by Zen Gardner
April 23, 2017

from BornOutsideTheBox Website



Zen Gardner is an impactful and controversial author and speaker with a piercing philosophical viewpoint.

His writings have been circulated to millions and his personal story has caused no small stir amongst the entrenched alternative pundits.

His book "You Are The Awakening"

has met rave reviews.

This is perhaps one of the most important topics and dynamics to be aware of at this prescient time of gaining true energetic momentum.


Many are currently recoiling from an inclination to retreat and withdraw. Very understandable, it happened to me as well in a big way. It's nasty out there with the onslaught of infected info and negative influences.


But it's currently changing amongst a rare breed of extremely empowered people.


I'm hearing it from many quarters with much confirmation of this phenomenon.

It's essential we recognize this. The manifestation that this is forthcoming will break like daylight on a confused, scattered and mud bound landscape, and will escalate beautifully.

The whole purpose of energetic attacks from any source is to stop those called to do so from doing what they're meant to to be and do.


This has always been the case but things have been taken up several notches to where the so-called "playing field" is so corrupted and misdirected that it appeared it wasn't worth even trying.


Well, it wasn't...


But "the paradigms they are a shifting" and new spaces have opened in which to operate. The dystopia hitting every sphere of our reality only works in our favor.

If someone can be stopped, or prevented from even starting, or restarting for that matter, they will never get anywhere, never mind help transform the world.


But more importantly,

  • Where are we aiming?

  • What is our full intention?

  • Whom do we feel we are addressing, and how?

  • And does all that matter?


"Judgment says everything

about the one doing the judging

and nothing

about what is being judged."

RJ Spina



Sound Cryptic? Good - It's Not Meant for Everybody

This current paradigm is not for the faint hearted.


Many decide to succumb, an individual decision we face many times in our lives. Sometimes it's just wait and let things pass and not a full giving in. Sometimes we suffer serious seeming setbacks, only to learn they were massive blessings in disguise.


I've experienced many of these and have ever so slowly wizened up to how universe works while learning more and more about myself, integral to the process.

Living consciously takes guts.


We're up against tremendous obstacles, but they're basically imaginary, which we soon find out when we face them head on and keep on, again, mostly within ourselves.

"New beginnings

are often disguised

as painful endings"

Lao Tzu



Energetic Adversaries are Real - And Many Beings are Loaded with Them

However you perceive them, demons, transdimensionals, spook tech-driven mind control programs or whatever, these often human transmitted bastards are real.


We have serious opposition if we're moving in a "positive" direction, especially if we're making a very real difference or about to do so. "They" know who we are and get their assignments like CIA sleeper cells, only vibrationally.


It's a protection and assassination instinct in the attached.

Energetic attacks and hindrances must be met with force, spiritual force. There are many spiritual technologies for this, but first off people need to know we can't take that crap lying down.


Laziness and excuses are a death wish...


There's no need for that, unless we have compromised victim issues, seemingly overwhelming emotional depression born of lack of self work, or a simple underlying unwillingness to come out strong and fight. There's a lot there but overall the solution is the same.

Whatever you do, be aware of your 3D and interdimensional surroundings and protect yourself.

Then cut the crap and come out fighting with everything in you. Do exactly what all that mind shit and weirdness and dark inky crap is trying to hinder you from doing.


I have to say this at this point but if you're not being attacked and hindered you're probably not doing much worthwhile, but only going along with the directed herd who've learned to avoid the electric containment fence at whatever level.


And that can be one subtle concept to get your head around as it's woven deep into the controlled new age and so-called alternative groupings that have formed.

For those falling for the subtle confines of that newly packaged alternative stuff and the influences trying to inhibit you from full on conscious, creative action in whatever form I feel sorry for you.


You're missing the meaning of life and all the excitement awaiting you.

"Only the individual

can rise to the heights

of consciousness and awareness.

The more you belong to the crowd,

the deeper you fall into darkness."




Doing the Work and Maintaining the Space

I've come to my own particular methods and points of intention when it comes to spiritual protection.


It doesn't matter what we do but it has everything to do with what empowers our directed spiritual energy.


I use several practices, self evolved forms of prayer and intention and deep personal exploration with empowering things I've discovered in my life, but the fundamentals are the same and need to be personal to each of us whatever methods we utilize, which of course will change as we change and grow.

I've been through many spiritual teachings and paradigms in my life. It's all about the illustrations we encounter that resonate and decide to use and what they mean in our own lives and what we decide to try and put into practice, for however long.


Rituals mean nothing, but ceremony at an extremely deep personal level is a whole other story if it helps you.

In that category comes the use of sage, palo santo and other herbs to cleanse people, things and property, continually by the way, but only if done is a sacred space with full energetic intention. Otherwise it's ritual, no different from religious mumbo jumbo.


The "rite" doesn't do anything otherwise. It's just a focal point, as anything can be.


Crystals and orgonite and other technologies are very helpful negative energy transmuters as well.

Most importantly, it's utilizing your energetic gut, working from your spiritual center, whether you work from the gut or heart, but it generally comes from that region of the torso.


You can visualize energy waves coming out in rings or however, but put your full intention into a repelling beam of energy blasting out in whatever direction you're aiming, accompanied by whatever strong intention you're maintaining.


Sounds may come with it and mental images and the like, but make it your own whatever you decide to do and learn to work with it. There's no set formula.

The point is to take affirmative energetic action and set intentional boundaries. When doing so you may become much more aware of what is around you in other dimensions.


Don't let it throw you. You are in charge.

I personally am aware of whatever I bring into my home, have contact with, read, and think. Not to the degree that I'd like but it's growing continually and I honor and maintain my space vigilantly while looking to grow in this awareness continually.

"Your vision will become clear

only when you can look into your own heart.

Who looks outside, dreams;

who looks inside, awakes."

Carl Jung




What Space?

All of our lives are adrift to varying degrees, in an open sea of possibilities.


We can choose continually, contrary to the illusion that it's not so. To not realize that to its most extreme degree is to be strapped in mind control and social engineering.


Anyone reading this is very aware of all of that, but I continually wonder to what extent. It will continually evolve as we grow.

It's a very tricky matrix indeed - even if you know there's a matrix. It can easily outsmart our minds and definitely manhandles our egos but it can't mess with pure hearts.

Recent experiences in my life have taught me an amazing life lesson. Guard your sacred space. That quiet, empty space which we are sometimes assigned to or discover is the most precious place we can exist.


All else is incidental, yet in this 3D environment, seemingly unavoidable occurrences happen. They don't have to, essentially. We can bypass the negative, parasitic ones and just move on.

Living a detached, aware life makes that possible and learning to live in the spaces.

"All profound things and emotions of things

are preceded and attended by silence."

Herman Melville

I often visualize that I'm flying through unconditional openness with Avatar like floating worlds moving around and in front of me.


We can control time, as in timing, by slowing things down in our perception in order to avoid collisions and wrong encounters, and even speed up to avoid colliding worlds or incoming "asteroids" shot our way.


It's really that simple and so very practical.


But again we need to make living in the spaces our default position, not a sometimes option.

"It is you who are moving, not time.

Time has no movement.

There is only One Moment."


If we guard our space, and value it as we should, life becomes very clear.


It's there we see clearly, as lonely and empty as it may seem at first. Learn to live there, it's a wondrous place of empowerment, peace and navigability. It will feel foreign and lonely or disorienting in that space at first, that can be expected.


When we learn to feel the depth of its importance and all it brings then things begin to change.

"Yesterday I was clever,

so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise,

so I am changing myself."




The #1 Repellent - Forward Motion!

Ultimately all resistance is designed to stop us from effective action.


Conversely, effective action is our best weapon for destroying the flimsy resistance. Do it and find out what I mean.


We need all three:

  • care, attention to and guarding of our space

  • the ability to drive back negative influences

  • most of all the constant re-ignition of fulfilling our role as the warriors we are

We all stumble and fall and get beaten back at times, but we always survive.


Therefore we can recoup and start again. New age and self help motivational stuff plays on this to draw you into a dependent, sycophantic mode, but it's a fundamental fact of life.

It all depends on where it's directed - service to self, or service to others. Therein is the great dividing line. But it's not always clear, as "selfers" almost always disguise themselves in the sheep garb of service to others.


The array of illusions and subterfuge they exhibit to prop themselves up is mind boggling, so go by your heart until things become clear.


Then you can go by your mind AND your heart - true 20/20 vision.

"Don't take anything personally.

Nothing others do is because of you.

What others say and do is a projection

of their own reality, their own dream.

When you are immune

to the opinions and actions of others,

you won't be the victim

of needless suffering."

Don Miguel Ruiz




Back to the Curve

So many of us hit a trough, a low point following this last era of infected information and misdirection.


We're aware of it now. It's time to transcend. Continue giving and doing with what you've been giving and doing, but with a new awareness. These are transdimensional planes of metaphysical existence working in strange ways.


Many of the current featured "teachers" of informational truth are closed off spiritually.


They lead to nowhere and have made careers of digesting news and views, mixed with shallow seeming spiritual awareness. It's capped off. It goes nowhere. You can tell by their attachment to who they are and their following and the lack of humility and true inspiration about anything really truly empowering.


That's too selfless for their limited world. You can feel it.

Stay away from them. A ton of truths and socio-political insights will come from these sources, many embedded for a long, long time and considered stalwarts of truth, but spiritually limited and limiting of deeper truths.


It's very subtle, but you'll know who's who by their lack of simple humility and their attachment to their role and followership.

I ran among them, I know who many of them are personally and was trying to figure this out and get my finger on it for some time, all whilst I was getting infected without a clue, although I was catching on.


Then I got supernaturally delivered from it. Am I ever glad Universe blasted me out...!

I hope this helps the sincere. The others will just get pissed off and try and tear it apart for whatever misguided motive or unresolved personal issues. So be it.


Full on truth is the only marker we can trust.

We need to know who's who and seriously grow in discernment and awareness. But never mind all that, do what's right with full on conviction and keep on rising.

It's our time!

"When you are in doubt, be still, and wait;

when doubt no longer exists for you,

then go forward with courage.

So long as mists envelop you, be still;

be still until the sunlight pours through

and dispels the mists - as it surely will.

Then act with courage."

Ponca Chief White Eagle