by Allan W. Eckert

from Jerusalem, 09/09/97

Worth reading in spite of the plot

The Hab Theory is based on the struggle of a real-life electrical engineer named Hugh Anchluss Brown, who died in the mid 1960s.


Fifty years before his death he formulated a revolutionary, terrifying theory that would explain, among many other things, the flash-frozen wooley mammoths, Egyptís ancient, inland freshwater sea, and the discovery of a human sandal buried in a European coal seam.

After spending the following 40 years trying to disprove his own work - and only finding more supporting evidence - the hapless Brown tried to publish his findings as a warning to the world, without success.

When he died, Brown left over 200,000 pages of notes to his daughter, who invited Allan W. Eckert to work the research into a science-fiction plot. While managing to incorporate hundreds of Brownís findings into the book (it is this massive body of supporting evidence that makes the novel worth reading), Eckert did nobody a service by adding a schmaltzy, poorly told love story to the reality-based tale of an aged engineer desperate to be heard by a skeptical scientific establishment.

This book becomes especially significant in light of discoveries made since Brownís death - discoveries that remove the "irremovable" barriers which scientific dogma had put in his path while he lived.


Did our advanced human civilization really develop in just 5000 years?

An educated man develops an interesting theory, and collects evidence that would support it. However the theory is totally outside of his discipline. And so he, and his theory, are ignored.

His theory: Humans have built several advanced civilizations on earth over the last 50,000 years, but they seem to disappear... every 5000-7000 years; and another near-extinction is overdue.

Think youíve read that one before? OK, but read on.....

"The HAB Theory" presents a ton of real facts nobody can explain, and poses a theory that tie them together. He suggests that 97% of humans on earth will die soon.... again.

Sample: A map of 'Antarctica' dated to around 1500 BC shows the mountains, canyons and coastline of the ice continent in detail and with extreme accuracy. Today we could produce such a map easily, but only by using ground (ice) penetrating radar attached to a satellite in low earth orbit. How was that done over 3,400 years ago?

Why do the pyramids in Central and South America prominently feature statues of animals from Africa, that are never seen in the Americas? I first read a borrowed copy of this book in 1979. Nobody who has read this book can seem to forget it.

As I write this, all reviewers so far give it a 10.


Iíll bet that continues.


Gripping story of possible global disaster

Story opens with an assassination attempt on the president of the U.S. Immediately one is drawn into the story and itís a "thrill" ride all the way.

This is one of the few books I ever read that has remained in my memory - even the ending (which I often donít retain). (Psychiatrists would have a time with that one!)

The story is based on fact and the scientific background is absorbing without being full of "sciencespeak." The possibility of the impending disaster is all too real.


This is truly one you donít put down!


Compelling tale of global disaster based on science and fact

Bigger than Asteroid or an alien invasion.


A scientist fakes an assignation attempt on the president to get his story out of an impending global disaster which has occurred many times in the past, including the one that caused the end of the dinosaurs. The scientific community wonít listen to the evidence.

This could be the end of the human race. Based on true science and fact.


Time is running out.

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