by Angel V. Ornedo Jr.
February 04, 2018
from In5D Website

Spanish version






"Awakened and Knowing" humans deliberate the meaning of multidimensional and extraterrestrial-ET landing and face to face contacts with these 'alien' beings as we know they are not of Earth origin.


This is one of the reasons why people are adamant on reading or even understanding new ages esoteric and metaphysical news as some words nor ideas conflict in meanings with another.


Alien landing space ships are such fantastic and unimaginable concepts for us. It takes hundreds or thousands of earth years to travel to a planet to a nearby star system, thus understanding it 'time and space way' is an enigma.


Travel to a nearby twin sister galaxy Andromeda is beyond expectations for humanity.

At our reality, 'illusion', we meant it our light body within, or the fragment of light that travels to the galactic world and join our brothers and sisters in their planets-worlds or orbiting space ships.


Our memories of visit stays at the higher multi-dimensional selves of our beings.


Go ten miles or at deeper dark depths of Earth oceans, luminescent fishes, crustaceans and other beings reside and they carry light within and outside their bodies, true in stars and suns where light beings reside near or within their systems and their food is light.


We are therefore a replica of the universe in miniature.

Face to face contacts with an,

…are impossibilities in our minds but are the routine dialogue of fifth dimension discussions, a face to face contact at their abode, at their planets or ships hovering around us.


Social media news are questioned as these should be told in the right perspective, that of knowing that it is the light fragment within or the light body that dwells at the core of a human spinal column of every human traveling to other worlds at the speed of thought thus the conflict of interpretation begins.


We have been asked by readers the same question and they are afraid to read nor try to understand any of these news as they interpret them as 'fakes'.


What then is truth and what is the real meaning of inter-dimensional or ETs, that is what we all have to explain. The light body within the core of our spinal column takes all her human carbon body experience, travels at dreamland to other worlds and returns to her plane of origin at death or ascension.


It is normal to remember astral travel dreams if you write them when you wake up specifically when you have a very deep sleep.

Dimensions, vibrational shifts, lifting to a higher frequency are information that are hardly explained much more going or passing thru different dimensions from the third to the eight, all difficult to understand.


Trace our world almanac or in our case oriental history and changes, innovations and advances in the scientific, esoteric and metaphysical fields or knowledge are totally questioned with disbelief.


Think and talk of free ether energy from India and USA, see the look of the person who heard it.


Living in a carbon body at third dimension with our astral ethereal body at the fourth at dreamland and be amazed at different human interpretations. Think of a light body at the fifth and the finer interdimensional body at the sixth and be ridiculed and so on and on till we are one with the Supreme Creator and you are bullied by those with priestly armor.


We are in the light so I never talk about it with people of closed minds.

Control thru fear and power over others on humanity by cabal, the reptilians thru secret societies, thirteen families and the Illuminati and these information are discussed in detail in various websites.


Our higher selves tell us that these dark beings are part of the vanishing breed, afraid of photon light energies as they do not resonate with dimensions higher than the third-fourth planes.


They cannot see nor adapt to the perspective of light at the fifth-sixth dimension.

"Some are lucky to have Jesuit education where social justice, selflessness, service to others and equality are taught and ingrained in our minds.


We had nothing of the parochial school teachings where words taught conflict with our thoughts that service to others is a force against power over others.


Acts of people at a young age performing service to others are hard to decipher".

These developments are human preparations for raising consciousness of our planet.

We have emphasized Earth-Gaia has been raised to the first rung of the fifth dimension(5D) and slowly the dark are removed from the planet as their perspective or frequencies are always at 3D.





Earth has been in the universal galactic picture and apparently, "Extra-terrestrials or Multi-dimensional beings", whatever term we use, the planet is lifted from third dimension to the fifth dimension, in universal journey, exclusive, as this seldom happens in the galactic world of multi dimensionality.

Perceiving or mastering the consciousness within, mastery of love, light and unity consciousness to the path of collective consciousness are the keys to full awakening.


People live to serve others, forget about themselves, leaving a scanty material possession in their olden days on earth, a dire consequence in some cases possibly for "uncleaned past histories".


Although in reality those in service to others live always an effortless abundant life, a universal law, golden rule or the law of attraction in action.

  • Volunteers

  • Multi-dimensional or Extra-terrestrials

  • Light beings in mobile shell in service to others,

...perceive the raising of consciousness of Gaia working for the Shift-Lifting Planet Earth to a higher consciousness.


This happening is an exceptional phenomenon in the Universe.

A very wealthy life without sharing, service to self, has their end. When death tolls, expect 3d life perspective, or the lower rung of it, to the sink hole.


Your soul-spirit resonate only to an environment of where you live, lower 3d or where service to self operates, perceived by people residing on it, the dark.

Come to a full realization of who you are and attain a higher perspective of interdimensional self. All beings, planets, galaxies and universes are all aligning to their proper perspectives once a planet is raised to higher consciousness.


This is the unique position of earth and humanity, HERE AND NOW...