by Gary 'Z' McGee

January 14, 2016
from WakingTimes Website

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"As we transition from the Fourth into the Fifth World, it occurs to me that not all heyokas are Plains Indians.


Some have yellow skin, others black, and others white. These heyokas of every color are experiencers, and have been changed by their experience with the Thunder Beings.


As modern-day heyokas, experiencers are charged to live as active witnesses against the ignorance and corruption of the Fourth World, and to live as witnesses of the Fifth World which is emerging.


In doing so, modern heyokas honor the Thunder Beings, who have come as cosmic midwives to help us birth the Fifth World."

Richard Boylan, Ph.D


Forget eschatological prophecies. Forget belief structures built upon past civilizations. Or, even better, take it all into consideration and then promptly let it go.


The world to come can be called anything we want to call it:

  • The Fifth World

  • The Next World

  • The New Age

  • The Postmodern World

  • The Post-Postmodern World

  • The Great Transition

  • The Great Awakening

  • The Lighting of the 8th Fire,

...or whatever.


Call it what you will; as long as healthy change is the primary focus, it matters little what you call it or even what you believe is causing it.

Whether we think it is aliens or ancient prophecies or a natural progression of human evolution, it matters little, as long as we're grasping the idea that it is only a transition.


We are psychosocial beings having a human experience that sometimes feels profoundly spiritual. And sometimes that spiritual feeling can be so overwhelming that it gets in the way of our reasoning.


But focusing on the fact that it's a transition can help give us a clearer perspective.



  • the Fourth World is what we'll refer to as the current unhealthy, unsustainable, and unjust human world


  • the Fifth World is the potential healthy, sustainable, and just human world still to come

Here are six ways to help make that transition possible...





1 - Practice cooperation first, competition second

"The Western worldview says, in essence, that technological progress is the highest value and that we were born to consume, to endlessly use and discard natural resources, other species, gadgets, toys, and often, each other.


The most highly prized freedom is the right to shop. It's a world of commodities, not entities, and economic expansion is the primary measure of progress.


Competition, taking, and hoarding are higher values than cooperation, sharing, and gifting.


Profits are valued over people, money over meaning, entitlement over justice, 'us' over 'them.'


This is the most dangerous addiction in the world, not only because of its impact on humanity but because it is rapidly undermining the natural systems that sustain the biosphere."

Bill Plotkin

When we become alienated from nature, we become alienated from soul.


We lose respect for the interconnectedness of all things. This results in the pollution and degradation of physical, psychological, and spiritual environments.


A way to help us transition from the Fourth into the Fifth World is to be proactive about getting the horse of cooperation back in front of the cart of competition.


Whenever we feel overly competitive and aggressive we have lost the primary experience of cooperation. We have disconnected from our essential humanity and closed off our ego into the hyper-masculine box of a hyper-real Fourth World.


Cooperation first, competition second.


Kept in that order prevents the latter from getting lost in corruptible power constructs.





2 - Trump religion with spirituality

"Man is but a reed, the weakest nature; yet he is a thinking reed."

Blaise Pascal

Religion tends to truncate the experience of the numinous by pigeonholing it into a finite construct.


Spirituality, on the other hand, magnifies the experience by allowing it to remain infinite. Spirituality embraces mystical free-states, whereas religion clings to dogmatic fixed-states.


A huge part of transitioning into the Fifth World is the ability to dissolve religious pseudo-power into authentic spiritual power. Such a sacred dissolving liberates the individual to engage more fully with the numinous through a greater understanding of interdependence.


The initiated one is then free to individuate the ego and self-actualize the soul, despite dogmatic constructs.





3 - Trump hierarchy with anarchy

"Only where the state ends, there begins the human being who is not superfluous."

Friedrich Nietzsche

One of the main problems with the Fourth World is hierarchical authoritarianism.


If, as Lord Acton warned,

"Power tends to corrupt, and absolute power corrupts absolutely,"

...then hierarchical authoritarianism poses the greatest threat of such corruption.


There simply are not enough checks and balances. There is too much emphasis on rulers and masters, and not enough emphasis on freedom, cooperation and compassion.


The road to the Fifth World must pass through anarchy.


In order to discover a healthy balance between nature and the human soul, human beings must be free. And they cannot be free in a system where masters (in any form) are free to rule.


The Fifth World has no place for either masters or rulers. Such lower vibrational thinking should be left behind in the Fourth World.


As Jim Dodge said,

"Anarchy doesn't mean out of control; it means out of their control."

The only control that matters in the Fifth World is self-control and self-discipline through natural anarchic freedom.





4 - Trump violence with nonaggression

"Any fool can make a rule, and any fool will mind it."

Henry David Thoreau

The Fourth World is an aggressive hyper-violent world.


Those born into such a world are conditioned to be violent. But acting violent in a violent culture only perpetuates more violence, and even gives the authoritarian powers-that-be an excuse to infringe further on our freedom.


The rules and laws of the Fourth World are enforced through violence, after all.


So, a huge transitory step towards crossing into the Fifth World is to practice disciplined nonaggression in the face of such violence.


Don't get me wrong, we should in no way be passive, and definitely not passive aggressive.


As Derrick Jensen says,

"Love does not imply pacifism."

We should be ruthlessly aggressive in our civil disobedience, and take-no-prisoners courageous in our non-violence against a corrupt system.


We should be systematically destroying and sabotaging unhealthy infrastructures that are destroying people and the environment. The Native American concept of counting coup comes to mind.


Shaming people into becoming healthier is far superior and moral to using fear tactics and violence, which is inferior and immoral.





5 - Trump the hyper-masculine with the robust feminine

"May the divine feminine rule.


We are lost without your kindness and wisdom. The ways of the egoic and armored masculine are dead. We are tripping over our weaponry and hurting innocents.


We are bloated by egoic flatulence and congealed rage. We are clamoring for empty power. We are competing without purpose. We are running on dead patterns. We don't know what we are doing.


Down on my knees with tears in my eyes, may the divine feminine rule before it's too late."

Jeff Brown

Transitioning is surrendering...


Moving from the Fourth into the Fifth World is surrendering to a logic even more powerful than reason. The most powerful logic of all is the natural order that keeps all things connected and moving.


As it stands, in the Fourth World, we have been tragically negligent of this sacred order, having conceded power to the ill-reason of the unhealthy system, to the extent that it is threatening our survival as a species.


A powerful step toward the Fifth World, which helps distance ourselves from the corruptness of the Fourth, is trumping the hyper-masculine with the robust feminine in order to bring balance to a grossly misbalanced system.


We must be able to transform our masculine weaponry into feminine livingry.


We must puncture the bloated ego and fill in the empty power with authentic power gained from the sacred communion with all things. We must put purpose back into our competition by making cooperation primary and competition secondary.


We must stop running on dead patterns by updating outdated truths grown uncouth by the passage of time.





6 - Practice 'courage-based living' rather than 'fear-based living'

"You don't become completely free by just avoiding being a slave; you also need to avoid becoming a master."

Nassim Nicholas Taleb

The Fourth World has us reeling.


We're living paranoid-riddled, half-lived lifestyles based on Fear:

  • Fear of losing our jobs

  • Fear of not being able to pay rent or put food on the table

  • Fear of imprisonment

  • Fear of a lack of safety, security, and comfort

  • Fear of government overreach

  • Fear of not having enough in a system that brainwashes us into thinking we need more than we actually need

  • Fear, fear, fear...

The biggest problem with the fear-based lifestyle of the Fourth World is victimization.

  • Millions of codependent victims whining about this or that sense of entitlement.


  • Millions of ignorant, sycophantic fools suffering from Stockholm syndrome.


  • None of them realizing (The Disempowerment Game) that they alone hold the key to their cell door...

Transitioning into the Fifth World is transforming fear into courage.

  • It's unlocking that cell door and revealing the jagged path toward freedom and truth.


  • It's turning the tables on the powers-that-be by becoming independent peaceful warriors instead of codependent paranoid victims.


  • It's rising above the fear and paranoia and reconditioning our preconditioning.


  • It's living eco-consciously instead of egotistically.


  • It's going from being victims of the world to becoming the world.

And the more people we have becoming the world, the more likely we are to usher in a healthier way of being human...


As Carol Pearson said,

"The beginning of wisdom is being able to distinguish between transformative sacrifice and mere suffering caused because we are too cowardly or too unimaginative to think of a more joyous way to live."