by Max and Lana
June 19, 2012

from in5d Website

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As our human population becomes more awakened or conscious, certain individuals are finding that their frequencies are rising, their vibrations are intensifying, and they are becoming "super-charged" humans.


For that reason, individuals of higher frequency - who are often referred to as Indigos, Crystals, First Wavers, or otherwise "spiritually gifted" people - typically,

  • see

  • feel

  • interpret our world,

...more intensely than the rest.


They tend to experience a roller coaster of emotions, impulses, achievements, and activities with greater vicissitudes than the majority of the population, who appear more steady or moderate in comparison.


The areas of sex and sexuality are certainly not exempt.

After countless interviews, along with our own professional and personal experiences with people of high frequency, we are able to conclude that men and women of higher frequency share a number of attributes listed below regarding their sexuality and intimate relationships:

  1. High frequency people are extremely passionate and typically experience periods in their lives marked by an unusual or insatiable sex drive and/or a powerful aversion to sex - possibly due to the fact that when they return to their planets or dimensions of origin, touch and physical exchange are not part of their experiences the same way they are for humans in the 3d world.

  2. Those of high frequency are attracted to other people's hearts, souls, and spirit vibrations - as much if not more than to a specific gender.


    Gender lines and preferences can often be crossed or ignored by high frequency people either in their fantasies or in their actual physical relationships.


    "Homosexuality" and "heterosexuality" can become less important or even irrelevant.

  3. Similarly, age, ethnicity, socio-economic status, education, religion, etc... are also typically unimportant factors in determining a high-frequency person's attraction to a partner or partners.

  4. When high frequency people attempt to suppress physical urges rather than pursue them safely, the energy gets internalized and can cause:

    • other vices or compulsions

    • depression

    • illnesses.

  5. High frequency people view sex as an intense exchange of positive energy, a clearing of negative energies, and a sharing of Divine forces.


    As a result, sex and intimacy are even more spiritually therapeutic for people of high frequency - and at least temporarily offer them empowering clarity, as well as a reminder of the feeling of Divine, unconditional love.

  6. Physical intimacy with a twin flame or soul mate often feels like the partners are becoming one with each other and with the powers of the universe.


    The spiritual and physical unities appear to offer epoch levels of consciousness, as well as physical and/or mental healing for one or both partners.

  7. Because twin flame and soul mate relationships often start when one or both partners are committed to others, high frequency people often have hidden or secretive sex lives, which can further intensify an already charged relationship and physical experience.

  8. During or immediately after intimate moments, people of high frequency often have "memories" of events or experiences that have not happened in this lifetime or even on this planet.

  9. High frequency people usually make sex and intimacy more adventurous or out-of-the-ordinary to help expend their intense energies and passion, as well as to address their need to escape the confines of the human form and 3d world.

  10. People of high frequency are more prone to lower self-image, dissatisfaction with their bodies, and/or eating/exercise disorders - regardless of how attractive others may find them.


    This dissatisfaction likely reflects their frustrations with the human form's inability to adequately represent the power, beauty, and magnitude of the soul, heart, and spirit energies that define who they truly are.

  11. People of high frequency "take in" the energies, emotions, and physical conditions of the people, animals, climate and the planet around them, which can be confusing and overwhelming at times.


    Sex and intimacy allow them to focus on the present moment, rebalance, and even distinguish their own emotions and experiences from those that bombard them on a daily basis.




If many of these attributes sound or feel familiar, please view it as a blessing...


Despite religious or cultural claims that one must be celibate in order to be "closer to Source" or to be "more spiritually evolved," we have found something a bit different for people of high frequency.


By expressing themselves through sex and physical intimacy often and safely, they are more easily able to speed healing, improve clarity, and raise their frequencies even further.


The more intense their connection to their partner, the more profound the effects of the intimacy prove to be. So, be patient with your roller coaster of feelings, attractions, and urges.


It is possible to follow them thoughtfully... and effectively unlock the benefits and bliss for yourself, your partner, and those in your life...