by Dennis Klinger

October 11, 2016
from In5D Website


Dennis Klinger considers himself a Metaphysics Theorist

and Philosopher.

He has a Mechanical Engineering and music background along with self taught Electromagnetic study.

He likes to share his ideas on his website and has written "Creating Time" (Nothingness Expanding and Worlds Dividing) and a fictional book titled "American Bride".

In the book "Creating Time" many unconventional paths are taken to explain the physical world we see and break it down into acceptable axioms that paint an intriguing reality for contemplation.






There is a place where we come from that is as real as this one.


We can go there anytime and we can come back as well. It is not a distance which separates us from this place; it is a dimension.


But you had to make a deal with the devil before you came here, so to speak. You wanted so badly to take the ride and taste the meat. You wanted to taste the fear, the love, the suffering but all of these things only work if you agree to think it is real.


You cannot know how the Matrix works, otherwise the sting could go away.


So you cannot know because you have agreed to forget and be subject to all that comes with the journey. You must think it is so real, you cling to it, you fear to leave it, and you regard exiting as the final death to be among your gravest losses.


It is not only when we die that we leave this realm. We leave every time we dream.


This dream world is the place where we come from. Dreaming is the same as death in that the senses are shut off. When you are sleeping, it is the same as death because you cannot hear, see, or feel. If you voluntarily do any of these things while dreaming, you will wake up.


If the conscious goes into this realm when the senses are disabled during a dream, then how can we not assume the connection between death and dreaming as two similar states of existence?


Though, I do not think death is as disorganized as our dreams. Our visits to the afterlife while we dream are filtered and we are disabled; we are not fully there. During dreams, we are in conflict with that realm and there is dissonance.


We do not have the control over our experience while we dream but I must assume we do to some degree in death. During death, we are fully present in that realm and must be able to control it to some degree.


And this is the problem; the ability to control. It must become a boring and intolerable existence.


So we seek adventure in a form contrary to this control, by having some autonomy inside a controlled state of forgetfulness. We want to be dropped off or planted into a physical world where we must survive and fear death.


We want a place where we create emotional situations of pain, love, and pleasure. We want to feel suffering and love because it’s not boring and the effects are out of our control.


The excitement of losing control in order to experience this life is desired very deeply during death. This life on Earth is a record of time for the music to play. As our spirits flow into this world, we create the time to contain us.


Just as a record plays a song, our earth spins a song with the time of each soul upon it.


Maybe we are the gods at play, or in another sense, the children of god...