by Dramos & Bohemias

received via Email

January 29, 2020








Extracted from Chapter 9 of

"Man Being Volume 2 - Go to the Light"

It is a channeled dialogue with Beings from Lyra,

discussing the importance of sound and music

and making specific references to

musical history and popular compositions.

Readers will learn about

the sonic healing and repercussions of music

on planet Earth...






9 - Music

The orgasm experience represents our drive to achieve the voluntary disconnect. In its most elevated form, creating music can be similarly satisfying.


What is the true function of music?

There is much to understand about how the masses have been influenced in a positive way through this art form. This discussion will allow others to be more receptive to the information that is being disseminated in your books.


The connection with the arts is what will welcome those who would previously not be interested in reading the dialogue.

Why is art a big point of interest?

There are specific art forms that are attuned to the Sirius Beings and you will be uncovering these art forms as a way to represent the attempts to continue the Repair Project.


These attempts and the cycle of creative bursts will continue. We will be explaining with you what the Sirius Beings have contributed in the arts.

How does each genre of music resonate with us?

If you are directly asking us what music will benefit your ascension and development and process, we will speak on the different genres.

What can you tell us about Hip Hop and its popularity in North America?

The reason for the increase in popularity is because the Information Age is aligned with the Hip-Hop genre.


There are two types of artists operating in this genre.


The first are the Spoken Word artists whose intention is to disseminate information and codes through the music.


The others are consciously choosing to disseminate confusion and contribute to the consumptive madness that is plaguing the Earth plane dimension.

Are you suggesting that the Internet Generation is attracted to the lyrical component of Hip-Hop - simply because of the volume of information packed into each song?

This is an accurate assessment. Hip-Hop can contribute to your ascension on the one hand but also contribute to a complete lack of awareness and attunement to awareness on the other.


A simple adjustment can turn Hip Hop into a very powerful ascension tool.

Is there a musical movement or genre developing now that is precipitating the ascension event?

There is a systematic cultural shift and absorption of music that you are equating with past genres from other linear decades. Your "old music" is being modified with frequencies and sounds and beats through your "acid jazz" and "EDM" movements, for example.


Acid Jazz is a musical genre that combines elements of jazz, funk and hip-hop. It developed in the UK during the 1980s/90s and could be interpreted as a fusion of Jazz/Funk and Dance/Pop. EDM stands for Electronic Dance Music, which is largely produced for festivals, clubs and raves. EDM is primarily composed of synth sounds and is defined through various sub genres such as House, Dubstep, Techno and Trance.

What are the components of "old music" that new artists are revisiting?

There is much value in the older genre of music and composition as the intention when these pieces were created was to create a message that was readily absorbed.


These messages still stand today in your linear time frame. Music can be seized as an opportunity to make people listen and be aware of the ability to listen. By listening we are referring to the feeling of the frequency and vibration.


The need to be surrounded by music - whether or not one has the capacity to physically hear - is the reason why Man Being is able to make a monumental and very rapid shift toward ascension.

How does music facilitate such a "rapid shift"?

Your cellular make-up allows for absorption of frequencies and signals that have profound and lasting effects.


For this reason music must be chosen carefully. Music can be a potent form of subduing the masses and limiting the reconnective ability and reconnective patterning.

What type of music falls into this category?

It is not difficult to ascertain which musicians and which musical genres are contributing to your consumptive and addictive patterns.


You would be wise not to identify these musicians but rather inspire them to create music that is aligned with ascension. These "popular" artists can contribute to ascension in monumental ways.

Is listening to popular music really derailing us from ascension?

Listening to and absorbing the frequency of designed music is harmful much in the way that overeating is.

Are there modern musicians who are attuning to the frequencies that we are discussing in these Volumes?

There is an engagement of the inner ear globally.

You're using the term "inner ear". Does that mean that the hearing impaired can still absorb music?

For those who do not have the physical capacity to hear, there is a vibration and frequency that is still affecting your brain function.


The physicality of listening to music will be changing en masse as artists are being encouraged to incorporate certain frequencies of sound and vibration in their music. This will also affect the ability to listen and receive and absorb code.

What are the specific frequencies that artists are being encouraged to incorporate into their music?

There will be a key of D movement that composers will be consciously choosing to involve themselves with. This alignment will be a global function.


Artists and composers and musicians will choose to collectively create and disseminate music in this key at the same time - in order to shift and make a shift of the light.


The key of D (D major) is a major scale based on D. Its key signature consists of two sharps - a sharp means higher pitch as opposed to a flat. The D major was regarded as "the Key of Glory" in the Baroque Period, as many trumpet concertos were in the Key of D.

Why is the key of D an effective tool for this shift?

You have been made aware in Volume 1 that your Moon is being purposely regulated so that you are devoid of the proper amount of the absorption of light.


The key of D at this place and space is aligned with the position of the Moon and the position of the luminosity. It is helping to realign you with the Moon and the luminosity.

Please explain how that occurs.

The frequency obtained from specific keys can change the direction of light waves.


Please be aware that the power of composition and song has more lasting resonance and benefit than you are presently aware. There will be a global attempt to shift the light waves and energy through the unison of sound waves.


The sound waves are being produced through musical composition - collectively using a key choice, as in the key of D.

We are redirecting the light our way by composing music in the key of D.

The frequencies emitted by the implementation of these musical keys allows for a lasting redirection of light waves. You are attempting to redirect the light so that there is maximum benefit for all.


When Man Being is able to absorb light in the proper capacity there will be global awareness that there is a need to change.

What would our existence be without music?

There is no sense in speaking this question, as there is no way to exist without the frequencies and vibrations you are speaking about.


The ability for Man Being to exist requires an immersion in frequency and an expression of this frequency is easily absorbed through music.

Are you saying that sound is our stabilizer?

The existing musical network and exchange of resonance and frequencies creates stabilization. This is what is preventing the commencement of a flood experience as in a sonic flood experience as in drowning in the sonic sea.

What defines the "sonic sea"?

Frequencies and sounds and vibrations are released from your cellular phone networks and your machinery and appliances. These frequencies are destabilizing your existence and you are slipping off the grid of awareness.

Music in the right key and vibration is an antidote.

The introduction of the musical frequencies specifically in the key of D are stabilizing and allowing you to exist in time to reconnect with the ascension experience.


It is allowing you to absorb enough energy to realign and avoid a flood experience.

When you say flood do you also mean a physical flood?

Yes. This has occurred frequently in the Earth plane existence from the destabilization of energy. The question you will all have now is "did music stop before the flood"?


This is a correct understanding. When a lot of noise is generated that is not positive or stabilizing in its effect, a physical flood occurs.

Our world is held together through sound vibration and frequency. The negative "noise" you're speaking about are our destructive thought patterns or beliefs that have destabilized Earth.

Yes. There is a compression that is occurring that is created by the monumental amount of beliefs in the Earth plane. There are too many different beliefs.


Form is being created at the same rate that form is imploding. This is not a balanced state.

We are overriding the Earth's natural sound. Is that correct?

The Earth is no longer producing a sound of its own that is a stabilizing force. Musicians and music have been and continue to be the stabilizing mesh or net that is helping to maintain the frequency and ultimately the sound that the Earth is making.


There will be monumental instability when music can no longer offset these enormous frequency ranges that are being released.

We don't often hear environmentalists discuss sound as a stabilizer for the planet.

You are dealing with climate change issues and worries of this magnitude, when in fact it is the sonic disturbance that is being overlooked.


There has been concern about cell phones and the electromagnetic frequencies that are contained in your atmosphere but there is no longer a global interest in the sonic frequencies that are effectively drowning the original sound of the Earth.


Music has been used as a stabilizing force to prevent the ultimately "disaster".

Music is literally saving the planet.

What is an interesting coincidence is the loss of support for the artist in the field of music. There is a loss of interest of what was originally designed as not only inspired art form for dissemination, but also healing.

Do you mean to say that industry has overtaken artistry?

We are saying that artists who are working with sound are being superseded by the sonic disturbance that is created through the use of your technologies.


You are all choosing the consumptive path over art and healing.

We are exposed to more artists today than ever before, through the Internet and social media. Technology has helped to provide new platforms for artists who may have otherwise gone undiscovered.

Yes, but you choose to absorb this through the vehicles that are ultimately your demise.


When you are connecting with music through the channels that are designed to create a sonic disturbance, the stabilizing effect of the music is no longer of a benefit.

By that philosophy, we should only listen to live music.

We recommend that you do not choose to listen to music through the appliances that you are currently using.


There is a need for the live music event, as many of you already understand. Instruments are designed to be used and received in this setting. Running the music through channels of electronics and the vehicles for Internet exchange is not only diminishing the benefit, it is contributing to the sonic sea.


And so, you have a situation where art is turning on itself.

Is the ideal society one in which we teach all children to play their own instrument?

That is correct. Ultimately however, your own instrument is the sound that you make. As you increase your ability to absorb more light - by absorbing new beliefs - you create a signal.


The "ideal society" you are asking about is possible, but not on what you presently know as Earth.

We are learning that the Earth is a prison state and that we must escape it. Does that mean that environmentalists are inadvertently working against ascension by trying to "save the planet"?

Some environmentalists are aware that there is a World and an energy beyond Earth that they would like to experience. They desire a freeform existence but do not understand that this is not possible on Earth.


This is an example of many things attributed to the right designation but an incorrect processing.

What message can we provide for readers who are committed environmentalists?

The understanding that they can stop the "madness" is of course too late to change. It is wise to modify your own Being and release your light from your own form and this will ultimately heal the Earth.


The Earth is not designed to be contained in a physical existence. The Earth spirit and dynamic of consciousness that you are both subscribing to, is contained in another World.


You must make the homeward journey...

Are some of us too attached to the planet to absorb this information?

You must understand the principle that you have been introduced to about the physicality and materialism of the Earth. The greatest materialism on Earth is that there is an Earth itself.


Earth is in existence because of the problem.

That is a lot to digest.

We will speak more about this in your final chapter. Please return to the topic of music, as it is an important discussion for your readers.

Folk-rock songwriter Don Maclean wrote about the "day the music died" in his iconic song "American Pie" (1972). This brings to mind counterculture and the psychedelic era. How important was that musical era?


The Psychedelic Era refers to a musical, artistic and social movement in the 1960s/70s, largely inspired by the use of psychedelic drugs.

There was a release en masse of healing frequencies that were readily absorbed and continue to be absorbed. This 1960s and 1970s experience was the groundwork for the future Event of 2034...

There appears to be a resurgence of psychedelic influence in some of today's indie rock.

This is an indication that a similar event will reoccur. The capacity of this event will be global in experience and will outgrow that which occurred in the 1960s.


The 2034 experience will be a bigger event and have a greater outreach that reaches the intermediary world of Lyra.

For now, what musical genres, eras or compositions do you suggest we examine and absorb?

Please refer to the compositions from the late 19th century linear time frame that occurred mostly in the USA, as a starting point.


This reference will benefit those Beings who are aligned with the Sirius mission and return homeward.

What is significant of this era?

Please refer to the end of the 1800s and the start of the 1900s.


This linear time period is significant in that there was and is a group of artists who were assembled together and participated in not only the musical composition but also the visual arts and dance.

What musical movement are you referring to specifically?

The assembly and composition of Blues and Jazz are styles and synergies that are containing frequencies and codes and messages.


This assembly of sound is aligning those Beings who are part of the Sirius Soul Ascension Group collective.

Does this mean that Sirius Beings are all or mostly in the USA or that these musical styles simply originated there?

Many Sirius Beings in physical form are geographically situated in the USA. This is not to say that Sirius Beings do not exist in other locations.


We are simply alerting you to the understanding that a large number of you have made your way to this land mass.

Where else are Sirius Beings congregated?

There have been migrations to Canada as well. In Europe, some Beings are situated in the United Kingdom, primarily Scotland, Ireland and Wales.

There is an inclination for you to explore what is happening in the Scandinavian countries as well as Italy, France, Greece and Turkey.


There are pockets as well in Eastern Europe such as Slovenia and those areas that are in closer proximity to what you are calling Russia.

You didn't mention South America, Africa, Australia and the vast majority of Asia. Are there Sirius Beings in these locations?

There are Sirius Beings located in all areas of the globe. We are identifying the geographical locations with a higher concentration of Sirius Beings.


These are areas where Beings will disseminate on your behalf, specifically in the USA.

The first group of countries are not only representing a high population of Sirius Beings but are the countries that will help spread the word. Is that correct?

This is an accurate understanding.


The Beings located in the initial list will take charge of furthering the communication and dissemination. When you allow the Beings primarily situated in the USA to disseminate for you through platforms such as social media then you will be well ahead.


We are mentioning the locations as locations for uninhibited and unencumbered dissemination, as in word of mouth. We recommend that you return to a discussion about Jazz, as we will revisit the location of Sirius Beings in another dialogue.

Please describe the styles and synergies of the Blues and Jazz genre.

The assembly of horns and the use of instrumentation with frequency is what we would like to assemble in this discussion with you.


The origin of the trumpet sound that is being used in a modern way in this time period was a call to Sirius Beings.


This musical genre was a call to awaken those who are artistically inclined and will develop the alliance with our Repair Project and world.

Jazz formed to ignite and inspire the creativity of Sirius Beings so that they could carry the Repair Project forward. Is that an accurate understanding?

This is correct.


There was a specific genre and type of composition and key that was used in this linear time period that developed in tandem with the healing of the abhorrent DNA.


This was a mission to reassemble the Light Body by exposing oneself to a unique instrumentation and frequency experience.

Should we discuss specific Jazz artists like Gillespie, Armstrong, Chet Baker, etc.?

These musicians and others from this era were reinterpreting the sound of the entry through the gateway of experience.


They were the progenitors of the movement to exchange a dynamic resonance that combines many frequencies in short bursts.

Are you saying that Jazz composition was recreating the sound experience of time travel?

This is accurate.


The gateway or time travel experience resembles a frequency and a sound that can be modified to sound similar to the horned instrument.


The musical artists of this time period assembled together en masse and created a frequency and experience that was adopted as a musical style.

This is an exciting layer that you're adding to the Jazz experience.

The sound of time travel is experienced in an externality such that the Blues - which was modified into the Jazz sound - is equivalent to the sound resonance that is made in the change between form and freeform.

Jazz musicians were and are reminding us of our capabilities. Is that what you're saying?

This is correct. There is a modification that occurs at the assembly and reassembly point of being in the Light Body. Jazz is a collective artist experience and an artistry that is assembled for the use of specific keys.


These key changes were implemented in such a way to direct you toward the time travel experience.

This will seem ridiculous to some.

This is understandable. It may seem implausible or unusual, as music is not considered to be equated with anything "extraterrestrial".


The truth however, is that the freeform playing of horned instruments is equivalent to the frequencies experienced in the transition between form and freeform.

Essentially, Jazz music has simulated the sound experience of time travel.

There is a release of sound when you are experiencing the Light Body release and the disconnect from form. These sounds have been translated into the experience of the sound qualities in the Jazz composition and structure.


The feeling and the vibration is what we are explaining.

Were Jazz musicians consciously aware of what they were creating?

They were aware that this music has some involvement with the reconnection and that this goes beyond the Earth plane.

Who were some of the artists that were consciously aware of what they were composing?

Please examine Sonny Rollins, John Coltrane, Sun Ra, John Gilmore, Miles Davis in the earlier years, Thelonius Monk and also artists that used the harp, specifically in unison with horned instruments.

Were these artists aware of Lyra while they were producing this music?


Can we give the Reader an example of a composition that best simulated the experience of the release?

Please refer to 'Round Midnight performed by the Bill Evans Trio at the Village Vanguard in 1961.

Do the lyrics matter as much as the musical composition?

Everything matters. The lyrics combine a code for ascension.

The lyrics of 'Round Midnight seem like nothing more than a nostalgic love song?

It is not the words that are the meaning.


It is the sound that is formed from the words. We recommend that you make a listening decision and not an intellectual decision.


There is an assembly of notes that create a frequency and a message. Jazz is not an accidental art form. There is a specific ascension movement that has been created to disseminate information and understanding through this art form.


We are giving you an example of a very well known piece of music and a lyric that contains a code for ascension instruction.

The set list for the 1961 Vanguard performance did not include 'Round Midnight. Did you mean to say 1967 at the Village Vanguard?

This is not an accurate understanding.


There is a practice period before the performance that we are referring to. The decision to not include this piece in the set and in the performance was a last minute decision.


This actual performance was recorded in front of an audience and it is this piece of music and this particular performance that we are referring your attention to.

Why is this performance important if it didn't make the set?

There was a difficulty performing this piece as one of the Trio was having an unusual experience while playing the song. They made a conscious decision to exclude the musical piece in the live performance.


They were interpreting it as if they were not at their best when in fact this individual was not able to contain himself.

Which one of the Trio are you referring to?

We are speaking of the bassist, Scott LaFaro.



Why was he unable to contain himself?

He was experiencing the early stages of the disconnect experience and therefore was not completely in synch in terms of the playing of the piece.


We are speaking to you about an out of body experience that was occurring while performing this piece.


The interpretation that they were not able to "get it together" and perform it well was the outcome and the reason why it was not included in the performance set.


This was however a piece that was slated to be included in the performance.

Are you suggesting that we can have the same experience by listening to this composition?

Scott was actively involved in the Jazz world and was modified and influenced by absorbing and listening to this music.


In this specific composition there are tones and frequencies that activate a higher level of what you would call consciousness and what we would call absorption rate.


There are frequencies in Jazz composition that allow for a boost in absorption of frequencies that are attuned specifically to rebuilding and reconnecting the Light Body.

Is there a more modern musical genre that achieves a similar effect?

In a more modern context you can refer to the movement of the Electric Techno Trance genre.


There is an interest in this genre of music with the younger people you are referring to as Millennials, as there are also activation notes and activation frequencies.


This is a modern version of what was happening with Jazz music and the reason we are directing you to this understanding.

Some might also want to know about meditation and relaxation music. Should we be paying attention to this genre as well?

What we want you to pay attention to specifically are the Jazz scales and the techniques for composing Jazz music as there is an interesting jump around from sounds and notes and frequencies that can trigger an altered state and allow for a reconnection.


There is some definite activity occurring in this musical genre, which will seem unusual to your readers. They will not be expecting this explanation but there is a significant series of scales and composition technique that you must look closer at.

What is the origin of the 'Round Midnight composition?

The song structure and composition comes from an earlier style of music that is more aligned with the Blues piece of a similar name.


You will understand when you read the origin of Thelonius Monk's training and the musical style that he practiced in.


Thelonius Monk (born 1917) was a songwriter and pianist and a central figure in the Jazz revolution that took place in the 1940s. Initially, his unorthodox playing style received much criticism but his compositions are now analyzed in Colleges and Universities. Keyboard Magazine wrote of Monk's work, "Round Midnight is one of the most beautiful short pieces of music written in twentieth century America".

Was Thelonius Monk in contact with Lyra?

Thelonius Monk was given the tools of ascension and had also mastered the understanding about the connection and the experience with Lyra.


There are many musicians and artists from this time period who are completely aligned with the Repair Project and the mission homeward.


There are a staggering amount of musicians from this time period that are involved in the undertaking and are a significant part of your Soul Ascension Group experience.

Will this discussion inspire non-Jazz enthusiasts to start listening to Jazz?

Please be aware that the same Beings that are open to this art form will also be open to the understanding and ideas contained in your book.

Readers will want us to examine some iconic songs as well. Is it beneficial to look at some popular music that many have connected with?

This is beneficial. Please proceed.

The Sound of Silence, by Simon and Garfunkel.

This composition and song is inclined to replenish and refill the sensations from your own life where you were being asked to remember your origin and your existence.

A Change is Gonna Come, by Sam Cooke.

This is a call to reunite those Beings who are involved in the movement to realign the attitude and beliefs about equality. However, this is also a call to Sirius Beings specifically, to reunite and combine efforts.

Imagine, by John Lennon.

This is a call to expand your belief and your belief in a new horizon of belief.


It is a call to go beyond Lyra and develop a new understanding of what the World to come might be if you reconnect with your Soul Ascension Group.

Stand By Me, by Ben E. King.

This is equivalent to the instruction to dismiss the consumptive patterning that you are being fed, which you continue to adopt as part of your lifestyle.

Hotel California, by The Eagles.

This is equivalent to asking yourself: "Where are the other options to exist?" - as in your case the homeward journey.

(Sittin' On) The Dock of the Bay, by Otis Redding.

This is an effective composition when you are reminded that you are able to voluntarily disconnect and it is your choice to proceed.

Light My Fire, The Doors.

This Being has a comprehension of what the disconnect decision is and had the ability to make the time travel experience a reality.


The Pleiades initiative is a specific mission - or an experience as we have referred to it in your Volume 1: dissemination. It is an art agenda and initiative to release light and build upon reconnections.


Your readers are quietly asking themselves about the 27 Club and we will return to this information in another Volume, so as not to add confusion in this dialogue.

My Way, Frank Sinatra.

This is somewhat of a tongue in cheek composition as this Being was and is fully aware of the disconnect instruction. There is also a hidden instruction on how to find and connect with him in Lyra.


This Being is specifically part of the Soul Ascension Group that you are combining in a new pattern.


A 25-year-old Paul Anka (Canadian-American singer songwriter) wrote My Way for Frank Sinatra in 1967.

Sinatra's career was winding down and he expressed to Anka that he wanted to retire after one more album. Sinatra often commented before performing "My Way" that he didn't enjoy singing it. Was this true or was he simply exhausted?

He assembled knowledge about our existence and the awareness caused him to be conflicted.


This Being struggled with the responsibility of leading the masses in song for he understood that his loyal followers were lacking the true awareness of their existence.

He felt obligated to perform for his fans. Is that accurate?

The dilemma is to continue the aspiration of the music or discontinue the allegiance to loyal fans so that he could explore his new belief.


This conflict weighed on him in a desperate attempt to reconcile both paths.

What did he choose?

The choice inevitably was to further learn and assimilate information about the Intermediary World and our existence. He was not however able to clearly disseminate the new truth, as he would have liked to share the knowledge.


His focus in the performances of his later years was not in sync with his feelings about the reconnection experience.

Did he feel that he had to give the people what they wanted, even though he knew it wasn't what they needed?

This is a dilemma many of you are facing on a daily basis. Frank Sinatra felt obligated to return the loyalty to those who had admired his career for so long.


In his later years however, the audience was witnessing a voluntary disconnect in the making. It is not accurate to say that he was not happy performing this piece of music [My Way] for he very much appreciated the musical piece and composition.


This song was instructing others to follow his example of a lifestyle when in fact he would have also liked them to follow in the disconnect experience. This is what the audience was witnessing.

Sinatra came out of retirement in 1973 and recorded 7 more studio Albums until 1994. Was he able to incorporate his new beliefs into the later work?

If you look at the catalogue and consider the final 12 years specifically you will see that there is an unusual journey and change in the style and song output.


Please have a look at some of the song choices for performance and you will see a pattern and a meaning that is consciously disseminated as a clue of the upcoming disconnect experience.


This Being was in direct communication for many linear years in the artistic journey and the change in the direction of this artist's music was clearly defining the communication with our world.

What is the hidden instruction on how to find and connect with him in Lyra?

There is a note in the remaining bars of the composition that produces a synergy when played alongside the lengthier rendition of the piece.


When the two pieces are played simultaneously and overlap there creates a frequency and vibration.


This is similar to you playing a song and then playing the same song moments after the first song began so that there is a layering of frequency and sound.

Frank Sinatra was part of a group of friends who went by the name of "The Rat Pack". Were any of these individuals also aware of the voluntary disconnect principle?


The Rat Pack refers to an informal group of Entertainers in the 1950s/60s who performed mainly in the Las Vegas casino scene. Frank Sinatra is featured in the group.

These groups of Beings were all defined in a way that they are aligned with the Sirius agenda and the Repair Project.


These Beings including Sammy Davis Jr. and Ella Fitzgerald are all part of this assembly of artists and Beings who are disseminating through the arts.


Please understand that this linear time period of musical activity was significant and continues to be significant in that the cooperation of many Beings in this time period created the ascension mission and journey through music and the release of the musical experience and frequencies.