taking unsubstantiated allegations from the government and posting it on the Internet."

Have they done this to anybody else?

"Never," says Morehouse.




"There are reams and reams of documents that show that this [RV] phenomenon exists," says Morehouse. "A great deal of it is classified. Ed May claims that he has it all. He’s a physicist who heads up the Cognitive Sciences Research Laboratories. It’s a research facility for remote viewing and other paranormal phenomena that deal with the mind. He claims he’s not on the government payroll, but he still carries a top-secret clearance."

Continuing the CIA-orchestrated harassment, Ed May brandished documents at Morehouse prior to a talkshow on which they would both appear. He threatened Morehouse against reopening his court-martial case, saying that they’d take him to Federal court and prosecute him for violating his security.


May also allegedly told Morehouse,

"There are people out there that can get to you."

"Such is the case with all these guys: Jim Schnabel, John Alexander and Ed May," says Morehouse. "Ed May works for the CIA. He told the Gordon Elliott show that he was the owner of the military remote-viewing training program. I never saw this guy or heard of his name while I was working there."




So why did it get so personal?

"You have a credible third-generation Army officer whom superior officers labelled as ’destined to wear stars’, someone who came out of a Ranger battalion and stepped into the intelligence community," says Morehouse referring of course to himself.

To undermine his credibility?

"Yes, fabricating stories about me and my wife, for instance," continues Morehouse. "There isn’t an author around who spends days, literally days, posting user groups. There were hundreds of postings made by Schnabel. Then John Alexander got into the fray and started doing the same thing. Then they started writing anonymous letters to Interscope, which bought movie rights to the book, and St Martin’s Press, the publisher.

"And then there’s Paul Smith. He actually said this to a reporter: ’What I told Dave is that if he would stop talking about the unit, we would get him a medical discharge.’ Paul Smith was one of the remote viewers from the unit still working for DIA."

So why did it take so long for Morehouse to resign?

"I thought I was going to face the charges and beat them," he says. "We looked at everything the government had. I didn’t know we would be ambushed with the other charges. That’s when I got the phone call that came at night, from a brigadier colonel friend of mine who said, ’You still have friends. We’re holding the door open, but we can’t hold it open forever. This is bigger than us. You better get out.’

"That was the first clue that I had about their scheme. I had nobody that investigated on my behalf. I had the entire Criminal Investigation Division coming down on me. They looked at every fragment of my past. They interviewed every person they could find who knew me. Why? Because I was getting ready to tell a story about a top-secret government organization."




Psychic Warrior details many of Morehouse’s encounters with legendary and historical events. For example, when he describes remote viewing the Ark of the Covenant, he calls the relic itself a "dimensional opening".

"When I came out I explained what I had seen to the program director," says Morehouse. "He told me the theological background behind the Ark of the Covenant. My friend Mel told me that it was a part of the Temple in the wilderness that was carried around by the Israelites. They put the Ark of the Covenant in the inner sanctum of the Holy of Holies. Those who went into the inner sanctuary, the high priests, actually tied ropes on their ankles so they could be pulled back.

"It was the conclusion of the remote-viewing community that this was in fact a conductor or convector of some sort. It was something that channelled power to form some sort of a portal or opening into a four-dimensional world which is where the Creator dwelt. The high priest was stepping through the portal into this four-dimensional world."




And what about free roaming in the fourth dimension?

"That was an open search, where you were told to go where the signal line took you. That was analogous to standing on a platform at Penn Station in Manhattan and jumping at whatever train was rumbling by, and going where that train was going. You don’t know where you’re going to go or where you’re going to end up. Sometimes it’s very frightening; sometimes it’s instructional; sometimes it’s just fun."

So has Morehouse seen anything of significance?

"Just the realization that we are not alone," he says. "I never saw God or Christ or Buddha. But I can tell you that there are other worlds and other civilizations and planets. It’s all out there - other dimensions. It’s not just what exists in our physical dimension, in our physical universe. There are other portals that lead to other universes and there are universes upon universes. It’s limitless, infinite. It’s staggering!"

There is a common misperception that remote viewing entails out-of-body or astral travel.

"We were trying to develop OBE-RV, out-of-body remote viewing," says Morehouse. "What we found was that we lacked the ability to make the separation occur at will and control the separated body.

"Remote viewing was not based on the work of Robert Monroe. It was based on a very disciplined protocol developed at SRI (Stanford Research Institute) in part by the direction of Ingo Swann, Pat Price and Uri Geller. Uri Geller was heavily involved in developing these protocols at SRI. He has not ever really gotten credit for it. He was probably the best natural that they had there, in my opinion."

If this gift comes from God, then who’s trying to control it and use it for negative purposes, i.e., the abuse of it by the military and intelligence agencies?

"I struggle with that question every day," says Morehouse.


"I don’t know if the military-industrial complex is doing this out of pure ignorance-if they’re stumbling about it like a bull in a china shop out of pure ignorance-or whether they do it out of some deep-rooted, sinister backdrop or foundation that makes them want to be able to use this to manipulate humanity.

"The only evidence I have is that I know that there is some enigma out there. I know that there is something that is larger than life itself that dominates and controls. So if I find the answers, I’ll talk about it because that’s my calling..."




Did Morehouse ever encounter what could be called "enlightened beings"?

"I had my experiences with what I call my ’angel’. I also experienced beings from other worlds that had the Christ consciousness. I never saw Jesus Christ or Buddha. They were very benevolent, loving, enlightened, radiant individuals. While standing in their presence, you felt nothing but the presence of good and a warmth. They would recognize or acknowledge your presence, but they would never interact with you. They never guided you or directed you.

"The monitor would say: ’Approach them; attempt to engage them in conversation; ask them a question; ask them who they are.’ They would politely smile and walk away. They recognized us as intruders, yet harmless.

"This angel watched over my father, and it was my father who told my wife, ’I’ve given David my angel.’ My father had never spoken to me about this before."




Were there any occasions when Morehouse felt threatened, or thought he was going to die?

"I felt that on several occasions when I encountered what I call lesser beings or demons," replied Morehouse.


"They’re people who look just like us. They are very friendly and they smile. They want to engage you in conversation, but the instant you realize what they are they attack you. In an incident described in the book, I was held upside down by my ankles and I thought they were going to kill me. They clutched at me and pulled me back in the circle. I was screaming at the top of my lungs.

"The next thing I remember, the monitor who was watching me was talking me back, bringing me back to the physical, but I feared for my life. I think there was a real danger in this attack at a fourth-dimensional level. They know what frightens you; they amplify your fears. I think there are elements of the dark side that exist for the express purpose of attempting to inhabit the physical. They want to possess the physical body, to take you over for a brief period of time."




So how about channelling? Does that mean that entities can possess physical beings?

"Any channeller-for example, J.Z. Knight will tell you that Ramtha possesses her physical body," says Morehouse. "On the other hand, if you’re a medium you have the ability to listen across the limen and translate the message.

"Regarding channelling and tarot cards, the attitude at the CIA seemed to be, ’Look at what we’re doing!’ Who am I to say that this has no merit?"

In fact, Morehouse says that,

"the chief scientist of the CIA, Dr Jack Verona, a physicist, used to come in twice a month for personal readings".

Just think: he could have saved all that taxpayer money if he’d just called the Psychic Hotline!




One of the most dramatic and shocking episodes in Psychic Warrior is a remote-viewing ’mission’ that Morehouse did near the end of the Persian Gulf War. At that time, three independent remote viewers, including Morehouse, were ’sent’ to the Gulf.

Morehouse himself got an order to move to a 550-foot elevation, 20 miles north of where he’d ’landed’.


About an hour later, amidst the intense smoke and fires near the oil wells, Morehouse spots "a small silver object in the sand" and remarks,

"...I think I see something unusual-a small canister; looks like stainless steel."

Morehouse writes:

"Suddenly it all seemed clear to me. The DIA wanted to make sure that a chemical or biological agent had been released on US troops but they didn’t want anyone else to know... Once the use of these unconventional weapons had been confirmed, the DIA could start their cover-up so the American people would never find out."

Historian Antony Sutton, author of America’s Secret Establishment and The Best Enemy Money Can Buy, writes in his monthly newsletter, Phoenix Letter:

" needs to read these pages [of Morehouse’s book] carefully. It looks as if DIA knew where the canisters were to be planted. This confirms the report that CBW [chemical/biological warfare] was a joint US-Iraqi operation aimed at US troops."

Sutton also points out:

"...not only did the Iraqis use chemical/biological warfare agents on US and allied troops, but the equipment was supplied with the knowledge, assistance and financing of the West.

"What the Pentagon is covering up is that CBW agents were legally exported to Iraq by the Bush Administration. The license was granted by the Department of Commerce for anthrax and an agent called Mycoplasma incognitas. Mycoplasma was made in Florida and Texas and tested on death-row inmates in Texas. This was reported to the press by Senator Donald Riegle of Michigan and ignored by CNN and the other networks (February 9, 1994)."

Morehouse agrees.

"I found early on that you can’t trust the network media in the United States to present truth. They’re part of the problem because they’re owned by defense contractors for a reason - which is that the US$900 billion global defense industry is going to control that which can do them the most damage. They know that the media can sink them, so what do they do? They own the media."

Sutton continues his analysis by concluding:

"...the scandal and cover-up is that the supply of CBW weapons to Iraq implicated the Bush Administration, much as Prescott Bush, father of George Bush, was implicated through Union Bank in the build-up of Hitler in the 1930s."

Like father. Like son. Like traitors.




Antony Sutton asks:

"Why the cover-up? Morehouse believes that the US Government did not want to take care of thousands of military casualties. We suggest another reason. We have a report that the US allowed export of these agents to Iraq knowingly, and even some members in the government had investments in the firm making these for Iraq.

"Recall that no credible enemies are left for the military industrial complex which General Eisenhower warned us about to use as a claim for large defense expenditures. Then the entire picture comes together... Then you see why Psychic Warrior is a key piece in the puzzle back of Desert Storm. An artificial war against an artificial enemy. Why? Because you can’t have a defense budget unless you have a credible enemy. If no enemy exists, you make one."

Rodney Stich confirms these allegations in his monumental encyclopaedia of US Government crimes and cover-ups, titled Defrauding America. He writes in great detail (an entire chapter, titled "Bank of Lavoro and Iraqgate") regarding the scandal in which the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL), through its Atlanta branch, was used to lend over US$5 billion to Iraq just prior to the Gulf War.

Stich writes:

" November 1989, White House officials guaranteed the payment of loans made by banks to Iraq for the purchase of US farm products under a program run by the US Agriculture Department’s Commodity Credit Corporation. The approval provided that US taxpayers would indemnify the banks lending money to Iraq for the purchase of US food supplies if Iraq defaulted on the loan payments...

"These loans made possible the war capability for Iraq to invade Kuwait. In effect the US taxpayers, through their leaders, made possible the terrible bloodshed in the Gulf War... Some of the money furnished by the United States was used to purchase poison gas that was used on Iraqi Kurdish villages, much of it purchased through Cardoen Industries in Chile, a CIA asset. Cardoen supplied considerable war materials to Iraq under the guidance of the CIA."

Regarding the Gulf War oil-well fires, Morehouse writes:

"...every soldier downwind of those fires must have inhaled the bug or whatever."

The implications are clear. The so-called Gulf War syndrome (GWS) is a direct result of this exposure. The Department of Defense (DoD) knew about it and remains liable for the thousands of cases of veterans contaminated by this chemical/biological warfare.

And what does Morehouse think about it now?

"I think about it every day," he says, his voice dropping. "We know that we were being manipulated to (1) being able to confirm, but (2) not being able to confirm it in any record where anyone could go back to it. They denied it. They said it never happened.

"First they said there was something to it. Then we blew up one chemical dump. Then they said it was two chemical dumps. The problem is that the American people continue to forgive this sort of betrayal. They ignore it and thereby forgive it, and so they set the stage for it to happen again.

"They stood there, men who knew, and baldfaced lied to us and said it never happened. General Powell went before Congress and fervently denied that he had any knowledge of it or that he had any evidence of it, which is again ’plausible denial’ because nobody briefed him on it.

"The CIA was keeping track of all the wind charts pertaining to this theatre of operations. Let me tell you something. In 18 years in the military, I never once turned to the CIA for a weather report. So why is the CIA telling us that the downwind messages showed this and this? Are we so stupid that we can’t see that these guys are concerned about what’s going to be revealed in time, that they’ve jumped in to level the playing fields? They’re in there BS-ing and lying right and left, day in day out."

Antony Sutton is unequivocal in praise of Morehouse and his book.


He writes that,

"Psychic Warrior is one book that you should read. Not only will it open your eyes to the strange new technology we outlined, but it will make you disgusted with a Pentagon whose main interest appears to be to keep its Washington generals in luxury and golf courses, while it can’t keep its planes in the air. Yet DoD has time to persecute an officer who truly served the United States."




Fall guy James Earl Ray was sentenced to life in prison for the killing of famed civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr.

Ray’s lawyer, William Pepper, author of Orders to Kill, will be presenting new evidence in court: remote-viewing data by David Morehouse on the assassination of the ’60s-era icon.

So who killed King?

Morehouse says:

"...these were contract yobbos, low-level CIA operatives that did it. They were US Special Forces, a sniper team that came out of assassination school. They were always deployed in areas where riots were taking place or expected to take place. They had a hit list, a sequential hit list of people they were to take out. That was common stuff in the ’60s.


"Every time there was a civil disturbance, these sniper teams were deployed and were given encrypted orders that told them who and what. They had a standing list of people to hit. They would receive information that would say, ’Do it,’ or ’Don’t do it.’ And if they did it, they had an egress route out of the area; or a ’potted plant’-people that would pick them up.


"The soldiers that were given charge to do this perceived individuals like Martin Luther King - and others that provoked rioting and unrest on college campuses against the American Government - as enemies of the State."

So what can attorney William Pepper do with Morehouse’s remote-viewing report?

"He’s going to take it to court as evidence and use it," says Morehouse. "His argument is that the US Government has used this as an intelligence collection tool for 20 years. It’s going to be admitted as evidence, verifying the information-gathering methodology. He will say, ’Look, a military remote viewer has brought this information back and it was collected using military technology.’ Pepper called and said thanks for all the great work."

Morehouse admits, however, that "what he’s [Pepper’s] trying to do is fight an uphill battle".




Morehouse’s new book is called Non-Lethal Weapons: War Without Death. According to Morehouse,

"...conventional weaponry is designed to kill. The new hybrid conventional weaponry is designed to maim. Non-lethal weaponry, by this definition, must be anti-materiel and not anti-personnel.


"The book takes a very philosophical approach to the concept of non-lethality. It talks about what conventional weapons have done in this century: taken 170 million innocent human beings’ lives. Doctors, lawyers, professors, housewives, children, not warriors-80 million of them were summarily executed for their refusal to participate, and that number continues to grow exponentially. Less than 250,000 of those lives were taken through nuclear weapons.

"In the post-Cold War era, the military-industrial complex has spent an inordinate amount of time on the disarmament and abolition of the nuclear arsenal, unscrewing five nuclear warheads so we can pat ourselves on the back and say what a great job we did, while in the meantime we spent US$900 billion-plus last year to build and market weapons of death and destruction. So it’s a shell game.

"The conclusion is that we’re in a new strategic era at a crossroads of human history. We have to make a decision. Are we going to continue to build weapons on an ever-increasing scale? Or are we going to evolve to an era in which we retool the entire defense industry to outfit ourselves with weapons that preserve human life but yet destroy the war machine of a belligerent, thereby eliminating a belligerent’s ability to wage war?

"We have that technology to kill the tanks themselves. This is the premise. The nature of man will never change, and therefore the nature of war will never change. Only the way in which wars are fought will change. All the so-called ’Star Wars’ technology, the electromagnetic pulse weapons, are lethal, high-tech conventional weaponry. That’s all it is."

Morehouse continues with his analysis, saying that the book "...takes 12 truly non-lethal technologies and it templates them over fictional scenarios that contemplate current world events-Bosnia, Somalia, etc."

So the military-industrial complex has to be called for an accounting?

"Exactly. That’s what has to happen," says Morehouse. "We have to become more well-read on these issues. That’s why the book creates this vision. Here’s the scenario with conventional weapons, and here’s what happens if we inject a non-lethal form of technology.

"I saw this tested at Dugway Proving Grounds in Utah. It’s called an ’anti-tank shroud round’. Milliseconds before it impacts, it sends out a white-hot plasma jetstream which precedes the impact of the round and bores a hole through the armour faster than the speed of sound and spews molten metal into the interior of the tank which turns everything inside the tank into jello. That’s how Iraqi tanks were killed in the desert.

"What the shroud round does is that milliseconds before it hits it explodes into a wire-reinforced polymer film that envelops the tank like an octopus envelops its prey. It shorts out everything. This polymer instantly wraps and shrinks down. They called it a ’shrink-wrap round’. The polymer’s collective strength blew the hydraulics on an M-60 tank as it tried to traverse the turret. It seals all the lids shut. The wire shorts out the communications."

So why haven’t they bragged about it?

"Because," explains Morehouse, "the US$900 billion-a-year military-industrial complex, these greedy warmongers who build and market weapons to third-world countries don’t want it because it’s too cheap. Plus, if you start saving lives and killing equipment, then you force diplomacy to take its rightful place as the tool of conflict resolution in the new millennium. So you start to screw up this perpetual market of death and destruction.

"We now have members of Congress who have appropriated billions of tax dollars as welfare for arms manufacturers. So, when a manufacturer makes them and sells them to some third-world tyrant who can’t even afford to buy powdered milk for the babies starving in his country but buys 12 jets that he can’t afford, who pays for them? The US taxpayer. We now pay the weapons manufacturers, the arms dealers. And we pay off that tyrant’s bill when he defaults."

Morehouse has a point. This modus operandi has certainly worked for every military conflict in the 20th century. The Gulf War was only the latest scam to generate profit streams for the arms manufacturers and their bankers, as well as get rid of excess population, i.e., "cannon fodder" (military personnel) and "useless eaters" (non-revenue-producing, resource-depleting people).




So what’s in the future for "psychic warrior" David Morehouse?

"What I’ve been working on is Remote Viewing Technologies, a private company involved in information and training seminars for remote-viewing techniques," replies Morehouse. "Thus far we have not taught anyone in the private sector; only people in the commercial sector and law enforcement. We’ve been training police officers in remote viewing because they can readily make the transition. Trying to look through the eyes of a dead man for an hour and a half, that is not as disturbing to a cop as to a layman. Police officers seem to have this jaundiced view of the world, anyway. If they’re working homicide detail, they have a tendency not to get as unravelled or upset."

So what’s being done with this technology as a public service, so to speak?

"Probably the only two people spearheading that are Lin Buchanan and myself. I formed a company, called Remote Viewing Technologies, with police officers. Lin has what’s called the Assigned Witness Program.

"Remote Viewing Technologies has been working several cases in New Jersey and several cases in Baltimore. We’re getting ready to train a large number of officers in New Jersey, and we’ve already trained seven police officers in Minnesota.


The law enforcement agencies, the chiefs of police, the detectives-everyone has welcomed the training with open arms; as long as they understand they must keep a perspective on it and know that the three cardinal rules of remote viewing must always prevail:

"One: It’s not 100% accurate, never has been, never will be.

"Two: You can never trust the results of any single remote-viewer operating independently of other remote viewers; therefore you cannot task yourself. That’s the problem that Courtney Brown and Ed Dames have run into. They front-load themselves. Courtney Brown sits downs and says, ’Hale-Bopp object following. Describe.’ It violates all the cardinal rules of remote viewing. There’s no blind or double blind. If you task yourself, you step into the world of analytical overlay or the process of imagination. It’s the same protocol violation that Ed Dames falls into.

"Three: Remote viewing is not a stand-alone endeavour. It’s always in consonance in the intelligence community with other ’collection platforms’. In law enforcement it’s always used with other investigative methodologies."




David Morehouse, author of Psychic Warrior, should be commended for his courage in exposing these secrets of the fourth-dimensional world and bringing remote viewing out of the intelligence closet into mainstream awareness.

Being a whistleblower can be the ultimate challenge. At great sacrifice to his family as well as his life, he has endured unimaginable trials, tribulations and harassment by the CIA and its stooges. And despite an organized campaign against his work, he has withstood this barrage of disparagement and attack.

The importance of remote viewing should not be underestimated. Just as tapping into the Internet can potentially deliver information faster and more easily than by physically going to a library, so remote viewing has the potential to revolutionize access to historical and other records that are inaccessible to the five senses.

The 21st century will require new talents. Remote viewing and its ancillary skills, so-called ’extrasensory perception’ (ESP) or paranormal powers, could be crucial in the survival and evolution of the human race.



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