by Kar Krash
March 22, 2018

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With a master's of science in mechanical engineering from MIT, George Walter Chyz discussed the science of the soul and how he has uncovered a three-part "Triality" of human consciousness that opens the door to the divine soul.


"Triality" is an advancement beyond duality, and in addition to the head and gut minds, he proposed that consciousness also resides in the heart, the source of soul intuition.


Further, he cited evidence, such as from reincarnation and NDE studies, that the mind retains functions outside of the brain.

"Consciousness is not created by the physical brain, - it's what's at the foundation of the universe, not matter," he declared.

"The brain," said Chyz, "is like a multi-pin connector," for the field of consciousness, and it works in tandem with the gastrointestinal brain which is "actually sending more signals up the spinal cord than the head brain is sending signals down."

Interestingly, he suggested that for half the population the pineal gland has calcified and turned to bone due to emotional pain.


After discussions with the Hopi and Kahuna, he has found their wisdom and prophecies mesh with his scientific theories bridging the spiritual and scientific worlds.



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