by PSI Editor
June 01, 2022
from PSI Website




Like the sheathed surface of the Earth, clouds of mystery have also shrouded the universe.


So to understand the idea of multiple universes (Multiverse), we have to start at the beginning.

Let's call something like our observable universe simply a universe.


And beyond our horizons or the light we can see with our strongest telescopes, there are countless other universes outside our reach or sight.

But what do we call the universe that contains this myriad of individual universes?


Are they identical to ours or bound by their own law of physics?

From our standpoint, we are at the first level of the Multiverse.


Another person in another universe would very likely believe that their universe is the first. And they'd be right.

That's why it's important to note that this is all part of the Multiverse, a mysterious concept with even more mysterious meanings.


So let's explore what might be out there.



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