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More on B-2 Stealth Bomber as an Antigravity Craft
by Richard Boylan, Ph.D.

Retired Air Force Colonel Donald Ware has passed on to me information from a three-star general he knows who revealed to him in July that "the new Lockheed-Martin space shuttle [National Space Plane] and the B-2 [Stealth bomber] both have electro-gravitic systems on board;" and that "this explains why our 21 Northrup B-2s cost about a billion dollars each." Thus, after taking off conventionally, the B-2 can switch to antigravity mode, and, I have heard, fly around the world without refueling.

I have also heard, and deduced for myself after inspecting a Stealth F-117A fighter at Beale Air Force Base, that the F-117A _also_ has hybrid propulsion and lift technologies, utilizing conventional thrust for public take-offs and landings, but switching to antigravity mode for extended cruising range, for lightning-fast maneuverability, and for shrouding the airframe in invisibility (by having its local counter-gravity field bend light around the airframe). The notorious extremely-unstable lift and forward-motion of the F-117A is merely temporary, until it moves into antigravity mode, where independent field propulsion provides stability. {Unfortunately for the pilot who went down in an air show over Maryland, his Stealth fighter was in conventional jet- thrust mode at the time.)

Further commentary, revealing that the government eventually plans to release antigravity technology publicly, is provided by Colonel Ware. "Apparently this highly controlled military program was used to gain experience with 4th-density technology that may transform civil aviation after all national leaders choose peace."

In a perhaps unrelated aside, Colonel Ware stated that his two brothers are on a list to receive free electricity machines by United Community Services of America (UCSA) in New Jersey. "They [UCSA] claim to have produced 50,000 machines and are preparing to install them on selected homes. They say they will provide free electricity to the home owner and sell the excess power to the power company." Col. Ware adds cryptically, "I wonder if this environmentally-friendly technology is associated in any way with alien liaison."

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