by lightworksav

January 18, 2007

from YouTube Website

Some men talk about saving the planet.
These men are doing something about it.


  • Tom Bearden

  • John Hutchison

  • Joseph Newman

  • Troy Reed

  • Dennis Lee

Meet some courageous inventors and scientists who are finally willing to reveal their cutting-edge technologies to the world.


Discover the New Science that will revolutionize human civilization. Step into the private worlds of some of today's most exciting inventors and engineers. Explore their laboratories. Examine their theories. Look at their machines. See technologies that power cars, levitate canon balls, and produce clean, non-polluting "zero point" energy now acknowledged by physicists to exist in all space as a "running river" of infinite, accessible electromagnetic energy.

Take an in-depth, up-close, personal look at each inventor and his work. View never-before-seen footage of some phenomenal experiments.


This is a rare opportunity to learn about this fascinating work, with the sense of intimacy that only the medium of video delivers an opportunity not to be missed.